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The Wahoo RFLKT+ Smart Bike Computer: an iPhone powered bike computer  that connects your iPhone wirelessly to ANT+ cycling sensors
The Wahoo RFLKT+ Smart Bike Computer: an iPhone powered bike computer that connects your iPhone wirelessly to ANT+ cycling sensors
437 backers pledged $115,513 to help bring this project to life.

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Hello Backers!

We have an update on our production. Life is good at Wahoo and we are cruising along with the RFLKT+.  We have two major updates for you - the App and the unit itself. 

Version 3.4 of the Wahoo Fitness App was submitted to the App Store last week. We are still waiting on Apple to approve and post it to the App store. V3.4 has the RFLKT+ capabilities complete with elevation and grade to take advantage of the barometric altimeter. Please be on the lookout for this App because you will need v3.4 for the RFLKT+.

Production begins next week on the physical units. The first run RFLKT+'s will be leaving our factory in Asia on October 24th and it will take a few days for us to receive in our warehouse, test, and ship to our backers. We expect to ship around October 31st. 

Again, we should have received everyone address via survey. Please ping us if you haven't received a survey. 


The Wahoo Team

KICKRs are out the door / RFLKT+ soon!


Hello Backers,

Just a quick update on the delivery of the product. 

1) You should all have received surveys with a request for addresses and other relevant information. Please let us know if you haven't.

2) The KICKRs have shipped. Hopefully you guys are starting to enjoy the benefits of indoor training with the KICKR!

3) We will announce a ship date in the next 7 days for the RFLKT+ and the other goodies. We are working directly with our manufacturer to expedite the production and get RFLKT+'s into our warehouse. Most likely, RFLKT+ will ship around the end of the month but we will confirm an exact date soon.

Again, thanks for all of your support. We really appreciate it.

Thanks - The Wahoo Team

Boom! Thank you!


Wow - all we can say is thank you for helping us get this great project off the ground. We believe in this product and are excited you do to.

Right now we are at Interbike in Las Vegas showing off Wahoo. There was a big celebration in the booth when we got funded. 

Speaking of Interbike. This is our third interbike. 3 years ago we were in a basement booth that was hidden by a pillar. It was the smallest booth offered by interbike. This year we have a great location and slightly bigger ;-) . You can see our booth in the picture attached. Why am I telling you this? Folks like you - Wahooligans - got behind us and helped us grow this company. We appreciate you guys and are thankful.

Details to follow on timelines for delivery. We will be back in the office on Monday.


The Wahoo Team

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New Software Partner! MapMyRide.


Wow - what a week. We are pushing hard to get to the finish line of $100k! We have 3.5 days to do it and we think we will get there! Thanks for support.

Great news. We have a new software partner for the RFLKT+. MayMyRide will integrate with the the RFLKT+ in mid Q4 2013.  We don't have all the features / details yet, but we certainly keep you updated as they become available. 

We are really excited to have one of the original cycling Apps - MapMyRide - supporting our hardware. MapMyFitness was one of the first Apps in the world to support the Wahoo ANT+ Key and it is only fitting that they are one of the first in the world to support the RFLKT+. Thanks guys - we really appreciate it.

To date, we have three software platforms supporting the RFLKT:

- Wahoo Fitness

- Cyclemeter

- MapMyRide

We hope to have more soon! Choice is good!

How can you help?

We need help spreading the word! Send this email to friends! Post this URL on Facebook and Twitter. Our conversion rate is high but we need more people to know about this project. Last, any thoughts on how to make this campaign more attractive would be welcome.


The Wahoo Team

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New EU specific KICKR pledge level


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