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The Wahoo RFLKT+ Smart Bike Computer: an iPhone powered bike computer that connects your iPhone wirelessly to ANT+ cycling sensors

Wahoo Fitness created iPhone powered cycling over 3 years ago when we launched an ANT+ key for the iPhone. Cyclists (and runners) could instantly get their ANT+ data from the activity sensors streamed directly into their iPhone. 

While Apple moved on to Bluetooth 4.0 as the preferred wireless technology, the cycling world has not. There are hundreds of thousands of ANT+ cycling products in the market that want to connect to the latest version of the iPhone. 

Wahoo’s ANT+ solution for iPhone combines all of the functionality of our ANT+ key with the RFLKT,  the world’s first SMART bike computer that Wahoo launched in March 2013. 

ANT+ plus RFLKT equals RFLKT+. Your ANT+ data is now iPhone compatible via Bluetooth Smart! 


Building on the success of our RFLKT Smart bike computer, the RFLKT+ ("REFLECT PLUS") adds two critical pieces of functionality:

1) ANT+ connectivity: you can now connect ANT+ sensors like your power meter, heart rate strap, and in-frame sensors directly to your iPhone. The RFLKT+ takes the ANT+ signal and converts it to Bluetooth Smart (aka Bluetooth Low Energy or Bluetooth 4.0) so the iPhone can read the data and display/store it in the App.

2) A barometric altimeter. Accurate elevation data is key to any cyclist.

Here is a quick video showing demonstrating the concept and showing working functionality using one of our prototypes:

I’ve heard of a smart watch, what is a smart bike computer?

The RFLKT+ Smart bike computer taps into the power of your iPhone to provide you GPS data plus the functionality of your favorite App. The RFLKT+ is a reflection of your iPhone, with the App controlling everything you see on your bike computer screen. This is a perfect integration of your bike computer and your iPhone - iPhone Powered Cycling. Watch the video!

Also, with the RFLKT+, you can control your iPhone remotely, managing your music and your workout. Specifically:

  • - Music: Start / stop your music
  • - Music: Skip to your next song
  • - Workout: Start / stop an App workout
  • - Workout: Lap button
  • - Workout: scroll to next screen
  • - Each button is configurable, making custom options possible based on App
RFLKT+ and iPhone
RFLKT+ and iPhone

A compelling value

You already ride with your phone in your jersey pocket that has GPS, social capabilities, and always on internet, why do you need to buy a GPS enabled bike computer? The RFLKT provides you all of the functionality of a GPS enabled bike computer - in some cases more - for $130-150  vs. over $300 for the competition. 

Upload your data before you get off your bike

Using the Wahoo Fitness App, you can wirelessly upload your post ride data directly from your iPhone into the most popular training sites for analysis and sharing. There is no need to take your bike computer off your bike, find the cables to connect it to your PC and then upload. The RFLKT+ working with the Wahoo App does uploads instantly. We support uploads to:

  • Strava 
  • Training Peaks 
  • MapMyRide 
  • Garmin Connect 
  • Runkeeper 
  • Ride with GPS 
  • Several others!

Wahoo's App data upload feature
Wahoo's App data upload feature

A proper ANT+ bridge for your iPhone

Wahoo is the original and leader in getting ANT+ data into your iPhone. No other company understands ANT+ connectivity for smartphones like Wahoo. Our ANT+ bridge transmits all of your data all of the time. This is different than other wireless ANT+ solutions in the marketplace. To the iPhone, the RFLKT+ looks exactly like our original 30 pin ANT+ key except that it is now wireless using Bluetooth Smart (Low Energy). This means that all of your raw ANT data is transferred to your iPhone intact for display and recording, not translated to similar BT profiles, potentially losing parts of your data stream or providing inaccurate readings. 

Accurate elevation with a barometric altimeter

As a cyclist, your elevation data is important to you. You want to know how far and how well you climbed. The RFLKT+ gives you the accuracy of a barometric altimeter for understanding your total elevation change and your current grade.

New Wahoo App with altimeter data
New Wahoo App with altimeter data

No recharging needed

The RFLKT operates for over a year on a single coin cell battery. There is never any need to take your RFLKT off your bike and connect it to a computer or an outlet to charge. Even better, you will never “miss a ride” because your bike computer wasn’t charged. 

Operates on one coin cell battery
Operates on one coin cell battery

More screen, less argyle 

The RFLKT+ LCD screen is 1.75 x 1.2 inches with a screen resolution of 128 x 128 pixels. It uses the sunlight to increase contrast as the sunlight gets brighter, ensuring that you can see your data as you ride. Also, it has a backlight so you can ride in the depths of the early morning or late at night. 

Also, the RFLKT+ screen is huge relative to the size of the bike computer. We’ve used every last millimeter in order to provide cyclists the largest screen in the smallest form factor possible. To put this in perspective, the size of our bike computer is 52% (almost half) the size of the most popular GPS enabled bike computer but our screen is 84% the size of THEIR screen. 

The RFLKT is over 50% screen
The RFLKT is over 50% screen

Size (and weight) matters

The RFLKT+ weighs 36 grams. That is light! The most popular GPS enabled bike computer weights 80 grams. As a cyclist, how much more would you pay for pedals, seat, or a stem that weighed 44 grams less? Probably a lot more than the cost of a Wahoo RFLKT+.

Plus, the RFLKT+ is only 14mm thick (vs. 18mm for the competition), yet with a similar sized screen.

Tons of mounting options 

The RFLKT+ has three mounting options to fit all types of bikes. We ship each RFLKT with a low profile stem/bar mount, an “out in front” bar mount, and a quarter turn adapter mount that works with all of the popular 3rd party “pro” style mounts such as the Bar Fly (not included).

Forward, quarter turn, and stem mount
Forward, quarter turn, and stem mount

Increase your iPhone battery life

The biggest battery drain of your iPhone is its screen. Our tests show that using the RFLKT+ to display your cycling data, you can increase the battery life of your iPhone to over 9 hours. 

A fully configurable screen

The RFLKT+ display is completely configurable (‘fully customizable’ is another option to say this). You can design your own screens to show any number of data fields from 1 up to a total of 8. If you are a total data junkie, you can make multiple screens and scroll between them on your ride. Also, you can display your music data and depending on the app, other relevant information like segments or directions.

Huge range of options for configuring your RFLKT+
Huge range of options for configuring your RFLKT+

Future proof

The firmware for the RFLKT+ can be wirelessly updated via an iOS App, just like your iPhone. As Wahoo adds new functionality to the RFLKT+, you will receive those updates automatically via the App. There is never any reason to connect the RFLKT+ to a computer via cables. 


The Wahoo Fitness App

Every RFLKT+ comes with the Wahoo Fitness App for iOS, a 4.5 star App on the App Store. The Wahoo Fitness App tracks your ride progress using the phones GPS and displays all of your critical cycling data such as speed, distance,  cadence, power meter info, etc. It has more sensor integration than any other App on the market, including the ability to read heart rate, speed & cadence, footpods, and more (sensors sold separately).

The Wahoo App also has instant, wireless uploads of your ride data to 8+ training sites including Training Peaks, Garmin Connect, Strava, and more.

Wahoo's 4.5 star rated App in App Store
Wahoo's 4.5 star rated App in App Store

Our open API allows any App to use the RFLKT and we hope to announce other major cycling partners soon. Cyclemeter is already compatible with the RFLKT as an in-App purchase, which will work with the RFLKT+ without ANT+ or barometric data.


You are probably wondering why we are reaching out to the public via KICKSTARTER for this project. It’s simple – we are uncertain of the demand for an ANT+ bridge for the latest versions of the iPhone. We know that cyclists have ANT+ power meters and that big bike brands like Giant and Trek have ANT+ sensors in their frames but we don’t know if the cycling world still needs an ANT+ solution for iPhone. 

Given the costs to bring the RFLKT+ to market and the uncertainty of demand, we see KICKSTARTER as a safe vehicle to fund the project. If we sell out of the products we are offering here on KICKSTARTER, we will bring the product to market and it will be on the shelves of your local bike store. If we don’t sell out, we will re-evaluate the project and ANT+ for iPhone in general.  

Note to the independent bike dealer channel: this project is not meant to circumvent the IBDs. We only intend to sell enough products on KICKSTARTER to fund the project and get it on store shelves – hopefully yours. Our intent with this project is to minimize our risk and your risk.  Our risk is the hundreds of thousands of dollars to bring this product to market. Your risk is taking a chance on this product and not being able to sell it. Hopefully, this project will be successful and we can provide you another successful Wahoo product.


The funds are for the downpayment to our manufacturer for the initial order quantity. We already have tooling completed along with initial software development. 

As you can see from the video, we have working prototypes and the software is in beta form. 

Comparison of RFLKT+ vs. RFLKT
Comparison of RFLKT+ vs. RFLKT
Production samples of RFLKT+
Production samples of RFLKT+


This product is fully designed and we have been testing prototypes in our office for the past 30 days. We have a complete set of production samples in our offices that we use everyday. The next version of our App is built and working, just waiting for release to the App store.

All we are waiting for is you, the consumer. We want to use this Kickstarter project to fund our first order. If funded, we will begin to ship product in October of 2013. The lead time is 30 days from giving our manufacturer the go-ahead until product ships. 

We've used this Asia based manufacturer before and we are comfortable with the commitments on the timeline. Once the product is built, it will be shipped to our Hong Kong warehouse where we will deliver the product in early October.


Wahoo Fitness was established in 2010 to connect the iPhone to fitness activities. Over the past three years, Wahoo has successfully designed and brought to market multiple iPhone based app enabled accessories. Our products are sold in top tier channels such as The Apple Store, REI, AND your favorite local biking and running dealer, who we encourage you to support.

Wahoo has launched 15+ products over last 3 years
Wahoo has launched 15+ products over last 3 years

Our management team has been in place for over 2 years as we've brought 15+ products to market. We have deep relationships with our manufacturers, extensive iOS development experience,  and proven distribution channel relationships (eg Apple store). The team is as follows:

  • Chip Hawkins: founder / creator / leader - successfully built 3 companies and brought many products to market
  • Mike Stashak: sales / marketing / strategy - 15 years experience in consumer packaged goods and successfully launched the Wahoo family of products
  • Murray Hughes: software (iOS and firmware) - 5+ years building iOS apps and writing firmware for electronic devices
  • Michael Lyle: manufacturing / project engineer - responsible for managing the delivery of Wahoo's products and was critical in bringing the original RFLKT Smart Bike Computer to market


Cool cycling socks by SOS. Gotta get a pair to be a true Wahooligan! Yes, they were in Wahoo Chip's cycling bag before the photo shoot!

The coolest socks in the peloton!
The coolest socks in the peloton!

Our limited edition Jersey Bin - our reward will say "RFLKT+".

Wahoo Jersey Bin to protect your iPhone.
Wahoo Jersey Bin to protect your iPhone.

The infamous Wahoo-ligan cycling jersey!

The Wahoo cycling jersey
The Wahoo cycling jersey

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

Wahoo is an established company with a track record of delivering products that connect to the iPhone. We already have a 4.5 star App in the App store and we already have a version of the RFLKT in market.

That said, we still do face challenges:
1) No one has been successful in connecting ANT+ devices to an iPhone via Bluetooth 4.0. While no one has the ANT+ experience that Wahoo does, it will still be a challenge dependent on both ANT+ and Bluetooth governing bodies.
2) Manufacturing is often delayed due to unforeseen circumstances. We are dependent on a third party for manufacturing and delays are common.
3) Third party apps may or may not support the RFLKT+. While we have verbal commitments from popular 3rd party Apps, we cannot guarantee timelines associated with integration.


  • We are currently developing a version of the Wahoo Fitness App for Android but it will not be ready until sometime in 4th quarter 2013. For RFLKT, the connection to the device will only work on Android phones with Bluetooth Low Energy capabilities using Android 4.3 or later.

    With 4.3 just being announced and only a few phones being compatible at the moment, we didn't want to over sell our capabilities. Bottom line, we should have Android 4.3 support for our already released RFLKT by the end of the year for handsets with Bluetooth Low Energy (4.0). The barometer functionality of the RFLKT+ will be available on our early Android solution, but at this point we cannot guarantee that the ANT+ bridge functionality will be implemented on Android.


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  • Oops - sorry folks! A cycling kit is a cycling jersey and cycling bib shorts. We will post a picture of Wahoo Brad in our cycling jersey and shorts.

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