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$10,469 pledged of $50,000 goal
By Tyler Neylon
$10,469 pledged of $50,000 goal

New reward! Introducing Pivit Lite.

Howdy gamers - I'm typing this from a crowded waiting area in JFK airport between flights. I'm finishing up a busy holiday visit. I introduced Pivit to some old friends, and got a start on the strategy guide. I've managed to steal a few minutes before boarding my flight to post an exciting addition to this campaign.

I'm happy to announce a new Pivit reward that gives players the option to receive only game pieces for a price that's 20% cheaper than the full game. We're calling the new option Pivit Lite. We can shave off $10 from the reward price by excluding the box and board.

High quality board game boxes are not cheap, and the box price is a significant portion of the $10 difference between the full Pivit game and Pivit Lite.

Here is our approximate budget used to establish the new reward level:

  • $15 averaged tooling cost
  • $10 raw materials and assembly
  • $10 US shipping
  • $5 taxes and tariffs

These are slight overestimates in order to defend against unanticipated costs. Both the full game price and this new reward are designed for us to operate with minimal margins to provide the game at the lowest cost while respecting the game experience.

I hope this new reward interests a new class of gamers who'd like to try out the game at a friendlier price point.


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    1. Tyler Neylon Creator on

      I like your enthusiasm, Math!

      I wish I was better at marketing. I think of myself as a game designer, and the skill for marketing is more along the lines of game publishers.

      I have been contacting various blogs and other sites to tell them about Pivit. I hope we can still get more publicity this way. I have the impression that many kickstarter projects do this, so it's a challenge to stand out. I'll keep working on new ideas.

      I'm grateful for any publicity contributors can add! I've had a number of conversations with different contributors, and I'm impressed with how genuinely interested and helpful people are being.

      Thanks, everyone!

    2. Mathieu Boisvert

      Alright, we really need to kick into second and third speed !! anybody !! We need to spread the news !! This is an awesome project that needs love from the gamming community !! the community just does not know it yet !! I will see what I can do to spread the knowledge