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An elegant game with simple rules and masterful strategy. Read more
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An elegant game with simple rules and masterful strategy.

The Rules of Pivit

Here's a visual guide showing how to play Pivit. It's a one-page document that explains the complete rules in 63 words and several pictures.

I think there's something nice about a game this easy to learn. Of course, that's not a guarantee of being fun - so I'm working on a print-to-play version. This will let motivated kickstarters see for themselves what it's like to play Pivit.

Here's a link to the PDF version, which is much more readable than the image below. (Downloading the PDF looks better than in-browser viewing; some browsers don't render the images well.)

That PDF includes a one-page written version of the rules as well, for clarity.

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    1. Creator Adam Luikart on December 23, 2012

      I love the idea of a printable version!