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A collective using movement to investigate the lingering effects of Agent Orange. A story of how war is inherited through the body.

Project Agent Orange is a movement collective investigating what occurs in the wake of chemical warfare. More specifically, it examines the aftermath of the herbicide Agent Orange that was dispersed in Vietnam between 1961-1971 during the Vietnam War. 

Our goal is to connect with people on a somatic level so that individuals not only know about the effects of Agent Orange, but also empathize with the issues at play. By exhibiting an evening length performance in New York, we hope to bring together art enthusiasts, social activists, and community organizers to discuss the lingering effects of the herbicide. The artistic format of the work, using movement, text, and open discussion with the audience, provides a forum to have a conversation with people who might not otherwise know about Agent Orange.

What we do: We tell a story about the physical embodiment of the proliferation of war. This is the story of how Agent Orange has affected the Vietnamese diaspora as well as American Veterans. It is a story that is best told through movement, as it is through the bodies of survivors that the trauma of chemical warfare continues to thrive. The main chemical in Agent Orange, dioxin, has become concentrated in the groundwater and bloodlines of communities, consequently the number of people being affected is increasing rather than decreasing. Children are literally, physically, inheriting a war they never lived; living with an injury they never incurred.  

As a collective, we have performed across New York and New Jersey, however we have yet to fully produce our own show! While audiences have testified to the impact of our work, it is only now, with your help that we plan on reaching more people with an evening length show in New York. 

We have even been given the honor of showing our work at Dixon Place, NYC's theater for experimental artists, where the Blue Man Group first premiered! The show will take place May 31, June 1, and June 2 at 9:30 pm. 

Our partners: We have already established connections with Make Agent Orange History, East Meets West Foundation, War Legacies Project, and many other nonprofits working towards ending the malignant impacts of Agent Orange. 

What you can do to make a difference NOW: Agent Orange is a microcosmic example of a human’s ability to alter life for years beyond any one person’s lifetime. Project Agent Orange aims to reverse this destructive cycle by making change that will positively affect generations for years to come. Please help us raise the funds needed to produce a show in New York.  Your contribution will help pay for the cost of the theater, rehearsal space, and other production fees. Together we can change the future history of Agent Orange!

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Learn more about Agent Orange!

Visit for more information about the history of Agent Orange, other nonprofit organizations, and the 10 year Action Plan. 


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