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A new card game of ridiculously overpowered weapons and monsters and cuddly rabbits.
A new card game of ridiculously overpowered weapons and monsters and cuddly rabbits.
A new card game of ridiculously overpowered weapons and monsters and cuddly rabbits.
1,951 backers pledged $76,038 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. J Anderson on

      If you haven't gotten your copy yet - email:

    2. Sam Morrill on

      I have not received my deck yet. Is there someone I can email about this? Thanks in advance.

    3. Missing avatar

      Kenneth on

      I'd like to sleeve the cards so what's the recommended sleeve size?

    4. deb cady on

      I just asked for a refund due to non-delivery. Too bad cause I really wanted this game. :-(

    5. Jake Hattwell on

      This game is amazing! Been playing since I received it!

    6. Missing avatar

      John Scoleri

      Thanks for the Kitten technique - I actually was dealt two Overload cards twice yesterday, and proceeded with five cards which put me at a bit of a disadvantage! My wife and I are really enjoying the game, and I came online to find out about getting the expansion deck so we could play with more friends. Is that available separately, or only with a new core set? Thanks!

    7. deb cady on

      Still haven't seen it in Sydney, AUS. Should I be getting concerned?

    8. LiquidAg

      @Dominic - I would at least send a Private message to John August. It'd be a shame to put up with the missing card, when John would probably be happy to make it right.

    9. Mark Rodrigues on

      Well believe it or not, it turned up on my doorstep in Melbourne today! Glad the problem was with USPS tracking and not with the delivery itself :)
      Looking forward to cracking open tomorrow morning...

    10. Phil Anderson on

      The weird thing about my buddy Mark not seeing his copy of OHK yet, is that I live just up the road from him, and mine turned up yesterday ... whatup with that?! (Really nice production BTW... well done one and all! �)

    11. Missing avatar

      Darren Kessell on

      I received the two sets I pledged for last week. I haven't had a chance to play it yet, but they look and feel fantastic.

      Curiously, I received another two sets a couple of days later. I checked my pledge and survey, and I only pledged for 2 sets, not 4. So I'll be sending the extras back this week.

    12. Mark Rodrigues on

      Ahhh, this is never going to get to Australia. It has been stuck in LANCASTER, PA for 10 days!
      I am ready to one hit kill NOW! ;)

    13. Dominic Thibodeau Deveault on

      @LiquidAg i watch again and i have only 15 weapons on 16 gues i dont have my anecdote. I only miss one card so dont worry it will be fine.

    14. Judgement Dave

      Sorry I've been slow to post, but the game made it safely to me in the UK on Tuesday afternoon. Looking forward to playing it at the weekend (and coming up with some ideas for the Maker's Kit).

    15. John August 2-time creator on

      A backer wrote in to ask:

      > In that last update you should have clarified what happens when an Overload comes out when Chaos replenishes the field (does it come into effect immediately, or does the Chaos player get to pick it up).

      Great question. Not a special case. Overload always takes effect immediately when it shows up in the Field, so the player who played the Chaos card would never have the opportunity to pick it up. It would have gotten discarded as the Field cleared again.

      In fact, a pretty common tactic around the office is to use Chaos to force another player to pick up the Field to push them over 10 cards (perhaps they had 8 in their hand), because then if Overload comes up as the Field refills, boom. You've knocked them down to five cards.

      In general, we find Chaos is often used strategically to force another player to waste their turn discarding because you've forced them to have an uncomfortable number of cards in their hand. In the Core deck, it's one of the most direct ways to impact another player's game.

    16. Dominic Thibodeau Deveault on

      \LiquidAg - Yeah i have the expansion i will look again.

    17. LiquidAg

      @Dominic - I have the 'Esther's Endless Anecdote" Card, but it's in the Death & Lore Expansion. Did you get the expansion?

    18. Dominic Thibodeau Deveault on

      Gotm y cards they are fantastic ^.^ am i the only one missing the Eshter endless anecdote ?

    19. Julio Luna

      Just got the cards. Really great quality and feel of the cards. Can't wait to familiarize myself with the rules for gamenight. Also, will probably start brainstorming more ideas for the maker's kit. There are so many cards!

    20. Missing avatar

      Joanna S on

      My friends and I played a few games over the weekend, and we quite enjoyed it. Thanks for the updates on the rules! I think we'll be employing the Kitten Technique next time. :D

    21. Superhearts on

      Received mine today all the way over the big blue sea in a tiny country called Belgium! Looking forward to play the game this upcoming weekend!

    22. Michael van Adrichem on

      Thank you John for the fast reply. Can't wait till it gets out of customs. Anyways, about the sleaves. Most local gamestores have them. I usually get my sleeves there. They arent that expensive :)

    23. Sophia Chen on

      After you play a Chaos card and clear the field, if an Overload card is dealt while refilling the field, it still triggers automatically, correct? You wouldn't be allowed to pick it up and add it to your hand at that point (as the second half of the Chaos card action)? We just played and assumed that was the case, but wanted to check if there was anything that would affect the Overload being triggered.

      Otherwise, our other two questions (about the Chaos card text vs. the instruction text, and shuffling the Discard pile) were both already answered! Thanks :)

    24. Eric Roberts aka TechnicolorTaco

      Thanks John, I'll make sure we'll be playing it correctly next time.

    25. John August 2-time creator on

      @TechnicolorTaco: Yup. Because some Specials (like History) can affect the Discard pile, you only shuffle it to make a new Draw pile when the Draw pile runs out completely.

      For example, if you play Natural Selection and there's only one card left in the Draw pile, you take it and then shuffle the Discard pile to make a new Draw pile, taking the top four cards off of that.

    26. Eric Roberts aka TechnicolorTaco

      What's the timing on shuffling the discard pile to make a new draw pile?
      Should it be when the draw pile runs out, or when a card needs to be drawn from the draw pile?
      If I remember correctly, there were some cards that affected the discard pile, so the timing could change when you play that card.

    27. John August 2-time creator on

      Glad to see the decks getting to so many different countries. I've PM'd backers with individual questions.

      @nick: For Chaos, what's printed on the card is correct: player chooses to discard the Field, or force another player to pick them up. Then the player takes one card from the refilled field.

      We had old info in instructions. In the next update, I'll have a link to a corrected PDF in the next update.

      @David - I am clueless when it comes to sleeves. The Core deck has 68 cards, and they're standard bridge size (rather than poker). Does anyone have experience with a good supplier/brand? If so, we'd love a link.

      @Howard - In our play testing, hoarding weapons is rarely a winning strategy, because you're never getting enough components. It's like continuously drawing routes in Ticket to Ride; the penalty is the opportunity cost. Where the strategy makes sense is when you've started with a nearly finished hand -- perhaps a two series of 3 in different classes -- and you're hoping to draw a card that fits them well. But mathematically, that's not likely to happen, particularly in the Expansion.

    28. Missing avatar

      Sordakhan on

      This game has reached the Canadians. Can't wait to break it open and try it out :)

    29. Missing avatar

      Kyle Kirk on

      Hello OHK. Received mine today, looks excellent. Quality outstanding. I live in the north of Scotland and getting mail here can sometimes take a while, so kudos on the speed.

    30. Manfred Radlwimmer on

      "Held in Customs" ... well damn

    31. Michael van Adrichem on

      Dear OHK team, I have not received a shipping mail yet, even though i ordered the extended pack. Can you check if everything is ok for my shipping?

    32. Missing avatar

      Tim Cochrane on

      Played for the first time today with 2 eight year olds, a ten year old and a 40 year old (myself). Was easy to get started and we had blast. Great, fun game. Thanks!

    33. Brandon Fulton on

      Got mine today and love it! Wish I would have gotten the expansion deck!

    34. Weregonnadie

      Got mine today.

    35. Missing avatar

      David Raghanti

      transmute changes the quality of one card in your hand while playing your weapon.... But not the numerical value of the card if its a four red and you need four blue you're fine... But it cant transmute a one black into a six yellow...
      We loved it at four players tonight. But how many cards sleeves would i need to protect everything??? Anyone know

    36. Garrick Dietze

      Got it earlier this week and played a two player game last night. We really loved it. Very easy to pick up and play. Looking forward to more games and adding some additional players in.

    37. Missing avatar

      Jason Chong on

      how does transmute work?

    38. Roget Ratchford on

      Got mine in Menlo Park; can't wait to play! (Also, Kaijumaximus is my fave~)

    39. Missing avatar

      Jason Chong on

      recieved 11/4/2015 bay area california

    40. Scott K. Crary on

      Received my game in the mail today! Super excited to play it later tonight!

    41. Alex Turner on

      Got mine today in Seattle

    42. Luzfel on

      Yesterday night I took the game to my local board games café. Below my notes on the test of the game:

      First run was messy, as expected. No one was 100% sure of how to play it and we took between 35-40 minutes for someone to win.

      Next runs were more up to the point. Playtime between 10-15 minutes as shown in the box. We decided to reshuffle the discard pile and replace it as Draw pile and reading John August below post, I guess that was a good decision.

      Great game, great art, everyone that played was impressed and several asked me where they could get a copy.

      You got yourself a group of fans here in Mexico John! Congrats! As soon as you start orders in the US, please let us now. I can redistribute to my friends here as I have an address near the border.

    43. Missing avatar


      I just received mine today as well and had the exact same question as Nick. I do like how the instructions say the game is meant to be hacked and played with variants. So I guess the short answer is try all three ways to play Chaos. Another thing that isn't exactly specified (even though you guys were very specific in the rules on what the discard pile is for), do the remaining players get a final chance to build their weapon on the game ending turn? Short answer, hack it. And I see below some people are going after all the weapons cards to try to make a match with whatever they already have in their hand starving other players of available weapons cards. Hack it, instead set a limit. Say 2-player no more than 10 weapons cards allowed per player, 3-player max 7 weapons, and 4-player max 5 weapons. In a 4-player game if you draw 5 weapons, at that point you got to build one of them. I think we all want to see the game played with the field and draw pile used rather than someone just picking a weapon card every turn until it is out. Have fun with variants and hacking.

    44. Missing avatar

      Nick on

      Can you clarify what the Chaos card does? The instructions for the game say one thing, the card itself says something slightly different and app site says:

      When the Chaos card is played, the player chooses one of three effects:

      1. Discard all three cards in the Field, or force another player to take them.
      2. Refill the Field, then draw one card from it.

      ...What is the third option?

    45. Howard Holton on

      Got it. Played at dinner. Works at a restaurant.

      Notes: the playmat is useless. It is folded so that it does not lay flat. I would not bother with it as it ruins the aesthetic of a nice looking game.

      Hoarding black cards can become a serious problem. If you take every turn and take a black card you will then be able to build sets of cards at your leisure both screwing the other players out of options as well as being able to find a weapon that fits your hand rather than the other way around.

    46. John August 2-time creator on

      I'll have a proper update in a few days, but we've updated the rules in the app to answer two of your questions.

      As a reminder, the apps are here:


      If you run out of cards in the Draw pile, take the Discard pile and shuffle it. Place it face-down as the new Draw pile.


      It's rare, but sometimes you get dealt two Overload cards, which screws things up. We've been playing that you set the Overloads aside, draw two new cards, then shuffle the Overloads back in.

      Recently we've been playing with something we call the Kitten Technique (because we totally stole it from Exploding Kittens). It's now in the app rules.

      Before you deal, remove all the Overloads. Then deal 7 white cards to each player. Then shuffle the Overloads back in.

      Pros to the Kitten Technique:

      - No one will ever be dealt two Overloads.
      - One less thing for players to remember (and trust).
      - More balanced. Having an Overload in your hand makes it safer to hoard cards.
      - All of the Overloads will be available to wreak havoc when they show up.

      Cons to the Kitten Technique:

      - You need to sort through the cards before dealing.
      - One more shuffle.
      - Players are less likely to have an Overload to play as a Special. (The only way one could end up in your hand is through Natural Selection or Regex or a similar special.)

    47. Max Olsen on

      Arrived in Idaho yesterday

    48. Mike Brudzinski on

      Arrived yesterday in Tampa Bay. Making plans for next game night

    49. Homer Frizzell on

      Arrived yesterday in NYC.
      Thank you.

    50. Thom Anthony on

      Arrived yesterday in Chicago. Can't wait to play a game!

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