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The Wide Open Camera GoPro Hero 3 Combat Cage will allow motion picture professionals to mount the camera safely almost anywhere.

Wide Open Camera is a small production and design company in Hollywood, California. We are dedicated to helping independent filmmakers with cost effective professional motion picture tools made by professionals, for professionals.

With your help we will build a camera cage for the GoPro Hero3 camera! It is one of the coolest cameras for both action photography and professional motion picture photography. The new GoPro Hero 3 black edition will shoot an astonishing 2.7K and 4K resolution. 

First Aluminum Prototype.
First Aluminum Prototype.

We have tried using the current GoPro mounting hardware and it just simply does not hold up to professional motion picture standards. The  plastic 1/4-20" tripod mount is not stable for car mounts or any type of real abuse. No safety options, only one point of contact. Not good



Possible additions based on backer feedback! thanks!
Possible additions based on backer feedback! thanks!

We wanted to make a cage that is combat worthy with plenty of 1/4-20" and 3/8" mounting options, yet still available to the operator. The Wide Open Camera Combat Cage is the solution. The camera can be accessed in thirty seconds, not a few minutes!  No need to reposition or reframe critical shots. The cage will have 1/4-20" thread mounts on all sides and 3/8" threads on the bottom and both sides. The cage is CNC machined from one solid block of milled aluminum and anodized matte black. This is one tough solid piece of metal.

***Note. The Final Version Will Be Anodized Flat Black***


Height: 3" 

Width: 3 5/8"

Depth: 7/8" 

Weight: 5.12 oz

5-1/4" threaded mounting points.

3-3/8" threaded mounting points.

1-threaded locking bolt using existing GoPro mount.

Here is the production timeline for the first 100 units.

Product Design Process.
Product Design Process.

Week 1.

First working prototype with temporary mounting hardware. Minor changes can be made now based on your feedback!

Week 2.

Final aluminum prototype with minor changes will be tested for fit and function. First production run of 100 units.

Week 3.

Ship to Kickstarter backers! 

We plan to start production with your help by the end of March 2013. We will be shipping limited quantities by mid to end of April 2013. 

The $110 reward gets you.

1-Wide Open Camera Combat Cage

2-Mounting Bolts

*1- Sweet Velvet carrying case. 

*pic coming soon.

Combat Cage Prototype.
Combat Cage Prototype.

The $5 reward gets you.

1- Super Cool Wide Open Camera 4-way logo screwdriver. 

Wide Open Camera Logo Screwdriver
Wide Open Camera Logo Screwdriver

We have turned to kickstarter to help fund the first 100 units. With your help we can keep production here in the USA. The Combat Cage was designed to professional motion picture standards. This is a limited run of 100 units. 

If You help us by supporting this kickstarter campaign we will include your name on our website as one of the backers of this great project. Thanks so very much for supporting independent camera design! We could not do this without your support.

Patent Pending

U.S. Patent Information

EFS ID: 15354859

Application Number: 61805258

Confirmation Number: 8126

Title: Combat Cage For GoPro Hero Cameras

Applicant Name: Jared Abrams

Date: 26-March-2013

Application Type: Provisional

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

The only risks we face are to not fund the first 100 units. If we can do that with kickstarter's help then we can keep making them here in California This also helps support local manufacturing and design.


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