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Why is the 911Tracker T3 different from every other vehicle recovery system? Because every minute matters!

Why is the 911Tracker T3 different from every other vehicle recovery system? Because every minute matters! Read More
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T3 is different because you are in charge. T3 follows the instructions that you text from your phone. T3 alerts you if your car has an emergency and you call the T3 to connect a 3-way call to the 911-Operator located closest to your car. You are talking directly to police within seconds of the emergency. No call center is used – saving you time and money. Saving valuable time can save you, your family, and your belongings. LoJack® doesn’t do this. OnStar® doesn’t do this. No other anti-theft system can do this.

When your car is stolen or a family member has an emergency and you need emergency services, every minute matters. The USA has over 6,500 911 Call Centers, but T3 connects you to the proper 911 Call Center close to your car, even if you are thousands of miles away.

Many people believe that police and emergency services can immediately locate their vehicle from a smartphone or the car’s navigation system but this simply is not true. While it’s possible for some police departments to triangulate a one-mile search grid from your cell phone, finding its exact position takes time. The car’s navigation system is only visible inside the car and does not transmit information on your location.

Introducing 911Tracker T3, the only device that offers the exact location of your car and real-time communication with emergency services using its patented conference call method.

  T3 is a tiny vehicle recovery device including a special cellular phone, GPS, and accelerometer. You can install the T3 in a hidden spot in your vehicle – any vehicle.

When a thief steals your car –

  • T3 immediately sends you a text with GPS location, speed, and direction.
  • You call the T3; it answers; you press # and T3 connects you to the 911-Operator close to your car. ·
  • The 911-Operator can see the current location of your car on their normal E-911 screen and you describe information about your car to help get it back quickly. ·
  • The T3 can allow you to use your phone to remotely disable the vehicle starter, which prevents the thief from restarting the car when the thief turns off your vehicle.
  • Lets you check the location, speed, & direction of your vehicle anytime you wish.

Demo showing how T3 makes a 3-way call direct to 911 –

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How T3 protects you, your family, and belongings --

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Police gain several advantages --

  • When you have the T3 make a 3-way call to 911, the 911-Operator is automatically provided with the location of the T3 on their E-911 screen. Plus, the 911-Operator can press 3 to have the T3 voice the real-time GPS location of your vehicle.
  • Since police are talking directly to the owner, they can get specifics about the vehicle or its contents that may not be available by talking to a security call-center representative.
  • If the T3 has the ability for the owner to remotely disable the vehicle starter, Police have double advantage of catching the thief by preventing the car from being restarted and by knowing the exact location of the stationary car.
  • In the case of a carjacking, time is critical and Police have the advantage of knowing the real-time location and which family members are in the car.
  • Police realize that oftentimes if a thief steals a vehicle, that vehicle could be used to commit a more serious crime and the police will therefore make the call high priority if they are provided with the location of the vehicle.
  • Police also realize that once the thief has your car, they also have all the belongings in your car and they may even use the remote door opener to burglarize your home or business.

T3 is secure and provides you complete privacy –

  • T3 will only respond to texts with your secret 5-digit PIN.
  • T3 will only answer a call from your phone number.
  • If you decide to add one or two emergency contacts as authorized numbers, T3 will also answer emergency calls from their phone.
  • T3 location information text is only sent to your phone. The information is not sent to a server and it is not stored so you have complete privacy.
  • If you have an emergency and have T3 call 911, the police only have access to T3 location during the call and for short time after that call. During normal operation, T3 will not answer a call from police.
  • T3 has numerous safeguards to protect against hackers:
  •   --T3 cellular connection only uses text messages and does not connect to the Internet.
  •    --T3 does not have Bluetooth, so there is no way to receive a hacker’s message.
  •    --T3 does not have WiFi, so there is no way to receive a hacker’s message.
  •    --T3 does not have a wireless keyfob, so there is no way to receive a hacker’s message.

T3 -- Additional Features

  • T3 can send you a text showing status of -- ignition, vehicle alarm, starter enable/disable, and vehicle battery voltage reading.
  • Parents can check that their teenage driver is safe.
  • You can verify that your elderly parents have arrived home safely.
  • In many states you can get a discount on your insurance premium. 
  • T3 has three different Guard Modes: Guard, Move, and Master.
  • Guard Mode automatically activates when you turn off the ignition, which enables Alarm Sounding and Tow text notifications.  No keyfob is required to activate or deactivate Guard Mode.
  • Move Mode allows you to tow your vehicle without triggering a movement notification.
  • Master Mode allows you to lock the T3 to a fixed location. In Master Mode the T3 will notify you when the car is towed or when your vehicle is being driven away (with or without a key).
  • T3 in Master Mode T3 will notify you if a valet takes your car for a joyride.
  • T3 in Master mode T3 will notify you if you leave your car at the shop and the technician takes it out for a road test.

T3 provides benefits to businesses –

 Many times, businesses need to protect their vehicles and the valuable tools and materials inside.  For example –

  • Electrical contractors
  • Plumbing contractors
  • Building contractors
  • Building inspectors
  • Cable installation contractors
  • Satellite installation contractors
  • TV & Entertainment repair services
  • Communication installation contractors
  • Mobile lock & key repair services
  • Mobile car repair services
  • Heating & Cooling repair services
  • Food delivery services

Businesses providing transportation need to protect passengers and their belongings. For example –

  • Commercial bus lines
  • School buses
  • Private transportation services
  • Taxis & Limousines

T3 development, evaluation, and production –

 The 911Tracker Team first developed a proof-of-concept (using a specially programmed cellphone) to demonstrate the remotely commanded 3-way call to emergency services.  This led to the development of three generations (see below).  Each generation resulted in more advanced hardware design and more advanced software design using knowledge gained.  The first generation product implemented a number of capabilities that were carried forward.  

The second generation incorporated a more advanced chipset. However, the GPS chip used in this hardware became unavailable, so we developed the current T3 product using a more advanced GPS chip.

Showing proof-of-concept application and three product generations
Showing proof-of-concept application and three product generations

 T3 is the culmination that results in a tiny package with state-of-the-art features. T3 uses an off-the-shelf module from Maestro-Wireless that includes a microprocessor, cellular chipset, a GPS chipset, accelerometer, cellular antenna, and GPS antenna. This module was designed for rugged vehicle applications and Maestro-Wireless has been shipping modules of this type in high volumes to worldwide customers for many months. 

 The 911Tracker Team installs our proprietary software to provide the unique T3 capabilities. The T3 evaluation units have been in the field for over a year.  This permitted evaluators to use the product in many different environments and to provide suggestions for improvement in T3 software. 

 Our evaluation has included live tests with numerous 911 Call Centers to confirm operation.  These tests helped the 911Tracker Team add extra safeguards to make sure the emergency information is always provided to 911.

 The 911Tracker Team has worked with our contract manufacturers to complete the T3 production packaging.  The T3 package includes the T3 module, backup battery, T3 cable for vehicle interconnection, Installation Guide, and User Guide, see below --

911Tracker T3 Package
911Tracker T3 Package

  T3 Fulfillment --

 The 911Tracker Team has built 100 T3 units.Thirty of those units are in the field for continuing long term evaluation and testing. Forty units will be provided to First Adopters. The remaining thirty units will be used for in-house evaluation and first delivery to Early Adopters.

Module supplier, Maestro-Wireless / Arrow Electronics have stocked additional quantities of the modules and are waiting for a go-ahead from 911Tracker for delivery. They are ready to ramp volume shipments as soon as we provide the next order. Lead time is 4 to 8 weeks.

911Tracker is ready to proceed with Rush Order, a skilled fulfillment company, to handle packaging, warehousing, and shipping. Rush Order has been supporting numerous other product companies that grew through the benefit of Kickstarter backers.In the early production phases, members of the 911Tracker Team will handle module software installation and testing. However, these activities could be included in fulfillment when the time is right.

MyTracker Web Portal --

The 911Tracker Team has also developed the 911Tracker website  and the website back-office. This permits the end user to purchase the T3 product and 911Tracker Service Plan using a secure shopping cart. 911Tracker shopping cart is handled by Ultracart as an industry standard Level 1 PCI Compliant Provider. Ultracart is integrated with the bank-processing gateway to provide maximum protection for customer information.

 The T3 owner registers their T3 with their own MyTracker webpage. 911Tracker website is hosted by Amazon Web Services using their full security structure and automatic backup. MyTracker automatically handles carrier activation and plan status –-

MyTracker webpage showing 3 Trackers
MyTracker webpage showing 3 Trackers

  Testimonials --

  • Cliff from Los Gatos, CA -- I have had the T3 security device installed and operating in my E300 model Lexus sedan since spring 2013. The T3 is very accurately locating my vehicle whenever I request.  I've checked in both Northern and Southern California and Texas.  A local independent auto radio shop installed in about a half hour.  The T3 uses my secret PIN for secure access and a thief would never know that it is protecting my car 24/7.

  • Sean from Clayton, CA -- After nearly three months, my 911Tracker has protected my '57 Chevy and performed flawlessly. Three words come to mind: Simplicity, Reliability, and Accuracy.    -- Reliability: No hiccups. The device runs off of vehicle battery power, but it also has its own battery just in case. I use a remote battery disconnect to prevent "hot-wiring" but that won't prevent someone from towing the vehicle away. Alarms just make noise that people tend to ignore. The design of this system is pretty much bullet-proof. In the basic mode, if your vehicle moves without use of the ignition, you get a text message saying so. I can forward the location and direction of travel of my vehicle to law enforcement in real time within minutes of a theft.   -- Accuracy: When vehicle location is displayed on the map, it is spot on. I have tested it in large parking lots using the Google map satellite imaging. The arrow virtually points to the actual stall my vehicle is occupying. I left my vehicle overnight at a mechanic's garage and was able to confirm that it was indeed parked inside the garage. When parked in my own garage, I can tell what side of the garage and which direction the vehicle is facing. I am very impressed with 911Tracker. It is affordable and the peace of mind alone makes this system worth the price. The security it provides is priceless!   -- Simplicity: The device is easy to install and it takes care of itself. Was able to conceal it in a subtle location that is difficult to find, but still check the LED function indicator when(or if) needed. Everything is controlled form my smartphone with simple text messages.
  • Hugh from Salinas, CA -- The 911Tracker installed my vehicles gives me a lot of peace of mind knowing that if something happens my vehicle I'm going to be able to track it. The 911Tracker also allows me to work with the local authorities directly to be able to retrieve my vehicle if something does happen with it. I have a lot of emergency and radio equipment in my vehicle again the 911Tracker gives me the confidence that if my vehicle is stolen I will be at retrieve all the equipment quickly without having any damage done to it.
  • George from San Jose, CA -- It’s very reassuring to know the 911Tracker is there protecting my Land Rover and ready to help when needed.
  • Heidi from Breckenridge, MO -- So no matter where the vehicle or the teen is, you will always have “proof” that they are safe.  Which is a priceless piece of mind for any parent!!  I love that you can just text the 911Tracker and you have a Google Maps address of the location within seconds.  It is super handy to know that your child is always telling the truth as well as is safe!! It is worth the investment to help keep Elizabeth a little safer!!

911Tracker Rewards –

 911Tracker is offering rewards starting at $5.  Rewards include T3 Trackers from the first production run and T3 Trackers from additional production runs that are waiting for the go-signal.  Additional rewards include a bundle with the T3 Tracker plus a 1-year Basic Service Plan.

  All rewards are offered at values well below retail pricing.

T3 Pricing --

  • T3 Tracker retail pricing is $225 and Basic Service Plan pricing is either $11.49 per month or $119 per year. 

911Tracker use in the USA –

  • Tracker cellular service is only provided by 911Tracker Service Plan. Currently, Tracker Service is only available in the USA and we are only shipping to Backers in the USA.

Request for your help --

T3 has been released for production.  But we need your help --

We need assistance from Backers to –

  • Ramp production,
  • Expand marketing and distribution channels, and
  • Continue development of new Tracker products that will provide safety and security to owners and their families.

911Tracker -- Company Background

911Tracker Team –

 911TRACKER has assembled a team of experienced professionals with extensive expertise in car security product development, business development that have worked at both small entrepreneurial startups, large corporations, and statewide agencies ---

  • Calvin Kaltsukis, CEO, Chairman, co-Founder -- Calvin is an inventor with 30-years manufacturing and development experience in aerospace technology and security/military related fields. Prior to co-founding 911Tracker, Calvin was with Rockwell International in their prototype Anaheim facilities.
  • Chuck Roedel, President, CFO, co-Founder -- Chuck has 30-years in design/marketing of communication and computer products. Prior to co-founding 911Tracker, Chuck co-founded Comsift and has held executive positions with Xbridge Systems, KBI-ASK.ME OnLine, Fujitsu America, Inc, Micom Systems, and Racal-Milgo.
  • Andy Neil, Software Developer, Antronics -- Andy has over 20-years experience in software development. His specialty includes embedded systems software/firmware design & development, with particular experience in machine-to-machine ("M2M") communication and interfacing.
  • George Szymkiewicz, Marketing & Website Developer, Websavvy-Consulting – George has over 25-years experience in larger organizations (Corporate Marketing and Worldwide Marcom for Avago Technologies), founder of entrepreneurial startups (Miranet Web Services) and the newest startup, Websavvy-Consulting.
  • John Chase and Rochelle Gainer, Advanced Website Development, Simple Union Interactive -- John and Rochelle have over 15-years experience in developing advanced websites and multi-systems back-office server software with advanced security using state of the art cloud-based servers and payment systems.
  • Suze Roedel, Marketing & Operations -- Suze has over 10-years experience in marketing, website creation, product building, production programming, and testing.
  • Trina O’Boyle, Social Media Mgr -- Trina has over 5-years experience in assisting companies with creating and managing social media communities and blogs.
  • S. Robert Miller, Advisor – Bob served as the Executive Director of the New Jersey 911 Network and ran the largest E911 network in North America from 1989 to 1998. Bob has been a long-standing member of national safety standard groups, including NENA / TIA / ESIF, APCO, USDOT, and ComCARE Alliance.
  • Michael J. Ceglia, Advisor -- Mike is the retired President of MJC Thomas, Inc., which designs, develops, builds, programs, installs, and provides field services for computer driven products for the EMS (Emergency Medical Services) and PSAP (Public Safety Answering Point) markets.

Existing Relationships --

 911TRACKER has formed a number of strategic relationships with companies essential to our success and to leverage their skills. They include:

  • Maestro-Wireless (Cellular Modem)
  • Sierra Wireless (Cellular Modem chipsets)
  • Aeris Communications (Service provider)
  • InstallerNet (Nationwide installer)
  • Rush Order (Fulfillment Services)
  • Norman E. Lehrer, P.C. (Patent firm)

911Tracker Future Expansion –

 Invention of the wireless remotely commanded 3-party conference call to emergency services resulted in the US Patent 7,937,066 granted in 2011.  We have chosen to release the first product as a vehicle theft prevention & retrieval system. Vehicle protection with this method has a number of ways to expand with new features, new products, and new vehicle markets.  However the method can also be applied to whole new markets and products including protection for Alzheimer’s patients, child protection, home security, and business security.

911Tracker – Company Important Advantages --

  • Team that has successfully developed remarkable products & services
  • Proven hardware – Volume usage in worldwide vehicle environments
  • Proven Functionally – Migration of functionality through three product generations
  • Proven Evaluation – Field evaluation for over 2 years with many vehicle types and live tests with 911 Call-Centers
  • Security and Privacy only accessible by the Tracker owner
  • The T3 is programmed to directly call 911 upon reception of a command from a remote owner and to then conference in the remote owner. No other vehicle theft prevention system can do this!
  • Ability to expand to numerous markets and products & services

Risks and challenges

911Tracker has formed a very good relationship with our primary suppliers -- Tracker hardware from Maestro-Wireless / Arrow and M2M cellular service from Aeris Communications. First Adopters for T3 Trackers will receive units that are built and awaiting delivery. Early Adopters will be receiving Trackers from a pending flow of units based on Backer volume. 911Tracker and our local fulfillment company have the resources to install software, test, package, and ship.

Primary risk factor would be if volume from pledges exceeds our target volume ramp, then it could extend estimated deliveries by 4 to 8 weeks.

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