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Romance of Racing: A quality 136pp book of essays by triple Indy 500 winner Dario Franchitti, allied to brilliant motorsport images

Romance of Racing: A high-quality, 128 page book
Romance of Racing: A high-quality, 128 page book

Personally embrace The Romance of Racing. Why? 

This is a book publishing project created by me, Andy Hallbery. I have worked in motorsport as an editor and writer for nearly 30 years. IT IS AVAILABLE WORLDWIDE.

Why am I doing this book? 

Very simply because I love racing and I love publishing, and Romance of Racing embraces them both. I want to share these passions to the outside world, and people of a similar mindset who enjoy motorsport, and want to be involved in the project, besides reading the end product. 

The reason I chose Dario Franchitti as the author is that he is a very successful racing driver. As well as being a winner, he embraces the Romance of Racing, and the work others have achieved in his sport.

I have known Dario for more than 20 years, as a friend as well as a colleague, and pestered him for a long time to do a book. He will not do an autobiography until he has retired from racing, and that is a long way off yet. So instead I came up with something that Dario is also well known for, his love of racing history. He was enthusiastic about the idea immediately and my thoughts as to how it should be produced. The book we are going to publish is a high-quality, 128 page, photo book with essays written by Dario explaining his reasons behind the choices, from heroes to friends. 

Dario and I have selected approximately 70 images from the archives of some of the sport’s finest photographers, having started with many thousands of photos to choose from. Our selections range from the obvious stars of racing, to the inspiring, as well as the people who have influenced and helped Dario's career since he started karting in his native Scotland aged eight. 

I set high production values for the whole project, and made sure we had the best quality from the images themselves to help bring the stars of racing to life. Those standards extend to the print and paper choices. The finished book will be a high-quality 128 page hardback. The costs of producing such a publication are expensive.

Why did I not use a traditional existing publisher?

This is the question I am asked most often, and the simple answer is, publishers are in it for the bottom line, and the only Dario Franchitti book they are interested in is a straightforward (although I agree it would be fascinating) autobiography. That will not happen anytime soon. I tried major publishers worldwide, and smaller specialist ones too, and all want to know the bottom line of them taking on the project. A safe bottom line for them all would be the autobiography. Mine is a book that doesn't appeal to mainstream and conventional publishers, but will appeal to race fans worldwide, and of admirers of great photography. 

Why are you doing it yourself then, when others have said "no"?

Because, first and foremost, my team and I believe in the project and we are giving 100 percent to make it happen. This unprecedented book has Dario's enthusiastic endorsement and involvement, and the participation of the sport's most eminent photographers. But this project exists only in theory without the involvement of the most important people – you, the fans.

What will the pledges be used to finance? 

Nothing comes for free, but we have tried our best to keep costs as low as possible, without compromising standards or cutting corners. Basically the team working with me and Dario are as passionate about the book as we are. And that says a lot! 

The funding will go to buy the print and paper, plus delivery contributions to our distributor. Another major cost is the photo fees, and without world publishing rights there would be no book. Dario Franchitti will NOT be making a penny out of our project and has donated his time, enthusiasm and words to the publication to make it happen with no fee. Design and production of the book requires an art editor and a sub-editor/proof reader, as well as the mundane items such as printer ink and even the batteries that the computer 'mice' devour. Advertising and promotion will mainly be via Social Media and word of mouth using prominent stars of the racing world, but a portion of the money will be used to fund Review copies for the media, building the website and the production of the video both of which we had to make in advance of the book.  

Who is your publishing team, and what are their skills?

Andy Hallbery: Previously editor of Autosport, and RACER magazines on each side of the Atlantic – each are leading journals in the field of motorsport – I feel perfectly positioned to bring my experience into a fine focus with this book, Romance of Racing. Both publications are expected to promote the book in one form or other, from reviews to extracts. 

Sarah Storer is a former Art Director for motorsport annuals for Eurosport TV on the FIA World Touring Car Championship and the Intercontiental Rally Championship. 

Henry Hope-Frost is Presenter/Sub editor for Autosport, and will make sure the book goes under his close scrutiny prior to publication. 

My huge thanks to: First and foremost Dario Franchitti for believing in me, sharing his enthusiasm and getting as involved as much as he is, including his work making the video to promote the book on – for him – a working race weekend. 

• You, the potential backers for wanting to be part of my dream, and supporting me and my team. I genuinely believe I am getting the very best out of Dario, and that shines through on every page, making you want to go on and read more. That makes me extremely proud. 

• My parents for their unswerving support in the face of adversity and encouraging me to “Get it done. Don’t pull your hair out. Come on…”

• Ace photographers from around the world; Paul-Henri Cahier, Sutton Images, LAT Photographic, Getty Images, Michael Levitt, Laurence Baker, Colin McMaster, Robert Kerian, Charles Best, Ralph Hardwick, Phil Sedgwick, especially Bryn Williams – and plenty of others – for their support and open access to their archives and material.

• Indianapolis Motor Speedway for images and video footage, Marcia Reinauer for filming, and Mighty Fine Production for the editing skills.

• I also want to mention Rich Fowler and Tony Di Zinno – both on board  and supporters from the beginning. And, as well as being one of the gifted photographers to have contributed material, Tony also encouraged me, and guided me through building the campaign right from when Romance of Racing was just a germ of an idea. 

What happens next?

Once the target is achieved, we wave the green flag, and go. That is just the start. From there we will produce and then promote Romance of Racing as much as we can to get the widest possible audience using key and well-respected people within motorsport, including some of those in the book. I will continue the blog to keep you all up to date with the book's progress posted on . 'Like' it and add it to your bookmarks.

The book will be published in England. Shipping orders outside of the UK mainland  in these pledges are subject to an additional £8.00. Then we will start on the next project. and will involve the community we are building here from the start, having already placed a foot on the ladder.

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

We believe we have a unique and unprecedented project, one that no true motorsport enthusiast's library can be without!

Those that support the project will have something they are proud of and treasure, and can share with others whose collections will not be complete without also being part of the Romance of Racing community. The books in pledges #3 and #4 will NOT be available in the shops. The basic price through Kickstarter is under the RRP of £45.00, and includes free and reduced shipping costs you will not receive elsewhere. These time-limited offers on Kickstarter are too good to pass up.

For more information, and to join the community go to


  • Yes. It will be available worldwide when it is published, assuming we reach the target. Shipping costs will apply, but they will be cheaper pre-ordering Romance of Racing through Kickstarter. And remember to tell all your friends in Australia too... There are a couple of drivers from your neck of the woods in there...

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    ROMANCE OF RACING POSTCARD SET. A high quality collection of 16 full colour cards celebrating the Romance of Racing. The images are from world-renowned photographer Paul-Henri Cahier and his father Bernard from the Cahier Archive. P&P free within the UK.

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    HARD BACK COPY OF THE BOOK ROMANCE OF RACING. This 128 page book is written by three-time Indy 500 winner Dario Franchitti, and features images from the best photographers in the world of motorsport from the 1950s to date. P&P is free for UK, PLEASE ADD £8.00 for SHIPPING to the rest of the world.

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    PREMIER EDITION OF THE BOOK ROMANCE OF RACING This limited edition book is as above, with the addition of a specifically-designed cover. This will NOT be available in the shops. On the rear cover will be a 'thank you' message from Dario Franchitti, with all the names of the supporters of this Pledge appearing. P&P is free for UK, PLEASE ADD £8.00 for SHIPPING to the rest of the world.

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    DELUXE SIGNED LIMITED EDITION + POSTCARD SET. The high quality hard back book, personally signed by Dario Franchitti and numbered up to 50. This edition will NOT be available in the shops. The package will include the Romance of Racing Postcard Set. Shipping for this Special Pledge Reward is FREE worldwide

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    TO BE CONFIRMED – VISIT TO TARGET CHIP GANASSI RACING INDYCAR RACE FACILITY FOR TWO. (Note: this Reward is still to be confirmed. Regular status updates will be available on this page) Successful parties must make their own way to the USA. Potential visit to Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum and dates also to confirmed. Expenses not included.

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    TO BE CONFIRMED – DINNER FOR FOUR WITH DARIO FRANCHITTI in America. (Note: this Reward is still to be confirmed. Regular status updates will be available on this page) Four personally signed books, Postcard set. The successful Award recipient and party will make their own way to a restaurant of Dario's choice for an evening to remember. Dates to be confirmed, depending on schedules.

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