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Hi everyone,

We made it! First of all, thanks to all the donors who have supported us and made this anthology a reality. We are very excited to see the printed copy, and we know you're all going to enjoy it.

Now that we are an officially funded project, we are moving on to the next phase: printing. Our ambition has always been to debut the anthology at the British International Comic Show (BICS) in mid-October. In order to do so, we need to turn the book around to the printers pretty quickly. Owing to this, on Friday, September 10, we will be closing the all the pledge amounts above $15. That means that book will still be available for those remaining few days, but that will be all. We're going to need that time to finish laying out the book and including all the Thank You page names, messages, and illustration likenesses.

If you or anyone you know were planning on contributing to one of these higher levels, please be sure to do so before the 10th. Otherwise, just kick back and wait for the book to arrive at your door. It's nearly put together and looking great!




    1. Perry.small

      Creator Otto J. Makela on September 9, 2010

      Congratulations, looking forward to seeing the final book!

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    Pitch in $1 and earn the right to feel superior to all your friends. You gave to a good cause; go ahead, stand proud. And know that all the creators appreciate your support.

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    GO DIGITAL: Books are clunky, you say? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. For just $5, you’ll get a digital PDF sent directly to your door—er, email.

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    GET THE BOOK: This is it--for just $15 (or 9.5 pounds), you get the complete 192-page anthology featuring work from Alex Willmore (Kronos City), Adam Grose (Cosmogensis), Michael Moreci (Quarantined), Steve Tanner, Lauren Anne Sharp, Andy Dodd, Monty Borror, Bryan Coyle, and a whole bunch of others. Do you know how much Marvel would charge for 192 pages? Right now they're giving 22 pages for $4--you do the math.

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    THANK YOU PAGE: Get the anthology, with two bonuses. One, it'll be signed by a whole bunch of creators. If one hits it big, hello college fund! Also, you'll have your name inscribed on a special Thank You page in the book.

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    PERSONAL MESSAGE: Here's the opportunity to really stick it to friends/feel good about yourself--you get the signed book, and a message, written by you, printed with the Thank You acknowledgment.

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    LIMITED EDITION PRINT: Now we're talking. Get the signed book, Thank You page appearance, and a limited-edition print from one of the anthology's artists.

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    ORIGINAL SKETCH: Your chance to have some original artwork from anthology creators, plus the signed book and a mention on the Thank You page.

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    ANTHOLOGY APPEARANCE: Get the signed book, the message, and your likeness drawn by one of the artists to accompany the message. You also get the original artwork of the likeness.

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    ORIGINAL ARTWORK: This is the whole shebang package. The signed anthology, the message, and an original page of A3 artwork from the book.

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