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The Sleepless Phoenix is a collective of up-and-coming UK and US comic artists and writers. This is our very first anthology.
152 backers pledged $4,409 to help bring this project to life.

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Posted by Michael Moreci (Creator)

Hi everyone!

This is Michael Moreci, one of the people behind this drive. I wanted to give some information on the projects I've been working on, one has just been released, the other forthcoming.

First off, if you read Hack/Slash, you'll find a backup story that just began in issue #1. The story, Hoax Hunters, is co-written by myself and Steve Seeley, with art from JM Ringuet and letters from Jim Campbell. A preview of the first page is below. If you like story, which will be running in Hack/Slash all year, please spread the word on it. Twitter, blogs, reviews--it all helps!

Also, my debut graphic novel, Quarantined, is set for a Spring release with Markosia. The team is all Sleepless Phoenix alums: art from Monty Borror, colors from Lauren Anne Sharp, and letters from Jim Campbell.

You can check out a 12-page preview here:

And pre-order through Amazon:

And the facebook page, which is the best way to stay up to date:

If you have any questions, feel free to drop me a line!


Michael Moreci
Twiiter: @michaelmoreci

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Books are out!

Posted by Michael Moreci (Creator)

Hi everyone!

This is just a brief message, but I wanted to send a general note letting everyone know that the books have been mailed, and if you haven't received your artwork, it will be coming soon.

But, if you are missing what you ordered, please let me know and we will make sure you are satisfied.

Thank you all again, we couldn't have done this without you!

We're currently open for submissions for book two, so any artists/writers out there, feel free to pitch away!



It's Been Awhile!

Posted by Michael Moreci (Creator)

But, everyone at the Sleepless Phoenix has been busy. The book debuted at BICS last weekend (after arriving at Editor-in-Chief Lauren's house the day before) and has been going strong since. We started a a website that I invite everyone to check out and follow. It is:

Here, you'll be able to keep tabs on all our latest news, photos, and updates.

Also, for those wondering where there book is--our U.K. and Australia batches will be shipped out within the coming days. Here in the U.S., where I just received my order today, I will be shipping everything out over the next week. Digital orders will be fulfilled soon as well.

Thanks again! Hope to see you all for Volume 2!

Message Page Reminder

Posted by Michael Moreci (Creator)

I've sent out emails, but want to give one final reminder to those who have generously pledged to have a message in the book. We have collected nearly every message, save a few. If you haven't sent your message in, please do so by Monday. We really need to get this book to the printer--and in everyone's hands!



"Senior Citizen" Preview

Posted by Michael Moreci (Creator)

Well, things are winding down here, and we're pretty much coasting at this point, thanks to everyone's generous pledges.

Here's another preview, this one again from Simon Wyatt, who is illustrating two stories in this anthology. This one is written by Craig Ian Gilmore and titled "Senior Citizen."

For more on Craig, visit:

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