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A crime noir graphic novel from the creator of Image's Hoax Hunters! Nate McCoy has a gift--he can see the peopel he reincarnated from.
A crime noir graphic novel from the creator of Image's Hoax Hunters! Nate McCoy has a gift--he can see the peopel he reincarnated from.
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Recent updates

Reviews Are Coming In...

But time is running out! Help spread the word on Reincar(Nate) if you can!

The first issue has seen it's way into the hands of a few reviewers, and the response has been outstanding.

Lonnie Nadler of Bloody-Disgusting said that "Reincar(Nate) is a gripping sci-fi crime story that’s got it all. This is a strong first issue, with great characterization, and a unique, slightly eerie, twist on traditional neo-noir. After finishing the issue, it left so much unanswered, so much intrigue, that I instantly wanted more. Moreci and Burns have something special here, and I can’t wait to read the rest."

Read the review yourself here.

The Outhouser said "Reincar(Nate) is a great independent comic which holds its own against peers such as Criminal, Who is Jake Ellis, and Chew. It's a perfect blend of gritty crime drama and the surreal."

Read that entire review here.

Multiversity said "This project is very well crafted with fitting, atmospheric art from Burns, and by the last page it had its hooks in me big time. It's well deserving of a contribution if you're into high quality crime comics with unique high concepts."

Check out the entire piece here.

And Comic Related said, "Having seen an extended look at the story, Burns' artwork, Beckett's colors, and even Campbell's unnoticeable letters that let the words flow naturally through and around the story, I can say that I'm anxiously waiting for this story to come."

Check that one out here.

A Look at What's to Come, Pledge Update

Here's a look at two pages coming...later in Reincar(Nate). I don't want to say where these pages fall, so I'll stick to "later."

Also, two things. One: I've opened up one final slot for a speaking role in the book. The other three went pretty quickly. And, two, we have a new pledge! If you're a retailer, you can have your shop appear in the book. Pledge $325 and you'll get 20 copies of the book, the page of original art your shop appears on, and, of course, the appearance!

Anyway, onto the pages. Enjoy!

  • Image 110301 original
  • Image 110302 original

Retailer Bundle Deal!

From now until Thursday at 12:00 CST, I'm offering a special deal to our retailer friends. If you pledge at the $100 level, you'll get four extra copies of the book completely free; pledge at the $400 level, and you'll get six extra copies of the book!

The hard copy is going to look really, really great, and being crime noir, there's a number of books you can pair it with. I think it pairs particularly well with Brubaker's work and with Chew. Or you can recommend it to people who enjoy my current Image series, Hoax Hunters (issue #0 came out in March and the regular series starts July 5).

As for retailers who already pledged, not to worry: you're grandfathered in.

Contact me with any questions, and thanks for the support!

Not Quite There...

But, we've had a lot of supporters over the best few days. Seriously, we are greatly appreciative of all the love people have shown. So, what the heck, although we didn't get to $4500, here's issue #1 anyway, for the weekend only:

[Sorry, time's up!]


Issue One, Free to Download (Possibly)

Want to download a PDF proof copy of Reincar(Nate) issue #1? Well, here’s the deal:

If we hit $4500 in the drive by tomorrow (Friday), 5:00 CST, I will make the Reincar(Nate) issue #1 PDF available for free download all weekend long, until Sunday night. Basically, all the drive needs to raise is $565 in the next two days. Then the proof copy of the issue #1 PDF will be yours to download.

Let’s make it happen!