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SYREN Modern Dance embarks on the creation of a new dance. An exploration of Die Kunst der Fuge (The Art of the Fugue) by Bach.
SYREN Modern Dance embarks on the creation of a new dance. An exploration of Die Kunst der Fuge (The Art of the Fugue) by Bach.
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Come join us next month!

Hi everyone!  Happy Valentine's Day!

It is exciting to remind you that in a little over four weeks we will be showing this 18th dance at The Ailey Studios.  What an incredible five months it has been in the studio so far, and it will no doubt be a whirlwind of a month that brings us to March 10 and 11.

It is wonderful to think of sharing "Wayside Sacrament" in its entirety (at least until Kate decides to add another section ;) with an audience.  The gift of bringing all of the richness that has gone into this work to other people is unmistakably unique and is why I love performing so dearly.  However in this case, it is slightly bittersweet.  A process like the creation of this dance is one that I kind of wish would never end.  In some larger ways it won't - we will keep making work - but we will likely never be so deep into the creative process for this dance again..."Wayside Sacrament" has its own individual time to make its unique textures known and that time is now.

I will do my best to relish in and to cherish these next four weeks.

We hope you will be able to come and see what you helped make possible.  
All of the information can be found here
Or on the flier below.

All my best,

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Happy New Year from Dance #18!

Hello everyone!  It has been awhile, but I hope you are enjoying the start of 2012.

November and December were very productive months for our dance - which now has a title, "Wayside Sacrament".

Since my last update, SYREN performed at a wonderful gathering of thinkers, painters, writers, photographers, actors, and more at Yale University.  We also enjoyed being part of work in progress showing at Green Space in Long Island City, NY.  

We are almost half way through the dance, and rehearsals are thick with lots of material being created and pieced together.  

If anyone is in New York City next week, we would like to extend an invitation for you to attend our rehearsal on Tuesday, January 10th from 5:30pm-8pm.  You would be welcome to stop by at any point during this time.  If you are interested, email us at and we will give you the exact address.

SYREN also launched a new website last month!  We hope you will visit it and spread the word.  There is a new teaching promo on our TEACHING page, as well as many new photographs throughout...enjoy!

Also, mark your calendars for March 10-11, 2012!  We will be showing "Wayside Sacrament" at The Ailey Studios.  More details to come soon...

Here's a link to a trio being developed with Brigitte, Nico, and Jean-René:

Here's a link to the whole cast running through a movement phrase:

Peace and joy to you for 2012!

All my best,


Performances in Hartford, CT

Hi everyone!  SYREN just returned from two wonderful performances at the Greater Hartford Academy of the Arts on Thursday and Friday.  It was really wonderful to spend time together for a few days, and to come together to bring 8 minutes of our new dance to audiences for the FIRST TIME.

To leave the rehearsal studio one day, and walk into a theater the next day and immediately share the work as it is being made felt very exciting and brought a specific kind of presence to the performances.  

The feelings of improvisations we have done in rehearsals are still accessible in my mind and resonate in my bones, the musical count that a step is to be done on is still being learned by my brain (eventually this will just be known "without thinking"), and the rhythm of when great energy is needed or not is still settling into it all.  All of these elements combined to make a rich performance experience in Hartford, and one that I am very glad we were able to be part of.  

It was also incredible to witness the students performing in this concert, to relish in their enthusiasm, hunger, unique abilities, and to be grateful that we were given the chance to share movement with such receptive young artists.

I look forward to bringing all of this with me as we return to the rehearsal studio this week and to see where Dance #18 continues to take us.

Hope you enjoy a few photos from our warm-up on stage in Hartford, with some of our students, and from some time at a pumpkin patch too!

All my best,


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Thank YOU!

To all of you wonderful backers of Dance #18!

We are thrilled that we met this goal and appreciate the part you each played in making it possible.  

Next week, we are actually taking two sections of the new piece to Hartford, Connecticut for performances at the Greater Hartford Academy of the Arts.  This is a terrific performing arts high school where we have had the privilege of being guest artists and teachers for five years.   

Kate and I spent some time there in August re-staging excerpts of "Dolce" (premiered by SYREN in March 2011) on a group of six fantastic students, and we are really looking forward to seeing them rise to the challenge of bringing that dance to the stage during these performances as well.

We are still very much in the thick of creating, so it is an interesting and unique experience to have the opportunity to bring this new material to the stage this early in the process.  I am sure we will learn a great deal about the movement "on the inside" as we're performing, and I have no doubt Kate will also learn a great deal as she watches these sections of the dance take flight for the first time...

Thank you all again for supporting our time to trust, to fall, and to fly...

All my best and I look forward to continuing to share updates with you all!


Rehearsal Weeks 4 & 5

"Let the beauty we love be what we do."  -Rumi

It is amazing to read these words, have a smile take over my face, and to know that is exactly why I dance - why Kate and I started SYREN - and why being part of making a new dance is so incredibly satisfying.  

These last two weeks, we have really been digging into two sections of the piece.  (You might want to ask:  Two sections of how many total sections?  And my answer would be, I don't know!  I haven't actually looked up how many sections Bach wrote for The Art of the Fugue and Kate hasn't shared that with us yet.  Don't get me wrong it's not that I'm not curious, it's just that I really actually like "being in the dark" on some minute level.  I enjoy having her lead us through the process and having her share details like that when it is actually important to know...Right now, there is still so much to uncover and it is a gift to be able to take time and care with each step and to focus on being present.)

We have done a little bit of improvisation, and we got one "assignment" from Kate, but mostly these last two weeks Kate has been teaching us movement phrases that are specifically woven to certain parts of the music.  So far, these two sections have really different qualities and it is a great challenge in working on being equally committed in both directions.  

We will try and remember to snap some photos next week to give you all another peek soon!  

Until then, I hope you are doing well and I hope you find ways in your day to day to be able to live the beauty of the things that you love.  I am so grateful to do what I love every week with these incredible people and I thank you for your support in helping us to be able to gather together and create.  

All my best,


8 days to go to our deadline!!  We are getting SO close.  If you are able to help spread the word to anyone about the campaign, thank you and the more the merrier!