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The XTND Board is a lightweight and intelligent electric vehicle that redefines urban transportation.
The XTND Board is a lightweight and intelligent electric vehicle that redefines urban transportation.
351 backers pledged $346,540 to help bring this project to life.

Revised Design of the XTND Board

Posted by XTND, Inc. (Creator)


You might have noticed we’ve been revising the board’s design, as we mentioned in Update #20. The design has gone through several changes since then, which has been necessary primarily due to changes of internal components. Let’s take a look at the details.

The Deck

As we mentioned, one of the main reasons for the changes is the battery technology. It made a slight difference in the thickness of the board, which is a small price to pay for better and safer batteries. Moreover, the thickness is different only in the center of the board and not on the sides, which makes it nearly unnoticeable. The new battery pack also has better lifespan and increases output of the motors. And, naturally, it is easily swappable.

We’ve also considered a shorter version of the board, but we agreed it would divert too much from the product you chose to back, though quite a few of you liked it better and riding it in real life was awesome. Nevertheless, the main advantage of a shorter board is that it is more comfortable and easier to carry, but we’re pleased to say we managed this even with the original design and without a significant change in its length. A person of an average height now won’t have to drag the board on the ground when holding it by the trucks. The length of the board is 862 mm (as opposed to the original 900 mm) and the width is 237 mm at its widest point.

The Trucks

Moreover, we readjusted trucks to accommodate weight sensors in order to improve the quality of collecting and processing data, and several parts around the rear trucks were made a bit wider for the sake of durability. We also changed the attachment of the bumpers to make sure they won’t get damaged or detached from the board even with rougher handling.

The Wheels

Since our aim is to make the XTND Board as easy to maintain as possible, the two wheels with motors are now completely covered, which keeps them from getting wet and prevents the dirt from getting in, thus prolonging their lifespan. In order to match all the wheels, we adjusted the front wheels as well so now they have twice as much polyurethane, which will make riding significantly more comfortable.

What’s Ahead

Now, more testing is ahead of us. We’re putting every bit of the board through all kinds of load tests, with a primary focus on motors, to make sure everything is functional and safe. In the upcoming weeks, we will also work on stabilizing BOM (Bill of Materials) and preparing CAD documentation for the suppliers. This is an essential step for the factory pre-check DFM (Design for Manufacturing) review. It will help us specify cost estimates and manufacturing plans so that we can progress quickly, eliminate risks and save money in case we make changes after the production starts.

That’s all for the design today. How do you like the look of it? We really appreciate all the feedback on the previous design suggestion and we’d be more than happy if you could tell us what you think even this time.

Thank you for your amazing support, we really appreciate it.

- XTND team

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    1. Missing avatar

      Sameet Sam Patel on

      Also to add, the wheels on the original set it far apart from the meepo type boards, but the wheel change makes it almost the same type of set up, I was just under the impression that the wheels and motor wheels were a done deal and the only problem was the actual board and battery housing. However, I guess I could have just misinterpreted..

    2. Missing avatar

      Sameet Sam Patel on

      Not to sound like a pessimistic penny, but it is starting to seem like we started with the XTND board, which I was under the impression that parts were already acquired, and now it seems like we are getting a tweaked meepo style board with some upgrades. However, I have found that the meepo style boards are great, aside from the controller, and the board quality. So I am assuming that this board will be great as well, but I feel a bit did dirty, only because I paid 1200+ for this board almost a year ago. Especially when the meepo and bare boards like it are going for under 500, and get this I would receive it next week. By all this I mean no disrespect, it just sucks dishing out over 1k for a year and not getting any extra return on investment. I just look at every purchase as an investment. I can only hope that this board blows my mind with its awesomeness.

    3. XTND, Inc. Creator on

      Hello there, Michael! First of all, many thanks for your splendid support, it really means a lot to us! As for the wheels, we decided to cover the motors because it’s a much better solution in the long run - it protects the motors from water, dust and dirt getting in; and the covers are made from aluminum. The front wheels are also a bit different because we had to adjust the design to match the rear ones. The center of the front wheels is made from thermoplastic, while the wheels themselves are from polyurethane. Hope this helps!

    4. Michael

      Michael SuperBacker here,
      I just had a question about the XTND Street Wheels and the XTND Terrain Wheels. How are the designs coming along? I like how the front wheels now have twice as much polyurethane. And also under the "Campaign" Section at the top, the First picture we see of the board from a side angle under the wording "The Board of Tomorrow" .... are those metal looking rims not going to be there anymore? The latest pictures look like all rubber on the front and coverers over the motors? I am fine either way. I know there can be changes in design from start to finish. I am thinking of you guys, sending my support, and hope things keep going smoothly.
      Cheers~ Michael

    5. XTND, Inc. Creator on

      Hello all, many thanks for your feedback, but even more for the encouragement - seriously, you may not realize how much it actually means to us. We can show you the other angles of the board in the next update, which we didn’t include because we honestly thought these would be enough (and more renders would only postpone the update). We stand corrected and next update it is!

    6. Missing avatar

      Martin on

      Why design is not shown from all sides ?

    7. Missing avatar

      Tevaiarii Ted on

      Tommy it's not my first backing and its not my first electric skateboard, i'm not a kid

    8. Missing avatar

      Tevaiarii Ted on

      I too bought the Lou and the Raptor2, they respected the delays and the design of the campaign, I chose xtnd because the style I liked (board and wheels) but today it's more the same thing, when we see the video I thought the product was finished but they lied to us well, since January the xtnd technology has already aged and is not even worth its price

    9. Tommy on

      Don't listen to all the Debbie downers. The board looks great. I was one of the original backers of Boosted & understand there's alot that goes into making these things a reality. Advancing tech & design tweaks are all part of the process. As for the whining (Daddy's money) kids that are unimpressed, go to Walmart & buy your electric skateboard! The rest of us will wait for the superior ride.

    10. Dennis Kiefert on

      So far so good, but not impressed. When can we expected to see actual videos of the final board, in action. When will be able to actually receive the final product, are you guys able to deliver the board in time, or will there be other delays?

    11. Jonathan Tran on

      show us the bottom of the board!

    12. Missing avatar

      Tevaiarii Ted on

      I would never have to buy the xtnd board, you change the look, change the delay, fales advertising

    13. Missing avatar

      William Kochi

      looks great. nice job with the few tweaks.

    14. Missing avatar

      Eric Hall on

      This is definitely the best update so far! The new design holds true to the original, with the rounded edges. And, you are sticking with the longer version, which is what we wanted and ordered in the first place. On top of that, you are touting a better battery and wheels. I'm super excited again about getting my board!

    15. Jan on

      Your rendering shows a two- not the four-motor version, right?