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The XTND Board is a lightweight and intelligent electric vehicle that redefines urban transportation.
The XTND Board is a lightweight and intelligent electric vehicle that redefines urban transportation.
351 backers pledged $346,540 to help bring this project to life.

Testing, testing, testing and more testing

Posted by XTND, Inc. (Creator)

Hello everyone,

Let’s get right to it. Here’s a list of topics we’re covering in this update in case you don’t feel like reading the whole thing:

  • Shipping Schedule
  • Merchandise
  • Sensors
  • Motors
  • Design

Updated Delivery Dates

Let’s rip off the band-aid.

We’ve had a delay and we’re going to have another.

But will the boards be delivered at all? Absolutely.

We’re on a right track and it’s not just empty words that any team would say to save face. We’ve never been more excited about the updates we’ve been writing, but the time that got wasted at the very beginning with mindless bureaucracies, fighting with investors and waiting periods is hard to catch up with. We know it hasn’t been all sunshine and rainbows, but that’s unfortunately how it is. Building a hardware product of such complexity is difficult and it has its pitfalls one cannot anticipate before they actually happen. Most of the setbacks are caused by things that have very little to do with the actual product, and much more to do with running a starting company. And, the fact that everything just takes time. A lot of it.

To say we’re sorry about this would be an understatement. Though we’re making amazing progress every day and though everything’s looking better than ever, on many levels it feels like a failure. Because we’re letting you down. Letting down not just a someone, but roughly 300 people we made a promise to is really hard to deal with. We know some of you are disenchanted with us as well as the fact that a lot of Kickstarter projects get delayed, and we don’t blame you. We get frustrated as much as you do. But at the end of the day, we’re still here working tirelessly to see this through.

As for the actual dates, we would like to push it to January so that we can take our time to do everything right. The quality is what matters after all and we don’t want to rush it at its expense.

Though we realize how inconvenient this is, for which we sincerely apologize, we will do everything we can to make it up to you with the final product that will be worth the wait.

XTND T-shirts & Important Address Issue

The XTND T-shirts are all set and good to go! In fact, they have been for a while now, but we’ve been waiting for some of you to complete their addresses because we don’t want anyone to miss out on this. So, in case you haven’t, please check, complete or update your address until June 15 so that we can schedule shipping right afterwards.

If you have any issues whatsoever or don’t know how to change your address, drop us a message.

Those of you who have been in touch with us directly to make a different arrangement, we keep you in mind as well and everything is as we agreed.

If you missed this update and didn’t fill out your address in time, don’t worry, you won’t miss out on your XTND T-shirt, you’ll just get it later.

Sharpening the Brain

We finished an advanced design of the board’s brain which contains all the chips and sensors that the XTND Board will be equipped with. We’re very satisfied with how this sensory part works because it is the part of the board that makes it intelligent and most unique.

We’re testing everything in real conditions outside and we’re not going easy at it. In the following weeks, we’ll focus on collecting all necessary data and subsequently analyzing it, optimizing the evaluation system, improving the firmware and designing the final version of the brain’s PCB.

We’re also paying special attention to weight sensors that are important for the board to be safe to use. These sensors have an important role for weight detection system, anti-collision system and step on recognition.

All these sensors along with the ESC that we designed make a great combination that will have a huge positive impact on the board’s behavior while riding.

The Wheels Are in Motion

We’ve done quite a lot of thorough testing on motors. We wanted to report on every testing at first, but we soon realized it would be more or less the same update every time. This process took a bit longer than we expected. There have been a lot of different motor versions and individual iterations. Every change and adjustment stalled us a bit because we had to wait for the manufacturer to incorporate our requirements.

Nevertheless, the latest testing showed that the motors meet our requirements, which means we can start designing the final construction so that the motors will look good, too. Naturally, we will be optimizing them and improving their efficiency, but we’re very satisfied with the results at this point.

New Look of XTND Board

Changing the type of battery technology, which we mentioned in the previous update, required changing the board’s design as well so we came up with several versions with different dimensions and shapes while we were at it. Afterwards, we narrowed it down to two versions, one of which is shorter than the original one.

This week, we’re manufacturing prototypes of both to compare and test them to see which one is better. The shorter version would be primarily lighter, more comfortable to carry around and more maneuverable (given its smaller turning radius). On the other hand, the original has better stability as longer boards do. We will thoroughly test both versions to see what they are like in real life, what their riding qualities are and if their dimensions offer an ideal stance while riding (the width of the board and the space between feet) and don’t cause problems, such as wheelbite.

We couldn’t keep the original design because of the battery technology and the fact that we still want to keep them inside the board. The new design is more dynamic and modern, which better reflects the nature of the product while keeping its clean and simple design. And we hope that you like it as much as we do. We always value your opinion so do let us know what you think about the new design and whether you’d prefer the shorter or longer version.

We really appreciate all the wonderful support you’ve given us and hope that you can stick with us to the very end. It wouldn’t be possible without you after all. And we’ll be forever grateful for that.

- XTND team

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    1. XTND, Inc. Creator on

      Thank you all for letting us know what you think, it's been very helpful and as we said, we will rework the design. The one above isn't final, it was more of a concept we came up with when we were incorporating the new battery type, but now that we know how you feel about it, we won't use it. We'll sort it out and get back to you.

    2. Missing avatar

      Federico Schiocchet on

      Longer board for sure! I prefer this design, expecially the top/back lights.
      Anyway the delay is a big problem, I think I will wait, again, but i'm not sure. Instead I'm fully sure that another delay will cause the start to contact all users and Kickstarter to process a mass refund request and/or start class action. This is guaranteed.

    3. Jonathan Tran on

      Absolutely awful, I'd rather just be refunded at this point.

      The new board design doesn't look modern and sleek in the slightest. You can't just completely change the product that you sold backers on. You're gonna ask people to front you over $1000 and then completely change the product without telling any backers until after the fact?

      More Delays? Really more? And in the meantime you want us to wear your t-shirts to give xtnd free marketing? A free shirt is going to solve the frustrations of your backers. I'd rather have you spend the money hiring someone to film whats going on the xtnd lab so i can get some visibility into the product.

      Your campaign videos and marketing of the board are all false advertising now. People are gonna pre order these boards expecting the old board like the rest of us backers and get these clunky thicks ones.

      Also, how is it even a question of whether or not the board should be short or long. Obviously long. The board is made to go upwards of 20 miles per hour, the rider is going to need the extra deck size for stability. Its like the person writing these updates has never ridden a board in their life before.

      Overall this is a huge disappointment.

    4. Magnus Knutas on

      It would have been nice to get the measurements and weights for the boards, how could we choose from 2 boards we do not have any specs for?

      Is there any change to kmh/mph range and so on? Feels a bit strange that you just switch out parts from an "already working board with just funding needed".

    5. Dennis Kiefert on

      Thanks for the overdue update. I am actually disappointed, that there is going to be another delay. I actually expected this, but I hate to be right. If I remember right, in your initial video you claimed that you are pretty much ready, all you need is financing. Well, I guess you bend the truth quite a bit back then. As for the design, the short version is ugly as F, sorry for being frank. I want and wanted longboard all along. If for whatever reason it turns out to be the short version. Just wire my money back. Thanks

    6. Missing avatar

      Eric Hall on

      If you go with the longer version, I'll still want it. If you go with the shorter version, I'll be requesting my money back. Not trying to be hostile, I just wanted to purchase an electric longboard from the beginning, close to the dimensions of my current longboard.

    7. XTND, Inc. Creator on

      Guys, thank you all for your feedback! We really appreciate your honesty, it's super helpful and we'll definitely work on the design further.

    8. Missing avatar

      Milan Dyntar on

      I would rather prefer the longer version to the shorter one.
      I like new shape of the board. Seems more dynamic to me.
      Hope you don't forget on keeping the inner shape there too.

    9. circleplus on

      in short, I don't like the new designs at is just not dynamic nor modern...
      it is just mediocre, lacks uniqueness.
      instead of improving, the new designs are just stepping backward.
      please reconsider, you will just lose the signature design of your board..
      you can alter the length of the board without making it into such awful design..

    10. Missing avatar

      Sameet Sam Patel on

      lol this is taking so long that maybe you should just change the project to customized boards for all, since my shape us changing i'd like to switch to direct drive at the same time. Just kidding, I do like the shape of the longer board, would be nice to have dimensions and weight to make my choice. Smaller board does look better for inner city commuting. I feel like wasting my energy in frustration towards kickstarter projects has just been detrimental to my chi, so hopefully when I receive this board I will feel like it was all for the good, and not erupt into a majestic ball of rage and ride my board of a cliff lol.

    11. Missing avatar

      Tevaiarii Ted on

      I agree with Kim, i choose xtnd principaly for the shape

    12. Missing avatar

      Tevaiarii Ted on

      the short board, is it possible to add a kick tail?

    13. Missing avatar

      LACHAT on

      Such a full total shame !!! 18months delay.
      This is a joke

    14. Missing avatar

      Kim Daewook on

      The design has changed terribly. I think the original design and size are much more beautiful.

    15. Missing avatar

      Rob de B on

      Longer board....!

    16. George Gigiolio on

      Definitely the longer board

    17. Missing avatar

      spence on

      Longer board...

    18. Missing avatar

      Mitchell Wong

      Longer board!

    19. Steven "DJ Steve" Nguyen on

      I think i would feel much safer on the longer board

    20. Przemek Juszczyk

      I am just casual rider but for me shorter version looks better and useful in the city environment.

    21. Magnus Knutas on

      Please go with the longer board!