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The XTND Board is a lightweight and intelligent electric vehicle that redefines urban transportation.
The XTND Board is a lightweight and intelligent electric vehicle that redefines urban transportation.
351 backers pledged $346,540 to help bring this project to life.

A Quick Motor Testing Report

Posted by XTND, Inc. (Creator)

Hello guys,

We went to test the motors in the facilities of Brno University of Technology accompanied by our motor and battery manufacturers as well as technical advisors. We had 3 different motor variants to test and ultimately to choose one that would be used for the final run of prototype development and then mass production.

The testing showed that, unfortunately, none of the variants were quite what we were aiming for. But that’s absolutely normal. Though it might look as bad news at first sight, the outcome is actually positive because it gave us the answers we were looking for, and that’s what testing is for. Figuring out which ways are not the ones to go is just as important as figuring out the right ones.

So, what will happen now is more testing of further iterations that we already have lined up for next week, which will be a quicker process than it has been till now. In the meantime, we’re working on ESC and a new deck design to accommodate the batteries we mentioned in the previous update and will hopefully get back to in the next one.

Thank you all for your awesome support!

- XTND team

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    1. Missing avatar

      Federico Schiocchet on

      Thank you for the honesty and transparency
      I will wait the progress, but only until your updated deadline

    2. XTND, Inc. Creator on

      @Michael, thank you very much for your support, we couldn't say it better ourselves.
      @Tomas & Lachat, we're sorry you feel that way. We hope the boards will speak for themselves once we deliver them.

    3. Missing avatar

      Tomas Montalvo on

      really a disaster and a total disappointment! I demand that they return the money, they did not fulfill anything!

    4. Michael

      You can't compare the Kong Board to a XTND Board.
      The Kong isn't even close to being in XTND's class! The XTND is 3 kg. The Kong is almost 7 kg. More than double the weight!
      The Kong is a cheaper beginner board. Where as XTND is going to be the "Tesla" of Electric Skateboards.

    5. Missing avatar

      LACHAT on

      This project is a nightmare. It will never deliver. At the sametime, better products (the kong skate) are coming on kickstarter, with better features, lower cost and faster deliveries.
      What a disappointment...