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NF Magazine is the new source for Nintendo video game coverage delivered both digitally and in print. Subscribe to help us fund Year 2!
NF Magazine is the new source for Nintendo video game coverage delivered both digitally and in print. Subscribe to help us fund Year 2!
1,972 backers pledged $68,491 to help bring this project to life.

Add-Ons! First-Class Shipping and Issue #7


We're now approaching the three-week mark since the launch of this Kickstarter campaign, and the funding goal has nearly been reached – as of this Update, we're sitting at a completion percentage of 87.4% and only have about $6,000 left to raise to have Year 2 of NF Magazine be fully funded! Since we're now in the home stretch, it's time to offer a couple of optional add-ons for our backers who've already pledged.

Add-ons are extra things that you can tag onto your existing subscription order, if you want to. They're optional, and not everyone will want or need to take advantage of them. But they're pretty snazzy enhancements to your Year 2 subscription if you do choose to go for them!

Here's how add-ons work:

STEP 1: Click the "Manage Your Pledge" button up near the top of the campaign page.

STEP 2: Increase your pledge amount by the number equivalent to the add-on(s) you want. Don't change your pledge tier! Add-ons aren't new tiers you're picking, they're just tagged on to the tier you already picked.

EXAMPLE: Say your pledge tier selection is the $25 Early Bird Print Subscription. If you want to upgrade that print subscription to first-class shipping speed, you'd add on $7 to your earlier pledge amount of $25, making it $32 instead. You'll then confirm with us in your backer survey after the campaign's over that you want the first-class add-on, and you're all set!

Got it? Here's your first pair of add-on options, starting with the one we just used for that example:

Faster shipping speed! This has been a much-requested feature from our print subscribers throughout Year 1, and we've worked with our printing company to make it happen for you all. Normally, print subscribers' issues are mailed with the U.S. Postal Service's bulk magazine shipping rate. It's how pretty much every print magazine ships their issues in America, and it works great for publishers who are sending out thousands upon thousands of issues – but the speed at which individual issues arrive to subscribers is kind of slow. It can take a couple of weeks for issues to travel from the printing company to your mailbox, and that's left some of our Year 1 fans a little frustrated as they wait and watch their mailbox day after day.

Well, wait no longer – adding just an extra $7 to your print subscription order will upgrade you to first-class shipping, which will cut your wait time for new print issues down from a couple of weeks to just a couple of days. If you've ever had trouble with your issues getting lost in transit, too, springing for this upgrade is your new best counter-measure against that problem. Only about 20-30 people out of our thousands of Year 1 subscribers had that kind of trouble, but if you were one of them, you know how frustrating it is when your magazine vanishes somewhere between the printers' mailing office and your front door.

If you're international, we can offer the first-class upgrade to you for $14 added to your existing pledge – and for some of you, it would be a wise investment. (Never try to mail magazines to Singapore. It's a headache.)

SUBSCRIBERS IN CANADA! You all are an exception to this add-on – you don't need to modify your pledge to pick first-class shipping, because we're going to give it to you all for no extra charge. Kickstarter's black-and-white shipping distinction of "you're either in the United States or you're not" forced us to ask for more from you in shipping cost already, so we're going to invest that extra amount you already pledged to automatically upgrade you for Year 2. Hope that helps every one of our fans who's living up there in Mario's Hat. :)

The next add-on option is pretty straightforward – if you don't already have a print copy of our Issue #7 and you'd like one, you can add $7 to your existing pledge to have one shipped to you. (Or $8 if you're in Canada, or $9 if you're anywhere else.) Our Year 1 subscribers already got this issue mailed to them, but those of you who are just joining the Force starting with Year 2 might want to take advantage of this option! (It saves you a couple bucks versus buying a copy through our shop, The NF Store – but you're welcome to order there too, of course.)

If you want this add-on, follow the same instructions above for how to manage your pledge. If you want both of these add-ons, add up both amounts and increase your pledge by that much – so $25 Early Bird Print Subscription + $7 First-Class Shipping Upgade + $7 Early Start with Issue #7 would be $39 altogether, to follow our same example from earlier. (We'll trust you to be able to do the correct math for yourself, and if you have any questions, just hit us up with a Kickstarter message or use the Get in Touch form on

Note that the Issue #7 add-on is limited to our available inventory of 300 copies reserved for this purpose. If more than 300 backers select this add-on, the issues will be distributed on a first-come, first-serve basis based on how quickly completed backer surveys are returned. Those who miss being in the first 300 responders in this hypothetical scenario of incredible Shovel Knight issue demand will be offered a chance to substitute for a different issue.

That's all for today! Thanks again for all of your support so far! We're in the home stretch!

~ Lucas M. Thomas

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    1. Creator Clay on March 10, 2014

      mrfatso ~ Defender of The Goatguys:

      , could u explain about the part where sending magazine to singapore is a headache?
      I know stuff do take quite a while to arrive to my country, but from your side, what were the issue faced?

      Yup i will like to know this too ....

    2. Creator Ryan S on February 18, 2014

      Thank you! As a Canadian I was getting really sick of always getting my issues super late, heck my copy of Issue 7 still hasn't shown up yet! I was worried at first at the increased cost of shipping but this upgrade totally makes that more worth it.

    3. Creator mrfatso ~ Defender of The Goat on February 17, 2014

      guys, could u explain about the part where sending magazine to singapore is a headache?

      I know stuff do take quite a while to arrive to my country, but from your side, what were the issue faced?