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My First Earthquake Destroys a Recording Studio's video poster

Help My First Earthquake, the nerd-rock foursome from San Francisco, make their dreams of album-recording & seismic-sonic destruction come true. Read more

San Francisco, CA Music
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This project was successfully funded on October 23, 2010.

Help My First Earthquake, the nerd-rock foursome from San Francisco, make their dreams of album-recording & seismic-sonic destruction come true.

San Francisco, CA Music
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About this project

Holy moly! As you can see from our right column, our awesome backers achieved our album-making goal of $5K in short 3 days! Thrilling! And they kept giving, which got us dreaming...what should we do with this extra money coming in? The plan...make more awesome! So to answer your question, No, you aren't too late to the party. Because as we all know, after the party is the after-party.

For every $2K we make from here on out, we make another one of our smile-inducing music videos. If we reach $15K, we will make [drum roll] an indie rock opera. We will write a complete story to song with drama to boot. If we achieve our new goal, you the backer will get the opera in the form of an additional EP and dramatized video. If you've donating already, tell your friends. If you've been waiting for us to reveal our true dreams, then step right up.

[beep beep] Update complete.

We're My First Earthquake, an all-brains-no-brawn rockin' band from San Francisco. Think of us as loldogs in a lolcats world. Today we're calling all fans and future fans to come on down and make our dreams come true. We have a new album written and ready to record, but we can't make it without you.

If you haven't heard us yet, now is the time. Check out our last full-length album, and download our EP from this summer — it's free.

In our four years as a foursome we've released a full-length album, two EPs, and played up and down the West Coast. We love making music videos, like the hipster zombie saga Cool in the Cool Way, the holiday revival Fa La Freezing, and the 18th-century neo-classic Sweet Frown. All told, we've got a half-meeelion views on YouTube. That's a lot of eyeballs.

We've also cracked the top 200 on CMJ, the top 20 on, and we were a pick of the week by Filter Magazine. NoisePop said of us, "At a time when indie rock is heralding music that’s weirder than it is listenable, My First Earthquake’s upbeat synth-pop is refreshingly accessible." College News wrote, “It’s not a question of if they will be a break-out success, but when.”

A major label even offered us a contract. We said, "Umm, no thanks. In all politeness, this deal sucks. We'll do it ourselves." We want to do it the right way. So here we are with an awesome album ready to record and we need your help, cha-ching style.

• A big chunk of the $5k goes to production costs (recording, mixing, mastering, pressing).
• Anthony Molina (bassist for Mercury Rev and protege of Dave Friedmann, The Flaming Lips' producer) is going to record and produce us. He'll be working on this for about a month, and the guy's gotta eat.
• With what's left, we will squeeze awesome-juice from stones and make music videos. And maybe a big banner that just says our name. Kidding.

If we don't meet the full $5,000 goal, we all lose: you keep your money and don't get your pledge prizes, and we don't see a dime. (sad face)

Next to pledging, the most important thing you can do to help is to tell your friends, coworkers and distant relatives. Kickstarter has easy ways to share – just scroll back up the screen and look for the blue section. Mmm, sharing feels good.

We're looking forward to making this album with you. Woohoo!


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    Pledge $1 or more

    7 backers

    TINY FAN – Access to exclusive video updates and one pre-released song.

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    Pledge $12 or more

    55 backers

    EARLY RISER – Digital copy of the album a full month before it's released publicly.

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    Pledge $25 or more

    43 backers

    STAMP COLLECTOR – Advance digital copy, mailed CD with band pin, sticker, and personalized thank you note.

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    Pledge $45 or more

    39 backers

    DISASTER LOVER – Earthquake Preparedness Kit (The EQPK) - all our music (in digital and CD form), plus a band t-shirt and steel water bottle, first aid kit, condoms, life savers, all in a handcrafted bag.

  • You selected
    Pledge $80 or more

    22 backers

    LONG-TIME LISTENER, FIRST-TIME CALLER – Autographed limited edition poster, your name on the CD + website, plus The EQPK, with an extra shirt for your special someone. Plus a serenading phone call or we'll record you a voicemail greeting — your choice.

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    Pledge $175 or more

    6 backers

    BENEFACTOR FROM AFAR – Videochat with the band, The EQPK + poster, recognition on the CD + website, and a care package of San Francisco's finest treats (Tartine, TCHO, Four Barrel…trust us, we have great taste), or a handmade shirt by Rebecca.

  • You selected
    Pledge $250 or more

    2 backers

    LOCAL PATRON – On the list for all of our shows in the next year, plus afternoon 'hipster' lessons with the band (includes ironic picnic, thrift store shopping w/Rebecca, video re-enactments, and MUCH MORE). Plus The EQPK and poster.

  • You selected
    Pledge $500 or more

    0 backers

    EXECUTIVE PRODUCER – Access to all our early mixes + artwork, videochat with the band (and the producer), EQPK + poster, and a handmade book of liner notes + lyrics.

  • You selected
    Pledge $700 or more

    0 backers

    PARTY PEOPLE – A show for you and your friends anywhere within 2 hours of SF, plus merch for you and your friends and dinner with the band. Or a day spent partying with the band at our secret favorite spots around the bay area.

  • You selected
    Pledge $1,000 or more

    0 backers Limited (3 left of 3)

    THE MUSE – A handcrafted song, just for you. You pick the topic. Plus early access to everything we do (music, art, video, etc) for the next year. And Rebecca's mom will call you to say thanks for helping her favorite daughter achieve her dreams.

  • You selected
    Pledge $3,000 or more

    0 backers Limited (1 left of 1)

    We fly you to SF for:
    • A concert where you choose the set list
    • Full accommodations
    • A weekend of galavanting around the Bay Area with the band
    • Be in our next music video
    • Play our Rock Band song with us
    • Plus, Dave will laser cut something for you. Anything.
    • Double-plus, early access to everything we do forever and ever, amen.

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