CoreSport Workout Shirt: the more perspire the cooler

by CoreSport

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      Barry Baumgardner

      Can't wait to get the shirt and shorts! Please let us know if and when we can order other colors after this project is done. Thanks very much for your project! These shirts will make it easier and more comfortable to exercise in the hotter months to come. (Backer #80)

    2. Ahmet Mehmet on

      A little late on your expected shipping dates.
      When do you expect to be shipping to the UK as it would be great to have the product for the summer also I have started to work out again after 10 years so it would be a good time to try out the shirt.
      Thank you

    3. CoreSport Creator on

      Hi @Barry Baumgardner @Ahmet Mehmet, thanks for your comment! Sorry for the delay and we truly feel sorry about it! Most of orders are shipped out today, and I will email you the tracking info tomorrow. There are still 10 orders on hold and ready to be shipped next Monday. I will also let you know the updated tracking info. Thank you so much!

    4. Missing avatar

      peter V on

      Only three weeks late on the estimated shipping date is excellent to kickstarter standards.
      Now lets hope the shirt is as good as we are hoping it's going to be.

    5. CoreSport Creator on

      Hi @peter V, thanks for your comment and support! And I hope you will like CoreSport and the shirt won't let you down when you receive it. Thank you!

    6. Michele-Patrizio Rossi

      Greetings... would it be shipped by UPS? if so I'm being asked to pay for an additional 21$ for customs since it's arriving from China... is that plausible ?

    7. CoreSport Creator on

      Hi @Michele-Patrizio Rossi , thanks for your comment! We chose Canada Post to make the delivery when the order arrive Canada. And the shipping method we used will not charge you the additional $21 customs fee. Thank you!