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$7,408 pledged of $40,000 goal
By Rich Charpentier
$7,408 pledged of $40,000 goal

Recent updates


The revised project has launched

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Hello Everyone,

I wanted to let you know that we have revised the original project and relaunched it with IndieGoGo.  We've reduced the project to a single state, Arizona.  And we've also decided to just go with an E-Book and our new website, Living In Tin.

The incentives have changed a bit as well.  Our initial project anticipated printing a lot of books which can get a little pricey.  Now we're going directly with the E-Book and Premium Website, cutting costs of production massively, so we don't need to raise such a scary amount.

You can find the new project by clicking the link here.

For those of you who have already signed up over at Living In Tin, THANK YOU, your work is done!  For backers who haven't popped over there yet, no worries.  If you're still interested in backing the project most of the new incentives include a subscription to the new website. 
And several of them also include the E-Book and other interesting items.

If we can get this one launched, and the E-Book out there, we're confident that we can complete the rest of the 4 Corner States with what we get through book sales and web subscriptions.  So with luck, launching this one state will lead into the remaining guides we want to write.

Thanks again everyone!  And wish us luck!


Revising the project

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Hi all!

First off, I wanted to thank everyone once again who backed this project.  We really appreciate your support and interest.  And with that in mind we wanted to send along an update on where we're at with it.

We recently created a new site, Living In Tin.  This site is a little different from our personal travel blog.  It's a "premium site," designed to share longer stories, visually amazing photography, and guides on visiting the places we've been.  As a premium site only subscribers can access the full content of many of the articles.  Of course there are some free articles to help generate interest as well.

We've setup a free day subscription for people who want to check out the site, and you're all invited to check it out if you like.  We'd love your feedback.

Finally, we will be relaunching a campaign in a few days, but this time a little less ambitious.  We're still going to create e-books on the 44 monuments of the Southwest, but in smaller bites.  The new project with be "The Campers Guide to the National Monuments of Arizona," as Arizona and New Mexico have the most monuments of the Four Corners States.  If we can get Arizona backed and launched, New Mexico will be next.

The project chapters will be documented on Living In Tin as well.  Backers to the new project will be given subscriptions to the new site ($10 and above donations, like our subscription rates) and can follow along as the content is generated.  You'll have a pretty in depth preview of what will be coming out in the book!

Our new campaign will be on a different site this time, as Kickstarter didn't fit all of our needs.  And when the new project is up we'll be sending out a final update to all of you here.

For those who have already subscribed to Living in Tin, thank you!  You won't be missing out on anything with the new project, you're already on the ground floor!  For the rest....check out the new site, try the free subscription and you can see exactly what we're doing.  When we launch the new project you can subscribe on the site, or back the project on its new campaign site!


Thanks for the support all!


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In the home stretch

With 68 hours to go, Jodi and I will be on the net the next few days plugging away at all the social media outlets we can.  To all of our backers, a big thank you from both of us.  We look forward to actually starting work on the project the moment the Kickstarter wraps up!

Our latest video covers the project, our goals, and a visit to the Four Corners Monument.  Provided we get this project launched you can expect a weekly update as we work through each National Monument in the Southwest!  Those updates will be on our website and here at Kickstarter!

A quick way to help spread the word

There's a FREE service called @HeadTalker where I set up a pre-written post, then everyone who "supports" my post (super-simple: just decide which social platform you want the post to show up on), and the posts all go out at the same time (in this case: Friday September 12th at 5 Eastern Time)

This basically lets us *blast* the message out so that more people are likely to see it.  They've got a huge following on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media outlets.  We're talking hundreds of thousands.

All you have to do is click here.

This costs nothing to do, and it can only help get the RV'ers Guide to the National Monuments of the Southwest in front of more people!