Critter Cutter Bottle Opener - Key Chain - Box Cutter

by Jeremy & Karen St. John, Thomas Seidel

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    1. Missing avatar

      Ed S on

      Nothing here yet, hopefully soon.

    2. Tom McMillian

      I received my Critter a week or so ago. Nice design with good utility! Well Done!

    3. Nick Schmitt on

      Fantastic project! Love critters!

    4. BlueBombardier

      I received mine on Saturday! Does this mean my QPQ critter was given the baking soda treatment? It came all greasy, so I dunked it in a baking soda bath and it came out of it brown and smelling like rust. I left it on the counter and this morning when I came down it was back it its original state: glossy black with a greasy residue that stains everything it touches. Is this the acid? What is this black magic?

    5. Bill Rawlinson on

      I recieved mine today. I had three; the standard, rainbow, and black. My standard and black were both covered in something oily. I washed them off with some dish soap - hopefully that is sufficient. I will give it a bath if that is what it needs.

      I am pretty happy with the feel of all three though they are a bit bigger than I imagined. My black one is also a little knicked up around the front "paw" but not enough to matter. Overall I'm a happy backer.

    6. Beth Minter on

      Received my three yesterday. The blackout did require more TLC. I was prepared for the oily stuff when I opened my package, so I had a papertowel out. Mine was covered with a film of brown & looked rusty in some of the teeth. I wiped it down last night with the soft papertowel. Then wrapped it overnight in the papertowel. Today it got another baking soda scrub & soak, then pat dry. Now I can handle it without the oil & there is no longer anything rubbing off. No problems with the other two.

    7. Verena on

      Critter Cutter spotted in Munich! It feels at home in beer gardens and parties :)
      Well done.

    8. Bill Rawlinson on

      I can't seem to get my QPQ coated critter to stop seeping oil. I have given it two overnight baths in backing soda and water..

      Is there some other trick I should be trying? I have had it hanging on a magnet and the magnet itself is looking damaged from the seepage so I'm nervous about using the bottle opener at all.

    9. Missing avatar

      Darren Amundson on

      Can I trade my black critter in for a stainless critter? My black one keeps seeping white powder on it, even though I treated it three times for hours. I just want to be able to hang it up and use it after a week and not have to wipe it off. I am thinking it will get in my beer. Sorry for the hassle.

    10. Scottie O on

      So, i've been using my critter(s), but the black one keeps getting this white powder on it as well. I've washed it multiple times, wiped it off, but no matter what it keeps seeping the same white powder that others below are talking about.

      Not to be a pain, but is there any chance I could swap it out for a stainless or rainbow one?

      thanks in advance