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The stainless steel Critter Cutter: Easy, stylish way to open bottles & boxes. It even holds your keys! Looks good and works great!
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    1. BlueBombardier

      Ashing problem still prevalent after multiple baking soda baths. Do keep us updated on the process. Would love a replacement once you've fixed it. Thanks!

    2. Hector Leal on

      I'd like a replacement for mine. I've tried your recommendations with no success. The stainless and rainbow versions are great, but the black one is always dirty and ashy. Photos here:

    3. Chris Young on

      The ashy coating is persisting here too, after two long baths. Usually it stays in my pocket so I don't notice it, but if I leave it for a couple of days it visibly builds up. I have a couple of tiny orangey rust spots, and a little pick mark on the nose (I'm not sure if that was there when I got it, or it has been damaged somehow). Definitely keen on getting a replacement fixed one when they are available.

    4. KarakSindru

      I am otherwise happy with my critter cutter, but the ashing seems to persist even after the baking soda bath. Perhaps I have the ratio wrong?

    5. Jeremy & Karen St. John, Thomas Seidel Creator on

      We had a few show spots of rust and some bronze color too and asked the factory about that. They said the QPQ process might have drawn Carbon to the surface even out of stainless steel or that it could be metal from other parts they do in the same vat. If it's really bad we'll be happy to replace it with a rainbow nitride one or a black one once we get the process fixed.

    6. BlueBombardier

      I tried this and maybe I used the wrong ratio or left it in for too long, because it came out kind of brown? I'm not sure if it's supposed to stay completely black after the baking soda bath, but it looks dramatically different. The brown spots look like rust. Did I accidentally kill my critter cutter?! :(

    7. Cass Mode on

      Honestly, for such a small problem I really don't see what the uproar is about. Simple, cheap fix. No need to wait for shipping or paying for shipping of a new product, to me the constant communication and resolution was perfect. Thanks again.

    8. Jeremy & Karen St. John, Thomas Seidel Creator on

      We really appreciate the patience our supporters have given us as we worked on this QPQ problem. We didn't plan on making our supporters do long-term problem testing. To show our appreciation we are sending a stainless steel Critter Cutter to everyone who got a QPQ coated BlackOut CC.

    9. Lincoln Mennuti on

      Can you be more specific as to how much baking soda to water ratio? 1 to 1? More baking soda than water solution? More water than baking soda? What's the right mixture? I'm guessing there's no exact science to this, so I'll just wing it when I do this tonight and I'm guessing leaving it overnight won't do any harm right?...As long as it's at least 4 hours?

    10. Missing avatar

      Bob on

      Thanks for the easy fix, I'm gonna try it today.

      I don't think the acid in such a small amount is a problem, as we all know, baking soda/water solution will neutralize the acid rendering it harmless.

      Thanks again for a great product, I use mine daily!

    11. Ryan Skinner on

      Hopefuly this acid is NOT dangerous? Messed up my whole bag that I had my CC in. Not very happy.

    12. Missing avatar

      Erik Tijburg on

      Works great, thanks for the DIY solution so that there was no need to return or exchange. Nice to see a someone to think outside the box and come up with a simple solution.

    13. Missing avatar

      Jay O'Rear on

      Very disappointed with the "solutions" that have been provided here. There was a manufacturing-caused defect that should result in a recall/refund, not DIY, at-home fixes. I really wanted to recommend and purchase many of these as gifts, but it's unlikely I will at this point.