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The stainless steel Critter Cutter: Easy, stylish way to open bottles & boxes. It even holds your keys! 
Looks good and works great!
The stainless steel Critter Cutter: Easy, stylish way to open bottles & boxes. It even holds your keys! Looks good and works great!
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    1. Missing avatar

      Victor on

      My black one was....having some weird rusting or molding...some kind of white crystallization happening on the surface. I washed it off and put a little gun oil on it. Seems to have stopped doing whatever it was before.

    2. Rob Martindale on

      Seems im not the only one having problems, but my black cutter's tail literally broke off, about half an inch at the tip!

    3. Missing avatar

      Ed S on

      I'd be remiss in not letting everyone know I received my replacement and am quite satisfied. The idea/concept was great, only the one coating was at issue.

      I would definitely back this creator again.

    4. Jeremy & Karen St. John, Thomas Seidel Creator on

      Send us an email and your address we'll send a replacement.

    5. Missing avatar

      Greg osceola on

      How would I go about getting a replacement for my black critter cutter? I ordered all three. And my black one is rusting. The rainbow and stainless one are great. I love them but just not the black one.

    6. Missing avatar

      Ed S on

      Would be nice to receive a replacement for my rusted (and useless) QPQ version.

      Mine is not "leaching" anything. It is simply rusting away.

    7. JAMES CROW on

      I got my replacement Stainless Steel version today! (Thanks!) Had no idea you guys were sending these out so it was a nice surprise. It was also a surprise to see they were produced about 30 miles from my hometown (Rockwall, Texas). Keep up the good work guys and Thanks again.

    8. Bill Rawlinson on

      How do we go about getting the replacement option? I can't get my QPQ one to stop seeping out the oil. I've given it two overnight baths in baking soda.. It just doesn't seem to be getting any better and it has had a negative effect on the surface of the magnet I hang it on.

    9. Missing avatar

      Matt Pomaville on

      I received one of the original QPQ Critter Cutters and have had none of the problems mentioned by others. It was a bit "ashy" out of the package but after a quick rinse and drying it was great! It may be that I carry mine regularly so any white gets scraped off, but it really hasn't made a difference. Also, no rust here and I live/work outside in the Florida Keys so a lot of humidity and salt. Anyways, thanks to the Creators for a great product!

    10. Missing avatar

      Ed S on

      After 24 hours on a paper towel my QPQ version is covered in rust. Obviously not the best choice of coating or a huge problem with the application.

      Interesting that a quick web search on QPQ indicates that it actually degrades the corrosion resistance of stainless steel.

    11. Jeremy & Karen St. John, Thomas Seidel Creator on

      We are working on a replacement for the QPQ but don’t have it yet (1st batch of Black Oxide we tumbled and they are more grey than black, not quite a replacement). Two stainless as a replacement (or one rainbow), that’s a good idea and we will certainly do that for anyone who wants that as a replacement.

    12. Missing avatar

      Ed S on

      Received my set today and the QPQ/black coated one was covered in an oily/rusty residue.

      I like the other two but you really should have found a replacement for the QPQ coating and/or offered two regular stainless as an alternative.

    13. Jeremy & Karen St. John, Thomas Seidel Creator on

      The QPQ coating did cause us a lot of unforeseen problems. Weird problems. We only did one batch and we think something may have happened but we're not sure what. Right now we are running test batches with Black Oxide as a replacement coating. Those will not be as tough a finish as QPQ but are still strong.

    14. Missing avatar

      Simon Karls on

      Got mine today. They're fantastic! I put the blackout one in baking soda and water immediately. (Is there a ratio or measurement suggestion for that?) took it out a while later and it was a bit grayish I chalked it up to the paper towel I dried it off with, so I put it back in and am letting it soak over night. I'll dry it off in the morning with a towel, we'll see how that works.

    15. Missing avatar

      Susan Lewis on

      Got my critter cutters today and I'm already in love with them! The care you put in to them really shows and its greatly appreciated!

    16. Missing avatar

      Michael Gomez on

      Anyone having issues with their blacked out CC being constantly oily? I've had mine for a couple of weeks and everyday it has this oily film. I wipe it off and it comes back the next day. Any suggestions?

    17. Elvin Basinger on

      Critter Cutter goes in checked luggage,....... Critter cutter goes in checked luggage.....
      Flying back to the states from Japan. Had to explain it at every bag scan. Luckily I got to keep it. Japanese were impressed with it.... American TSA..... Not so much. Aggravating.

      Just put this out for anyone else flying with it.

    18. Mindless-Focus on

      I have to agree with David below. The QPQ develops some kind of white oxide on its surface. I've cleaned and washed 3 times now. I think this oxide is eating away at the QPQ process as each time the black gets lighter and lighter. How can we prevent this? Can I get a stainless replacement?

    19. Missing avatar

      Richard Valdes

      I've been using my stainless critter cutter quite a bit on boxes and bottles. Very nice, and I smile at the shape of it every time!

    20. Elvin Basinger on

      Received the QPQ coated Critter, and I have to say this guy is awesome! Well done guys and thank you very much!

    21. Missing avatar

      David Moberly on

      Jeremy, Karen, and Thomas

      The good news is that my QPQ critter cutter arrived 24May13. It was still slightly oily from the quenching process, so I carefully cleaned it with soap & water, completely rinsed it with lots of running water, carefully dried it, and set it aside. The surface blackening was slightly uneven and blotchy, but good enough.

      I got my QPQ Critter Cutter out of storage earlier today and wanted to show it to a friend. Nearly the entire surface on both sides is now coated with a fine white powder or crystals! This white material flakes off easily and leaves a visible white residue in the box where the critter cutter was stored. I expect that most of the powder will wash off. The question is whether it will continue to return. Is there some method or process to permanently passivate the surface?

      Perhaps I should have just ordered the straight stainless steel Critter Cutter.
      Did you happen to make an extra unit I could purchase?

    22. Ricardo Etyel on

      Im just Happy!!!! I have just received the Critter Cutter in my house ( I'm from Mexico City )

    23. Jeremy & Karen St. John, Thomas Seidel Creator on

      I'm sending out a replacement out today. Hopefully the problem is isolated and not part of the process. they also call this "salt bath nitriding" and I wonder if it may be a build up of salt in one area? Here is a link with more information about the QPQ process:

    24. Courtney on

      Got mine. Awesome! Thanks guys.

    25. Jesse on

      Received mine today "bitchin" is all I have to say, oh and way cool.

    26. Jeremy & Karen St. John, Thomas Seidel Creator on

      The batch was very black, dull back, could we have sent you a regular uncoated one by accident? The QPQ nitrocarbonizing case hardening is done at EXTREMELY high temperatures (some even melted) and we did have some rejects but I tried to screen these out. I did rush shipping without cleaning them and the quenching process involves oil which attracted all sorts of dirt from our shop. Clean with water and soap (you can't make it rust). If this doesn't work could you send us a picture and let us send a replacement? - sorry for the problem!

    27. Mindless-Focus on

      Give it a good wash. Mine was too. Now it's a slight shade of awesome.

    28. K on

      Mine is messed up. Looks splotchy and grey; not black.
      Sad result for price paid.

    29. Missing avatar

      Hurdy Gurdy Man on

      Received it today. It's an awesome tiny critter and already helped open at least 5 beers and 2 boxes. Thanks.

    30. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    31. Robert Wright on

      Received my SS Critter today. Shocked to see so fast. Great job guys. Now all I need is a box and a beer.

    32. Missing avatar

      Dave on

      Greetings Jeremy, Karen and Thomas............Got my critter today here in Michigan. Nicely done, heavier than I expected, beautifully machined, and ahead of schedule. It just opened a Oberon very well indeed. I guess I'll have to pick up a few more as gifts.........Good job folks.....................Semper Fi...............

    33. Cooper Vanover on

      Got my critter cutter in the mail today! It's awesome!!(:

    34. Jeremy & Karen St. John, Thomas Seidel Creator on

      The 1st production run of Critter Cutters is expected to finish on May 10. At that time we will: 1. Start shipping stainless steel only orders. 2. Send a batch to the Houston factory for QPQ coatings. 3. Send a batch to the California factory for Blue Rainbow Nitride coatings. Both factories estimated that coating will take 2 weeks and both let us know it could be sooner or take longer so we will keep you posted.

    35. Jeremy & Karen St. John, Thomas Seidel Creator on

      Popular Mechanics just featured the Critter Cutter as a top gifts for "Techy Dads and Grads"!…

    36. Jeremy & Karen St. John, Thomas Seidel Creator on

      WOW, down to the last day and a half and we are very happy with the results going into this last stretch. We are very excited and trying to get things organized and all other the supporting stuff ready.

    37. Jeremy & Karen St. John, Thomas Seidel Creator on requested samples and just posted their review. They said the CC is "cute" and "heavy duty". If you have a chance, read the review (I posted links to the reviews about Critter Cutter on the home page of the project).

    38. Jeremy & Karen St. John, Thomas Seidel Creator on

      For those of you who love all the independent companies making fantastic Root Beer and Sodas, I have found this tool to be very useful.

      They all use twist caps, and I found that this will not only twist the caps off, but if you do not drink it all you can twist the cap back on very tight and retain carbonation. At least for awhile. Off to World Market to find some more sugar cane laden drinks.

    39. Jeremy & Karen St. John, Thomas Seidel Creator on

      Oh man, we are boarding on $5000.

    40. Jeremy & Karen St. John, Thomas Seidel Creator on

      Dreepa, sending you a big THANK YOU for upgrading!

    41. Dreepa Lawless on

      And there it is ....upgraded...thanks

    42. Jeremy & Karen St. John, Thomas Seidel Creator on

      Hi Dreppa, it should be the second picture on the page with the green para cord to the left of it.

    43. Dreepa Lawless on

      am I blind? I can't see the black one.. wanna see the picture before I upgrade.

    44. Jeremy & Karen St. John, Thomas Seidel Creator on

      Yahoo. We are funded. A super big thank you to all the supporters. This gets the production ball rolling and we are now getting plans together to support retail sales. We are still a little ways off that but things are looking good.

      We are still looking at other finishes, but the powder coat types may build up too much material on the twist off portion of the tool and it will not work well or the paint will chip off badly. We are still working on that.

    45. Missing avatar

      H2Oyeah on

      FUNDED! Congrats. Lets hope this ball keeps rolling.

    46. Richard and Angie Proctor on

      I upgraded so I could get a BlackOut Critter Cutter! Just $25 to go and you get funded! So exciting!

    47. Missing avatar

      H2Oyeah on

      Getting close. Less than a hundred to go. The BlackOut was the deal sealer for me as well.

    48. Jeremy & Karen St. John, Thomas Seidel Creator on

      BlackOut Critter Cutter picture is posted!

    49. Lincoln Mennuti on

      There's been quite a few bottle opener projects out there, so the CC has got quite some competition...The deal sealer for me in pledging for a CC was the Blackout option. I think it would look great in black and can't wait to see the pics!

    50. Richard and Angie Proctor on

      Whoo hoo for BlackOut! You asked about digital versus traditional camo. My preference would be traditional, but I'm a farm girl from Texas! Good job on the muli pack. You guys are almost there! I need to get to work on my project!!

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