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Transporting Yaks to Pleistocene Park

Posted by The Pleistocene Park Foundation, Inc (Creator)

The internet at Zimov's research station has been particularly unreliable this summer so Nikita asked me to post this update from him along with the first video clip.  More will follow.  -- Luke  

From Nikita:  


Dear all,

Sorry it took us so long to make another update on our kickstarter activity. We have started our expedition to bring yaks to the Pleistocene Park on 18th of May. Before that we have prepared the container with individual suits for all animals, bought everything we need for the expedition, loaded container on a big truck and followed it on a regular car. Expedition started in Novosibirsk and it took us 2 and a half days to reach farm in Irkustk region where our yaks were kept. Loading of yaks went very well and took about 2 hours total. From that point we travelled 2 weeks on the roads to the Magadan region. Around half of the way went on a gravel road. However fortunately yaks did very well on the trip. All had good appetite, and reacted well. Only one yak got an eye infection during the trip. However we did medical treatment in the final road point of our trip Seimchan, and in a few days yak was fine. In Seimchan container with yaks was loaded on a barge and we went for 5 days down the Kolyma river to the Cherskii sea port. Where container was moved to a smaller barge which took yaks to the park. Unloading took longer than loading. After 18 days in the container, yaks got used to it, and did not want to leave.

Two days after the arrival one of the yaks gave birth to baby yak, and 3 days later second yak was born. It came as surprise, since I requested non-pregnant yaks. But babies look good and follow moms everywhere.

Now is the peak of mosquitoes. We took some activities to reduce amounts of them around yaks. However they seem to deal with them fine.

Therefore expedition to take yaks was successful and want to thank you all once again for support. 

We have transported all construction material to the Park. to create a shelter for the autumn-winter period for the yaks.

We are currently investigating options to bring bison to the Park. We do have some ideas, but it is too early to announce anything. However as soon as we will have strict plans we will let everyone know.

After spending money on yak transport , kickstarter fees and rewards we have approximately half of the money we collected left on the Pleistocene Park Fund account. These are waiting to be spent on bison.

We have already delivered small portions of rewards to our backers, and will continue doing in the autumn. Director of the Pleistocene Park Fund Eugene Potapov, is currently conducting his primary research on birds, and is investigating nests , somewhere here 

When he is done with the field season and back in US we will make sure everyone will get what they wanted.

As the bonus, Luke Griswold-Tergis, who was accompanying me on the yak trip is making 4 short movies, about Preparation for the Yaks load, Yak loading, Trip, and Yak Unload. First two episodes are already ready, and first one is uploaded with this update. We will try to upload remaining 3 episodes weekly.

Sincerely yours,

Nikita Zimov

Here is the first video clip: Preparing the container for the yaks.


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    1. Missing avatar

      Nikita Zimov Collaborator on

      Yes, sorry it take us so long. As I said Eugene Potapov is returning from the field and will work on getting everyone rewards soon.

    2. Missing avatar

      Gary Smith on

      This seems so petty in light of all your incredibly hard work but...I haven't received my t shirt -- I was hoping to wear it and advertise about the project !

    3. Missing avatar

      Nancy Volatile-Wood on

      Thank you for sending updates and the video clip - just love it! My daughter worked with you through the Polaris Project and I am delighted to support your efforts!

    4. Luke Griswold-Tergis Collaborator on

      Yes, we will be getting to those. This summer has been crazy. In the mean time if you go to our face book page I think you will find some there.

    5. Missing avatar

      Summer Jackson on

      This is wonderful; I love to see your process, and the lovely Russian countryside. Are there any pics of the yaks and their babies?