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Expedition to bring animals to the Pleistocene Park is about to start

Posted by Nikita Zimov (Collaborator)

Dear All! To begin with want to thank you all for supporting us. Since the end of the kickstarter campaign we been intensively working on preparing the transportation of the animals to the Pleistocene Park. First of all, few days ago we have completing fencing the area within the park, where we plan to release animals. Fence construction took longer than we originally anticipated but construction is over. The latest news from the park was that we have 6 foals and 6 reindeers born in the park. Now to our plans to bring animals. Presumably tomorrow, after lunch or day after tomorrow in the morning, our expedition would start from the Novosibirsk. After long planning and investigation of different options, we have decided to split our campaign into two. Within the first one, which would start tomorrow, we will be bringing 10 yaks to the Pleistocene Park. We found them in Irkutsk District (oblast’). Today we finished constructing the container to have 10 individual stalls. I really like its deisgn. Tomorrow this container will be loaded on a truck. Accompanied by a support car with myself and Luke the container will head out east. In two days we will reach the location of the yak herd. It would probably take us half to a full day to prepare and operate the loading of animals in. From there I expect 8-12 days of driving untill we reach the Kolyma river, and last part we would travel on the barge. Originally we planned to have second truck with us with the bison in them, but due to different technical reasons the bison we planned to bring before we started the kickstarter campaign were not available. After investigating alternative options we came to the conclusion that it would be most convenient to aim for bison transport current autumn the earliest. This would allow us higher flexibility in number, region, and characteristic of animals. In addition by the autumn Pleistocene Park would be able to invest more interior resources into animal transportation. We have not worked the plan in details yet, but we will focus on that as soon as we are done with the yak trip. Luke will accompany me on the current trip and will provide sufficient photo and video materials and we will keep blogs on how the trip go. So please keep an eye on the updates I think most of you received email from Eugene Potapov, who is the president of the Pleistocene Park Fund, and the person responsible for post-kickstarter campaign duties, including shipping you the rewards, so please provide us (if you haven’t done so) with shipping information so we know where to send the rewards and what size (in case of t-shirt, hoodie, or fleece) Best regards Nikita Zimov



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    1. Missing avatar

      Gustav Søborg on

      Hello, I haven't received and e-mail asking me about my shipping address, how can I contact you?

    2. Missing avatar

      Anya Suslova on

      That is an awesome design, and it will keep animals cool too. How old are the Yaks?