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The world’s first community-based smart weather camera station with real-time images, time-lapse and precise weather data.
The world’s first community-based smart weather camera station with real-time images, time-lapse and precise weather data.
The world’s first community-based smart weather camera station with real-time images, time-lapse and precise weather data.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Matthew Libetti 3 days ago

      The camera on the Sky went. Not the STORM as I stated in the previous comment.

    2. Missing avatar

      Matthew Libetti 3 days ago

      What kind of warranty is on the STORM. Looks like my camera kicked the bucket. The image is reversed and it is all purple. I've tried contacting Bloomsky but have yet to receive a reply.

    3. Missing avatar

      Nick Williams 3 days ago

      Still no mount and tripod...

    4. Missing avatar

      Sebastian Schuchmann
      6 days ago

      Still no mast and tripod received in Ireland.
      Please check as you mentioned in the last update that European orders have been fulfilled.

    5. Lee Boylin 6 days ago

      They sent me the tripod but I requested the mount, which after a quick email they sent out quickly.
      Got home yesterday to find a royal mail card asking for £13.79 to pay duties and taxes to collect it from RM have asked bloomsky to pay for this as it was there mistake.

    6. geniusss
      on September 10

      No mast mounts here so the weather station is still useless for me ... 'measuring' the weather with the provided pegs is senseless :/

    7. Missing avatar

      Fabio Tatsuo on September 8

      Beware of this company. They sell a product, collect your money and do no send it. Tell they will refund but over a year and nothing. More emails coming from James W

      Carlos Reza

      If what you say is true that our team has not been responsive for 4-6 months then that is certainly wrong and I apologize for that. I will investigate what happened. We have tried various times to refund to the PayPal account you provided but to no avail as seen in the screen shot attached in previous message. We cannot refund to your credit card because the actual transaction is between you and Kickstarter. If PayPal cannot resolve the issue for us then we will make an exception from policy for international wire transfer. Either way we will refund you.

    8. Missing avatar

      Sam Patterson on September 6

      I have received both the storm and the main bloomsky weather station but only received one of the shorty plastic stakes, can anyone tell me as I know bloomsky them selves are pretty poor at responding whether I should have received two stakes already, one with the storm and one with the main weather station or whether I will receive the second when I maybe eventually get the correct wall mount?
      Any help would be appreciated

    9. Niall Best on September 5

      After being unable to reject the delivery, I got the wrong mounting option (tripod, not the wall mount) in a horrifically damaged box that appears to have been opened several times.

      I'm laughing while updating people about this, the only alternative is to cry into my keyboard!

      I'm mentally exhausted by this now I may just scrap the lot and free myself if this joke of a situation. If this is how Bloomsky manage the rest of their company they'll be out of business by the time it's ever resolved

    10. Missing avatar

      carles pluvinet elias on September 3

      Just received a mount

    11. Missing avatar

      Nick Williams on September 2

      Still no tripod...

    12. Missing avatar

      João Ferreira on August 30

      Yes, I also received the email about wrong deliveries. Yesterday, I received a tower mast instead of a tripod. Now, I need to return that to receive the tripod correctly.

    13. Niall Best on August 30

      Anyone else had the email about being sent the incorrect item from Bloomsky and to reject the delivery?
      I guess that it means I'll be getting a tripod, when I actually need the wall mount option?

    14. Andrew Moore on August 29

      Well I got a Tripod turn up as well, even though i asked for a tower mast, but its been so long that a had already made my own mount months ago.

      The Bllomsky itself has been great. worked out of the box, and been reporting without any issues.

    15. Missing avatar

      David Stone
      on August 29

      Just received a tripod (Reading, UK), now the next task see if it works

    16. Paul Harding on August 29

      Just got a tripod delivered here in London. You guys should be ashamed for how long this has taken. I stil have no wall mounts tho.

    17. Betamats on August 28

      Just recieved 1 tripod but are waiting for 2 wall mounts. What should I do?

    18. geniusss
      on August 28

      Same here, no mast mounts, so far the thingy is just a bunch of electronics and plastics laying around unused. Those included pegs are ridiculous to use for a serious ambient measurement. I hope to receive the mounts soon, since the alps are not far away from the netherlands :)

    19. Missing avatar

      Barbara Sanders on August 26

      Mast arrived totday in The Netherlands!

    20. Dirk K. Janssen on August 26

      WOW! I am really deeply impressed! After successful funding end of August 201_6_(!) and with an estimated delivery date October 201_6_(!), I received my BS2 someday mid of March 201_7_(!), two weeks later followed by the Storm. Both still lie about and I hope the batteries are still ok. Sadly I could not charge them as I was waiting for the tower mast to install the hole construct and charge with the solar panel (because BS persists to decline delivery a suiting power plug for Europe) but despite several mails and PM to BS in Kickstarters system I only got loopholes about unintelligible delays. But now only 10 month after the estimated delivery, my latest question for the mast including claim of refund, seems to be heard! No answer but less then 36 hours later I got a parcel sent by DPD from the Netherlands to Germany with the mast! Great, and as I said: I am deeply impressed! BS interpretation of serious business will make America great again! Thank you!

    21. Missing avatar

      Oliver Mathes on August 25

      Just received a 2nd mounting Kit, looks identical to the one of the Sky, No Letter, No Instructions.
      Is this suppose to be for the Storm?
      Tripod still missing.

    22. Missing avatar

      Den on August 18

      And some recap :
      aug. 30., 2016 : successful funding, incl. confirmation mail on the mounts and tripods.
      After chasing:
      jul 20th, 2017 : mid august delivery for EU/US backers
      aug 17th (mid august) : BS needs to check if mounts and tripods for the backers of Kickstarter are put in the system for processing..

    23. Missing avatar

      Den on August 18

      Apparently the mounts and tripods aren't produced yet.. One of the BS agents just clarified that (aug. 17th, 2017) :
      'I am very sorry for the confusion. I should have clarified. I do not have future delivery dates at this moment, but I would like to check to make sure that the backers order was processed correctly, is in the system and ready to be processed.'

      This can be read in this thread :…

    24. Liam McMullan on August 18

      Still waiting on tripod and mounts......

    25. Missing avatar

      Den on July 28

      After some searching: BS has on something like a helpdesk / interaction. Here also the question was asked about the mounts. (see
      One remark from BS there was ´yeah…I got burned on that one too. I am sorry. It looks like US and EU mounts will be arriving early August.´
      I´ve asked to update Kickstarter, which got ´I will see what I can do about getting an update out.´

    26. Douglas Wolf on July 25

      Looking for an update on the mounting for my two Storms. They are both literally sitting in my dinning room for the past 5-6 months now without the mounting equipment to set them up.

      Communication is sub par for this kickstarter.

    27. Richard C
      on July 24

      Received my storm about four months ago but haven't had not been able to set it up until three days ago. So far I have received significant rain notifications being .05 rain which is good since it's indicating I am only getting very very little rain. The wind speed indicator appears to be operating correctly with the mild wind I'm getting at about 8 mph. So far I'm extremely happy with the operation of the unit and how it has integrated with my BloomSky

    28. Missing avatar

      Den on July 21

      Some experience from a recent installed BS sky2 and storm in the Netherlands. TL;DR summary below.

      Against my better judgement in I've started to build the BS units into working order. Better judgement will be explained below.
      The units have been operational for a week now, but I've recently started to use domotica software at home which can incorporate BS data. Via Weather Underground api's I now can see what's happening outside (I'm lazy, I know :-))

      Connectivity: WiFi is an tricky thing: I see the sky2 every 5 mins requesting an ip adres. Depending on the type of dhcp server (router, dedicated server) it could be that this 'wears out' and then the connection is lost (need then to reset the dhcp server). This I haven't experienced yet but is my experience as an IT guy. What I did experience though is that the Sky stopped connecting and spontaneously reconnected after about 9 hours. No clue what happened as I only have the logs from my network which basically told me the device was gone and came back after X hours. The 2.4GHz antenna of the SK2 is not very powerful so the distance between the router/AP and SKy2 is somewhat limited.
      The Storm hub runs I asume on the 868MHz band. I need to place it in a 90 degree angle towards the storm or I lose connection over less than 30 mtrs.

      Power: Like all backers outside the US I have the useless power adapters. I charged the Sky2 via the solar panels which actually worked. The battery level can be read from the application or portal and it took almost 3 days to reach the 100%, but since then it stayed on the 100% level (Which I don't trust, as the unit will use some power during the night and some decrease to say 95% or lower can be expected). We recently had quite some sunshine so I need to wait till lower conditions to see what this does with the power indicator. According to BS the unit should be able to run 2 weeks on a fully charged battery.
      The Storm shows more a expected power drainage during the day (the panel is also weaker so this is logical)
      The Storm hub : this I fixed using the tip from one backer below: power the hub via the USB connection and a 5V usb phone charger.

      Mounts : the extra mounts are still 'underway' (Sure, that's BS BS) so I used the included wall mount of the SKy2 to attached it to a fence. For the Storm I initially didn't do anything, just pushed the thing into the ground but then realized the fun is at higher altitudes. I used the hollow rod of a paint roller and fixated this to the fence and put the Storm in it. This helps to get a good direction of the solar panel and have the meter into the wind.

      If I consider the application for smartphone and the portal of bloomsky : these units are way to expensive for what the app and portal deliver. Also you are only able to do measurements near a network access, meaning in most cases a home and thus influencing the measurements. You can get better forecasts cheaper and easier. But if you go for the tech/nerd factor : having these balls is just fun. Blinking lights, moving wind thingies and of course SOLAR POWER ....

      Ok, then about my better judgement.
      What I think is somewhat worrying is that even though you bought the balls you will be fully depending on BS. All data, images etc. will be send to BS, and you will need their application, their (internet)connectivity and their databases to access and interpret your data. What I now see after a week of using the BS balls is that I pump out to the internet the temp, power, rain etc. etc to BS. Then via a connection between BS and weather underground I get that data back... but only in portion of max 5 mins (as I don't pay for the weather underground api, I only can have 500 calls a day). The connection between Weather underground and BS is not stable to say the least. I pump out a huge amount of data from my BS Balls and only get slices back. I have cheap cresta temp/humidity sensors in house who bombard my server with data and what can be stored by me, every few seconds.
      Then my biggest concern: I think it can be in the future that BS will charge some amount of money to have access to your data... so you end up with collecting data for them for free and then you have to pay to see what you did. I hope this is a complete misconception from my side, but if I look in the background how their site works (eg. obfuscation of links where data or pictures are stored) and the fact that BS is the only place where you can store the data I expect some changes in their businessmodel in the future.

      TL;DR Summary:
      Power adapters I don't need, solar panels work at this moment. Connection via Wifi works though the SKy2 wifi is not that strong, so a large distance between units and house/office/network is not possible. BS applications (smartphone and portal) are very rudimentary and could be more configurable. VIA VIA you can integrate the data into eg. Wunderstation of Weather underground or Domoticz. Connections between BS and other parties can be cumbersome so real time data is not an option.

    29. Liam McMullan on July 20

      Received the SKY in Feb but still waiting on tripod and mounts. Surely this is a wee bit of a long time now......whats happened ????

    30. Missing avatar

      Gordon Bedford
      on July 17

      Haven't received anything. Please could you check?

    31. Missing avatar

      Stefan Wertheimer
      on July 16

      I'm waiting for a mount, too ... has anybody heard any news?

    32. Missing avatar

      Michael Halingstad on July 13

      I am still waiting on my mounting bracket. Any update?

    33. Missing avatar

      Shon on July 8

      Hi, wanted to see if you have any updates on Outdoor Air Quality monitoring system

    34. Missing avatar

      Gremlin on July 4

      @Alan Thanks for the generous offer, managed to find mine in the first place I looked (which is a bit of a miracle) .. but the LOL moment is that I think my Gardner (my better half) had accidentally turned off the Bloomsky whilst weeding the garden, it appears to be fully charged now that I've actually turned it back on!

    35. Alan on June 30

      @Gremlin - if you can't find your power pack get in touch thru Kerikeri weather station website, I have mine here, never been used.
      Don't want you having to wait for one from BS :D

    36. Missing avatar

      Gremlin on June 30

      Received my Storm here in NZ this week, used a US to NZ plug converter and got everything set up, going forward I'll just power the Hub via the USB port as that seems to work ok. My biggest problem is my SKY decided to die this week, seems to have a flat battery and not charging via Solar Panel so now I have to try and find the original Power pack supplied with my SKY1 to see if I can get the darn thing to charge up again,.

    37. Alan on June 29

      @Mark Nevar, the solar panel does not power the hub - which needs constant power supply

    38. Missing avatar

      Mark Nevar on June 28


      use the solar panel to charge it. No plug needed.

    39. Alan on June 28

      received my storm here in NZ today, no sign of the tripod, just the usual non-information about I will get it when it's available, hopefully it wont be another 8 months.
      unfortunately as expected the power plug is not for NZ, an issue the creators have been aware of since their first device - and something they will surely have to fix if they are serious about this deal they have with metservice.
      Not sure who the sherlock was that decided it was a good idea to market something globally but only provide parts for one country, I'm sure it wouldn't have cost many more cents to provide a universal plug setup - just like every other small electrical appliance you buy now.
      When I find a solution to how to plug this thing in to get it going I will find out whether I got a working one or not I guess.

    40. Missing avatar

      Fabio Tatsuo on June 26

      This company should be suspended. I have all emails that he says will not ship and is saying that can not refund on paypal. Thief

    41. Missing avatar

      kiwidan on June 26

      Received SKY yesterday in NZ. Tested and working as expected :-) . Will mount properly later in the week.

    42. Missing avatar

      Ben Hamlin on June 26

      After nearly 10 months of waiting my Sky2 turned up today (NZ) - no sign of the Storm or mast. Hopefully a second package arrives soon...

    43. Paul Harding on June 26

      I got the same email about the mounts/tripod from Nick on MAY 31.

      We are currently awaiting the complimentary mounts to be received at the warehouse. unfortunately, I have not gotten an update for a week or two. I do know that they are coming by sea so they are slow moving. I will try to find out where they are today. I apologize about that delay.

      Never heard from him again.

    44. stephen luchsinger
      on June 24

      My bloomsky has been sitting on my living room floor for ever now... Please make an update about the mounts soon. I really want it setup and off my floor

    45. Missing avatar

      Lucy Stanbrough on June 23

      FYI - Answer I got in the bloomsky forum from staff:

      JUN 22, 2017 05:10PM PDT
      BloomSky Agent
      Hello Lucy,

      I did have a small update. I heard that the mounts have left the manufacturers and are making their way on over. They are traveling by sea, but, should be in our warehouse soon. Unfortunately, no dates were mentioned, just that the mounts had left.

      Thanks again

    46. Douglas Wolf on June 23

      Still waiting on x2 mast mounts for the Storms. It is literally sitting in a box waiting to go up. Email support suggested to do something diy. I was not really impressed with this response.

    47. Missing avatar

      Gerald Andersson on June 22

      Hello there,
      my SKY always shows temperature Celsius negative, so instead of 35 Grad Celsius -35 Grad Celsius. Can you please give me a hint? I found nothing on the FAQ. Thanks!

    48. geniusss
      on June 22

      Still waiting for the mast mounts ...

      So that is how you start to destroy what you have built up ... 1st and last product from BloomSky in my home !

    49. David Wilson
      on June 19

      Any news yet on tripod deliveries, please? If it isn't going to happen, I would appreciate you at least telling us that so that I can fabricate my own mount. There must be hundreds of people like me who have your kit still boxed up, I honestly don't know why you would ignore all the requests for info and fail to provide more regular updates, because you have ultimately poisoned your own enthusiastic userbase. How can you expect people to recommend you to friends if their own experience of your service has been this?

    50. Missing avatar

      Bernie Herman on June 18

      @Fabio, I'm confused, not all systems have shipped yet. Are you saying yours was shipped and not received. If so the tracking number should be proof to get a refund. If you are saying you have not received it yet, be patient as they are still filling orders.

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