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The world’s first community-based smart weather camera station with real-time images, time-lapse and precise weather data.
The world’s first community-based smart weather camera station with real-time images, time-lapse and precise weather data.
The world’s first community-based smart weather camera station with real-time images, time-lapse and precise weather data.
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      Brientim about 1 hour ago

      I've never had a problem with delays... things happen, however, truth and transparency goes a long way to reinforce backers.

      I have no sense of urgency and would also prefer quality or speed of delivery.

    2. Missing avatar

      RMoller about 6 hours ago

      Aussie early bird backer. Estimated delivery in August 2016. I've requested a refund, as I feel the communication and delivery is far below what you can expect. The custom and import issue to Australia is obviously an excuse and not the real issue. Australian backers was the 2nd largest after USA, you would think they put an effort into ship the product out quicker.
      If they were slow because of quality control I would be happy to wait to get a good product, but that has never been communicated.

    3. Betamats about 16 hours ago

      Just received my Skypro kit twin pack in Sweden. Weren't you supposed to get 4 wall mounts? Just got 2.

    4. Missing avatar

      Paul Freeland 1 day ago

      @Brientim thanks for posting your update. At least its a different lie to the one the were telling me.

      I suspect their "customs and import complications" are that they do not have a product to deliver. Their story is absolute rubbish, and they will not give a straight answer, regardless of who you try to contact. Seven months down and still nothing. I'm not holding my breath.

    5. Missing avatar

      gromo 2 days ago

      little problem : if storm loose hub for like 20sec (in case of power failure for example..), it will never connect again without plug in in into the hub with USB... hope this will be fixed soon...

    6. Mark Swift 2 days ago

      So my Storm appears to be up and running... Wind data is coming through nicely, but it's just rained and the app still shows 0.00mm per hour?

    7. Missing avatar

      Brientim 2 days ago

      For Australian awaiting delivery, currently things do not look good and it appears the previous update have not provided a true and accurate report of the status of shipping.

      Below is the response I received which is very alarming given the reported update since last year and more recently stating they on the way to completing all orders.

      Hi, at the moment we're continuing to have delays with delivery to Australia due to customs and import complications. We are working on partnering with a distributor in the country but have not locked one in yet. Unfortunately, the Kickstarter updates don't allow us to isolate regions, thus, the updates for our US customers have been broadcast to all. We're working to get the distributor situation squared away as fast as possible and will keep everyone updated with progress. We apologize for the continued delay. Thank you very much for your patience.

    8. Missing avatar

      Pavel Janku 2 days ago

      Hello all.
      Yesterday I recieve my SKY and STORM twin pack. One set already working now, second kit is for my second site. But inside both packages are only one mount.
      I "hack" US plug on both adapters, two screws in holes in plug, under scews are fixed wire from power cable with EU plug, isolated with isolation tape. This is only temporary solution, but already working. Maybee solve this for few $.
      SKY and STORM need charge for three hour, battery hold decices during night and today sunny day charge both for 100%.

      All is fine, US plug i Czech Republic is not too much handy :-), only one pant point is missing second mount :-(.

      I wish all backers many fun with this device ;-)

    9. Missing avatar

      carlos restrepo
      2 days ago

      still waiting in southamerica.....

    10. Mark Swift 2 days ago

      I would presume the plug is part of the assembly and it's not to be removed.

    11. Maximilian Franckenstein
      2 days ago


      there is a plug in the upper shell of storm where the rain is suppose to go there - is this plug just for transportation or should it remain there - cause it is not tight and rain would still drip there...

      Leave Plug or remain it?

    12. Missing avatar

      gromo 3 days ago

      It's "Oriental Hero"...…
      Will try to directly contact them....

    13. Missing avatar

      gromo 3 days ago

      here is what i meant…
      I received one with my first SKY ordered in Switzerland a year ago.....
      Daniel @ bloomsky said they will no make universal adapters at the moment !! They don't have to make them !! Oriental Supply (the maler of the power supply) is able to deliver those...

    14. Maximilian Franckenstein
      3 days ago

      I am from Germany and every MediaMarkt has an Adapter for the power-plug (less than 7 Euro)

      But i would like to buy another mount (not the tripod) - and shipping and handling is about 70 Bucks - the Mount is 39 ... i will not be able to buy a second Mount if S&H is that high !!!!!

    15. Missing avatar

      carles pluvinet elias 3 days ago

      Storm received today in Catalonia, waiting the support....

    16. Mark Swift 3 days ago

      It's not really hard to fix with an adaptor. I'm more interested in the tripod...

    17. Michael 3 days ago

      @Andrew: Which you will not get - I have already asked once at the support. The answer was this: "Thank you for the reply and so sorry for the confusion. Unfortunately, AU / EU plugs are not in production for the SKY2. There were not any plugs made as this is a US product. I'm so sorry for this inconvenience."

    18. Andrew Moore 3 days ago

      @Creator, received my BloomSky, but like my original sky 1, you have sent a EU mains adapter connector, can you contact me to arrange for a UK plug adapter plate.

    19. Michael 3 days ago

      @Tobias: Saran fr is the sender. Maybe something is wrong with your address?

    20. Missing avatar

      Tobias Kellenberger 3 days ago

      Waiting here in Switzerland for my Storm. On 24.3. I got an UPS exception number, that the package has been delayed due to an export gateway hold in Roissy Charles de Gaulle, France and today.............
      an UPS message that the package was delivered to SARAN, FR . ---> THIS IS NOT MY ADDRESS! I live in Switzerland and not in France (and there is no package at home! What a mess do they produce. Unbelievable

    21. Mark Swift 3 days ago

      Okay, Storm arrived (No tripod, and not a chance it weighs 9KG, more like 1KG!). Pairing wasn't hassle free, but it seems to work okay.

    22. Mark Swift 3 days ago

      Sat here awaiting my Storm to be delivered. I'll update once it arrives, shipment says 9KG, so I presume no tripod :(

    23. Michael 3 days ago

      Also here a message from southern Germany. Strom has arrived today with ups. The problem with the US plugs I already solved at the bloomsky2. I use a normal connection cable with a cold plug (3pin) and then I have the contacts of the power supply sawn and narrowed. So fit in the cold plug. Not the most beautiful solution - but for the one-time use goes :) comes now for Storm still a mount?

    24. Marc Groetelaars 3 days ago

      Hi Bloomsky,

      So excited to hear the STORM package was going to be delivered today!
      Unfortunately there is no Dongle in the box. Do you know why?
      Do I need this to set up the STORM? I can read on the small manual and on the app that I do need the dongle.

      What to do? I really want to make sure with the kit that I can start to use it all.

      O - and as to many others - no tripod or mount in the package.....

    25. Missing avatar

      David Stone
      3 days ago

      Storm arrived, as others US plug, no fixings. On the "plug" front - the power source configured for multi-country, but only the US converter is supplied, they need to address this. Also how is Storm talking to the dongle, surely Storm can just connect via WiFi?

    26. Joachim Jellinek 3 days ago

      Storm received finally (UK). Not tested yet, US plug is a pain. No sign of additional fixings :/ I'm glad it's all arriving in the end, but it is rather like getting blood out of a stone. Something clearly has gone wrong with Bloomsky and they should just admit what problems they are actually having.

    27. Missing avatar

      Oliver Mathes 3 days ago

      Just received the Storm today (Germany), still waiting for the mounting. The Bloomsky shipping times are a joke. Since the Question about the "US only Power plug" just came up in the Comments again, the answer that I received from Support was that they will not provide a EU power plug. Your best option is to get a travel adapter if you don't want to charge via the solar panels. I have to agree with a lot of the other commenters, I am sorry that I backed these guys and will now provide them with DATA that I am sure they monetise. I just hope they did not also screw the security part up so that their IOT compromises my network.

    28. Missing avatar

      gromo 3 days ago

      @Anthony : yes we do need the power supply.... STORM is communicating via a hub that needs power supply and an ethernet connection.... SKY2 is directly connected to wifi but not STORM......

    29. Anthony 3 days ago

      @Eric Schoenhoeffer: Just connect it with the solar panel and set it out for 1 day, it will be charged enough. You won't have to use the power plug.

    30. Eric Schoenhoeffer 4 days ago

      I received my Sky2 yesterday (France), but the power plug is US standard... Unusable in Europe
      Can I expect become an European standard plug?

    31. Arnaud WOROBEL 5 days ago


      Receiveid the storm yesterday (France) but the tripod is missing. Maybe it will be send latter ?

    32. Missing avatar

      Melissa Green 5 days ago

      Sky unit us working for me. Storm finally shipped to Calif-USA but the comic-book approach to install manual is so brief to not provide troubleshooting hints. Slick graphics do not make a user-friendly manual.

      Support team us not responsive to email sent from inside their app! I've waited the requested 5-days for a response (too busy with new sales at IndieGoGo site).

      Storm has dongle and wind/rain unit. Reseting to factory defaults is a first step. But how? What should LEDs be doing? How to know outdoor unit is charged before attempting setup.

    33. Missing avatar

      Paul Freeland 5 days ago

      @Stephen, yeah they sent me the same message. They seem full of excuses, but not interested in actually delivering a working product. How can they have a hard time getting things to Australia? I have ordered other things from the US and UK that take less than a week to get here. Complete frauds.
      They have clearly abandoned this forum too. Looks like they can use our money to travel to conferences in Hong Kong though. This is one of the worst Kickstarters I have seen.
      Perhaps their "Director of Marketing" Daniel Han ( could explain his company's failures to us?

    34. Missing avatar

      Brent Daniel 5 days ago

      I'm sorry I backed this project.
      The unit I received is faulty. The company will not contact me to arrange a replacement nor refund.
      Don't back it, you'll throw your money down the toilet. 24 March '17

    35. Andy 6 days ago

      very disappointed. i suppose i didnt read the campaign clearly enough, but i supposed this would be capable of reporting lux. in fact, this was the man reason for which i backed this campaign. to say i regret backing is an understatement.

    36. Missing avatar

      Bruno TRESARRIEU 6 days ago

      Storm received today (France). Not tripod.
      Baker #2663

    37. Missing avatar

      gromo 6 days ago

      I was happy to quickly !!
      Power supply has only US pins and the complimentary mount and tripod stand were not shipped

      I'm quite disapointed......

    38. Missing avatar

      gromo 6 days ago

      @Stephen : received the same message yesterday, and then 2hours after two UPS notification saying delivery will be done today.... And finally yes : UPS just delivered the 2 kits I've ordered :-)
      I'm happy, wait is over for me :-)
      Keeping finger crossed for all the waiting girls & guys.....

    39. Missing avatar

      Stephen Wilbourne 6 days ago

      I am in Australia. I asked via a Kickstarter message 15 days ago where my order was. This is what I finally got told today:
      "We are very sorry. We have handed your order off to our Asia/AU fulfillment team, but they are having a hard time getting your order to Australia at the moment. I do see you in the queue and it will be sent out as soon as possible."
      After two weeks, they find the time to tell me I am "in the queue".
      Customer service is obviously not an attribute of this company.

    40. Missing avatar

      gromo 6 days ago

      Looks like it really coming :-)
      according to UPS the 2 boxes are 50km from home (france) , so should be delivered today as planned....
      Well good news

    41. Michael 6 days ago

      @ Anthony: The package is definitely on the road. You mean the announcement with the labels, this I had also a week ago. Currently my package is in Savigny le temple (france). On 27.03 it will be with me. The weight is indicated with 8.3kg.

    42. Missing avatar

      martin guimaraens 7 days ago

      I have not news at all about my station. Can you please help me?


    43. Missing avatar

      Chris Watts 7 days ago

      Received email from UPS this morning too. Although I've just checked it again and there's also a transit record, so something is in transit

    44. superstuper 7 days ago

      Hope this is the right time. Last january I receveid six others shipping notice from UPS!

    45. Missing avatar

      gromo 7 days ago

      Received 2 messages from UPS this morning too :-) Says it will be delivered tomorrow.. but as far as I can see its only shipping label. UPS doesn't actually have the boxes.... Big doubt for a delivery tomorrow ! I'll see :-)

    46. Anthony 7 days ago

      @Jack Krielen @Michael, it only means the shipping label has been created, not that it has been shipped. The date will change tomorrow since UPS will not have received a package today/

    47. Jack Krielen 7 days ago

      NL - Got a message from UPS with a track code with sender "bloomsky". I have backed for the early bird storm. So they are sending out to EU.

    48. Michael 7 days ago

      Yeah - on monday comes a package with ups. I live in Germany, I hope that my Storm is in there.

    49. Missing avatar

      Mark Parsonage on March 22

      Another keen AU customer here.
      I'm giving it till mid April for some form of update even if it's just informing us of a further planed delivery date range.

      If there's a longer delay due to quality related or similar issues I don't actually mind as I'd rather have something workable straightway rather than go through a drawn out warranty situation and there seems to have been a couple of problems.

    50. Missing avatar

      Mark Nevar on March 22

      @Paul, It's not 'their' fee. It's what Kickstarter and Amazon take off the top before a creator gets any of the funds.

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