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The world’s first community-based smart weather camera station with real-time images, time-lapse and precise weather data.
The world’s first community-based smart weather camera station with real-time images, time-lapse and precise weather data.
The world’s first community-based smart weather camera station with real-time images, time-lapse and precise weather data.
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    1. Henrik Sundset 16 minutes ago

      Are they seriously sending 8 packages? Got 8 messages?

      Hope UPS won't charge 8 times for this.

      Please don't use UPS in the future, they are a complete hell to work with and really not customer friendly at all.

    2. Strat about 2 hours ago

      I wish i received even 1 shipment notification :)

    3. Missing avatar

      Joachim Jellinek about 2 hours ago

      OK don't get too excited, I just spoke to UPS in the UK about my 8 packages because I wanted to delay their delivery by a couple of days. They told me that although the labels have been automatically generated by the sender, they don't actually have the parcels and there is zero chance they could be delivered tomorrow anyway...they advised I contact the sender....

    4. Missing avatar

      Sebastian Schuchmann about 6 hours ago

      The same for me
      Ireland calling: Just received 8 shipment notices here too. Incorrect country code on address though!!

    5. jaredluli about 7 hours ago

      TAIWAN: Nothing happens.

    6. Dirk K. Janssen about 8 hours ago

      Got 8 UPS lable mails yesterday to Germany. Start for the packages is named "I HEALTH STOCK SDV, SARAN, FR". Did they finally manage to open the EU warehouse?

      Now I am interested in how many of these UPS lables happen to become real picked up parcels and when they will be delivered...

      And for sure I am waiting for the Bloomsky and the Storm themself...

    7. Missing avatar

      Steven about 19 hours ago

      Australia: Nothing yet. No UPS emails either. Looks like shipping is coming...

    8. Missing avatar

      carles pluvinet elias about 19 hours ago

      I got up 8 ups messages.

    9. Missing avatar

      Joachim Jellinek about 19 hours ago

      I got 8 UPS messages also for Wednesday (UK)

    10. Gary Kenny about 19 hours ago

      Ireland calling: Just received 8 shipment notices here too. Incorrect country code on address though!!

    11. Missing avatar

      Robert Blacquiere about 21 hours ago

      Hi I thought i was being scammed and ... but everybody got 8 parcels shipment announcements... Mmm every part is shipped separately? also 18th delivery... can't wait to see what we get :)

    12. Craig Lonie about 21 hours ago

      uk delivery Wednesday at last

    13. Missing avatar

      Leif Johansson about 21 hours ago

      Sweden here: I received 8 delivery notices from UPS right now. Scheduled delivery Thursday 19/1.

    14. Missing avatar

      Trevor about 21 hours ago

      Yeah. Same here. Something is going nuts as I've received 8 shipping label generated notifications so far. They all list my name + address and the UPS tracking number is different on each one.

    15. Marko Köhler about 21 hours ago

      Germany here: I received 8 (eight?!) shipment announcements. Until now ;-).

      Isn't that a little too much?

    16. Anthony about 21 hours ago

      Belgium here, I just received a shipment notification from UPS due to arrive tomorrow.

    17. Missing avatar

      Trevor about 21 hours ago

      Okay. Make that 3 UPS labels generated for 5kg packages as another has just appeared. All of them have an estimated delivery date of the 18th so will have to see see what arrives.

    18. Missing avatar

      Trevor about 21 hours ago

      I'm in the UK and have just received UPS label generated notifications for 2x5kg packages from Bloomsky. My backer number is ~1500 and I backed an Early Bird Skypro Kit. Could be the mounts or the actual units. The UPS emails don't say.

    19. @mcspx about 21 hours ago

      Please update project status, If can't going on please give my money back.

    20. Sean Logue
      1 day ago

      Guys, please post an update. What is going on with this project?

    21. Missing avatar

      William Sullivan 2 days ago

      To invest in a start up like Kickstarter, one needs to understand patience. But sometimes it doesn't hold water because the creators lost their professional flare and stopped communicating or slowed down tremendously. In one other start up I backed, updates stopped, frustrating backers just like here. One backer posted he had contacted his lawyer and was starting an investigation of the creators. Shortly after that posting updates were back online, and all of sudden out came the over due product. True story. Please, Bloomsky, come back before someone thinks of some crazy idea to bring you up front again.

    22. Kristjan Ulfsson 2 days ago

      @Creator: You HAVE to update your backers ! If you have problems, tell us about them. Any communication is better than nothing. If you cannot deliver the devices to Europe, tells us about it. Do NOT go into silent mode. It helps no-one.

      I backed you system only because you already had a Working device in the Sky1 and I did assumed you had your act together as you were already established. Please don´t prove me wrong on this.

      I backed another device in a campaign that the creator was unable to certify for Europe and in the end I got a refund. If you are having problems with your certification, tell us, and the offer a refund or timeline so backers can choose an option.

    23. Missing avatar

      Zedin 2 days ago

      Got shipping notice for tripod. Would be good except I still have yet to get my storm.

    24. Missing avatar

      Ken McGuire 2 days ago

      I just got a shipping notice from shipstation. The same place that sent me one when my Storm shipped.
      Unfortunately, this time it was for something I didn't order. A mast. Well I'd not mind having one, but I didn't order it.
      But looking closer, although the notice was sent to my e-mail address, the text in the email was addressed to: Greg Howard.
      So Greg, your mast is on its way to you in Nevada.
      Have a nice day.

    25. Alan 2 days ago

      just read this on the campaign page....

      "In the unlikely event of a third party manufacturing line and/or supplier delay, we will promptly inform Kickstarter backers of new delivery time."

      I don't consider bi-monthly updates "prompt"

    26. Alan 2 days ago

      I'd just like to add my 2 cents worth, backer number 576, also a backer of the original unit.

      No updates at all and sending out US orders first is a real shit way to treat the backers who got your company up and running..................

      Early bird backers should get their product first no matter where they are - that is the whole point of "Early Bird" isn't it - they get the worm FIRST

      (I see a note below this box that says 'be respectful and considerate' surely this should also apply to the creator, who should show some respect to the backers)

    27. Missing avatar

      Brent Daniel 2 days ago

      Please! Please! Provide an update on shipments to Australia.
      Pledge was promised delivery 1/11/2016. It's now Jan 15, 2017.

    28. Jan Willem Koedam 3 days ago

      A view month ago, when I mentioned something was wrong and i asked for an update some backers had to reply telling me I did not understand Kickstarter ( sure, I backed over 200 projects past 5 years on several platforms). After several messages here and private and no reply I wrote to make a fraud/scam claim at MasterCard and Kicksterter. And some backers thought it there job to protect BLOOMSKY teller me I was a troll and I need to back down, some even tracked me down on Facebook (good job ;)) and send messages over their telling me I did not understand and all was ok, and all products would be send out before end of year. Happily for me I did not back down, and I did contact MasterCard and Kicksterter. And those companies did reply, and did not think I was trolling, but that I had a very good point.

      Delivery should be Oktober, ok, it's Kickstarter and thinks can (and will) delay. Kickstarter rule is you update your backers ASAP. (Did not happen) creator reply messages ASAP (and some take longer than others, but months is not ASAP). And you deliver fair. So sending USA backer 5000 before Finland backer 10 is not fair. Ect. Ect. Last point, I did gave BLOOMSKY the option to give me a date of delivery (holland, Europe) or refund because they did not keep there pard of the deal. And not keeping the rules. Again it took mails to Kickstarter and filling in forms, and yes I got 1 reply from BLOOMSKY but when I did reply again nothing for weeks. End of story, I did made a official complaint to Kicksterter, MasterCard, and a warning including my messages to Indigogo. And I now have my refund in my account. I lost total of 8 euro conversing dollar to euro, but that's ok.

      I backed this product happy and full trust to have a nice system on my roof, and I did see the dream from BLOOMSKY 100.000 or more units all over the word collecting realtime data. And the users paying the hardware :) super smart. And if the data is collected correct and a smart program can analyze it, it could become the most efficient most correct weather system in the world. But not if the company creating it screws up like this.

      Happy this is finished, the apps are from my iPad and Telephone. And I bought an other weather system that is now installed in my house and on my roof.

      I hope you all will get your product, or your money back. Because this is not how Kickstarter is suppose to work. This is how you kill Kicksterter.


    29. Brad Larson 3 days ago

      Just received notice that tripod has shipped.

    30. Missing avatar

      James Lewis 3 days ago

      I'm having the same problem with STORM as Greg Cameron. It doesn't stay charged in prolonged cloudy weather.

    31. Mark Garcia 4 days ago

      Sorry its the sky 2 on amazon...hope those are all filled to backers.

    32. Mark Garcia 4 days ago

      Why is the Storm being sold on Amazon when backers still dont have theirs yet? Kind of taking advantage of the people who gave you money in good faith.

    33. Missing avatar

      Biggreenthumb 4 days ago

      Hi - Any update on when the Storm and mast units will be shipping? My sky2 units arrived in November and is working fine. Thank you in advance for your reply and update.

    34. Missing avatar

      cain goettelmam 4 days ago

      Hi - Any update on when the Storm and mast units will be shipping? My sky2 units arrived in December. I was expecting the other components by now. Thank you in advance for your reply and update.

    35. Missing avatar

      alex v 5 days ago

      (Addendum to message below)
      Precision: Those messages with them were exchanged across the course of December, no news since xmas though.

    36. Missing avatar

      alex v 5 days ago

      Backers in EU: per the last update, the devices have not been certified for EU standards yet and it may take a long time before you get them (if ever)

      Backers in Asia/Australia, the last news I got from Bloomsky (on facebook) was that they were shipping all backers in US first, independently of backing order "because most backers are from the US". They admitted that they are not in real contact with the production team in charge of shipping to us Asian backers, and have no visibility on whether items are shipped to us or not. And they don't seem to really care. US first.

    37. Missing avatar

      Greg Cameron 5 days ago

      Hi all. Is anyone else having issue with their STORM unit unable to stay charged in stormy weather? We're having record rainfall up here in N. California. My SKY1 can stay charged in rainy or cloudy weather, but the STORM cannot. It keeps dying until there's a dry day and I'm losing out on recording rainfall and wind data, the whole point to having a STORM. It appears that the solar panel is simply too small to do the job for stormy weather. I have the unit mounted on my roof, clamped to a vent pipe and aimed well. I can't do any better in terms of getting sunlight into it. BloomSky, I believe you are going to need to have a larger solar panel available for this device. it's not going to be much use for folks who actually get prolonged stormy weather. Mine just came back online for the 1st time in a few days since the rain has back off for now. Charging the unit manually is not an option since it's mounted on my roof.

      I can't be the only one experiencing this issue. I sent a message to support last week and sent a couple of tweets with no response. If there's no solution, I might as well return it since it's not doing what it's supposed to.


    38. Missing avatar

      Bernie Herman 5 days ago

      Received my Storm in Dec, just received shipping notice on my Tower Mast. Backer 343 Early bird

    39. Missing avatar

      Brian Lancaster 5 days ago

      We could always order the BloomSky Sky 2 from Amazon USA, it appears that they (not the Storm) are in stock there.

    40. Strat 5 days ago

      OK, it's about time someone types this again.. Any update on shipping for Australian orders?

    41. Blaire F
      5 days ago

      I was a backer of the original Bloomsky, and the campaign was run nicely and we were kept informed every step of the way. I fear that the team running KS then IGG plus Amazon stock means that we may not be first to get the Storm units. KS then IGG then Amazon and other retail sites should be the order. The folks on IGG are commenting about the Sky2 system showing up on Amazon Prime, guess they don't realize Kickstarter got this thing going first. I hope the creators are smart enough to fulfill KS pledges first.

      Either way, I am getting frustrated at lack of answers and updates when they did so well the 1st go-round and I backed again for a Storm without hesitation.

    42. Brad Larson 5 days ago

      I received mine. Works great! Be patient.

    43. Missing avatar

      Warren Wells 5 days ago

      Backer #1590 in US
      Got my Sky2 in mid Nov but nothing on my Storm.
      I've sent emails to "customer disservice", private messages through my backer account, made comments on here and called customer service since mid Dec with ZERO response.... I'd be happy if they'd even tell me that they're a month behind or sorry, we don't know when you'll get it....ANY response would be welcome.
      I'm seriously considering an inquiry to the Better Business Bureau.
      Here's the phone number I have.... see if anyone else has any luck!!


    44. Stephen C. Holtzman 6 days ago

      Still waiting for my second part in Canada and the mast!

    45. Craig Lonie 6 days ago

      Where is the product what's happening please answer the thread

    46. Lee Boylin 6 days ago

      Auto Email reply has now gone from 4 business days to 15 for a reply.
      Something is just not right....

    47. Lee Boylin 6 days ago

      Come on @bloomsky give us updates even if it is just to say you are running behind schedule.

    48. Lee Boylin 6 days ago

      Backer 2066
      Am getting annoyed and worried that we have lost money on this. No communication is just really bad.

    49. JL 6 days ago

      Still no word or updates. Please let us know you are still around.

      Backer #325 for Storm-only (in US).

    50. Missing avatar

      Zedin 6 days ago

      US Storm only backer here.. any sort of update would be helpful. Not the most professional of them when a update would take them a whole 60seconds. Even if it is stuff is running behind we would know they are at least caring about the issues and customers.

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