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The world’s first community-based smart weather camera station with real-time images, time-lapse and precise weather data.
The world’s first community-based smart weather camera station with real-time images, time-lapse and precise weather data.
The world’s first community-based smart weather camera station with real-time images, time-lapse and precise weather data.
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    1. MK about 1 hour ago

      Any update on the tripod? I'm in the EU.

    2. toor 1 day ago

      Setup was hassle free for me worked first go with my iPhone7/iOS10.3.1

    3. Missing avatar

      Nick Williams 3 days ago

      Has anyone had issues setting up with an iPhone 7?

      Mine's not working, but not sure if it's something I'm doing or the above bug from 2016 that appears to not be fixed...

    4. Missing avatar

      Sam Patterson 3 days ago

      Is there anyone who has their mounts in Europe or is everyone still waiting?

    5. Missing avatar

      Adrian Wynne
      4 days ago

      I'm in NZ and still not got one

    6. Missing avatar

      Nathan Gordon 6 days ago

      Also sitting in NZ waiting on mine to arrive. I am however filling in time by looking at the NZ Metservice one being showen off online... � Any updates for us NZ backers? (I reaslise you mentioned delivery issues a month ago)

    7. Missing avatar

      Mark Parsonage 7 days ago

      Happy to report I have received both storm and sky now in Sydney, I've just finished setting everything up and it appears to be working well too with only the storm sensors to test

    8. geniusss
      on May 19

      @creator : Any news about the mast mounts ?

    9. Kenneth Scott Huntley
      on May 17

      Received today in rural NSW. Looking forward to setting it up this weekend.

    10. Paul Martin on May 17

      Gremlin.. Not yet here in the tron.

    11. Missing avatar

      Gremlin on May 17

      Any NZ Backers got their Storm yet ? (other than the Metservice who I see have one sitting in their Wellington Botanic Gardens enclosure making me very envious)

    12. Missing avatar

      Mark Parsonage on May 16

      Received my storm today, the local DHL guys have my sky2 to deliver tomorrow so it's here finally
      The power connector is very similar to some USB device power leads that you might have and I'm using that with a phone charger in place of the US plugpack - same voltage and polarity too. Your other option is to use the Bull nose pliers trick and make it work :)
      It does look well made and I'm hoping to have this all up and configured tomorrow afternoon

    13. Missing avatar

      Nick Williams on May 15

      Got my Sky2 + Storm + Solar today in South Australia... No sign of the tripod mount yet.
      Like others have said though, US plugs on both the power adapters.

      Were we meant to be getting AU plugs, or did I misread that elsewhere?

    14. Missing avatar

      Bernie Herman on May 15

      @Mark, how is your unit mounted? Wind needs to be at 33ft to be accurate and from moving mine to the correct height I can tell you even a few feet or anything at the same height or taller around where it's mounted can throw the reading off big time(before moving I never hit more than 18mph(in high winds) once moved gust over 40mph reading sustained over 20mph. My stations track right along with ones around me in fact I tracked more rain the other day than the one I use as a reference usually I'm equal or a hair below. Wind is tracking right along fine.

    15. Missing avatar

      Aaron on May 15

      So yesterday i got tired of waiting and emailed BS asking for a reply, and my Skypro earlybird kit arrived today (South Australia). Talk about timing.
      FYI US plugs are really easy to bend to fit into AU sockets. If you own a pair of pliers, dont waste money on adaptors, just twist the pins slightly.

    16. Mark Swift on May 15

      I will say this... The accuracy of the Storm is terrible. Comparing it to local stations and my neighbours calibrated station the rain rate and wind rate is WAY out. The rain under reports by 50% most of the time, and the wind sensor recently showed 18mph max gusts when it was in fact gusting at 35-40mph!

    17. Missing avatar

      on May 14

      Another Aussie just receive 2 x stations in Bris without the additional mounts and wrong plugs ( us type), no jumping gun as at least I have them!!!!!! Would surest order is random and best to email them diretly

      If your getting something from DHL AND FROM ADON HEALTH it will be the storm

      Guess will have to buy an adaptor now x 4 ��
      Lets hope all goes well from here they look the goods and hope all the other Aussie get there's soon

    18. Missing avatar

      Aaron on May 12

      @Gavin, although im glad you got your product, i must say it is frustrating that you recieved your holiday edition (dec 2016 shipping) before my earlybird (oct 2016 shipping) Clearly australian deliveries are not being fufilled in any order

    19. Missing avatar

      Gavin Longmuir on May 12

      My Holiday edition arrived today (Canberra, Australia)!!

      Everything looks nice and shiny. I have a question and a disappointment.

      The question: When will the Tripod arrive?

      The Disappointment: Both power supplies have only US based plugs, so I can't power up the devices.


    20. Tomohisa Ishii on May 12

      I got my setup for awhile now but STORM rain measurements seems not working properly

    21. Missing avatar

      Mark Parsonage on May 12

      Well I missed an out of the blue DHL delivery today from Andon health ?? In China, Two packages so I'm thinking this must be it. minus a mast or whatever Fingers crossed

    22. Pinit Asavanuchit on May 11

      got them today but 1 missing STROM. I have got 2 SKY but only 1 STROM !!!

    23. Missing avatar

      Eric Chan on May 11

      As yet, anybody ever see the tripod ?

    24. Missing avatar

      Eric Chan on May 11

      After extended long long way, finally got my device today, just plug in and tested, seems ok. the tripod still missing, cannot be placed on outdoor at the moment,

      image quality is good, the weather station accuracy not yet tested

    25. toor on May 3

      @mark, As Paul said don't expect any tracking email, the only reason i was notified by DHL was because i receive a lot of packages from DHL so my address is listing on file with them.

      DHL automatically SMS's me and emails me once my address is marked with a delivery.

      Good news is, many AU orders are now being shipped.. shouldn't be long now.

      I got my order last Monday.

    26. Missing avatar

      Paul Freeland on May 3

      @Mark dont expect any delivery info - I didnt get any. The package just turned up. Hopefully all Aussie deliveries are on the way. If you dont see anything soon, you could try emailing the CEO or marketing manager direct like I did. No point chasing the so-called support. Seems like they are just there to deflect people.

    27. alex v on May 2

      To those who like me got tired of waiting... I finally got my refund yesterday.
      Good luck to others!

    28. Missing avatar

      Mark Parsonage on May 2

      Well it's May now and I've had zero confirmation of anything, this was/is for an early bird sky pro kit in Australia. It's kind of funny that I was hoping to get this as an Xmas present last year in fact for a while there I thought I'd even have it early December such was the hype. I backed this in July.

      I'm guessing any delivery info would come via an email to the address I've used here ???

    29. Missing avatar

      Brientim on May 2


      5 days from DHL notification to delivery in Australia.
      Arrived yesterday for delivery. Special Early Bird Pro Kit...
      3 packages in total but I wont get a chance to setup for a little while yet due to other commitments.

    30. Missing avatar

      Paul Freeland on May 2

      Hi guys. I received my full delivery today - two complete systems, SKY2 and STORM (Australian delivery). So Santa is real, just very very late.
      I'll be putting it together on the weekend.
      I didnt get any advanced notification - DHL just showed up with the delivery.

    31. Kenneth Scott Huntley
      on April 30

      Appreciation Early Bird in Southern Highlands NSW. Haven't heard squat. No information about where it is or when it's coming.

    32. jaredluli on April 30

      I'm in TAIWAN, and stil waiting. My SPECIAL EARLY BIRD SKYPRO KIT didn't appear.

    33. toor on April 29

      I'm in Melbourne, and should have it this Monday or Tuesday but held in China customs at the moment with a special early bird sky pro kit tier

    34. Missing avatar

      Sam Harvey on April 29

      @geniusss I'm in a similar position have received both Sky2 & Storm but really need mount. Last update seemed to suggest they hadn't even manufactured them which is odd as you can buy from their store

    35. Missing avatar

      on April 29

      Another Aussie waiting, where are you guys that received tracking numbers and what tiers were you,,,,,many thanks guys

    36. Missing avatar

      Aaron on April 29

      @strat @brientim
      Which teir reward were you?
      I've heard nothing in Australia,
      I did see a 3rd skypro in SA go live some weeks ago with storm, I wonder how they got theirs so early

    37. geniusss
      on April 28

      Is there any backer who got the mast mounts ? ... without it the station useless for me. It's located at a cattle meadow, guess what happens if i would use just the pegs xD

    38. alex v on April 28

      Asian backer here. So it's been six months now that I have been offered early delivery, then normal delivery, then pressure on delivery partner, then "we think they are in Beijing", then "you can cancel" then "we will reimburse you in full". And three weeks after that last point still no sign of neither delivery nor my money. So disappointing.

    39. Missing avatar

      Brientim on April 28

      as per @Strat, I have received shipping notication from DHL which the consignment contains 3 packages and due for delivery next week

    40. toor on April 27

      OK, some good news for us Aussies.. I just got a SMS notification before from a DHL pickup coming from sky scope co ltd in China.. description of package, Bloomsky Weather Station!

    41. Missing avatar

      Bernie Herman on April 26

      The Bloomsky App guides you through setup of the Storm.

    42. Craig Lonie on April 26

      Hi can you please tell me where the instructions are This has been a really disappointing kickstarter and I finally have the storm but no idea how to set it up as the instructions are not in the box and I can't find them on your website please send me a link so I know what the cables are for and how to set up this is the least you could do it really has been rubbish

    43. Taras Brizitsky on April 26

      Russia. Many other KS companies have not issues with that.

    44. Missing avatar

      Aaron on April 24

      @taras brizitsky
      Which country is that referring to?
      I have of heard of countries in the US that offer international mail forwarding services at a cost
      Maybe I should have got my brother in Canada to take delivery of mine and bring it with him when he comes back to Australia for Christmas 2017

    45. Taras Brizitsky on April 24

      "Unfortunately we cannot ship your reward to your country. That being said, we would still like to get you your reward. If you have a shipping service or other contact located in the United States we would be happy to send it there. If you do not have an address in the U.S. to send it to, we can refund your entire pledge if you reply with your PayPal email address."

    46. Kim Tai
      on April 20

      Hi, is there any update on Australia shipment? I live in Brisbane, I haven't receive my shipment yet. Thank

    47. Kenneth Scott Huntley
      on April 20

      Yet another Australian feeling unfulfilled.

    48. Missing avatar

      peter debarber on April 19

      I believe BloomSky is recovering from their growing pains. I've had good correspondence with their customer service and they have worked closely with me to try and resolve an issue with my wind speed sensor on my Storm unit. This really is a cool product, and I feel the staff at BloomSky is running full speed. I'm happy to be a supporter. I look forward to future developments from BloomSky.

    49. Missing avatar

      Kaj Hansen on April 15

      @Paul: Easy to identify device. No UV reading=Sky2, UV reading but no wind=Sky1, UV and wind=Sky1 or Sky2 with additional Storm.

    50. Paul Martin on April 13

      The people "living their life" I was referring to are people with a weather station not the manufacturer. And I agree that they should be looking after their customers. A lack of information does make people think the worst and jump to conclusions. Such is the nature of buisness that it is usually better to be quiet until the issue is resolved or at least delt to. The kickstarter process does give the backer a feeling of entitlement to know more about the situation than would normally be expected.
      I would like to see a place on the app identifying the type of bloomsky like on WU where it identifies the type of PWS.

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