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The world’s first community-based smart weather camera station with real-time images, time-lapse and precise weather data.
The world’s first community-based smart weather camera station with real-time images, time-lapse and precise weather data.
The world’s first community-based smart weather camera station with real-time images, time-lapse and precise weather data.
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    1. Phil
      1 day ago

      Storm arrived. Love it! Such a cool concept & product!

      Thank you very much!

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      Mikkel R. Pamperin 3 days ago

      Backer #55 from Denmark, still no shipping notification, and still nothing recieved...

    3. Missing avatar

      VIONNET MARC 4 days ago

      Hello, as backer #595 from Switzerland, would you please confirm that we are "included" in Europe shipment or do we have to expect additional waiting time ? Regards Marc

    4. Missing avatar

      Mark Nevar 4 days ago

      Got my Sky2 in November. Storm cam on Wednesday and the Mast came the next day. I'm in New Jersey.

    5. Missing avatar

      Wayne Mitchell 5 days ago

      Backer #291 here. Sky2s received but still no Storm or notice of shipment. ??

    6. Missing avatar

      Joan Lazazzera
      6 days ago

      I was second early bird for the Kickstarter. I received the first half months ago. I have been waiting for the rest. I live in Canada and have not heard nothing. Could you please check when I might receive it.

    7. Missing avatar

      Jack Goetz 6 days ago

      Just received mine last week. I have four other weather systems on my home and have ran out of room for this one. But will work on getting it up and on-line soon. I like to thank Bloomsky for all they have done and hope they will grow. Thanks again.

    8. Shea Brennan 6 days ago

      Any ETA on deliveries to Canada? Is it the same timeframe as USA?

    9. Missing avatar

      Hajime Yokoe 6 days ago

      Shippjng information does not come....

    10. Missing avatar

      cain goettelmam 6 days ago

      Still waiting for my 2 Storms and 2 mounts. I am sure an update at least one a month would be welcome by all.

    11. yanting 6 days ago

      still nothing received in Australia... any update for the delivery plan?

    12. Missing avatar

      Greg Geisler 6 days ago

      Storm arrived in New Mexico yesterday; tripod today.

    13. Missing avatar

      Robert Ott 7 days ago

      Backer #463 US. SKY2 arrived in mid November. Storm due tomorrow.

    14. Andre Pinto 7 days ago

      Backer #752 here. Nothing received in Brazil... Any news for South Americans?

    15. Missing avatar

      Ian McKinnon 7 days ago

      According to update #20 on January 18th shipping was underway for North America. I am in Canada and it is over a month later and nothing has arrived yet. Any ideas or comments?

    16. Liam McMullan on February 21

      Any update on when I should expect Storm/mount/tripod to be shipped? Waiting...Waiting.... (Ireland). Communication is non-existent

    17. Henrik Sundset on February 20

      Got my Sk2 some weeks ago, still missing mount and storm. Have 7 shipping IDs left without update.

      An update would be awesome instead of reading 900 comments about products missing/received

    18. Missing avatar

      Ben Sims on February 19

      Still nothing for me in the UK and another missed promise. Why not just provide us with regular updates.... it's not hard!

    19. Missing avatar

      Gordon Bedford
      on February 19

      Hi need to change my address please

    20. Missing avatar

      alex v on February 18

      Hi. Backer #1156 here... Still nothing despite multiple promises since 1 Nov, including in direct messages, that shipping would be imminent... Lies lies lies.

    21. Missing avatar

      Peter Bowyer on February 17

      Im backer #2277 in thailand you said a month ago that backers here should receive a shipping notice within 2 weeks..........that was a month ago.... any updates on this?

    22. Jack Foster Mancilla on February 17

      I am backer #1,266

      Today, I received the Storm portion of my order.

      As of today, the full package of my Sky2/Mount/Storm has been delivered.

      The network connection was very easy. Right now, the Storm unit is in the house charging, and is about 1/3 charged.

      The unit is talking to the Sky2, and both are reporting to the app, and online. I almost cannot wait to connect the unit outside, as we are having weather in San Diego, a real rarity.

    23. Missing avatar

      carlos restrepo
      on February 17

      anything regarding shipment to southamerica???

    24. Desmaisons Romaric on February 17

      Nothing France !!!!!!!!!

    25. Missing avatar

      Mark Nevar on February 17

      @Chris Moore

      Production must be real slow. I got my Sky2 in November. This week, I got 2 notifications for deliveries. First for the Storm and then the Mast the next day. Both are in transit. I'm supposed to get them next week. I'm in New Jersey.

    26. Missing avatar

      Chris Moore on February 17

      Any news on Mast shipments?!?

    27. Strat on February 15

      @Aaron, so im not the only one each time we get some hectic weather lately thinking wish i had my BS now.. lol

    28. Doctor-Fuzz99 on February 15

      Could anyone who has received a tripod tell me what the diameter of the tube is? Especially the tube where you attached the solar mounts. Is it 1" inch or 1 1/2" inches. I can get a tripod but sure of the size. Thank you to everyone.

    29. Missing avatar

      Aaron on February 15

      @Strat @Leif, yes it is frustrating that we are about 4 months late, but I can see new devices coming online in Australia (by exploring on the app) so I at least know the product exists and are being shipped and I haven't just thrown my money away. My main frustration is that we have been having some really wild and unusual weather here in Adelaide over the last 4 months and I would have loved to capture it. Oh well, maybe I'll have it in time for Autumn, to see the leaves change colour and fall

    30. Strat on February 15

      @Aaron, @Leif looks like we just have to keep waiting.. I'm a SEB SKYPRO KIT backer and was also eagerly waiting for the shipping notice the past few weeks as per the last update.

    31. H.B. Hellinga on February 15



    32. Missing avatar

      Bernie Herman on February 15

      So Weather Underground now has Storm data. :)

    33. Missing avatar

      Bernie Herman on February 15

      So Weather Underground no has Storm data. :)

    34. Missing avatar

      Den on February 15

      @Oliver Mathes : LOLWUT?
      What I understood this is the second time BS produces a device just targeted at the US market (ie. just a US plug and no other options), although the psu is from a Chinese factory where they probably make all international plugs for other companies.
      This US only attitude and the total lack of communication with the delivery (and its issues) will make me reconsider ever backing BS in the future.
      And a more cynical remark: in hindsight the abbreviation for the company already gave it away.

    35. Missing avatar

      Martin on February 15

      Anyone else having issues with the Sky2 going offline after a few days of running? (Power cycling it, fixes the problem for a few days)

    36. Missing avatar

      Leif on February 14

      @Aaron, @Strat : I'm an appreciation early bird kit backer, and i've still not heard anything about shipments. I havent received anything at all. I think the logistics for this Kickstarter have been majorly fumbled. It's approaching nearly a month since the last update promising shipping notifications in 2 weeks. The update on 19th of Jan + 2 weeks makes their promise for shipping notifications at 2nd Feb. It's now middle of Feb and absolutely nothing. I was so pumped for this Kickstarter, but after so little communication it's put me right off supporting Bloomsky.

    37. Missing avatar

      Oliver Mathes on February 14

      Here is the response that I got from BloomSky about the Power Adapter issue (US Only).

      Subject: Wrong Power Adapter
      FEB 09, 2017 | 10:21PM PST
      James W. replied:
      Dear Oliver,

      I am very sorry, but no international plugs were made for our SKY 2 or Storm devices. My only suggestion would be to buy a converter from US to EU plugs.


    38. Missing avatar

      Oliver Mathes on February 14

      Yes the issue with the "US Only" Power Prongs on a modular adapter is a real shame for all international backers.

    39. Jack Foster Mancilla on February 13

      I am backer #1,266. ...

      I have received, quite a while back, my Sky Pro 2. ... About a month ago, I received mounting bracket for the Storm portion of my order.

      Just a few minutes ago, I received the shipping notice for something else that weighs 4 pounds. ... I think my storm is on its way! ... Yay!


    40. Missing avatar

      Ricardo Nunez on February 13

      I had to cancel my delivery, it look like a good product but just very bad logistics on the delivery, at least i got a refund of 100%

    41. Missing avatar

      Willemijn Hoebert
      on February 13

      Hello Bloomsky,

      I received a package, with which I am only partly happy. Partly, because half of it is missing. I am still waiting for:
      second solar panel

      Please give me an update on when I can receive these things? And please make it as fast as possible, I have been waiting long enough!


    42. Missing avatar

      Joe doe on February 12

      And for France ?

    43. Missing avatar

      Alexandre Micheli on February 12

      For your information...
      Delivery to Switzerland:
      UPS Ship Notification 16.01.2017
      UPS Delivery : 06.02.2017
      Only the sky2, mount and solar panel
      I'm still waiting for the Storm and second solar panel..
      But It works well: Geneva Bloom Sky2 AM....

    44. Missing avatar

      Aaron on February 12

      Your not the last Aussie guy, I'm still waiting on an early bird Skypro kit, have received nothing as yet

    45. Gael de Blaireville on February 11

      hi, same problematic, no mail, no information after 3 week

    46. Missing avatar

      on February 11

      It's been more than 3 weeks since last email informing that delivery should occur within the next 2 weeks... never even received a mail about shipment label as stated in the news...
      When can I expect my delivery in France please???

    47. Strat on February 10

      Still waiting for my skypro.. I think I'm the last guy to receive it in AU?

    48. Missing avatar

      on February 10

      My Bloomsky cannot stay connected to the wifi. My original Bloomsky from the first campaign is still going strong.


    49. Missing avatar

      Mark Nevar on February 10

      How about just use the solar panel to charge the unit? I didn't use the plug at all.

    50. Lee Boylin on February 10

      Received my sky2, solar panel but came with a US plug.
      Asked them if they could send a UK plug but they told me 'this is a US product so no other plugs were manufactured or will be to go with it'
      Maybe they should have mentioned this at the start or like I have purchased below send a travel adaptor with it.
      So looks like you will have to buy either an adapter or like I have done is purchase a US to UK travel adaptor.

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