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Tronic - The Thin Flexible Carbon Fibre card wallet's video poster

The Tronic is a 100% British ultra thin Carbon Fibre wallet that is also flexible and will not interfere with RFID or Contactless cards Read more

Derby, UK Product Design
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This project was successfully funded on February 16, 2013.

The Tronic is a 100% British ultra thin Carbon Fibre wallet that is also flexible and will not interfere with RFID or Contactless cards

Derby, UK Product Design
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About this project

Your wallet says a lot about you - are you dull and bloated?
no, of course not, so why is your wallet? 6 years of receipts, loyalty cards that you used once and a £5 note that you didn't know was in there.

You need a new, modern, slim wallet that shows you are the modern type that (*you want people to think*) you are.

Introducing the Tronic wallet! 
Enough space for up to 6 cards, 3 cards and some cash, or 12 business cards - all securely held in their own stylish carbon sheath.

The Tronic was designed from the ground up and kept simplicity at the forefront of its design. Using British sourced 1mm carbon fibre and a wide band of hi-tech elastic, we have created a wallet with rigidity yet flexibility, and that will not interfere with RFID or "contactless" payment cards. 

Many of today's slim wallets are made from Aluminium, while this is great, it does introduce 3 problems:

1: Its rigid, so it can feel like half a CD-case in your pocket.

2: They block RFID and Contactless payment signals, which is a problem if you want to use your payment card or a work / hotel door access card without taking them out of the wallet.

3: The direct contact between the inner surface and your cards causes excess wear and rubs off the raised lettering.

The Tronic solves all 3 of these problems, the simple design and robust yet bendable carbon fibre construction means that it will flex as you move, so it doesn't feel like you have a laptop hard drive in your pocket!

Carbon fibre, whilst conductive, allows the passage of RFID and similar signals, meaning that you don't need to drag a card out of the middle of your wallet to make a payment, or to get in to your office! 

And because your cards are held within the carbon outer in an elastic sheath, they are not in direct contact with the inner surface, so will not erode the raised lettering and signature panel. 

With your work door-pass! (note the attachment is part of your door-pass, it is not included with the wallet) 

Why not use the Tronic wallet as a business card holder? 

The Tronic is both flexible and thin: And it doesn't make you look like you have a CD case in your pocket! 

And of course, the Tronic wallet is available in various colours!
(Black, red, blue, green, orange - elastic colour)


The Tronic wallet is made by hand (my hands actually!) and this is no small feat - The Carbon Fibre sheet will be supplied by our partner in Stoke on Trent, and will be water-jet cut by our friends in Derby and Laser engraving will be completed in-house. The carbon is backed by a thin layer of glass fibre for strength.

The elastic is UK sourced and made - we are going to PROMISE that all materials will be sourced within the UK, and we will support the Royal Mail for UK delivery. 

Final assembly will take place in Melbourne, Derbyshire, and is completed 100% by hand, by bonding the inner elastic loop to the 2 finished carbon outer faces in a mini production-line style setup (in my studio)

They will be completed and shipped in small batches as determined by the backer's preferences.
 Once all kickstarters rewards are satisfied I should have enough exposure to be able to start pushing them to high-end outlets.

I will be incredibly grateful for all pledges, and I know you will not be disappointed :-)

Risks and challenges

Since I started the first (previous) version of this project, I have made significant changes to both the goal amount and the rewards - this is because I have been able to lower the minimum orders with both the carbon fibre supplier and the water cutting company - I have therefore been able to pass on the savings to you, the backers :-)

As it is not possible to alter the goal amount after the start of the project, I have been working with the brilliant people at Kickstarter to bring you this amended project, which is a better deal for backers: lower pledges and the same rewards, along with a much, much higher chance of realising our far reduced goal amount.

Although the goal amount and pledges have changed, there will be no difference in estimated delivery, quality or dedication.


The reason I really need the help of kickstarters is due to economy of scale, simply put, in order to keep the price low enough to be attractive, I need to get a large order together for both the carbon fibre sheet and the water cutting. without this initial help, each wallet would take about an hour to make by hand!

There are very few risks involved, my suppliers have all stated that they are capable of supplying the qualities required and in good time - however if there is an unexpectedly good response, then it could be a challenge getting the suppliers to deliver on time.

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    You will receive a Tronic wallet in plain exposed weave carbon twill and black elastic (probably the classiest choice!)

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    Ships anywhere in the world
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    You will receive a Tronic wallet in exposed weave carbon twill and your choice of red, blue or orange elastic - Laser etched with the Tronic logo - and you will be second in the queue to receive yours!

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    Ships anywhere in the world
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    You will get yours first! You will receive a Tronic wallet in plain exposed weave carbon twill - Kickstarter edition - this is laser-etched with a unique serial number and the Tronic logo - and a matching certificate of authenticity. In your choice of black, GREEN, red, blue or orange elastic. AND you get FREE worldwide shipping!

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    Ships anywhere in the world
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    Exactly as per Reward #3 - but you will receive one of the first 10 units produced, with accompanying 1-10 serial number, and get FREE worldwide shipping! These will also get an (optional) internal Gold or Silver inner-surface paint-job!

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    Ships anywhere in the world

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