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A theater game that teaches math to low-income, at-risk high schoolers in Los Angeles using game mechanics inspired by music business.

Hit Seekers is an educational live action role-playing game that aims to help students in mathematics. We need help in developing this idea so kids anywhere can have fun while learning real-world business math topics.

We are currently playtesting Hit Seekers at a school in the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD). We are working with their math teacher to revitalize the class's basic skills, operational appreciation, and academic interest in the subject through real world problems as well as impart new math knowledge. Some students in class are far behind and have little to no desire to achieve. 

We want to change that attitude. 

Hit Seekers is an interactive game based on the music industry. In it, students form into groups and play-pretend to be executives at a record label with hundreds of thousands of dollars in capital. They sign recording artists, pair them with a producer and put them both into a recording studio. Each artist, producer, and studio is fictional, though some might seem very familiar. Each have their own costs, rates, talent level, and percentage take of royalties. 

The students, as executives, have to best manage their artists to get the best record album to make the most money. They are dealing with topics like royalty percentages, income projections, budgeting, word problems, ratios and rates, and, as they promote the albums at different (fictional) clubs in geometric shapes, area and even trigonometry problems. 

Our belief is that real world math problems in a context that is relevant to the student will be much more effective to increase their proficiency. We are trying to educate a young demographic in basic math, accounting, and business before they enter the adult world via a fun, interactive, safe play-pretend situation where it is possible to lose a million dollars without consequence.

We need your help! Development of this game requires a lot of production expenses, from artwork and photo rights to accounting ledgers. Plus, we will be evaluating our data from our playtest to ensure the game aligns with core math standards at different grade levels. 

Please spread the word about this project even if you can't donate.

Pending our 501c3 approval by Dec 31, part of your donation will be tax deductible.

To see video footage of another, different educational game we ran for a sixth grade class in 2011, click here.
Starship Valkyrie:

H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival®: 

Hit Seekers is designed and produced by Seekers Unlimited, a non-profit (501c3 pending) company that uses live action role playing for education. This is our second school project. With your help, we can make Hit Seekers a hit, as well as make more hits. Thank you!

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  • This is like a larp but with some technical elements. The students, who work in groups, look at printed cards with artist/producer/studio info, take them to their desks and then do the math on paper in their accounting ledgers. We or the teacher check the math, and if correct, we update the wall with the new info, e.g., artist signed to Label X for two albums.

    When the album comes out, we Tweet the result so the kids, and donors, can see.

    We want to encourage face-to-face personal interactions of students with one another in their group as well as between groups. However, if we are Kickstarted we want to partner with a social media/transmedia company so the NPC artists and producers will be "friends" with the students, and will post notes specifically to the company they are working for. These friends will be automated bots, so the email address of the student remains private. Some notes would be: "I can't work with her anymore! You need to pay me an additional 20% of my salary or I'm walking!" And if the company doesn't compute that in time, the producer quits and the album isn't complete.

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    General Admission - Find out how our test run went via music news reports.

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    In the Pit - Besides the album news reports, you can see how the students' companies fared, who they signed, how much money they made, etc. Plus, we will include you (or a name you choose) in the game as a referred-to character (not one of the primaries).

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    Backstage Passes - Besides the above rewards, you will receive one weekend pass to the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival® at the Warner Grand Theatre in San Pedro on September 28 & 29. Does not include VIP party or the Brunch n' Fun.

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    Called on stage! - At this level, you will be able to play a special, customized character in an upcoming Starship Valkyrie larp event, located in Southern California. This character will be written by Christian Brown, creator of SV and a designer on Hit Seekers. If you ever wanted to play Star Trek, Star Wars, or Battlestar Galactica, this is your chance. You'll have a crucial role, not just a walk-on part.

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    Studio Pass - At this level you receive the news reports and student company report, two passes to the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival, and you get to name one of the recording studios in the game.

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    Producer Level - You get the news feed, student performance, two passes to everything at the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival: VIP pre-party, Saturday Brunch n' Fun event with games, readings, art show and more. And, you can be or name one of the record producer characters in the game.

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    Club Owner - Four full passes to everything at the Lovecraft Film Festival, the news feed and company reports, and you can name one of the concert venues where the fictional artists play in the game.

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    You're the star! - For this amount, you get the news feed of the story, reports from the student groups, four passes to everything at the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival®, a special customized role for you on Starship Valkyrie, two tickets to our special August edu-larp party, and you get to create one of the recording artists that the students hire to make albums!

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