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$2,836 pledged of $100,000 goal
$2,836 pledged of $100,000 goal

Upcoming Promotional News: Big day Feb 25th!


Two weeks left on the campaign today, and I am still pretty excited about it. Why? Because of the support and positive feedback I’ve gotten from wonderful backers like you. That means more than any financial aspect and has convinced me that this remains an idea worth pursuing.

Some additional news for Pixelation Games today, Amazon will be featuring one of my apps “Byte Saver” on their Free App of the Day program on Tuesday, February 25th!

This will be the second app to have been featured on the program. The promotion will be available not only for Kindle Fire owners, but anyone with an android device who has the Amazon Appstore. If you don’t have it, I recommend it since the Free App of the Day promotion itself is completely worth it.

While not exactly a showcase of my developer prowess, it is still a fun and entertaining game with some interesting physics. I had hoped the promotion would overlap with this Kickstarter project and am happy to see that it will do just that.

Game Development and Marketing

In game development there are a number of factors to achieving success. The most important factor has nothing to do with actually making a game. We’ve all seen great marketing can make millions off of a simple game, it doesn't even have to be any good. The same cannot be said for great development.

A game with poor marketing, no matter how great, will sit in a catalogue of several hundred thousand other games and never be noticed at all. It creates a unique atmosphere in the big name publishing industry, where the greatest success stories are not good games, but brand marketing.

There are, of course, a few notable exceptions. Like my heroes over at Insomniac Games. And, in spite of some notable bad ideas, BioWare. The Ken Griffey Jr. and Babe Ruth of my developer trading card collection, (If there was such a thing).

In the Indie gaming scene a game is judged, not by it’s build quality, but by the amount of buzz it can create. A prospect which generally takes the length of it’s development to achieve, and sometimes a few months to a year after it’s released. In that respect, Shattered Time is quite new to the field. Working to build that buzz right out the gate is no simple prospect.

The biggest successes in the industry are Marketing Companies, which just happen to have a game they are selling. For me this creates a unique challenge, as I am definitely a game developer who happens to be trying to market my game. Far more content with my head buried in 10k lines of code than trying to be heard among millions of shouting voices on twitter.

So, whether we achieve funding or not, I would like give a big thank you to all of the backers and supporters thus far. Your support is far more important than your pledges. I’ve been hard at work setting up an active forum over the last few days. Rain or shine the site will officially launch before the end of the campaign. Where anyone will be able keep up with the latest developments and even contribute to the future of this project.

There are many prospects ahead, this campaign is only the first. Even as it stands I consider it a success, if only for building an interest in the game. Be sure and keep an eye out on the 25th! Swinging that promotion to get more people to view this campaign won't be easy, but I've got high hopes.

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    1. Daniel J Swiger 2-time creator on

      I've looked some more into the godot engine and documentation. It looks very promising, and this game could be possible with it. But there's a couple problems.

      1. "I'm going to make as close to a AAA quality game as I can with an engine that just released in beta last week," would be incredibly risky. If not foolhardy. The potential problems with a virtually untested engine are just too high.

      2. Even if I did risk it, which honestly I would love to, that would conservatively add another six months development time just in adapting to the engine. I know that I can build this game in Unity because I know Unity. I'd be stepping too far outside my knowledge base to honestly claim that I could make this game in another engine.

      So at this point, at least in this campaign, I can't feasibly change to another engine. Though I definitely would want to. With the development being open source, however, there is very little reason the community couldn't work on a conversion to godot. At least of the overall systems and scripting.

      I'd likely try to work on one my self if I ever do switch to it in the future. Converting an existing project would be a faster way to learn the engine than building a new project.

    2. Daniel J Swiger 2-time creator on

      I've considered it, but at this point it would be a setback to relearn and rebuild for a new engine. Godot is on my radar for future projects, I would like to see where the engine goes in the next two years.

    3. Daniel J Swiger 2-time creator on

      Very nice, that is great news!
      Feel free to post a link in the comments when it's up, I'll be sure to share it around. :)

    4. speedster -Armikrog Army Annelid- $4.96 on

      One thing I have been wondering about is whether it would be possible to team up with a free software engine project instead of going with non-pro version of Unity -- for instance, does Godot look like it will be a good environment for Indie game development? It would get more open source enthusiasts in your corner, that's for sure -- you could leverage the buzz Godot has been trying to drum up among linux game developers, and Shattered Time could become the poster child for Godot being usable by someone other than its creators.

    5. speedster -Armikrog Army Annelid- $4.96 on

      Before the end of the campaign, Shattered Time will appear in a Funding Crowd issue at

      One of my fellow writers put Shattered Time in the draft already, just need some other sections to get finished up so it can get posted...