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$2,836 pledged of $100,000 goal
$2,836 pledged of $100,000 goal

A story about History, War, and the nature of Humanity.


The story in Shattered Time is really paramount to what this game is all about. It’s got Medieval Fantasy, it’s got Steampunk, it’s got Cyberpunk, it’s obviously got time travel. But what about the story itself?

Before you even begin character creation you will choose the timeline your story begins in. Regardless which one you choose, you will find yourself thrown into the midst of a chaotic world. Familiar, yet very unfamiliar.

Worlds Apart

From a few centuries after King Arthur failed to unite Europe. To an alternate present day, where the United European empire sits on the verge of civil war over magical industry and the damage it causes. To a distant future, wracked by a war that split the moon in two.

Each of these ‘worlds’ impossibly connected across time, with plots and threats threaded throughout history. Each of them facing familiar, human, threats. Yet at their core, unfamiliar, unexplainable ones beyond the reach of human influence.

The Rift has brought chaos throughout time, echoing back from a future event you cannot change. Igniting wars in every timeline you find. Everywhere you look you will find secrets about the past, and the future. And just when you’ve tied all the threads from the three timelines together… the story, and the journey through time, truly begins.

You will still get to play through the entire campaign, whichever timeline you choose. That choice won't impact character creation itself beyond what appearances you can choose from. Though, creating a magic oriented character may make things rather interesting in a future timeline, where little magic is to be found.

Yet Humanity is the same

Themes about human nature, and the nature of society, will be an important aspect of these timelines. Those who have studied ancient history know that life, whether on the streets of Ancient Rome or Pompeii, London in the 1600s or New York in the 1900s, has always been remarkably similar. At the human level. The nature of society hardly ever changes, and even when it does, it eventually changes back.

A sense I hope to capture in the people and interactions you will have in these wildly different times and places. The repetition of human nature, and the clash of ideology that inevitably leads to war. But at the core, something more, something deeper, driving humanity to destroy itself. 

That wouldn't have anything to do with the Dragons that keep appearing throughout time, would it?

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    1. Daniel J Swiger 2-time creator on February 14, 2014

      Questions about the story, development, or the future of the game? Something you'd like to see in a future update? Feel free to ask.