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The new Mesay 2.0 is more than just a usual translator, with cool features you don't want to miss.
The new Mesay 2.0 is more than just a usual translator, with cool features you don't want to miss.
The new Mesay 2.0 is more than just a usual translator, with cool features you don't want to miss.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Chris 1 day ago

      Hi everyone, in case there are anyone who maybe still wondering how to put the sim card in this is what you do. The pin that comes with the mesay 2.0 you push it in the hole at the side and the sim card compartment comes out. I think you put your sd card in here too. Unfortunately, after this progress there is no network. I have switched on and off but still no network. Can anyone tell me what the other holes are for on the mesay 2.0? Does these holes release the casing? Anyway, has anyone else had problems with no network? regards Chris

    2. Missing avatar

      Chris 1 day ago

      Hi Khoa, how did you put your sim card in the mesay 2.0? Does the metal side piece come out? Regards Chris

    3. Missing avatar

      khoa 1 day ago

      Also emailed customer service about it not able to use sim card and gave them 2 video also but no response on that, if this is an issue with the unit and can't be fix with an online update through wifi, will I get a new unit?
      see video below of unit in 2 sim position, anyone else having problem using U.S. sim card in either position?……

    4. Missing avatar

      Chris 1 day ago

      Hi everyone, does anyone know how to take the back casing off without damaging the casing? Do i need to loosen any back screws? I have notice when using my mesay 2.0 translator you have to repeat the same word 2-3 times and sometimes it doesn't come up with anything. Do we have to keep inputting words so the mesay 2.0 will remember them for next time? regards Chris

    5. Seven 2-time creator 2 days ago

      Dear @Katsuya Hyodo ,

      Thanks for contacting us, we have replied you via private message. Hope you receive it soon.


    6. Seven 2-time creator 2 days ago

      dear @khoa, we have received your email and looked into your video again. We will get back to you as soon as possible. Sorry for the inconvenience.


    7. Seven 2-time creator 2 days ago

      @Frank Koska hello frank, to change your language settings, you can watch this tutorial link,…, hope this helps you out, thank you.

    8. Missing avatar

      khoa 2 days ago

      So far English to all language good
      All language but the ones bellow to English will not load, gives a thunk thunk error noise (tested by speaking vietnamese, japanese, korean, and french)
      Cantonese to English good
      Chinese to English good

      any one else having this problem? tried emailing them with video but they just say press the replay and ignore the problem in the video…

    9. Missing avatar

      Frank Koska 2 days ago

      I received my unit and instructions are in Chinese. I do not read Chinese. How does this unit work? Help!!!!!

    10. Missing avatar

      Jason Novits
      4 days ago

      Received just in time for my Baltic Cruise tomorrow.
      Yet to try out

    11. Missing avatar

      khoa 5 days ago

      seems only Chinese and Cantonese to English works on my Mesay, is there going to be an update, how can it update? do I have a defective unit?

    12. Missing avatar

      khoa 5 days ago

      when will off line support come and how does the blu tooth work?
      also anyone else English to foreign work but foreign language to English doesn't?

    13. Missing avatar

      Paul 6 days ago

      Have received my Mesay 2.0 in the Netherlands , I must agree that this would be great to have video (set up) on YouTube.
      Must say my first impression looks and feel is very good, doesn’t feel cheap.

    14. Missing avatar

      Chris 7 days ago

      Thankyou seven, i have received my mesay 2.0 and i am very excited a the prospect of using my translator to its maximum. How do i open the side compartment for my sim card and how do i get the casing off carefully without breaking it to put my memory card in it? I believe the memory card goes infront of the battery? Any helpful instruction by youtube or written would be most appreciated. Regards Chris

    15. Missing avatar

      Katsuya Hyodo on

      Hello @seven
      It is supposed to be shipped from Beijing on August 2, but it will not arrive yet.
      Can you check the situation?
      My Backer number is 257.
      And my tracking number is LZ636913213CN.

    16. Missing avatar

      suchat on

      no bluetooth ?

    17. Seven 2-time creator on

      @Steffen Schindler, We have already sent you the invoice, please check your message. Thank you.

    18. Seven 2-time creator on

      @Jon Eldude & @Marcel Groenendijk, Thank you so much for your support, we are glad that you like the product.

    19. Missing avatar

      Chul Im

      I just received product BTW how can i find it's MAC address? My Wifi need Mac address

    20. Missing avatar

      Steffen Schindler on

      I asked for an invoice here in the comments and also wrote a mail to the customer service. I need to ask again if you can send me an invoice for the device?

      Kind regards

    21. Jon Eldude on

      Thanks to the mesay crowd ive received my device now ill find out if it works luckily i live in a uni town with alot of different languages i can test it on

    22. Marcel Groenendijk on


      Many thanks for the Mesay 2.0. Got the device today. Works as expected. Only some minor things. Dutch translation in settings menu is not that great but still understandable. The power adapter for the usb charge cable is useless for me in Belgium. This adapter is I believe a UK based plug and here in Belgium (and other EU countries) are using a different plug.

      For the rest it's a great device and will try it the next days.

    23. Seven 2-time creator on

      @Son hosik, hello we have already sent you the message. Thank you.

    24. Seven 2-time creator on

      @Omar101 the MESAY 2.0 you received is indeed the second version and updated version of MESAY. MESAY 2.0 refers to the modal of the MESAY product, not the system.

    25. Missing avatar

      Son hosik on

      My pledge number is #227. Can i get the tracking number? I checked my email box but no message yet.

    26. Crystal Hoang on

      No tracking number, no emails, no refund, no responses from Seven or Kickstarter. Keep your piece of shit you pile of shit and please give me my money back like you personally promised me. I’m about to turn my Asia trip into a manhunt for you Seven. I want answers.

    27. Missing avatar

      Omar101 on

      I have received my mesay but the screen indicates MS 0.0 v1.1.7.

      @seven. Isn’t it supposed to be mesay 2.0?

    28. Missing avatar

      Milan Freissler on

      The goods were delivered to the Czech Republic. Thank you Seven!

    29. Seven 2-time creator on

      Dear all,
      Thank you for your support. Please check your emails for the tracking number. Let us know if you have yet to receive it at



    30. Seven 2-time creator on

      Hi @dongin we have send you a message regarding this

    31. Missing avatar

      dongin on

      I have no tracking numbers .

      spam mail empty

    32. Missing avatar

      khoa on

      i have received tracking for U.S.
      current loc beijing

    33. Missing avatar

      Chris on

      Danny Chung, check your spam mail.

    34. Missing avatar

      Yang Huiho on

      Thanks for happy shipping and tracking number after trip!~~
      I'm about to go to china tomorrow~~~TT

    35. Danny Chung

      I have no tracking numbers
      Backer number 18

    36. Flavia Carvalho

      Hi, everybody! Same here. Got the email with the tracking number. Seems it’s shipping from China. Hip Hip HURRAY!

    37. Missing avatar

      Paul on

      Yes have received my tracking number for the Netherlands.

    38. Missing avatar

      Katsuya Hyodo on

      Me too.
      I received the tracking number at 13:00 today.
      It was in the spam mail folder.

    39. Missing avatar

      Chul Im

      And mine is located beijing china

    40. Missing avatar

      Chul Im

      I received shipping number at just 7 hours before so check e-mail and find mesay BTW sender name was Chinese character, i didn't understand what it means

    41. Missing avatar

      Chris on

      Hi everyone, check your spam for tracking numbers. I have received mine and waitng for shipping update in 2 days. Yippy!

    42. Missing avatar

      Chris on

      Hi everyone , what is there to do, now?

    43. Missing avatar

      Chris on

      Flavia Carvalho LOL

    44. Crystal Hoang on

      If you haven't yet, please join me in reporting this to Kickstarter. At the Campaign page, scroll all the way down and there's a small box that says "Report this Project". You can only do it once and they say they'll look into it... maybe if we all raised more awareness to this project something would come of it.

    45. Missing avatar

      Kui Kam wai on

      Anyone here receive the tracking number ?

    46. Marcel Groenendijk on

      Seven, Monday has been passed but couldn't find any tracking info. Can you please update us about the shipping. Thanks

    47. Flavia Carvalho

      @Chris I don’t like Mondays either. Even more so now LOL

    48. Missing avatar

      Chris on

      Hi everyone , i think we all hope one day ,it will happen. I dont want to spoil any postive imaginative aurals but after all this waiting time what if, it doesnt work?

    49. Crystal Hoang on

      Wait. Did you guys actually believe him this time?

    50. Missing avatar

      Chris on

      Hi everyone, it monday the 30th july 2018 and i have no tracking numbers. Tell me why ,seven? i dont like mondays tell me why ,seven tell me why ,seven i dont like, i dont like, i dont like mondays lol Waiting for the mesay 2.0 translator . Its like waiting in a long queue at the post office or for a bus . The doors open for the bus but nobody moves. It could be the matrix. lol

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