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Fine jewelry that keeps you connected. Blinq Ring comes with Notification Alerts, Fit Tracking and a built in Panic S.O.S. Mode
Fine jewelry that keeps you connected. Blinq Ring comes with Notification Alerts, Fit Tracking and a built in Panic S.O.S. Mode
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    1. Missing avatar

      tomoko haraguchi on

      Although my first ring did not work, I was able to receive a replacement ring pretty quickly and I have been wearing it for about two months now. I am happy to say it is working great! Thank you team!
      The metal color turns musty and blackish after several days but I can get the shine back with a silver polish cloth.

    2. Maria N on

      I've had been wearing this ring everyday for almost 2 months. Absolutely love it and I have received countless compliments on how beautiful this ring is. Thank you, team!

    3. The Blinq Team Creator on

      Those waiting for rings, please be advised that they are shipping out this week! Message us if you have any questions. Thanks!

    4. Sylvia Broadbent on

      As you have stated below contacting you through Kickstarter is the fastest. So here I am. I have emailed you through your website before and got no reply and have emailed you through there again today so sorry for the double up. I'm having trouble with my ring. I ordered two, one for my sister and one for myself. Hers is working fine. Mine does work with the colours when playing through the app but doesn't respond when I receive a message on my phone and doesn't vibrate. Initially I had connection problems which I solved by completely emptying the battery and recharging and reconnecting. Thought I'd mention it as I read someone else had connection issues.
      I am hoping you will send out a replacement as it is just not responding to any notifications on the phone. I have tried to solve it but can't. The one that needs replacing is the one in Australia.
      I do love the design!!

    5. Eriy on

      Although I expected, this campaign is a failure.
      Because the biggest failure to ship without successful connection

    6. Missing avatar

      Rosie Yesovitch on

      My jewel fell out of my first ring and I have not received my second ring in the order. Please email me about replacement and completion of my order. Thank you.

    7. Missing avatar

      Janey Hou on

      Received my replacement ring but the same charging problems are occuring. I've sent a message via Kickstarter. Please help!

    8. Missing avatar

      Lorri Haskell on

      Hi Blinq Team,
      I am unable to charge the ring any longer because the charger has malfunctioned and no longer works. I have worked through other small issues without complaint..but since this is a unique charger, I'm unable to rectify this issue on my own. Can you help me with this?
      Thank you!

    9. Vanessa Clarke on

      Got my ring just a couple of weeks ago. Initially I was ecstatic but I’ve worn it for less than 2 weeks (taking it off each evening to recharge) and despite this, the rose gold has already rubbed off around the ring. It’s pretty disappointing quality wise when you pitched this as ‘fine jewellery’. I was going to try and get another but won’t now.

    10. The Blinq Team Creator on

      Hello Giovanna, we have replied by direct message, sorry for the delay in response.

    11. Missing avatar

      Giovanna Cossalter-Walters on

      Still haven't messaged me since Jan 24th. Not professional

    12. The Blinq Team Creator on

      Hello Crystal and Alexandra, we will reply to you directly by Kickstarter message. Thanks!

    13. Missing avatar

      Crystal Chung on

      Got my ring last week, thanks. Once I got it connected I was able to play around with the settings. Unfortunately, the ring disconnected itself from phone and I have not been able to reconnect it since. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!

    14. Alexandra Borgzinner on

      Hello. I also haven't received my ring and I was a December fulfillment.

    15. Missing avatar

      Kristy Elmore

      Still haven’t received my
      Ring. I was a December fulfillment backer.

    16. The Blinq Team Creator on

      Hi Bobbie...we are shipping your rings this week 100%. Sorry for the confusion and delays. We appreciate your understanding.

    17. Missing avatar

      Bobbie brown on

      What is the status of the rings? 17 days ago I was told it would be shipped the following week overnight shipping...nothing.
      9 days ago you posted you should have these rings in your possession early the next week and they would be shipping overnight....nothing
      What is going on? It's kinda getting ridiculous.

    18. Missing avatar

      Crystal Chung on

      Hi Blinq team,

      I'm in Canada and was an early backer.....


    19. The Blinq Team Creator on

      Hello Giovanna, we are sorry you are having connectivity issues. We just received your message and will reply to you as soon as possible. Thanks.

    20. Missing avatar

      Giovanna Cossalter-Walters on

      I was told I would get a private message about my ring that keeps disconnecting and never got one. Sent a personal message and didn't get one back. Finding this really unprofessional

    21. Missing avatar

      Janey Hou on

      Still waiting for instructions re my defective ring. I posted two weeks ago and was told to wait for instructions. Two weeks seems like a long time. Nudge. Nudge.

    22. J on

      So I love my ring!
      The only thing, and I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong is the charge. I need to charge by evening every day.

      Normal usage.
      Only text notifications, not others.
      iPhone 7.
      Latest update (today).

      Also when I charge it (wall socket not a computer) it will say that it’s fully charged within 5mins or less. So that seems odd if it’s dead.

      Hummm thoughts??

    23. Steve Hsu

      I love the ring and it became my EDC. But the jewelry fall off this morning. The glue seems not strong enough. I tried to set it back but it still doesn’t work. What should I do?

    24. The Blinq Team Creator on

      Hello PunkinPyritz, as this is a Kickstarter project best practice and fastest way to get a response is by communicating through Kickstarter. We respond within hours. Not sure what drove you to not trust "this company" but we're sure we can work it out with you. We will continue to communicate with you through direct message. Thanks.

    25. PunkinPyritz on

      I received a ring that cannot gain a charge to turn on or pair. I tried troubleshooting for over a week before trying to contact BLINQ on their website. I got no response for days so after much more digging I found the email address and have not gotten a reply after another week. There is no phone number to call them so I am left waiting for a reply that it appears I will never get. I was going to try to get a replacement, but at this point I just want a refund... problem is I cannot even get in touch with anyone to get a return shipping address. I was excited about this product but no longer trust this company.

    26. Lixia974 on

      Hello I downladed the app from Apple store but It’s in chinese ! How can I change the language setting?


    27. The Blinq Team Creator on

      We want to apologize to the US backers who filled out their surveys on time but still haven't received their rings. There was a shipping issue over the holidays that forced us to have to reproduce all of the rings in that order, this is why there is a delay. We are hoping to have your rings in our possession early next week and we will be shipping them out to you with next day delivery option.


      - The Blinq Team

    28. Missing avatar

      Crystal Chung on

      Hi Blinq team,

      I answered the survey Nov 8th but still have not received my ring? I've been eagerly waiting for it for a while now....

      Were there shipping notifications sent out to backers?


    29. Missing avatar

      Anna Jreisat on

      Hello! I've been wearing the ring for a month and I really like it, so far I didn't have any major issue and i love the look of it.
      However i would improve the list of the countries phone codes in the S.O.S. settings.
      I think you should make available the country codes of all the countries you ship in. I live in Malta and there's no Malta country code, so I can't use the SMS option which i would have very much preferred instead of the FB alert option.
      Thank you! That is all! :)

    30. Missing avatar

      tomoko haraguchi on

      The ring is beautiful but it seems like I’m having the same problem as many others. It disconnects very frequently. Unfortunately the latest app doesn’t solve the problem. I really hope there is a way to fix it beacause it’s a great smart ring!

    31. The Blinq Team Creator on

      Hello Eriy, we will contact you through Kickstarter message and help you troubleshoot your connectivity issues.

    32. Eriy on

      I was not able to be connected even if I did anything.
      It is a simple ring in this.

      Please tell me the coping method.
      I want a function such as Ringly Ring.

    33. Eriy on

      You can connect with ring first, but after a while the connection is broken and you can not connect anything.
      I can not connect even if I restart the phone or uninstall the application.
      I bought two, but both are in the same state.
      I am not displayed in "an available device" of Bluetooth of the telephone either.

    34. Karen Mills on

      My ring has just arrived and seems to be working perfectly except that it is so big it doesn't fit on any fingers or even my thumb. Aside from wearing it as a necklace, what are the options?

    35. Steve Hsu

      I received my ring- silver with blue aventurine. The design fits man and I love it! After 1.5hr charging, it can last for a day to two day. It’s quit convenient. Hope others enjoy this cool stuff as I do.

    36. The Blinq Team Creator on

      Hi Eriy. We'll get back to you through direct message

    37. The Blinq Team Creator on

      Hi Giovanna. We'll get back to you through direct message to sort this out,

    38. Eriy on

      I can not reconnect.
      You can not check the battery level in the application.
      What should I do now?

    39. Missing avatar

      Giovanna Cossalter-Walters on

      Like others my ring constantly disconnects and will only connect again on the charger. I'm not bringing that everywhere with me. The color also doesn't light up as bright once it's down even 10% battery life.
      Thank you for adding the step tracker, why does the wieght end at 230lbs? I can't be the only person who purchased one that is larger then that?

    40. The Blinq Team Creator on

      Dear Backers. We are pleased to announce that new version of the Blinq App has been released for both iOS and Android. Thanks to your feedback, we addressed some bugs that were present. Please note the Android app now has the Fitness tracker. Please note the fitness tracker needs to communicate with Apple Health or Google Fit. Please be sure to "Allow Blinq to Read Data" toggle is set to on.

    41. The Blinq Team Creator on

      Hi Tracy, please message us directly through Kickstarter measages, we are very focused on the Kickstarter campaign and have not been actively monitoring the support email. We will respond to you through Kickstarter as soon as possible.

    42. Missing avatar

      Tracy Boyd on

      I have left two messages on since receiving my ring. My ring is so large it won't fit in any of my fingers or thumbs. I can't use it. Please review my messages and have someone contact me. Thanks! Tracy

    43. The Blinq Team Creator on

      Thanks for your feedback Ombretta, we also received your message, please gives us a few minutes at least to reply to your comment. Somone will contact you to help troubleshoot. Thanks.

    44. Missing avatar

      Ombretta di Massa on

      as the other backers I have a few issues: first the ring disconnects all the time from the app. It's very annoying to reset it all the time. What is the distance range from the phone? Can I go into another room without the phone or will it get disconnected? Second, the emergency function doesn't work: I tried to gently tap on the ring with my boyfriends's phone by my side and nothing happened, same if I tapped more vigorously. Third, is a bit bigger than the normal size 10 I usually wear, the sizing is definitely off. Please let me know. Thank you.

    45. The Blinq Team Creator on

      Hello Kari, Someone will contact through Kickstarter message as soon as possible to help you troubleshoot and connect. Thanks!

    46. Missing avatar

      Kari on

      Ring won’t connect to Bluetooth. It connected and worked for about an hour before it lost connection. Worked through all the steps listed to attempt to fix (unpairing, etc.) but it will not connect to any IOS device. I did email support but have yet to hear back. As of now the ring is dead.

    47. Missing avatar

      Janey Hou on

      I was given my ring on Monday. I've been trying to wear it/use it but have had troubles.

      Having difficulty charging it. First time it charged for only about 40 minutes then the red light went out even though the app said it was only 44% charged.

      The ring worked well for about 2 hours before needing another charge.

      Now it only charges for about 5 minutes before the red light goes off.

      Like the backer before me, I've reached out via messages but no response yet so I don't know where to turn.

      It's a beautiful ring, but I wished it would work.

    48. Mara Saxer on

      I forgot one more note on the app help section. When I try to type a question in, the "have a question? Ask or enter a search term" gray text in that box doesn't go away, what I type goes behind it. Every search just brings up the terms and conditions and nothing else.

    49. Mara Saxer on

      Hello, I've had my ring for a few days now and I have several questions. I submitted several of these using your website contact form but have not heard back, so my first question is how best to get in touch.

      The app:
      - The help and faq section don't work for me (I have the Android app). It shows the list of questions which you click on to get the answer to expand, but they never expand. It works on the website, which is the same thing that's in the app, so at least that, but it's frustrating to have it there but not functional.
      - I don't appear to have any of the fitness tracking parts at all. They're just not in the app, and as far as I can tell it's not importing things to Google Fit or anything like that. What gives?
      - This might be a minor update thing someday in the future, but it would be nice to be able to choose whether notifications light up app by app. Right now I can only enable lights and vibration across all apps, then customize color by app. I might want to make my email blue, texts pink and Instagram just vibration with no light.
      - Is there a comprehensive list of all supported apps? Right now 16 show up for me, and they're not even all apps I have so I don't quite understand why that is - is that the entirety of the apps that will work with the ring? It sounded in your campaign like it was going to be a much longer list than that.

      The ring itself:
      - It has to be within 10 feet for app notifications, what about for the trackong functions? Can I go for a walk leaving my phone at home and have my steps counted, for example? I actually don't see the tracking explained anywhere on your site, if I'm missing it I would appreciate being pointed in the right direction. I purchased this primarily for the tracking function, so while the notifications are nice and it's a beautiful piece of jewelry, not having that component is a bit of a bummer.

    50. The Blinq Team Creator on

      Thanks for your feedback we will contact you directly. Bug reports can be sent to us by direct message.

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