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Update #5

Congratulations to ~ EVERYONE ~

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Much to our surprise, DIRT ended up taking home TWO awards at the Savannah Film Festival: Best Student Short Award and Filmmaker's Magazine Award.

Photo by Alison Bushor, "Abby and Lorraine"
Photo by Alison Bushor, "Abby and Lorraine"


 Thank you all again SO MUCH.  Without your generosity, Dirt would have never been made into a film.  Now, an award-winning film.

So what happens now? Justin and I finesse the film (we are hoping for a professional sound mix by the end of this month) and then we release the rest of the Kickstarter Prizes!

Thank you so much for holding on, the completion of this film has certainly taken some time - but Justin and I truly believe that y'all will be quite pleased with the results.  We will also be sending the film out to many more festivals and we will certainly keep you updated in terms of the progress of our run.

Get ready for your presents : >

Just in time for the Holidays.

Jae + Justin

Update #4

It's been a LONG TIME


Hello All!

Justin and I apologize for being distant, we've been locked in the post-production zone for about a year.  Anna Swenson, our editor, has rocked this project and we are happy to say that we have a locked cut.

We're coming close with final sound and hope to have a completely finished project by this winter.  Often times, the post-production on short projects takes the longest amount of time as we are asking very busy, talented people to work for us FOR FREE.  Luckily, we've had so many great volunteers that Justin and I are confident that "Dirt" showcases the overwhelming talent of the post-production team.

On another note:  Unbeknownst to Justin and I - "Dirt" was submitted to the Savannah Film Festival and got in!  This is pretty exciting news and rather serendipitous as "Dirt" will be premiering in its hometown.  If you happen to be around Savannah, we would love to see you at the showings : >

You'll be hearing from us very soon on the exact dates when the final film will be reaching you. Thank you all for your patience, gratitude and encouragement.

Yours in mirth,

Jae Matthews / Justin Andrews

Set Photo: "Dirt"
Set Photo: "Dirt"

Update #3

One Week to Go!

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It's a bracing feeling knowing that we only have a week left until Production officially begins.  I think some of my fears and anticipation have fueled my latest teaser for y'all to enjoy.

The footage belongs to an impressive catalogue of various tests and practice-runs we've done in the last number of days to make sure that we'll be set for the shoot.  Luckily all this preparation eliminates a lot of the anxiety that comes with the looming shoot date of our film.  Enjoy:

After posting this video, I realized that it has a similar tone to our earlier Poster Contest, where we asked friends and contacts to submit a poster under the guise that Dirt, our lead, was missing.  Below you'll see three out of all of the great examples that imbibe a sense of mystery and loneliness, feelings that will certainly be commented upon in our film.

But again, thank you so much for being our proud supporters.  Without your contributions we would not be able to muse on such topics, nor create such a collaborative story about love, loss and teenage freedom.

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Update #2

A "Thank You"


Justin and I (and everyone) would like to GREATLY THANK our backers.  Without you this project would be toast.  It's nice to see Dirt get to California.

We've made a little video to tide you over, just for now!  Soon you will be getting a lot more updates about the project.  Honestly though, we've never met so many angels. 

Thank you so much! Your support means everything to us, and we can't wait to involve you in the process.  Dirt luvs U.

Pass this on. Let your friends know. There are still THREE DAYS to give a dollar and be involved.  xxx jae + justin.

Update #1

How it's been going...


Hello Everyone!

It's crazy to think that we only have fourteen days left....

But thank y'all for your kind and generous support so far!  It's really been something else to feel the great vibes from our friends and family.

But we aren't done yet....

Please keep passing along the Kickstarter if you can, and help us reach our goal! We are so so close!

This Update includes footage of some exciting jaunts the team has been on!  We did some important camera tests with our Director of Photography, Rebecca Ulmo and our Gaffer, Daniel Friedberg.  We've decided to use the Mysterium X RED camera package, because of its capacity to handle low light situations with its native ISO of 800 speed.  Basically, it's perfect for a movie that takes place all at night.  

Also!  We've locked our "Party House".  This is the house where Dirt encounters Joey, the object of her affection and watches a Thrash Band rock out!  That said, we've also confirmed our house-party band: Indian Giver!  These boys are the sweetest, coolest and really know how to get crazy, check them out:

Will Cook, our Prop Master has opened up his warehouse for our perusal, and man do Gus Muller and Tommy Love have a job ahead of them!  Will has a lot of great stuff! Our Art Dept. just needs to dig through the years of collection and find it!  

Soon we will have some Video Storyboards cut, and we will be posting some clips of those as well!  It's a great prep. for our finalized Shot List.  

Again, thank you SO MUCH!  You guys are AWESOME.  Enjoy the videooooo!

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    Dirt's Fire! Fan Club. Not only do you get recognition and total gratitude in our "Thanks" section of the credits, we'll include you in our fan club, and give you access to behind the scenes experience and fun stuff from set.

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    Post-card from Dirt. Dirt will be traveling all over the country looking for California. Here's a chance to have a moment of hers, with a hand-written note from where-ever she finds herself on a unique weird America post-card.

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    A Digital Download of the film and a Love Letter from Lorraine. Lorraine's been writing love letters since high school, here's a chance to become one of her fond fellows and receive a personalized, perfumed letter from the woman herself. Be careful! She might just seal it with a kiss. Also, all prizes up to this point are included.

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    A DVD of the film and a Polaroid from Dirt. Dirt, like most young girls likes to take pictures of herself. Since she's kinda a loner, she does this a lot with her polaroid camera. This is a chance to have a one-of-a-kind picture of Dirt. She might be in her bedroom, hitch-hiking or laying in the street--either way the moment becomes yours! Also, all prizes up to this point are included.

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    You receive a hand-painted VHS tape of the film. Every tape will be different, and each one will be painted according to a particular character. You also receive all prizes above this category, so even if you do not have a VHS player, you will still be able to watch the film!

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    Alison Bushor, our talented set and promotional photographer has offered her work as a prize in this category. You get to choose between an "action shot" from production or from one of her photo-shoots with Dirt. The photos can be viewed here: These will be high-quality, archival inkjet 10 X 12 digital prints, mounted on stock-board. Also, all prizes up to this point are included.

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    Mounted Storyboard Page by famed alternative cartoonist, Brian Ralph. We are so lucky to have one of a kind storyboards for the film that we want to share them with you! Brian's most recent work "Daybreak" was listed as a NEW YORK TIMES bestseller in the Graphic Novel category. Information about Brian and more of his work can be found at Also, all prizes up to this point are included.

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    Jae Matthews (Producer/Writer) and Justin Andrews (Director) will make you a custom Teaser. Shot on VHS, the short will incorporate you into the life of Dirt and evoke the same sense of longing and whispers that Dirt faces everyday. An example: Also, all prizes up to this point are included.

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    At this rank we will provide you with an accredited "Executive Producer" role as well as a seat at the showcase premiere. We will also include "Dirt's Suitcase". This is a vintage suitcase filled with Dirt's ephemera from the road, as well as all the prizes above this category.

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    Southern Slumber-Party! We'll show you a good time in Georgia + put you up in a house in the swamps! You'll be able to sit-in on a Coloring Session and we'll host a Fire Party in your honor. It'll be a boot-stomping-party-like-you're-Dirt good-time! All prizes above this category are also included.

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