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Purchase RBR over at our online store:
Purchase RBR over at our online store:
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An Exciting Future for RBR!

'Growing Up Is Never Easy' Poster - Click to Purchase!
'Growing Up Is Never Easy' Poster - Click to Purchase!

So it may seem quiet on the RBR front, but that’s only because we have been so busy. We have some extremely exciting news to announce. After what we considered to be a hugely successful start, Ben and I decided that we wanted to continue with the Raised by Raptors series, and complete it. But we have also learned a lot from the first issue, of our strengths and weaknesses, and have decided to make some changes.

We would firstly like to introduce Gerardo Sandoval. He will be taking on all of the drawing duties, injecting his amazing talent and style into the series. Gerardo has worked on such titles as Cable and X-Force, Avengers vs X-men and Captain Marvel for Marvel Comics and also Tomb Raider for Top Cow.

One thing we did learn very quickly when we launched RBR on kickstarter and developed the online store, is how many other things need to be addressed. This took up a good majority of Ben’s drawing time and led us to the decision to bring on someone else to help out. We were talking to Gerardo at the time and he showed a keen interest in RBR and it wasn’t long before he was onboard. This meant that Ben could concentrate on colouring the book and running the back end of things properly. “Colouring Gerardo’s lines has brought another level to the comic! I’m so lucky to be working with his art. It also means that we can get issues out quicker too.”

With the new addition to the team, we have decided to treat the first issue as a pilot. Now don’t panic, everyone who has purchased the first issue can still read the second and it will make perfect sense. The saga will just continue…

To celebrate Gerardo’s involvement, we have a very special poster, drawn by Gerardo and coloured by Ben, on sale only at the webstore HERE. Get one while you can, and check out a sample of what to expect from the future of Raised by Raptors!

We apologise to all the people waiting for issue 2 but it is happening and it will be better than ever. Hold tight!

- Oliver is now live!

Make sure that you check out the awesome animation
that Hiromi Sato (Metal Gear Solid) did for us!

You can keep up to date with all things RBR at
the facebook, tumblr and twitter pages.

News from the printers...

We have just received news from the printers that the printing of the comic has been delayed and we won't have it in our hands until the 30th of April.

We are as eager as all of you to get our hands on a copy and have done everything we possibly can to speed up the process. Unfortunately it's out of our control and printing is taking longer than initially proposed.

Massive apologies for this and thanks for all being so patient.

To get you started, here's a sneak peek download of the opening page :D

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Raised by Raptors update from Oli!

Hey guys, hope you're all well!

So we have been working like crazy since RBR competed its goal and we are so excited about you guys getting the first issue. It took just about a week longer than expected so we apologise for that... But we didn't want to rush, these things take time.. And we can say for sure the wait will be worth it! Everything is ready to go now and the comic will be going to print in the next few days and shipping will commence early next week.WHOOP! the backgrounds and ringtone will be available in the next few days too. Ben has been working hard on them and the backgrounds are now even better than before. We really went all out with this issue, we really hope this is the start of something epic! Thanks for your support from me and Ben

Oliver X


If you want your order (pledges of £10 or more) to be sent outside of the UK, please make sure £4 has been added for shipping. If so, great! If not and the wrong shipping option was accidentally selected, a payment of £4 can be made to us through paypal. 

It's easy as. Just login or signup to paypal, select the 'send money' tab up the top and pay £4 to We'll record your name to make sure your pledge goes out to you safe and sound. 


As you all can probably see, we have sent a small survey to fill out. You will need to fill this in as it has important info in it that we need in order to get things happening from our end! (Only orders of £10 and above received a survey.) 

Payments are being processed by kickstarter and take around 14 days for it to reach us. We can then start to order everything. 

If all runs smoothly, we should be shipping out the goods by early - mid April. Thanks again for your patience and support. Still working super hard to make Raised By Raptors as awesome as possible!