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Limited Special Edition Arduboy featuring Arduventure: A pocket sized 8-bit RPG with hours of story driven gameplay!
1,138 backers pledged $60,375 to help bring this project to life.

The Shipping is Real

Posted by Kevin Bates (Creator)

Arduventure Ultimate Edition Shipment Started

Backers who pledged for the Ultimate Edition Arduventure Arduboy should expect to see a tracking number soon if they haven't already got one.

Special Edition Shipment Underway

As soon as the remaining transports are away we will begin shipping Special Edition Arduventure Arduboys

Regular Edition Survey

For the remainder of backers we will send out the survey this weekend

Bag Safety

The Flynn Arduventure Plush Doll ships inside of a plastic bag. While the plush doll might seem like a toy,  Arduboy and everything sold with it is designed for ages 12 and above. Regardless of what age person enjoys the doll, please be sure to responsibly dispose of the bag first.

Thank you!

Things should start to arrive for some of you soon, look out for those surveys and tracking numbers! If you have any comments or questions leave them below, thanks!


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    1. Tim Bledsoe on

      So, Kevin, maybe 1 week for the downloads to be available?

    2. Kevin Bates 2-time creator on

      The survey just went out, took a bit longer to get through shipping the special editions.

      Downloads will be made available after everything else ships which will hopefully be less than 2 weeks.

    3. Missing avatar

      Johnny Nny on

      I have not Ben given any servey?

    4. Missing avatar

      Johan Ramz on

      Good to see this, what about the early access download backers? any news there? :D

    5. Missing avatar

      Rodskin on

      Just got mine!! Awesome packaging!!
      Now I know I won't be bored un subway tonight :D

      Have a beer! you deserve it!

    6. Atticus Hornsby on

      I understood that I would be receiving a survey this weekend. I don't see a survey. What should can I do?

    7. Atticus Hornsby on

      I'm looking forward to receiving the survey.

    8. Jeremie Lariviere

      thanks for the update! time to get excited :-)

    9. Kevin Bates 2-time creator on

      The software will be available after shipping finishes, rewarding the ultimate and special edition backers with the earliest access.

    10. Brad Hermann

      Why isn’t the software available yet if shipping has commenced? Did I miss something?

    11. Shu on

      I've pledged extra for a regular on top of my special edition but there's no option to specify that on the survey. Will I be getting a second survey to fill or will I automatically be shipped a regular arduboy separately from the special edition?

    12. Missing avatar

      Leonardo on

      Where will I get the tracking number?