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Limited Special Edition Arduboy featuring Arduventure: A pocket sized 8-bit RPG with hours of story driven gameplay!
1,138 backers pledged $60,375 to help bring this project to life.

Arduventure has gone Gold!

Posted by Kevin Bates (Creator)

The game software is done!

We just compiled the software and sent it to the factory to begin production next week!

Only 16 bytes left!
Only 16 bytes left!

 Getting to this point has been an amazing effort from all of the members of TEAM a.r.g. especially Gavin who has put in lots of overtime and special care in delivering the most amount of content possible in 32kb. Many tricks have been used, in fact the USB drivers have been removed from the software so you'll need to do some special button presses to install a new game on the hardware, a process that will be covered in a future update.

Production and Shipping Schedules

The plan is to start production next week and hopefully it should only take a week to finish. The PCB have been finished, and all of the plastic parts are waiting, the only thing left is programming the software and final assembly.

We are up against a tight schedule as Chinese New Year shuts down all the factories for about a month starting after about Febuary 8th.

To mitigate any issues, I'm headed to the factory in a week to oversee the final steps of production. Hope to get some nice pictures for you!

The plan will be to ship in February, so sorry it does look to be a few weeks late but it seems everything has run pretty smoothly this time. Finishing the software took longer than expected, but I think the quality is worth the wait!

Thank you so much!

This holiday season we saw overwhelming demand for the Arduboy! So much so, that we are now pretty much sold out around the whole world and scrambling to get back in stock with our distributors. Our offices have been closed this month as we are on holiday, so apologies for the lack of communication these past couple weeks!

You and other Arduboy fans are the reason this project can exist, so thank you again so much for believing and backing this campaign. Thank you even more for sharing it with your friends and helping the business continue into the future!

Please leave any comments or questions below and I'll get back to you as soon as I can!

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    1. ESGT on

      I never received anything to give you my address to show where to ship my package.

    2. Jeremie Lariviere

      great news; thanks for the update

    3. Kevin Bates 2-time creator on

      If you've ordered multiple items than everything will ship together.

    4. Missing avatar

      Eddie T

      Can I assume that I will have two shipments? I have backed one special edition, one regular edition, and one plushie. It would make more sense for me to ship all items together.

    5. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Benallack on

      Awesome work! Can't wait to get this into my hands.

    6. Kevin Bates 2-time creator on

      The Special Editions will be shipped first. Once that is complete we will ship the Regular Editions with Arduventure. (Probably about a week after, depending on how long it takes to package everything) Then, once we get confirmation that a majority of people have received their hardware we will make the software available to people who just backed the game itself. Planning to send out the survey in the next couple weeks. I want to see the finished product come off the assembly line first so that there is a small gap between getting addresses and making the shipment. If you have questions about your specific order please send a direct message. Thanks everyone!

    7. Missing avatar

      David Donovan on

      Thanks for the update! When do you plan on sending out a survey for shipping addresses?

    8. Shu on

      thanks for the update. I presume this shipment applies to the special edition arduboys or do they also apply to regular arduboys? Also, any updates on add-ons? I think back on one of your comments during an update from October 8, you mentioned we could add on a regular arduboy for $39 or refund it if you guys can't fulfill the add-on.

    9. Missing avatar

      Jose Gomez on

      Great news! Me also on the software only reward, hope we can get a copy soon.

    10. Darrell Little

      Awesome! Great job everyone!

    11. Dezorian on

      Great job on gettjng the software done! For the backers (like me) who only have the software as reward; when will we be able to download the game? Do we update the firmware for the usb driver removal? Cheers!


    12. Dezorian on

      Great job on gettjng the software done! For the backers (like me) who only have the software as reward; when will we be able to download the game? Do we update the firmware for the usb driver removal? Cheers!