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Limited Special Edition Arduboy featuring Arduventure: A pocket sized 8-bit RPG with hours of story driven gameplay!
1,138 backers pledged $60,375 to help bring this project to life.

December Status Update

Posted by Kevin Bates (Creator)

Happy Holidays Backers!

Sorry for the delay in an update! Things have been very busy in Arduboy headquarters this holiday season. Rest assured everything on Arduventure has been moving along behind the scenes but as several people have noted it's time for an update where we are at!

Delay on Gold Buttons

Well, bad news friends. It looked like we would be able to deliver early and at this point right now we are actually "back on schedule". We had a delay getting the gold buttons delivered to us which is now supposed to happen this week so that production can start.

Plush Toys

Last time I checked with the factory they were supposed to be done this next week so hopefully I can make an update very soon with some pictures of the final result! It's worth mentioning they were out of stock of the hair length we showed in the campaign and Flyn's hair is going to be a little bit longer than shown. But you can cut and style his hair however you like!

We also ordered waaaay too many more than we needed, so after the campaign they will probably be on sale.

Delivery Schedule and Game Development

So, after receiving all of your feedback it does seem like sending out hardware without the finished game was not the right way to proceed. Most of you let us know you would rather wait to get the game pre-installed especially as some of you had intended to give this as a gift or otherwise uninterested in reprogramming the device.

The goal right now will be back to getting these delivered on schedule with the finished game. To be honest, shipments may actually have to go out the very beginning of February based on the current schedule so we're probably trending into a little bit late category.

But at this stage I can't foresee anything but an act of god preventing us from getting this delivered as promised mostly on time. That doesn't mean surprises can't come but everything except the gold buttons and the software should be sorted out.

General Feedback

Let us know how you're feeling about this campaign. This last month there was a gap in communication because of the activity of this holiday but if you ever need any support please do leave a comment or send me a message directly.

Maybe not totally on topic but if you also have anything to say about the Kickstarter website redesign and how it effects your experience as a backer on this project I would be interested in hearing it!

Thank you!

And as always, thank you so much for backing! This campaign really boosted the company at a really critical time this year and helped keep the boat afloat. I really appreciate it so thank you from me! But also thank you from the whole developer community they appreciate your support as well!

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    1. Dave Darko on

      I just hope that I get both editions like it was advised in the FAQ to do so :) Thank you for the update!

    2. Matthias Mitnacht on

      So when the Gold Buttons are delayed, what means that for Backers of the "normal" Editions? They just wait for finishing the Game?

    3. B Alan Eisen on

      I wish that you guys could do a primer on graphics. I can draw 1 bit graphics. I wrote a book of graphics 30 years ago. I am sorry that I didn't keep a complete copy. Everything old is new again.

    4. Beto Raposa on

      "Don't stop believing ..."
      I an really anxious about getting both Arduboy and Arduventure. The lack of communication rises expectation to the roof, but it is a complicate time of the year for production in general. I am glad there are plenty of other amenities to drive the mind away.

      As for Kickstarter's new design, It seems they were aiming for a more neutral look so any project could shine and show its true colors and particular design. That puts a boulder on the shoulders of project owners. Arduboy updates lack personality. I know it is a lot of extra work to put together images, and I don't mind having a bland update message as long as there is one. But as UX designer, I see how it may affect other backers. You are lucky you have lots of love coming from the community! They create their on image on their head to fill the gap.

    5. Missing avatar

      V2C on

      Thank you for the update. I can’t wait for the finished product !