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Limited Special Edition Arduboy featuring Arduventure: A pocket sized 8-bit RPG with hours of story driven gameplay!
Limited Special Edition Arduboy featuring Arduventure: A pocket sized 8-bit RPG with hours of story driven gameplay!
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    1. Nich Angell on May 2

      So impressed. To see one of the biggest kind of games represented in a tiny form on a tiny console is so satisfying! And to have a magic system to boot too! Cannot believe you crammed this tiny game into this radical console but I love it!

    2. Kevin Bates 2-time creator on May 1

      Reprogramming: If you are having issues reprogramming the Arduboy with Arduventure on it, be sure to follow the guide at

    3. Missing avatar

      Henning Beermann on April 29

      @Chong Yun Xiang
      same goes for me. I tried everything (i could imagine, after reading but nothing worked out. My PC isn't even asking for drivers :/

    4. Missing avatar

      Jim Bailey
      on April 26

      I have attempt to direct message this Kickstarter organizer. How to I report not receiving a survey (aside from the limited on from Kickstarter) nor a shipment?

    5. Chong Yun Xiang on April 22

      Hi, how do I get my PC to detect my Arduboy? I tried the Arduboy Manager and the AGL loader, but only the Arduboy Manager detects my arduboy, and but yet it says cannot transfer.

    6. Vlad on April 18

      Got mine. The game is... meh. The battles are too frequent and the music is too repetitive to be anything other than annoying. The hardware is really nice, except the button response leaves something to be desired. Cool collectible I guess.


    7. Chong Yun Xiang on April 14

      What happens when we collected all the 4 blades?

    8. Matthias Mitnacht on April 13

      All ready 1 Bug, when you pick up the map before talking to the lady, the map doesn't work.

    9. Missing avatar

      Ollii on April 12

      Hi, has someone in germany has allready received his arduboy? Mine is still stuck in custom till the 23. of feb.

    10. Fabrizio Pedrazzini
      on April 9

      Got mine today in Italy. Was delivered last week but I was away for work. Thanks a lot!

    11. Shu on April 8

      Picked mine up from the post office today. Looks amazing. Can't wait to play it. Thanks for an amazing product!

    12. Chong Yun Xiang on April 7

      Just a question, is there a forum for Arduventure? I can't find the last chest haha!

    13. Missing avatar

      Miguel Dräger on April 6

      Picked up my Special Edition from our local customs department today (germany). Had to pay 9,12€ custom duty. I LOVE the packaging and the Arduboy looks awesome too! I'm really glad the graphics on the back was changed to the Arduventure logo. Can't wait to get home and play the game!

    14. Missing avatar

      on April 6

      Got mine yesterday, and have been killed once, already....

    15. Pierre Menard on April 5

      Got my 3 Special Edition Arduboys today (Québec, Canada)!!! Can’t wait to dig my thumbs deep into Arduventure! And the bonus plushie was really the cherry on top :)

      Thanks Kevin Bates! Can wait to see where you’ll take arduboy next! (I’ll probably back it too;)

    16. Kevin Bates 2-time creator on April 5

      Mac Support: We are working on a better solution but at this time it may be better to wait for the source code to upload via Arduino if you cannot use another PC.

    17. Chong Yun Xiang on April 5

      got my arduboy and loving the game. Would be nice if we can see the enemy's hp.

    18. Missing avatar

      Jose Gomez on April 5

      Hi, I finally downloaded the game, I already had an old arduboy with the arduventure demo running. But it seems impossible to me to upload the new game. I’m on a Mac, tried the arduino sdk but no idea how to upload the hex or the .arduboy file. I then tried some of the windows uploaders on a win10 virtual box on my Mac but again no luck, it recognises the arduboy, it attempts to upload, the arduboy restarts but nothing is uploaded. Any help appreciated!

    19. Julian Kay on April 5

      Thanks for the download link! I've only had a quick play so far but it seems great. Excellent work! I have a feeling this will be my favourite game on the Arduboy so far. 👍

    20. David St-Onge on April 4

      Received my Arduboy SE yesterday in Canada. Great game ! I found a bug(or feature) that if you get out of the map on the top left and follow the top of the map you can enter a out of bound zone and walk infinitely to the west, a bit like the infinite forest in the original Zelda. Random signs say "This road leads to the blade". The only problem is that I ended up losing my saved game. I guess I went too far west and overwrote some memory :(

    21. Chong Yun Xiang on April 3

      Hi, I've not received my arduboy. It says it has reached my country, but the status says departed.

    22. Missing avatar

      on April 3

      Got mine here in the uk just now. Parcel was covered in customs charge stickers, yet the postie just put it through the letterbox! Score!!

    23. Missing avatar

      Jeff Hutchings on April 1

      Got it. Thanks!

    24. Garrett Grenier
      on April 1

      So far I’m enjoying this arduboy SE and the game. I’ve beaten three of the bosses so far. I think it’s weird all the houses npc’s say the same save thing. Also I search everything in every building but so far seems like only your own house in the very beginning had anything hidden. That’s two missed opportunity’s that would increase the overall gameplay.

      Also they should offer at least one high priced piece of armor in each shop I believe. So far I’m just buying a crap load of the 4 available items, probably more then I would ever need. Overall a cool game for the arduboy but could be better with just a few minor changes.

    25. Chad Campbell on March 31

      Interesting game tidbits:
      -The final boss never goes away. You can stack up on Cider and continue fighting him for as long as you desire until you reach the max level...
      -Once you reach 33, you are officially done leveling up.
      -Behind the shop in the final stage there are some stairs to take you to other areas. This will let you explore everything you couldn't get to in that stage before. It will also let you...
      -Go Off-world. If you go off screen and continue going right, you will pass all of the land and wind up in an endless Glitch World. It has shops, houses, castles, rest areas, the trees, but you cannot enter any of them. You can roam around forever though, I've gone 70 screens to the right and down with no end in sight (which is longer than the main game itself). There are no villains here though, so roaming is free. Go back to the top right and you can get back to the stairs and re-enter the game.

      So yes, I've certainly played it too much, but hope you are able to find these interesting!

    26. Neil Wright on March 31

      £15.44 customs charge here in the UK. But when I opened the package and saw that black box - wow! Brilliant packaging and the unveiling of the console itself was even more thrilling. What a smart little device. Love the design on the back. So glad you guys changed that, it’s much better now.

      The game is awesome but really looking forward to trying to program my own stuff on this. I can’t code so I hope the tutorials on the website are applicable to thickos and that many more tutorials will come.


    27. Dennis on March 31

      Regular version landed here in the Netherlands. No customs costs, game is nice, still searching to progress

    28. Christoph Lang on March 30

      Got mine yesterday from the customs. 7,-- € custom duty here in Germany for the Special Edition. Looking forward to try it out in the next days...

    29. Steven Poole on March 30

      Mine arrived yesterday. Awesome. My first one. Only question I have is can we have more than 1 game loaded at any time? If not maybe this if something to think about for future?

    30. DarthKegRaider on March 29

      Mine arrived yesterday in Townsville Australia! The console looks great again Kevin and team, well done. Team A.R.G..... What can i say, the effort gone into this game is astonishing! Totally worth my coin backing you guys.

    31. Kevin Bates 2-time creator on March 29

      Uploading Arduventure: Arduventure software will be released next week so you can reinstall it on your device if you have changed the game.

      End Game: You know you won when you found the Victory Amulet!

    32. Mac Charkrit Kookitwatana on March 29

      I think I overwrite the game with another game. Is it possible to get Arduventure back?

    33. Missing avatar

      Leonard Mowry on March 29

      I think I beat it. I look forward to an update with more text content...

      I defeated all 4 bosses and collected all the parts of the sword.
      I went back to my house but there was nothing else to do.

      Good game.

    34. Roysterini on March 28

      My Arduboy and plush arrived last week, but I did have to pick up from the post office as I had to pay £16.02 customs duty on it. 🙁
      I would like to know how easy it is to swap out the game for something else, but still be able to put the adventure back.
      I am not familiar with Arduboy shenanigans.

    35. Kevin Bates 2-time creator on March 28

      Thanks for all the great feedback everyone! It's so exciting to hear everyone is enjoying Arduventure!

      Software Updates: No planned updates yet, and your save progress will transfer if/when it happens so... game on!

      Upload Menu: This is how you reprogram the Arduboy. For more information go to

    36. Sascha Grant on March 28

      Mine just arrived!! Melbourne / Australia :)

    37. Missing avatar

      Marc on March 27

      Mine arrived in Canada yesterday and it's better than expected! Is there an ETA for the full finished version? Don't want to get too far if I'll have to start from scratch.

    38. Daniel Witt on March 27

      @Christoph Lang

      I had to pay ~13 Euro at the customs. (74 $ - Ultimate Edition)

    39. Christoph Lang on March 27

      I'm from Germany.
      Tracking still says "Held in Customs", so let's see how much extra I have to pay...

    40. Missing avatar

      Leonard Mowry on March 27

      Just got back to the states. Opened mine up and saw the special thanks :)

    41. Luis Francisco Baroni Coutinho
      on March 27

      got mine and is awesome but every noção says Save in Extra ....

    42. Hung le Thai on March 27

      Got mine in australia. This thing is the cutest handheld. Period

    43. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Benallack on March 26

      Got mine today, this thing is AWESOME! Thanks team!

    44. Missing avatar

      Colby Chapman on March 26

      Today is the day that my regular Arduboy pre loaded with Arduventure arrives.... so much excitement!!!

    45. Missing avatar

      Jason Davies on March 26

      As others have already commented, it looks like those of us in the UK are liable for extra customs & post office charges. In my case they want £14 to release it.

      Am still very much looking forward to picking mine up & am slightly jealous of those who already have theirs!!!

    46. Missing avatar

      sgllama on March 26

      Just paid a bit over 16 quid in UK VAT and Post Office handling charges but at least I've got the Arduboy SE in my hands now.

    47. Missing avatar

      Robert Cullipher on March 26

      What is the ‘upload’ option in the main menu for?

    48. Richard Shipman
      on March 26

      Just got a customs demand for £16 in the UK. I guess that mine is waiting for me to pay that before they deliver it.

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