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Limited Special Edition Arduboy featuring Arduventure: A pocket sized 8-bit RPG with hours of story driven gameplay!
Limited Special Edition Arduboy featuring Arduventure: A pocket sized 8-bit RPG with hours of story driven gameplay!
1,138 backers pledged $60,375 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Shu 2 days ago

      @creator: will there be a pledge manager at some stage? I've pledged extra hoping to add on a regular arduboy to my special edition and since the special edition will be delayed, maybe they could both be shipped together? Thanks!

    2. Kevin Bates 2-time creator 2 days ago

      Sorry for the delay in the updates, just filled one out! We've been listening to your feedback!

    3. LocksmithArmy
      6 days ago

      In about a week it'll be a month since the last update. Im sure a new update is coming soon.

    4. Zach Dokuchic on December 1

      Yea an update would be great, even just replying, not a full update but a comment to let us know we're still on track, or not, either way just honesty.

    5. Missing avatar

      V2C on December 1


    6. Dave Darko on November 30

      Any updates on how you'll proceed?

    7. Missing avatar

      Jeff Hutchings on November 27

      Ship hardware, update software later. sounds good to me.

    8. Steven Poole on November 26

      I'm all for waiting a little extra untill the game is fully done.

    9. CJ Siano on November 20

      Please offer a shipping option to include a 'finished' product.

    10. Missing avatar

      Jonathan baverstock on November 15

      I’d prefer to just hold off until game is ready. Unless its going to be a much longer time than first let on. Id be fine with waiting a month or two

    11. Missing avatar

      Nop on November 15

      > The plan right now is to load the device with a prelude version of Arduventure that will be something like a demo.
      > If you think this is a horrible idea and would rather hold off shipping until the final software is done, I'm not really sure what there is that can be done about it but please feel to complain or suggest alternatives in the comment section below. Let me know what you think!

      This is a horrible idea. People are going to play, hit a roadblock, feel furstrated, upgrade to full version later, overwrite their save files accidentally, and feel even more frustrated. Not to mention that some backers may be intending this as a present for someone who has no experience of flashing roms on a device and no interest or desire to do so.

      If you are going to ship a demo version to keep your delivery time commitments, make it an option in the survey. I, for one, and I suppose many other backers, will prefer waiting a couple more months to get a final products flashed with a full version of the game.

    12. Missing avatar

      Anthony Altieri
      on November 14

      I have the original Arduboy from the last campaign. So I'm in no hurry to get the hardware. In fact, honestly, I'll probably set it up in my display case with my other "collectables." So I'll play the game on an original anyway, most likely.

      That one will be a LOT easier to replace if something happens to it! ;-)

    13. Justin Thurer on November 14

      I'd rather wait for it to be completely finished.

    14. BS on November 14

      I have no problem loading the final software myself.

    15. Shu on November 14

      I rather have the game properly developed and loaded into device so delay the shipping if needed. Don't rush to deliver it.

    16. Tiger_vii on November 14

      I wouldn't mind waiting for the final version before shipping. Im in no rush to recieve my special editions. I rather the hardware and software be perfect first, also if its the demo, i will have to start over from the beginning once the full game is downloaded. Please take your time

    17. Brian Lovelady on November 13

      I am with downloading the software ourselves, would rather have the software be perfect then rushed!

    18. LocksmithArmy
      on November 13

      I support shipping the hardware now and perfecting the software later... a more perfect game is always better :)

    19. Daylan Andrews on October 20

      I like the current choice of gold color and think it is good to go with that selection.

    20. Tiger_vii on October 20

      Dont worry they most likely just busy. He replied my messages before. And also on the forum too. Super excited to recieve the Special edition with adventure

    21. Daniel Witt on October 20

      This is the first campaign I know of that has got no update after being founded...

    22. Antonio Sánchez Pérez on October 20

      @Kevin, I sent you a message 5 days ago and still no answer

    23. CJ Siano on October 17

      Amazing. In the end, 4 Ultimate packages were left on the table...

      I hope the silence since the funding is Kevin doing all the final planning to provide us with a realistic timetable. I hope this isn't delayed - running into the Chinese New Year would suck.

    24. TeamCthulhu on October 16

      Stoked to be a part of this campaign, but I think I might have to order a regular edition Arduboy from the store to tide me over until next year. :)

    25. Missing avatar

      Ahmad Aiman As-Syukree Ismail on October 16

      Yeah!!! It is a success!!!

    26. Darrell Little
      on October 14

      Woohoo! Congratulations to Kevin and Team ARG on an awesome campaign! Looking forward to playing Arduventure soon!

    27. Missing avatar

      Anthony Altieri
      on October 14

      You know... on one hand, I'm thrilled this got funded.

      On the other hand... GAH!!!!! Now I have to wait until January to get my hands on it! ;-)

    28. LocksmithArmy
      on October 14


    29. Missing avatar

      Lane Michael Allen on October 14

      Keep checking back y'all! Been seeing 1-3 standard Special editions pop up every visit back! You still have a chance!!

    30. Missing avatar

      Lane Michael Allen on October 14

      CANNOT BELIEVE I snagged at Special Plush Edition this morning! Hope someone enjoys the standard special edition I left behind! My life would've been a Void without that plush doll case!

    31. Shane
      on October 14

      Three special editions open.

    32. Adam Mohammed
      on October 14

      Decided to just get the game, giving up a special edition.

    33. Missing avatar

      Christopher Spitzer on October 14

      Backed the project because it looks quite intriguing. That said, the project description is for a "Limited Special Edition Arduboy" and all the images in the campaign description are for the black special edition. When in fact that actually not the case since the "Limited Edition" is also limited within the project itself and the project itself is actually for the white edition (see how this is misleading for those coming into your project late?). If the project description was for Arduventure with a limited number of special edition than that would be more accurate and in fact what this project actually is. Almost didn't back this project because I quite dislike the way the white one looks but the game itself sounds intriguing. If you do another kickstarter, please make the campaign lead-in description accurately reflect the campaign.

    34. Dave Darko on October 12

      Also was able to get a special edition by checking in a few times - I've added some more money to get a normal edition as well. So looking forward to hold them in my hands :)

    35. hikaricore on October 12

      I lucked out and found one special edition up for grabs today. I suggest anyone else waiting for one just keep checking back to see if someone retracted or edited their choice. ^_^

    36. Martin on October 12

      I'm the 1200 backer ! Awesome number ! I'm eager to be part of the early player. I wish all the best to the dev team. "Bon courage"

    37. Missing avatar

      Leonard Mowry on October 11

      All gone now. Lol

    38. Missing avatar

      on October 11

      Actually, the one from the comment was claimed within a couple of hours of the comment. There have been a couple that opened up and got claimed again since then...

      ...and there are currently two open, 'cause I saw someone had let go of an Ultimate, so I traded up from the Special Edition I'd snagged earlier. :D

    39. Missing avatar

      Andy Busch on October 11

      That special edition is still there if someone wants to upgrade. (Not gonna lie, I like the traditional colors better, personally.)

    40. Missing avatar

      Peter Soekamto
      on October 10

      Letting go special

    41. Missing avatar

      Cameron Martin on October 10

      It says the ultimate edition has "special packaging" does the special edition also include special packaging?

    42. Missing avatar

      on October 9

      Just found out about this; wish I'd seen it sooner and could have gotten the Ultimate tier with the black one and the plush!

      While I'm certainly going to spend the next four days obsessively checking back in case a black unit opens up, I'd still like to get both the system and the plush. I'm currently backed for the white Arduboy; can I add on $10 to get the plush as well? (I love the fact that his backpack doubles as a carrying case!)

    43. Tiger_vii on October 9

      Looks fantastic almost perfect!! Just need a special case or pouch for it!

    44. Missing avatar

      Douglas S. Brant, Esq. on October 7

      Love the text was added to the logo, only concern rectified.

    45. Shu on October 7

      If I wanted to add a regular on top of my special edition, would there be extra shipping costs and would the regular ship the same time as the special edition?

    46. Missing avatar

      on October 7

      THe best way to avoid another game overwriting your savegame is to get another Arduboy to play the other game on...

    47. Hung le Thai on October 5

      Hot damn. Switched to special edition

    48. trodoss on October 1

      Re: "Save" Functionality
      I can't speak to the specifics of this game (not involved in it's development) but on other team A.R.G. games when we have offered "save" functionality it has been to store the data in EEPROM so your data will be saved between turning the Arduboy on/off. You *may* be able to load other games on the Arduboy (as Kevin mentioned, provided they also do not use the same EEPROM space) and then re-load Arduventure and preserve your save data.

      Re: "Mute" Functionality
      Again, not involved in this effort, but other team A.R.G. games offer a sound toggle (on/off) on the main menu. I would guess that they will implement the same on this game.

    49. Darian N. on September 30

      Yes! Somebody gave up a special edition tier! Wanted to back this but wanted that black version, the white one wasn't doing it for me. Just wish it was the regular one and not the Ultimate pack with the plushie, mainly because no where to put it, wish it was a key chain or something else instead =/.

    50. Shu on September 30

      Perhaps a tier for 2 regular arduboys loaded with the game?

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