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Limited Special Edition Arduboy featuring Arduventure: A pocket sized 8-bit RPG with hours of story driven gameplay!
Limited Special Edition Arduboy featuring Arduventure: A pocket sized 8-bit RPG with hours of story driven gameplay!
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    1. Missing avatar

      Leonard Mowry about 7 hours ago

      Well I'm about to be in a position where I won't be checking my email much do to lack of internet. I will be out of my country for half a month next month.
      Hope the email for address and such sends soon.

    2. Missing avatar

      about 11 hours ago

      I don't understand why anyone would want to replace the Arduventure game on the Special Ed Arduboy.
      I mean, getting a standard Arduboy in addition isn't all that expensive...

      Now, if my Ardubouy would only ship soon...

    3. Jamie White about 14 hours ago

      Production "Nearly finished' on the 2nd of Feb eh?
      Its the 22nd now... Any sign of shipping yet?

    4. Scotty Dupes 1 day ago

      Soooo that whole shipping before the end of the month thing isn’t looking so good huh?

    5. Benjamin Bracker 3 days ago

      Any signs of the backer portal for shipping info yet?

    6. TeamCthulhu 5 days ago

      No pressure, but did shipping begin? Excited to get this. Thanks!

    7. Justin Thurer on February 8

      So, if we offload the pre-loaded Arduventure and load another game, then offload that and load the copy of Arduventure, our data will be saved? Where is the data saved?

    8. Missing avatar

      Ollii on February 2

      Hi, some word to shipping :-). Please make sure, that you send the arduboy with a correct invoice and the neccessary ce-zertification documents. Otherwise all german back will get big trouble with the customs. Thanks :-).

    9. Kevin Bates 2-time creator on February 2

      Reprogramming: The Special Edition can be reprogrammed with other games but you will need to use a special reset procedure as the USB auto-reset feature was removed to gain another 3KB of space. People who back the campaign will be able to download the game again to upload it to then Arduboy again, and your save game will also be retained between switching games!

      Local Willcall: There won't be a pickup option, but shipping will only take 1 day so that's the good news!

    10. James Brown on January 31

      Will there be a way to reload / reinstall the adventure game? In other words, can I put other games on my new arduboy (when I finally get it), and then go back to adventure?

    11. Justin Thurer on January 25

      Will there be a local pickup option for Portland residents?

    12. Kevin Bates 2-time creator on January 21

      If you've got concerns about your order or the campaign you can always direct message me, that will send me an email notification so if I'm away from the keyboard then it brings my attention to the issue.

    13. Roysterini on January 21

      Well this is good news. I feared the worst.
      Thanks for the info.

    14. Kevin Bates 2-time creator on January 21

      Just made an update! Sorry about the delay! Have been on holiday and away from the computer! Production starts next week shipping should be beginning of February. You're going to love the results!!

    15. Missing avatar

      DigitalVanilla on January 20

      When there are soo many worried comments about no updates, you know is not a good sign :(
      Well, I guess is time to buy a regular Arduboy.

    16. Dennis Brinkhuis on January 20

      I thought this project would be rather risk free since the hardware is stock. Such silence a month before estimated delivery is not a good sign..

    17. Luca Bonini on January 19

      An update, please...

    18. Roysterini on January 18

      Sigh.... such silence does not inspire confidence and it's quite a poor showing to not respond.

    19. Sebastien Bienfait on January 18

      still nothing new?

    20. Missing avatar

      Jens Fröbel on January 16

      Hey Arduboy-Team and and Team ARG, until mid December you were actively posting your progress for the GAME, the CASING, the PLUSH even made the Arduboy MAGAZINE Vol 11 on Dec. 9th. Are there any news or life signs for the Bakers and Community?

    21. Jon Raymond on January 15

      An update would be great.

    22. Scotty Dupes on January 14

      Yeah, it’s mid January. Any news?

    23. Steven Poole on January 12

      Any sit-rep about?

    24. Missing avatar

      Johan Ramz on January 11

      Poor team A.R.G. before this project , they were very active with other games , but now , I don't know if they are still alive ; ) there is no news in months here or on their official website . Keep going guys , I just do not want another Mighty No . 9 please ; ) .

    25. Missing avatar

      Jose Gomez on January 3

      Hi there, looking forward to play this game, not sure if its been asked before, sorry if it was. As soon as the software is ready would we be able to download? Specially we that only have the digital copy of the game (I own a previous Arduboy). If it helps we can also help testing it now is ready. Cheers.

    26. Kevin Bates 2-time creator on December 25

      Hello everyone, quick update! The Arduventure game software has been "completed" and is just going under final quality testing, looking for bugs and tweaking the balance of the game! This means within a couple weeks we can flash the units and start thinking about getting them delivered to you!

      Pledge Adjustments: Right now we aren't offering anything but will look into what we can do once we send out the survey for your shipping information. Keep an eye out for that survey!

    27. Shu on December 10

      @creator: will there be a pledge manager at some stage? I've pledged extra hoping to add on a regular arduboy to my special edition and since the special edition will be delayed, maybe they could both be shipped together? Thanks!

    28. Kevin Bates 2-time creator on December 10

      Sorry for the delay in the updates, just filled one out! We've been listening to your feedback!

    29. LocksmithArmy
      on December 6

      In about a week it'll be a month since the last update. Im sure a new update is coming soon.

    30. Zach Dokuchic on December 1

      Yea an update would be great, even just replying, not a full update but a comment to let us know we're still on track, or not, either way just honesty.

    31. Missing avatar

      V2C on December 1


    32. Dave Darko on November 30

      Any updates on how you'll proceed?

    33. Missing avatar

      Jeff Hutchings on November 27

      Ship hardware, update software later. sounds good to me.

    34. Steven Poole on November 26

      I'm all for waiting a little extra untill the game is fully done.

    35. CJ Siano on November 20

      Please offer a shipping option to include a 'finished' product.

    36. Missing avatar

      Jonathan baverstock on November 15

      I’d prefer to just hold off until game is ready. Unless its going to be a much longer time than first let on. Id be fine with waiting a month or two

    37. Missing avatar

      Nop on November 15

      > The plan right now is to load the device with a prelude version of Arduventure that will be something like a demo.
      > If you think this is a horrible idea and would rather hold off shipping until the final software is done, I'm not really sure what there is that can be done about it but please feel to complain or suggest alternatives in the comment section below. Let me know what you think!

      This is a horrible idea. People are going to play, hit a roadblock, feel furstrated, upgrade to full version later, overwrite their save files accidentally, and feel even more frustrated. Not to mention that some backers may be intending this as a present for someone who has no experience of flashing roms on a device and no interest or desire to do so.

      If you are going to ship a demo version to keep your delivery time commitments, make it an option in the survey. I, for one, and I suppose many other backers, will prefer waiting a couple more months to get a final products flashed with a full version of the game.

    38. Missing avatar

      Anthony Altieri
      on November 14

      I have the original Arduboy from the last campaign. So I'm in no hurry to get the hardware. In fact, honestly, I'll probably set it up in my display case with my other "collectables." So I'll play the game on an original anyway, most likely.

      That one will be a LOT easier to replace if something happens to it! ;-)

    39. Justin Thurer on November 14

      I'd rather wait for it to be completely finished.

    40. BryanS on November 14

      I have no problem loading the final software myself.

    41. Shu on November 14

      I rather have the game properly developed and loaded into device so delay the shipping if needed. Don't rush to deliver it.

    42. Tiger_vii on November 14

      I wouldn't mind waiting for the final version before shipping. Im in no rush to recieve my special editions. I rather the hardware and software be perfect first, also if its the demo, i will have to start over from the beginning once the full game is downloaded. Please take your time

    43. Brian Lovelady on November 13

      I am with downloading the software ourselves, would rather have the software be perfect then rushed!

    44. LocksmithArmy
      on November 13

      I support shipping the hardware now and perfecting the software later... a more perfect game is always better :)

    45. Daylan Andrews on October 20

      I like the current choice of gold color and think it is good to go with that selection.

    46. Tiger_vii on October 20

      Dont worry they most likely just busy. He replied my messages before. And also on the forum too. Super excited to recieve the Special edition with adventure

    47. Daniel Witt on October 20

      This is the first campaign I know of that has got no update after being founded...

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