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1st GPS watch w/ color maps on a 2” screen, Leikr challenges how intuitive a watch can get: one-glance display, downloadable workouts.
1st GPS watch w/ color maps on a 2” screen, Leikr challenges how intuitive a watch can get: one-glance display, downloadable workouts.
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MapMyRun Support Released Today For Leikr

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Hello All,

We are super excited today as we are able to announce that we have completed another major partner integration with the MapMyRun service. 

With this integration you can now upload your workouts directly to MapMyRun during your WiFi sync. Users who want to utilize this feature will need to update both the Leikr watch to the latest firmware that was released today (1.9.27), as well as update their account settings within the configuration section of

Below is a little about the team at MapMyRun.

MapMyFitness is the leader in Connected Fitness – building the world’s largest digital fitness community by providing interactive tools to make fitness social, simple and rewarding. The flagship consumer brands – MapMyRun, MapMyRide, and MapMyWalk – are among the most popular apps on iOS and Android and the cloud-based platform has been supporting millions of users since it launched in 2007. For more information visit

MapMyFitness is an Under Armour company.

Shipping Anomalies

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Hello All,

We just received a message from one of our backers that they had yet to receive their Leikr unit, and were asking for a shipping update.

We were quite surprised as all Leikrs were shipped to Kickstarter backers at the end of Dec 2013, so if for some reason you haven’t received your unit please let us know so that we can dig into the tracking details for your unit.

We have also reached out to the few remaining backers who had yet to complete their survey so that we can attempt to get their unit out for delivery.

Lots of updates to the software recently so make sure you are keeping your software up to date by syncing via Wi-Fi. We are currently working on new features (have heard the feedback loud and clear and are working hard on UI improvements) as well as additional partner integrations, these should be coming out in the coming weeks.

If you are having any technical issues, the fastest way to get a hold of us will be via email at


--Leikr Team

General status on delivery


Dear all,  

Firstly I would like to apologize for the frustration that our poor communication might have caused in some of you.  Keeping up the pace in answering the many messages we receive  across different fora turned out to be quite a challenging task.  We prioritize direct mails, so if you any urgent issue, or a last minute change of address, please write to us directly.

Regarding shipping:

According to the latest numbers we are short of roughly 100 units: the units are already made and we plan to ship them during the next few days.  

- We use DHL to ship internationally from Denmark to ROW.   - We use UPS for bulk shipments to the US office ( domestic distribution in the US is handled by Ryan in SF)   - We use Post Denmark to ship within the Country.  So far almost no devices got lost (in the UK 1 box was delivered empty and we shipped another device to the backer free of charge).

The logistics and distribution of single units to people scattered all over the world is a big task for a small team like ours: however we really enjoy seeing people training with a Leikr in different conditions and with different expectations and we appreciate every comment we receive. 

Concluding: we are really working hard to ensure that all of you will have your Leikr before Christmas, and we believe we will succeed.  

thank you 

The Leikr team

Delivery Status Update


Hello All,

We have been getting several questions along the same lines, so wanted to address them here within a quick status update.

Why has delivery taken so long?

Overall we have been having to create units in smaller production batches than originally expected so that we can have acceptable quality for delivery. This is definitely an area of continued focus, as we will need to get this improved as we move to larger volumes going forward.

Logistics regarding the shipping are a continual roadblock and have slowed down the process also. As each shipment is being sent individually to the target country, there is a large time overhead with regard to shipping paperwork.

When will I receive my device?

We will require three more production batches to complete all of the units needed for distribution. Expectation is that these three batches will be completed over the next 3 weeks. As each batch is completed, we will send the units out to backers, so it will continue to be a continual production and shipping process over the coming weeks. As mentioned previously, units are shipped in bulk to the US for distribution ($279 & $299 level are still remaining). European and global units are shipped usually based by country so that customs and paperwork can be streamlined (for example Australian units start shipping tomorrow)

We are all working as quickly as possible to get these units completed and sent out, and are working hard to address open SW issues and bring even more functionality to the device.

—Leikr Team

Shipment Status | Software Updates


Wanted to give an update to all regarding the shipment of the Leikr devices.

In short we are moving as fast as we can. It is a delicate balance between quality and volume (we are on the side of quality). We are currently over half way done with all deliveries.

For the US based backers all 149 and 229 level pledges have been sent out (to help with customs they are sent in bulk to San Francisco and then distributed). Currently waiting for next batch to make it thru customs.

For international backers we are shipping based on country and pledge level to expedite the shipping and customs processes.

There have been multiple updates to the Leikr device software recently, improving GPS route performance, device memory stability, and today's update allows use of the new maps editor. With this system you can now create your own map package with specific regions of your choosing (Europe, US, Australia now supported with more on the way)

If you haven't updated your watch recently, you may need to do several rounds of updates to get to the latest version. (1.7.14)

Thanks Leikr Team