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1st GPS watch w/ color maps on a 2” screen, Leikr challenges how intuitive a watch can get: one-glance display, downloadable workouts.
1st GPS watch w/ color maps on a 2” screen, Leikr challenges how intuitive a watch can get: one-glance display, downloadable workouts.
801 backers pledged $267,389 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Chris on August 1, 2016

      Any news from Leikr? Status update?

    2. Arif Shafique on November 15, 2014

      Hi can someone guide me how to get the my money back here, tried contacting the leikr team without response. I really feel idiot supporting this team. I backed them up with 600 USD but havnt seen anything from them yet!

    3. Missing avatar

      Michael Lu on March 13, 2014

      After 2 lost mail, i received my Leikr in malaysia today thru UPS. thanks Leikr Team

    4. Missing avatar

      Łukasz Szostak on March 12, 2014


      You promised me a refund after you gave up on IPX-8.
      I contacted you a number of times via comments on Kickstarter, via private messages and I even reached out to some of you on Facebook.

      No response. No refund. No watch. Nothing.
      I understand that you're busy, but I am one very unhappy backer.

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      Shade ((( Black Squadron ))) on February 12, 2014

      @Michal Král
      That is true, maps around Moscow are available for download now, and that is good news :)

    6. Missing avatar

      Michal Král on February 4, 2014

      @Shade: It is strange, because I can select any square around Moscow and it changes percentage and time. I can test dowload, but probably not maps, it's still too big trip there :)
      I use chrome on all computers, I tried IE 9 now, but it does not even show big map of the world.

    7. Missing avatar

      Shade ((( Black Squadron ))) on January 30, 2014

      @Michal Král

      Thanks for your concern, but the problem is:

      when I select squares in\around Moscow, it selects them, but says that 0.00 Mb (and %) out of... selected, and doesn't download anything.
      It is working with Europe countries though - it selects squares allright, saying that it will be X Mb, and downloading them perfectly.

    8. Missing avatar

      Michal Král on January 28, 2014

      @Artyom Bolshakov, @Shade: I can see map squares all over the map in Maps part of configuration (even around Saint Petersburg :) ). Did you try to download them? I'm just warning, that you have to choose which maps you want to download and then synchronize, maps are not preload in the watch.

    9. Missing avatar

      Artyom Bolshakov on January 21, 2014

      Received mine today in Russia, Saint Petersburg, But can't test it without maps :(

    10. Missing avatar

      Michael Lu on January 21, 2014

      still waiting at Malaysia

    11. Missing avatar

      Jennifer Strange on January 9, 2014

      Still awaiting delivery of mine in Melbourne, Victoria.

    12. Missing avatar

      Shade ((( Black Squadron ))) on January 3, 2014

      Is there any schedule on map creation and is there any way to help you speed up process?
      Or just temporary solution before you will create them (except to put it on the shelve)?

    13. Missing avatar

      Shade ((( Black Squadron ))) on December 31, 2013

      Yohoo! got mine :) Thanks! will experiment with it on new year holidays)

    14. Missing avatar

      Withnail2013 on December 29, 2013

      Been using my Leikr for a while now and I am not experiencing any bugs at all. It works like a dream and is locking on to satellites quicker than ever!

    15. Missing avatar

      Paul Johnson on December 24, 2013

      Well, after my big whinge from a week ago, my Leikr turned up on Christmas eve. I should have expected that! Despatched about three weeks ago.
      Now, if only they'd sent a simple email advising that my unit had shipped, all this hassle and worry could have been saved.

    16. Aleksandr Sokolenko on December 23, 2013

      Received mine today in Estonia ($299 pledge), I'll test it ASAP.

    17. Missing avatar

      meier stefan on December 23, 2013

      Any Date for shipping to Switzerland?

    18. Missing avatar

      Ryan on December 20, 2013

      Just received mine yesterday in Minnesota ($299 pledge level). I'll be taking it out for a run tomorrow. So far I'm pretty impressed with build quality/packaging. I can't wait to try this and retire my faulty garmin 610.

    19. Lewis Cividin on December 20, 2013

      Just a quick update from today. The maps work once I got a GPS so sweet as will be testing with a run tomorrow thanks again.

    20. Lewis Cividin on December 19, 2013

      Got mine today also Brisbane Australia so I've only had it for about 3 hours, pretty stoked looks great! It is a bit weird about the wifi registration thing, lucky I've got a test network to use! I think you should review this process as it's a pretty big privacy issue (i.e. similar strain to the google map wi-fi fiasco) not sure what your country views are like on the subject we're a bit more up-tight down here about these types of things, funny enough :)

      Pleasantly surprised by the packaging quality, for a first gen kickstarter product and really impressed with the overall build quality, look and feel of the product. It is substantially lighter than what I was expecting and also smaller in size than I was expecting which is also a good thing.
      The wrist band, charging dock, and overall watch all look great and of good quality (really wish I ponied up the extra cash now and got an orange one I bet they look awesome)

      Stoked I was able to pair my garmin heart rate monitor really easily and the navigation through the menus I found it rather intuitive and easy to navigate.

      I had to connect the device to my test wi-fi network with no security enabled (though that may be because I stupidly checked the open w-fi as well as a password protected network setting, I thought it'd just pick up the strongest network) but I changed it to just a password protected network after the first software update and it connected no problem.

      I did have to reboot the device a couple of times to go through the update process though not sure if I was doing something wrong. Also no maps for Brisbane Australia it seems which is a mega bummer! (so bummed) I went to the open map part of the lekir site and selected the squares I wanted and updated, even did a updated config and rebooted the device. It purged all the maps and then downloaded about 15 maps but now when I go to the map view window I just get a blue screen which reflects the inner sadness I feel about this situation.

      Is there any way I can help out to make some downloadable maps for Australia? Or is there a trick to it that I've just not figured out yet?

      Can't wait to use this device now that it's here!

      I know the map issue is a tiny one and we're a small market segment and you're a small team etc. I've backed a few projects now on kickstarter so I fully understand about the overall expectation and changes that happen to these things throughout the production cycle and now that its here I fully think you guys did the right thing and have produced a beautiful product that I can't wait to fully utilise when the maps are available.

      If I can help with that please let me know Merry Christmas :)


    21. Missing avatar

      fireball on December 18, 2013

      just got mine today brisbane australia. but it wasnt an easy process. i contacted leikr wondering where it was on 26/11 only to be told that i did not even have a device assigned to my address ! so leikr had to check with the shipping guy and got it shipped out of denmark on 4/12/13 only to arrive today 18/12/13 left in the mailbox. no tracking number on box.

      well packaged. device works. have not tried it outside yet. i agree with the others about invasion of privacy asking for wireless ssid and password to even register device on website ! what a joke ! why cant the device connect to the internet when it is already docked to the computer via usb ?!

      -no idea at the moment how to get local brisbane australia maps loaded onto the device.

    22. Missing avatar

      Paul Johnson on December 18, 2013

      Four working days till Christmas. No email. No tracking number. Chances of Leikr arriving before Christmas - very low to nil.
      Very disappointed.
      My credit card was charged on 3 February 2013. NINE MONTHS ago. Still no product.
      Leikr claimed to start distributing approximately 700 units late September, three months ago. 700 units in three months. Units to Australia (my location) apparently began shipping at the end of October. Still no product.
      Major communication failure and worse, no effort to remedy this failure, just the odd random update apologising (again) for failture to communicate and telling us it's a "learning experience". Well good for you. How about a personalised email sent to remaining backers - I'd even be happy with a "Dear backer" generic email to those awaiting units, as long as it contained some reliable information.
      I don't even know whether or not to expect a tracking number to be sent to me.
      The last 100 units were expected to be shipped "during the next few days" after 6 December. Maybe they were. I wouldn't know, because I've not been advised of anything. Either this is another communication failure, or Leikr's definition of 'few' is very different to mine. Have they all been sent yet?
      With Christmas coming, I'm starting to expect my expensive Leikr unit (now available for general purchase and who knows, probably immediate shipping) to arrive some time around the ONE YEAR mark after paying for it.
      I had so much hope for both this product, AND this company. The major GPS companies need a wake-up call, and I was really hoping Leikr would give them a good kick up the backside. But at the moment, all I feel is disappointment.
      Regardless of my rant, good wishes for the New Year. Please, as a new year's resolution, just put in place some improved structures and processes. It shouldn't be that hard, and if it is, then you're not doing it right. This has been a serious disappointment.

    23. The Leikr Team Creator on December 16, 2013

      Dear Dirk, sorry to hear about your import taxes. And happy to hear you got a good first impression.
      Regarding Swiss maps: they are already available for download at you just have to open the configuration module, sign-in, select the area you need and do a sync.

    24. Dirk Schmelzer on December 16, 2013

      Finally got my Leikr (279 pledge, Switzerland). Picked it up on Saturday - had to pay over 60 USD in customs and taxes - and tested it on Sunday during the Zurich Silvesterlauf. First impression is good. GPS connection was snappy, under one minute. However, the connection dropped a few times in the city and the watch overstated the distance during the race by approximately 3%. When will maps be ready for Switzerland?

    25. The Leikr Team Creator on December 6, 2013

      Hi all,
      Firstly I would like to apologize one again for the frustration that our poor communication might have caused in some of you.
      Keeping up the pace of messaging across different fora turned to be quite a challenging task.

      Regarding shipping:
      - We use DHL to ship internationally from Denmark to ROW.
      - We use UPS for bulk shipments to the US office ( domestic distribution in the US is handled by Ryan in SF)
      - We use Post Denmark to ship within the country.

      So far almost no devices got lost (in the UK 1 box was delivered empty and we shipped another device to the backer free of charge)

      According to today's numbers we are short of roughly 100 units: we are planning to ship them during the next few days.

      Another lesson learned for us: logistics and distribution of single units to such a scattered group of people is a big task, we were not really prepared for.

      We really appreciate having comments coming from all over the world, from people training in different conditions and with different expectations. Really really a great learning experience.

      Concluding: we are really working hard to put your devices in your hands before Christmas, and we believe we can succeed.


    26. Ryan Booth on December 5, 2013

      (since I can't find an edit comments/questions on here) I see a couple of other comments from my pay category ($299) that have gotten their watches. So I'm hoping it's safe to assume I should be hearing from the Leikr team soon in some fashion (since there were only a handful of people in that category to begin with).

    27. Missing avatar

      Simon Raess on December 4, 2013

      Finally got my Leikr today! 299$ pledge, Switzerland. No tracking number was provided. I had already given up any hope. Communication of the Leikr team, has been very very bad (no updates for 5 weeks, no responses to direct messages, ...).

      Setup has been a bit complicated and giving passwords to Leikr on their website is definitely very bad style (security anybody?!). Will try the Leikr this evening orienteering in the forest. Will see how it copes with weak GPS reception.

    28. Missing avatar

      Shade ((( Black Squadron ))) on December 3, 2013

      do they send tracking number?
      I also would like to know progress of Leikr shipping...

    29. Missing avatar

      Curtis Letch on November 26, 2013

      Yes. I think that it's time for an update. I believe the last update was a month ago.

    30. Patrick Durkin on November 25, 2013

      Please, please, please! Give us some kind of update!

    31. Missing avatar

      Alexander St. Clair on November 22, 2013

      Arrived in va too. Figuring out the ins and outs.

    32. Missing avatar

      Jackie Cheng on November 21, 2013

      New Jersey - USA - $279
      YAY! Got my watch today!! Loading my maps on now. Can't wait to test it out!

    33. Missing avatar

      Simon Raess on November 20, 2013

      Please provide us with another update! 3 weeks have passed since the last one and according to that update you should have finished your production batches. And can you please give us some more detailed delivery schedule (i.e. schedule by country). Is there any issue that delays the delivery even further?

      It's at least great to hear that people in the US start to receive their Leikrs (there have been very few reports of delivered Leikrs here on Kickstarter).

    34. Missing avatar

      Alexander St. Clair on November 20, 2013

      It is "departing sort" in SF! Yeah.

    35. Missing avatar

      Alexander St. Clair on November 20, 2013

      Same here in VA. I am hoping it gets out before Friday. Getting the shipping notification was great (2 day priority on top of that), having it wait there all week to get in the mail so we wait over the weekend would be par for the course. I am happy to see that it is making progress though and i am excited to play with it.

    36. Missing avatar

      Jackie Cheng on November 19, 2013

      New Jersey - USA - $279
      They emailed me with a USPS tracking number 2 days ago for Priority Mail 2-day. Still doesn't show it being shipped though. But at least I got a tracking number?

    37. Missing avatar

      Mark on November 14, 2013

      Just received mine in Australia - $229 backer.

      Not a very good configuration experience - you want me to type my wifi password into your website? Mental.

    38. Missing avatar

      Artyom Bolshakov on November 13, 2013

      Dear Leikr Team, we just want to know delivery estimates. Please update delivery status for each group for each country. We have been waiting so long. Why don't you say when our devices would be shipped?

    39. Shaun Moran on November 12, 2013

      Has any other Australia people received theirs yet?

      I'm a $150 backer and no news from Leikr on mine. Even tried contacting them but no response...

    40. Missing avatar

      Alexander St. Clair on November 10, 2013

      $279 is a no show in VA so far. I too was hoping to use it this coming weekend, in richmond. And baltimore last month.

    41. Mark Nakakura on November 8, 2013

      Anyone in the USA $279 group receive their watch yet? I was hoping to use it for the Las Vegas marathon next week and show it off.

    42. Verena on November 4, 2013

      I'm not the only one complaining on your IT security. I'd like to know
      1) how can I create the config file without your website
      2) is it possible to use WiFi adhoc connection?
      3) what data are uploaded from the watch to your website?

    43. Missing avatar

      Jackie Cheng on November 4, 2013

      Any ETA on the $279 group? I'm located in New Jersey in USA.

    44. Missing avatar

      Michal Král on October 31, 2013

      came yesterday (299$, Czech Republic) Fast and easy update to newest FW, short running with distance almost spot on with Garmin F 305, update of maps took a while, but so far no problem :)

    45. Verena on October 29, 2013

      Phishing attack? :(
      I'm really angry with the Leikr website and "services":
      1) to ask for passwords (other than for logging in) on a website is an offence against IT security
      2) why can't we just download the maps, SW updates etc. on a computer and then store it on the Leikr watch via USB?
      3) WiFi is a drag

      You just use OpenStreetMap, you don't get the hang of it. I hope the watch can be used more securely and versatile (open!) in near future.


    46. Mark Nakakura on October 28, 2013

      Please provide update for the $279 group? I still have not received my watch and still patiently waiting. It seems that the US delivery is slower than international delivery since the the $299 group has already started to receive their watches. Please provide an update on shipping status.

    47. Missing avatar

      Jian-Yih Cheng on October 25, 2013

      Any delivery update for people in the $279 batch? I'm still waiting on mine, and due to the lack of response and some of the reviews on the forum regarding current issues I'm starting to become very wary of the deliverables Leikr has promised....

    48. Missing avatar

      Pete Aylward on October 25, 2013

      Received my ($299 batch) Leikr in the UK yesterday, so thought I'd share some initial thoughts. I'll cross-post these on the Leikr forums at some point.

      - Packaging is nicely done.
      - Watch feels solid, although case moulding isn't that great: obvious parting lines, and some flashing around the buttons. There's a sharp ridge where the bezel is proud of the screen.
      - The USB cradle is very low quality: very cheap and flimsy plastic.
      - Setup via is quite straight forward but rather clunky. I don't like having to enter a WiFi password into an insecure site, and would have been far happier creating my own config file locally rather than downloading one. (Incidentally, password resets are sent as plaintext, so I don't think security is high on their agenda anywhere)
      - Map download takes a while, but is nicely done, selecting 'tiles' to cover the areas you want.
      - GPS fix time is awful, and has stopped me fully testing things so far. Took 40 mins first thing this morning, and another 20 just now when seeing if the 40 was a one-off.
      - 'Lost' the short test I did this morning. No idea of if or where it was saved, but the history is empty. Will blame user error for now, but is rather odd.
      - Battery is displaying as a quarter gone, and I've only walked with it for about 30 mins. (Having followed development, this is my biggest concern about the device, so am hoping this isn't indicative).
      - The info displayed on the screen needs to be customisable. It's too small to be able to read pertinent information on the move.
      - The map view is nice, with the zooming levels seem sensible.
      - Having not responded to direct questions here about warranties, the enclosed paperwork states that water damage is not covered. This worries me given the downgrading of IPX rating: It was raining this morning, can I safely leave it stood outside exposed for the length of time needed to get a GPS fix? I've no idea.

      I don't believe that the device is ready for general sale yet, but am pleased to finally have it after the delays and look forward to future software upgrades that will hopefully bring it closer to realising its potential.

      And a final, more general point. I feel the correspondence from Leikr during development has been woefully inadequate, to the point where I largely lost enthusiasm for the project. Far too long passed between updates, and when updates did occur they didn't appear to address backers concerns. Project owners should remember that people back things they are excited by, and will act as ambassadors so long as they're made to feel part of the project.

      Anyway, I've got my watch now. If it gets better, I'll recommend it. :-)

    49. Missing avatar

      Simon Raess on October 22, 2013

      Andres, I agree. The delay in finishing the product is one thing, which I can accept. But Sept 23 Leikr announced that you begin shipping. Now a month has passed and still no Leikr for many (most?!) of us. Why does it take so long to ship about 800 devices? In the future you will have to ship a lot more devices in shorter time frames. An expected delivery date would be great! Thank you!

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