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Scan materials or physical objects. Get instant relevant information to your smartphone. Food, medicine, plants, and more.
Scan materials or physical objects. Get instant relevant information to your smartphone. Food, medicine, plants, and more.
12,958 backers pledged $2,762,571 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Creator Roger Sharp 1 day ago

      @ Charlotte & @ Fredrik :-
      My son is a Developer backer .. so he should be in the next wave to get an email for address details confirmation.
      I will be sure to post a comment.

    2. Creator Fredrik Nystedt 2 days ago

      @Charlotte: I have not received an email since last update..I hope the first one that does will tell..

    3. Creator Charlotte 2 days ago

      Has anyone received an email since the last update?

    4. Creator A. Joseph 3 days ago

      David R Hall you pledged that kind of $$$.... That's just wrong they would not honour what that pledge is. Just makes me think I'm totally bleeped out.

    5. Creator Donnie on June 24

      David R Hall, that's troubling news. Did you email them? Have they contacted you at all? They aren't responding to my emails.

    6. Creator Arnoud Bijvoet on June 24

      Thank you guys keep up the good work!

    7. Creator Matthew Wood on June 24

      I did not get a shipping confirmation and would like to verify the address I used as I have moved.

    8. Creator Seyha on June 23

      Can you let us know what email are u going send us ask for phone number so we can make sure add it too address book or search in spam. thanks

    9. Creator Joshua Schmidt on June 23

      I did not get an email about shipping confirmation. Can the Scio team please resend it?

    10. Creator David Richard Hall on June 22

      I am one of three that pledged $10,000 to become a partner. We were to get the earliest samples and kits. Nothing so far and now over a year had past.

    11. Creator Roger Sharp on June 22

      I think the most recent questions are answered by today's update.

      Please note CP's request to watch out for the address confirmation email.
      It is amazing but 3 to 5% of backers never bother to give an address for their KS rewards to be sent to!

      @ Consumer Physics: Great timing on the update, and such good news. Thanks.

    12. Creator Fabian Kasper on June 22

      @James: Thanks for your comment. It sounds like not all hope is lost. :)
      I'll try contacting them directly. Let's see what happens...
      It's just that usually 'no news' means 'bad news' on projects like this.

      Enjoy your SCIO and I hope I'll get mine sometimes. :)

    13. Creator Clint Dewitt on June 22

      Also wondering how I can verify the address your shipping to?

    14. Creator G on June 22

      Where will SCiO ship from? Will you ship from local fulfillment centres to avoid additional duty/tax for your customers?

    15. Creator christophe on June 22

      HI guys. How can I change my shipping address? I am moving in a week...

    16. Creator Hemmawit Co., Ltd on June 22

      I agree I would be surprised if they make August seeing as the progress bar hasn't moved for a month. To make August it means that production would have to occur in a couple weeks. Would be nice to have an update about how much longer we have to wait.

    17. Creator Donnie on June 22

      James, are you using this with a mobile device? I am more inclined to believe that no news is bad news. It'd be a real surprise if they shipped in August. I bought the beta tester package and have heard nothing.

    18. Creator Kam Bo on June 22

      Is this shipping anytime?

    19. Creator James McIlhargey on June 22

      @Fabian Try sending a message to them directly through their email accounts, they don't track the comments section here all that much. They are much more responsive that way.

      I've recently received my Researcher Prototype and I would say that so far it is an awesome device, and that to direct queries, Consumer Physics has been surprisingly responsive. When they gave me a specific time line for shipping it and they realized they weren't going to make it, they told me promptly.

      If for any reason they are not going to make their August deadline for having all units shipped, I have no doubt they are going to give an update to everyone. Given they haven't said anything about it thus far, I believe that the August deadline still holds.

    20. Creator Fabian Kasper on June 21

      Hey guys,
      wouldn't it be nice to keep your investors up to date?
      I'm starting to think that It has been more important to you to fly from one conference/show to another and showcasing an unfinished product instead of keeping your promise to the 13,000 backers that made the project possible.
      I think it also bothers most of the backers that you don't keep them up to date reliably. It really is not that hard.
      According to your "progress bar" (…) the project is still around 50% completed but the final shipping should happen in less than two months. Please update us on the real progress of the project not only if there are some nice-and-shiny pictures to show but more honestly and frequently.
      Lately I perceive your behavior against the backers as very unprofessional and so far I'm quite disappointed.

    21. Creator Tina_G on June 20

      @Roger: Thanks so much for the link!

    22. Creator Hemmawit Co., Ltd on June 18

      Man August is only 2 months away I hope we get it by then I need the device.

    23. Creator Michael L Keller on June 16

      @Roger - Perfect, thanks! It was just a bit rough looking through the recent updates and not seeing a date anywhere. Very much appreciated!

    24. Creator Roger Sharp on June 16

      @ M (WMNBN) !
      The best info that has been shared is the progress bar.…

      That indicates August as the end month for shipments, but does not explicitly give a shipping start date. Hopefully the current testing phase will not throw up any significant delays.

    25. Creator Michael L Keller on June 16

      Hey. Haven't had a chance to look through a lot of the recent comments, so sorry if this has been answered already... But what's the shipping timeframe? It's great that the SCIO is out winning awards and being demo'd, but I can't find anything about when the backers are going to receive their rewards in the last several updates, or in the e-mails I've been getting from Consumer Physics.

      Again, sorry if I overlooked it in one of the updates or e-mails... Just curious what the timeframe is here.

    26. Creator Levi Sheridan on June 15


    27. Creator Jarle Hansen on June 15

      Time for an update? I do hope you have done some kind of progress during the last month ;) And if not, please just let us know anyway :)

    28. Creator Tina_G on June 15

      What's the new shipping timeframe again? Thanks!

    29. Creator Keyan Nigolian on June 13

      1 year since the project has been funded in 2 days! Can't believe! We've waited a lot haha ;)

    30. Creator Ratesh Chopra on June 12


      When are you expecting to ship ?

      Thank you

    31. Creator Roger Sharp on June 9

      Yes Donnie, I have a prototype, and must say that the look and feel is very professional.
      I think that there are another couple of stages on the progress line before beta testers get their advance SCiO.
      To be clear, I have been testing the SDK software ( Mobile Lab and PC/Cloud) used for building reference sample collections, and analysis models, not the Mobile User App which may be a job for your reward level.
      I have no more knowledge of timings than the progress bar shows, but would guess that you will be contacted within a few weeks.

    32. Creator Donnie on June 9

      Do I understand you to have one Roger? Could anyone that has one sound off? I bought the beta tester package and I haven't been contacted.

    33. Creator Roger Sharp on June 9

      @ Mark:
      Researcher backers are getting their pre-production, hand assembled scanners now. We are giving Consumer Physics feedback so that they can fine tune things before full production starts.

    34. Creator Mark Neumann on June 9

      Anyone get there's yet?

    35. Creator Roger Sharp on June 8

      It is bad manners to spam in the comments.

    36. Creator Superyoda on June 8

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    37. Creator Ronnie on June 5

      Great to see all these positive comments ! Can't wait to get my SCiO

    38. Creator Khoa Bui on June 3

      @Roger: Thanks!!!

    39. Creator Roger Sharp on June 3

      Hi Poz - I had forgotten that we already had a survey!
      I cannot see how to edit it from the Smartphone view, but it is easy enough from a PC.
      (Look into "Backed Projects"; find Consumer Physics; click on "Survey" and there is an Edit option).

    40. Creator Poz on June 2

      You can change your address by editing your survey.

    41. Creator Roger Sharp on June 2

      Normally there will a questionnaire shortly before shipments so that latest addresses can be entered.
      After that it is best to send an email to Support.

    42. Creator DukeKing on June 2

      I need to change my shipping address, also. How do we do this?

    43. Creator Khoa Bui on June 2

      Hi CP,
      How can I update my new mailing address?

    44. Creator Roger Sharp on June 1

      @ James:
      I was about to give the same answer to Lon!
      My guess is that your nose and eyes may beat the SCiO if meat / fish / dairy are involved.
      As you say, there will be chemical changes with spoilage, and these may be detected early enough to be useful. Well worth a try.

    45. Creator James McIlhargey on June 1

      @Lon Binder - counting bacteria would not necessarily be the strength of this device

      as an IR spectrometer, it'll measure molecular vibrations, and all of the FAQs so far indicate a 1% minimum concentration. If your food is spoiled with 1% bacteria, I doubt you'd need the SCIO.

      That said, when food spoils, there are waste products that are produced as the microbiological elements attack the food. It would be worth while to scan various fruit, veggies and meat as they sit in a fridge or such daily. if there is a trend to indicate age and closeness to spoilage, it may be discovered.

    46. Creator Lon F. Binder on May 31

      Trying to patiently wait for my Scio. In meantime, what is Scio's capability with regards to counting bacteria? Could there (or will there be) an app for detecting food spoilage?

    47. Creator Nathan on May 28

      I just took a look through my other backed projects.

      I have to say that I don't care if this is super late; I'd be happy as long as it's completed and fulfilled!

    48. Creator Roger Sharp on May 28

      @ Donnie:
      You have probably found the SCiO Lab App - that is the iOS beta for sample reference collections etc. (as in the YouTube video linked below).
      I expect you will be a beta tester for the main App, and will get further instructions from Consumer Physics.

    49. Creator Donnie on May 27

      I think I found the iOS app for scio. When I downloaded and opened the app it says I need an account but hasn't to option to make one. How do I make an account? Also, I bought the beta tester award, any news on when it is supposed to ship? I also asked this on the FB with no response.

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