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Scan materials or physical objects. Get instant relevant information to your smartphone. Food, medicine, plants, and more.
12,958 backers pledged $2,762,571 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Creator Heather Baker 1 day ago

      How many backers will be at the get together in SanFrancisco ? Just wondering if it is going to be 10 - 20 or 100 - 200 ?

    2. Creator James McIlhargey 1 day ago

      @Fernanda Huang: The only thing limiting it's used as that regard is the legally required testing. This is an expensive and time consuming process. What will convince Consumer Physics it's a worthwhile endeavor is for us to generate data.

      Once these devices are in everyone's hands here, we should take lots of data, with well documented correlation to other measurements. For example, take a scan over your veins in your wrist and record you glucose level with a blood glucose meter, and track it over time. If there is a noticeable correlation in the data from the scanner, then it's worth while to pursue.

      The biggest limiting factor will be the estimated 1% threshold of the scanner - a lower bound for normal resting glucose level is 702 mg per L of blood, or .00045 L of glucose in a liter of blood (using wikipedia blood sugar and glucose entries). This means that the lower healthy resting glucose will only be around .05%, well below the threshold.

      However, depending on the magnitude of the other peaks in the scan, the glucose peaks may still be detectable. Since I don't have any documentation yet on the device other than the 1% number it's unclear as to what the full spec of the limitations will be.

    3. Creator ErstO 1 day ago

      I like that tracker link, thanks for posting it James.

    4. Creator Fernanda Huang 2 days ago

      I know that it's not a medical device, but I feel that it has so much potential to become one..

    5. Creator James McIlhargey 3 days ago

      @Hemmawit: No SCIOs have shipped yet, according to the tracker, they are still in internal testing before shipping out to researcher pledges
      @Jonathan: the tracker will give you an idea of how close they are to shipping, so far, they haven't given hard delivery dates, always 'weeks' or 'months'

    6. Creator Hemmawit Co., Ltd 3 days ago

      So anyone received the SCIO yet?

    7. Creator Donnie 3 days ago

      Who got an invite for the San Francisco event and who is going? I would love to hear about your experience!

    8. Creator Jonathan Jamri 3 days ago

      Can wait for the launch. Been waiting since the day I backed up.
      Delivery dates?
      I want it :=)

    9. Creator Reagan Tesoro on April 15

      I am currently an early bird backer. How do I upgrade to an ADK backer? Would my shipment date change? If this is not possible, would consumers be able to separately available of the software?

    10. Creator James McIlhargey on April 15

      @Consumer Physics - I think it would be great for your backers if you provided a forum where common questions can be tracked, as well as for developers and researchers can start to compare notes and discuss plans for the device. It'll also provide a good communication platform outside of email and kickstarter PMs between your team and your backers.

      That said, very eagerly awaiting getting my hands on the researcher prototype!

    11. Creator James McIlhargey on April 15

      @Adriane - if you watch there are three delivery check points: the first is for researchers and that should be occurring in the next couple of weeks. After a bunch of sdk and beta testing, the early adopter delivery should occur followed by the consumer version, both of which will likely be June/July (according to the end of March update's "a few short months")

    12. Creator Adriane Rivka Bernstein on April 15

      When can we expect delivery?

    13. Creator Roger Sharp on April 14

      Good Spot James!

      @ Consumer Physics: A couple of stages later one key point is "Start of the Database". Does this mean that all your previous scans have been discarded? Or is this more a reorganisation, classification and tagging activity? Perhaps ready for Researcher and Developer new data?

    14. Creator James McIlhargey on April 14

      Scio progress tracker's moved a tick, one step closer.

    15. Creator J.Del on April 11

      mmmm??mm...?.. Just thinking!

    16. Creator Hemmawit Co., Ltd on April 5

      nevermind I found the update

    17. Creator Hemmawit Co., Ltd on April 5

      is the researcher kits coming out in April or is that date a different kit?

    18. Creator Eric Gustafson on April 4

      @Roger Sharp -- or 3d printed .. I will see about designing a case and putting it up on thingiverse. (though it would be really super nice if ConsumerPhysics did something like that themselves -- hint hint nudge nudge)

    19. Creator Khoa Bui on April 4

      "At present, our plan is to ship your SCiO during September 2015. The shipment processing priority will be based on your original order date." So the shipping for Kick Starter backers will be on September instead of June??? I'm confused.

    20. Creator Roger Sharp on April 3

      With 13000 SCiOs soon to be unleashed on the world, I am sure that custom cases will be produced soon by some entrepreneur.
      Monograms, camo, carbon fibre, transparent, translucent, and glow-in-the-dark all seem possible, nay probable!
      For now: Keep it Simple. One colour means one production run, and SCiO faster on our doorsteps.

    21. Creator Costas tziampazis on April 3

      I was supposed to choose a color.....
      Where is CAMO?
      Is this democracy?
      How can I vote the color I want?
      Anyway, I ended with black.... :-)

    22. Creator Justin Eggar on April 2

      lol @ whining about survey monkey. Used by tons of people/companies. There's always some jag that has to complain wherever they go.

    23. Creator Roger Sharp on April 1

      Hey Alkettory:
      You are right, I have seen a couple of projects try that, the analysis would be a nightmare!
      Mind you one KS did it so that negative comments would get buried amongst the votes!
      It puts me in mind of a favourite maxim of an old boss during our creative design sessions: "Never criticise unless you can offer a better alternative".

    24. Creator Alkettory, Miscreant of Valoria on April 1

      The "Coolest Cooler" Kickstarter did a color choice survey by just asking a question in an Update instead of using a survey site, and the result was several thousand Kickstarter comments all voting for colors. It was a mess. I much prefer the use of a survey site.

    25. Creator Roger Sharp on April 1

      Whoops! I missed a critical word.
      These tools do not NORMALLY store the email addresses with the survey host.
      Some do, if you use a webservice rather than a downloaded prog. Such data are normally stored in encrypted form.

    26. Creator Roger Sharp on April 1

      Hi Tyler:
      I totally share your desire to keep private information private, but you seem to be getting worked up about a normal survey practice used by many websites and KS projects.

      Companies often use third party survey tools, as they are much better than inventing an own one and getting it wrong. I used one (Websurveyor) when I ran a consumer panel for my company, so I know how they work.
      These tools do not store the email addresses with the survey host, they normally refer to the list on the customer's system. I have answered many such surveys, using an email address that I use solely for Kickstarter and nothing else. I have never had spam emails arriving, so I guess they are trustworthy.
      The great advantage of using such survey tools, is that they offer easy to use conditional and branching surveys, cope with multiple response from the same customer, and offer built in analysis tools.Some even allow the overall results to be published back to the web as charts or graphs.

    27. Creator Tyler Smith on March 31

      It sounds to me like with the terms you laid out the creator would be allowed to sell the email address to further their cause. Hey the extra money could help right? That's bull crap..

      I may sound crazy but I do my best to keep my information private. I'll make sure to email KS about this.

    28. Creator Poz on March 31

      James - the conspiracy buster!
      He put that to bed pretty well.

    29. Creator James McIlhargey on March 31

      @Tyler Smith, Survey monkey didn't send the email (at least the one I got). My email was from the Scio team through Mailchimp (an email management platform that doesn't keep the emails) and I clicked a link that lead to the survey.

      Furthermore, according to Kickstarter's Privacy Policy, they share emails with creators on successful funding, and according to Consumer Physics' pre-order terms and conditions on their site, they do not share email with third parties "except as necessary or helpful to fulfill your order or as expressly set forth herein".

      Even though it doesn't appear that SurveyMonkey got anyone's email, their receiving it appears to be within the specified agreements, but then again I am not a lawyer.

    30. Creator Poz on March 31

      @Tyler Smith, they offer a free version for a reason, right? They have to make money some how...

    31. Creator Tyler Smith on March 31

      @bobbunting. The creator had to enter my email address in their system to send over the survey. I did not ok my private information(email address) to be sent to a third party. I've been doing some reading about surveymonkey. They don't sound very reputable to me.

    32. Creator Lothar on March 31

      I vote for the black button anyway!

    33. Creator Jeanne L on March 30

      Why didn't you notify us through the KS updates, I would not have know about the survey because I receive too much junk email

      There should be two votes one for "your" color choices and the second for what the majority wants(write in), then you can see if it is very popular and have a second survey if it is an overwhelmingly a popular color.

      For those who only monitor the KS updates and notifications, you should post a survey notice was emailed out on KS

    34. Creator Poz on March 30

      I am just confused because I thought we got to pick the colour that we wanted. Not have to settle for some group choice.

    35. Creator Roger Sharp on March 30

      I like Heather's idea of a second poll on the top 3.

    36. Creator Christopher Richard Smith on March 30

      If we vote up the Metallic cover shell...we get a black button...and a black device. The cover isn't an important aspect.

    37. Creator Roger Sharp on March 30

      I will vote for dark grey, most other devices I have are black or silvery grey. The brighter colours may attract too much attention when I am checking out the olive oil quality in a shop :)
      Actually any colour will be fine, sooner rather than later.

    38. Creator Heather Baker on March 30

      The color survey this large should be done twice I believe. Once this is narrowed down to the top 3, then we should all vote again - if you want a 'true' opinion of everyone for the final colour.

    39. Creator Bob Bunting on March 30

      It is surveymonkey, probably one of most used and reputable online survey companies. You DO NOT have to log in, or sign up, or enter an email address. Sometimes I think a lot of KS backers, just crawled out from under a rock.

    40. Creator Heather Baker on March 30

      I LOVE the BLACK BUTTON, why only an option with the Metallic ? It should be an option with the other darker colors too.

    41. Creator Christopher Richard Smith on March 30

      ...and there is the drawback to using only one email address. Grab a few more addresses and not worry about it.

      Tyler... you have the option not to make a chioce..or choose one of the other colors that are not painted.

    42. Creator Tyler Smith on March 30

      Also who's to say this third party survey company won't use our email addresses later? I don't like this at all. I never authorized my email address be used in a third party site.

      This is shady business.

    43. Creator Tyler Smith on March 30

      Why is color even a question? Who the heck cares. Just get us out LATE OVERDUE product to us ASAP.

      Also why would you run a survey through any company other than KS? I'm sure it went into my spam box. I've not seen it yet......

      Also on a side note, painting sucks. 1-2 weeks I. My pocket and the pain will be look like crap.. How about not painting it?

    44. Creator Christopher Richard Smith on March 30

      What color indeed... I like the Metallic...but it will look ratty with wear after a little while..I also like the black button of the metallic version. I could always repaint later. So, maybe a good device color with a DIY exterior paint job.

      Why only the different button color on the metallic version?

    45. Creator Alkettory, Miscreant of Valoria on March 30


      Delivery dates in Kickstarter campaigns are estimates. When developing a new product, there are usually unforeseen issues that lead to delays. It's all part of the process.

      Consumer Physics posted a link to a progress timeline here:…

    46. Creator Msauce on March 29

      I'm past the point of wanting a refund... in fact I am considering my money gone with zero return. I feel like they have enough partner support by now to refund backers, but that doesn't matter... Every time I see "we won an award" I think, how did they win an award for a non existent product? if it is finished and winning awards then where is mine? Kickstarter has been nothing but good ideas with great disappointment.

    47. Creator James McIlhargey on March 28

      semi unrelated, but I am working through this book to get up to snuff with basic chemistry:

      It's an awesome book

    48. Creator Poz on March 28

      Thanks Roger, when I get my SCiO, I will be looking to you for help! :P

    49. Creator Laura Ling on March 28

      Thank you, James and Roger. That's kind of what I thought/expected, but wasn't sure. I did not do well in chemistry... :-) Love techy toys, though!

    50. Creator Roger Sharp on March 28

      This link shows how different methods were used to estimate fruit sugar content (NIR included).

      The author has a similar article on sugar in drinks.

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