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Scan materials or physical objects. Get instant relevant information to your smartphone. Food, medicine, plants, and more.
Scan materials or physical objects. Get instant relevant information to your smartphone. Food, medicine, plants, and more.
12,958 backers pledged $2,762,571 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Creator Lev Agranovich 2 days ago

      We didn't got this item
      Please let me know the tracking number

    2. Creator Msauce 4 days ago

      So we are well into October 2015, and I just got there little video showing how happy their 5 backers are with their unit. Despite the fact I think the device is an utter failure, I'd still like the piece off crap that I paid for. Anyone with luck getting a refund? We'll likely never see these things in completion. like others said, this was the last ks project I backed. Out of half a dozen and about a grand it's been nothing but excuses and failures. Not one project was delivered as discussed and some were straight forward and simple as a drawing... I'm surprised Amazon still has their name associated with this, I love Amazon, but this is an atrocity.

    3. Creator Harsha K Gowda 4 days ago

      Wait wait wait ..
      I don't know how many customers have died and never got a chance to see SCIO.

    4. Creator darekd 5 days ago

      While waiting for my early bird ADK and early bird device (I'm 2x backer) I think that's the last project I'm backing on Kickstarter. So far couple projects I backed have been delivered with reasonable delay. Other delayed so much that I lost interest or not needed anymore.
      Rare updates don't bring much confidence in CP team and in my opinion the sign of development problems. Good luck anyway

    5. Creator ErstO 5 days ago

      It’s good to see CP posting a comment, and they are right, we should not be attacking one another, we should not be calling each other names, disagreement is normal, hate speech is not.

      But it’s also notable that CP provided no information on where they are in the process, yes the last two update state “continuing to ramp up production” thats sort of an ambiguous statement.

      I have no doubt we will all get the product, and I thank Roger Sharp and a couple of others that have been able to post real world use of the SCIO

      The real problem is communication, in CP’s comment they more or less said email our support team and they will answer questions, really? they would rather have one to one communication over posting an honest update?

      This is a high tech project, I get it, stuff happens, this is not the first project I backed that ran into delays, I backed a security device that is late, but the creators have posed multiple updates, some times 3 times in one month, they were not shy about talking about problems, and how they were going around to fix them.

      That makes us backers feel like we are part of the process, and thats part of the fun with Kickstarter, your not just placing an advanced order, your backing someone with an idea, and its enjoyable watching them bring that idea to fruition.

      But we are not really backers in CP’s eyes, we are customers that placed advanced orders, CP’s real backers are the ones that gave them 16 mill plus after we gave them 2 mill plus, They are the ones CP answers to.

      Knowing this we can sit back and wait for the SCIO to eventually arrive, but the enthusiasm and passion has long passed, we are not part of the process, we are just customers.

    6. Creator Manuel Torres Labandeira 5 days ago

      I'm still waiting

    7. Creator Fact Multimedia Design on October 6

      Guys at CE take your time i (and believe we all should) prefer to have a optimal working device then a not working one (for example like the flykly project).

      All the best,


    8. Creator Andreas Gatz on October 6

      I'm still waiting - is there a forecast for the "delivery date jan 2015"

    9. Creator Roger Sharp on October 6

      @ Aye Aye:
      The quick answer is no. Sorry.

      From what I understand, the SCiO recognises the NIR signature of molecules that it has been trained to recognise, with a rough lower limit of 1%.
      So whilst it may recognise a sprinkling of uranium oxide, the chemical changes from irradiation will be far lower. SCiO is not a Geiger counter either!

    10. Creator Aye Aye on October 6

      Not sure if this has been asked before. Is the Scio tech able to detect radiation? Specifically, if the fish I'm about to eat has been exposed to excessive amounts of radiation and would be harmful eaten, I hope Scio could tell me.

    11. Creator Poz on October 6

      Thanks Consumer Physics!

    12. Creator Vincent Goudreault on October 5

      @ Ian O

      Isn't that February delivery meant to be for the new orders being placed now, as opposed to the ones already in place through the Kickstarter campaign?
      There are nearly 13000 Kickstater supporters, surely just getting through that backlog means new order would be at the end of a long line-up.

    13. Creator Ian O on October 5

      Otherwise there is TellSpec which is far worth in term of delivery.

    14. Creator Ian O on October 5

      Guys, Scio has posponed (again) until February 2016 (check its website to order a new scio). We can assume to have it at this time? after 1 year and 3 months ?

    15. Creator Consumer Physics, Inc. on October 5

      Dear SCiO Backers,

      We appreciate all of your comments and feedback.

      Open and healthy communication between @backers is the key to building a vibrant community.
      Your insights and contributions have been helping us design and finalize your SCiO.
      We expect much more feedback as more and more backers get their SCiOs and get to experience the hardware, apps, Developer Kit, or other software packages.

      An open community dialogue includes debating ideas and perspectives, warranted negative comments, feature queries, requests, or constructive criticism.
      We realize that the delays are a cause of frustration, and we continue to work tirelessly to get you the best SCiO possible ASAP.

      However, these recent personal attacks on fellow backers should never be acceptable and I believe a line has been crossed.

      We have reached out to these out-of-line backers aiming to see how their issues can be resolved, including offering them to rescind their pledge and get an immediate refund. Regardless, we ask backers to respect proper forum rules and refrain from such personal attacks.

      We encourage all of our backers to continue talking to us and to each other, and we'll be back with another manufacturing update as soon as we have news.

      Our Support Team remains available to answer any questions, simply email us here :

      Thanks again for all your support throughout this amazing journey.


      for the Consumer Physics Team

    16. Creator Vincent Goudreault on October 5


      Interesting is that I got an email form them. Unsolicited.

      You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.
      And as I mentioned, I did check your contributions in terms of comments. All of them. They are overwhelmingly negative, basically, you are whiner. I fail to see why anyone would cater to your needs.
      As for the snide remark about only people funded by them would stick to them, well, that is true. I got this $100 million check in the mail... (\irony)

      Please, get a life. But do it somewhere else.

    17. Creator Roger Sharp on October 5

      whoops hit the wrong button

      ... to full scale production brings new issues. I have the patience to wait and see.

      If, in six moths, the project has turned to a heap of dust, I will acknowledge here that your fears were more justified than my hopes. Will you reciprocate if we have working devices?

      To your point 6. I do have a working SCiO prototype, the same as tested by a few dozen people at the face to face meetings. I can post a picture on Instagram if you like.

    18. Creator Roger Sharp on October 5

      Howard - it is possible to be an enthusiastic, optimistic supporter of a project without being a company stooge.
      If you care to glance through my comments, you will see that I was equally enthusiastic and optimistic about HDMI Pi, Me-Mover, all of Brad Martin's Titanium projects, and more recently the rather troubled Znaps project.
      I have also criticised the poor communications of Consumer Physics, here in the comments, face to face at the Paris meeting, in a couple of PMs and even on a Skype chat.

      I am not surprised that moving from lab made propotypes to full s

    19. Creator Howard Levinson on October 5

      Only someone funded by them would stick up for them. I was very nice to them until they stop responding to anyone including those that were super nice. When was the last time they responded to comments! Any?
      Every "update" has the same recipe.
      I'll lay it out so people not being paid to prop them up will understand.
      1. Tell people how happy all the people were to see prototypes at the shows, CES, road show
      2. Show people the parts
      3. Explain for the 100th time how hard they are working.
      4. Talk about the need to change parts and venders. New colors and shells creating more delays.
      5. Talk about how slow it is to get things right.
      6. remind people a handful have gone out to people, maybe
      7. Show more videos of them scanning watermelons and kiwi fruit.
      8. Remind people how excited the media is, show articles and any award an unreleased vapor tool can get.
      9. Show photos of really serious looking people in lab coats.
      10. Get that damn reputation management company to do their jobs questioning and insulting anyone who dares say the product is very late or criticizes their client for screwing over customers in silence or playing word games putting out worthless repeated updates.

    20. Creator Antonio FERABOLI on October 4


    21. Creator Roger Sharp on October 3

      Hey Vincent, I thought that was Kickstarter crazy, but you beat me hands down!
      I see that you are also a Titanium fan. One can never have too much.

    22. Creator Rodrigo Conde on October 3

      I still haven't received my SCIO.

    23. Creator Vincent Goudreault on October 3

      @Howard Levinson:
      If you claim that they must have ran out of money, what makes you think that a complaint or legal proceeding would get you anything? See the "Inc" after the "Consumer Physics" name? What do you think it stand for?
      Incorporation means that the company is liable only to the extend of their asset value. If the money is gone, as you claim, then there is nothing to sue over.
      As to you not getting an answer, from the tome of your posting, I suppose it may be to the abrasive nature of your comments. You come out as overly vindictive, negative, and insulting.
      If it was only up to me, you'd get refunded, just so you would go away.

    24. Creator Howard Levinson on October 3

      Maybe you fools have no problem being bent over and lied to repeatedly, not capable of realizing what's happening or your lackeys, employees or got your units already. Entertainment? Well I guess if your still living in moms basement at 50 your easily entertained so if you don't like what I have to say, the same three of you that seem to endlessly stick up for these people it's pretty transparent your reputation management people so spare me and if you don't like my suggestion keep your mouths closed. Yapping about your working units is comical and a 3 year old can see what your up to. A project that's a year and a half late isn't acceptable crowd funding so don't lecture me how wrong I am and how I'm one of "those people". CP remains silent and the three stooges keep the rhetoric up. Save it boys you just look that much more like hired help being apologists for liars and shooting the messenger which makes you fools. Go ahead say something clever and earn your keep. Anyone pissed-make your complaints to the press and Feds in honor of the Stooges.

    25. Creator Lee Bateman on October 2

      I would much rather a functioning device than one that is on time. I already got burned by a crowd funded project that was both late and useless when delivered. Based on the feedback here it seems like they have a functional product here, just need to refine the manufacturing process. I hope this is done soon, i have a lot of potential uses for this.

    26. Creator Bob Bunting on October 2

      @Howard Levinson

      Filing a complaint with the government? Who’s government? The world does not revolve around the USA. CP is based in Tel Aviv. Perhaps Howard needs to contact the Knesset or the Mossad!

      Seriously Howard, this is crowdfunding. You did not buy a Scio, you invested in an idea, just like the rest of us. That is what crowdfunding is.

      Now back to our regularly scheduled entertainment.

    27. Creator Roger Sharp on October 2

      Hi Christopher Richard,
      Yes sometimes better than television, and free from commercials !

    28. Creator Christopher Richard Smith on October 2

      The entertainment value of some of these postings pay for my price of admission. Seriously, development and production are easy to say but difficult voice. This project is right on track. Read deeper and quit whinning.

    29. Creator Howard Levinson on October 1

      I will comment more tomorrow unless these are removed or my account canceled. If so please start posting your own contacts to contact on what's going on.
      Here is one more from Popular Science that featured this project a year ago at the CES, make sure every influential person this year at CES knows about this scam so they get roasted, not awards. Make sure Consumer Physics realize we aren't stupid and he have had enough excuses.

    30. Creator Howard Levinson on October 1

      Tim Bradshaw Tech Reporter Financial Times
      Email or call him with our story
      (+1) 415 445 5603

    31. Creator Howard Levinson on October 1

      This is the Tech Editor of the Wall Street Journal. He would like to here our story's on the games and delays-

    32. Creator Howard Levinson on October 1

      I have attempted to get any answer from these people on when I'm getting my unit. They choose to ignore and at the same time talk about "responsiveness" it's a never ending bunch of excuses. If I hear that the delay is from something else they screwed up on, poorly designed, mismanaged or choose bad/incompetent suppliers or assemblers that are 100% all their fault I'm getting a buddy to start a class action law suit.
      It is recommended you all file a complaint with the Federal FTC at

      I will also get you all the email of the Tech Editor at Financial Times, Wall Street Journal, New York Times and a few others. You need to let them know the run around and lack of commuting solid dates to backers and scam like delaying tactics. I'll bet they are out of money which is what I was told by heavy weight VC people is most likely the real cause. It's imperative if you ever want to see your product or money again you file a complaint. It's bordering on fraud at this point. They are sprinkling just enough units out there to give us all hope, another stalling tactic to cover their tracks. I'm also in contact with some people to get ahold of their angel investors to make sure they are aware of what's going on. The plan is if we cant get real answers and solid dates with no excuses or extensions it's time to make sure all potential business they have after this is going to be seriously effected. Like I said, I reached out to them privately a few times and they choose to ignore me as they have everyone else that's frustrated and done!

    33. Creator Roger Sharp on October 1

      @ Lee - too bad I do not have any cannabis to test! You can be sure that that particular subject will be investigated quite soon!
      Whoever creates the collection will need access to lab facilities to confirm the THC:CBD values so that the scans can be correctly matched to the attributes. I have no idea if that assay is easy or hard.

    34. Creator Roger Sharp on October 1

      Update on SCiO mobile lab. I also tested the Android version which has all the same features as the iOS, and actually one small improvement (it shows the number of scans you have made per sample).
      I was working on my Green Leaf collection, and got one surprise. The harder green leaves, like cherry give the same scans as in June, but soft leaves of sage are markedly different. It will be interesting to see what happens when the leaves turn yellow.

    35. Creator Lee Bateman on October 1

      Will The Scio be effective in determining the cannabinoid content of Cannabis extract? The reason I ask is that I have been prescribed Sativex for chronic pain but it can cost up to 700$ per month(at max dosage) and will be 700$ to try the compound to see if it is effective. This oral mucosal spray has a 2.75:2.5 THC:CBD ratio. It would be far more cost effective to get a medical cannabis prescription but I want to ensure the high CBD ratio. Any idea if the database will be populated with the data required to determine this?

    36. Creator Roger Sharp on October 1

      Just for info: I have been testing the latest SCiO lab mobile v1.2.0 (132) for Iphone.
      It makes adding more reference samples to a collection much easier, by basing the attributes on previous similar samples. It makes mistakes with attribute values much less likely.

    37. Creator Jens Leinenbach on October 1

      It's a bit confusing as e. g. the "EARLY BETA ADOPTERS" (1999 non-developers) should get it before the "EARLY DEVELOPERs" like me - at least according to the campaign timeline.

    38. Creator _kel__ on September 27

      The truth about your devices is that they (CP) have no idea of when they are going to release it (IMHO), they screwed their release dates big time, maybe due to lack of experience on the project administration, maybe they hired the cheapest China (or other country) factory possible and now are getting low quality and time consuming faulty products, maybe they haven't at all started mass production as stated, only CP knows what is going on in reality but they are NOT going to share it with us at all, EVER, not even after the release, that would stain they image and name for future investments, not from the kickstarter backers but from real world millionaires.

      Everything points to be ready until next year, you either check here one a month (since they are not motivated at all to update faster to the backers) or cancel the order. Learn and considere this experience for any future project from this company or the people involved.

    39. Creator Roger Sharp on September 27

      @ Gerard:
      The changing terminology does not help with clarity. As I understand it ...
      Researchers should have had a prototype, and expect to get a production unit replacement.
      Developers do not get a prototype, but are next in line for production units, so no surprise that Developers have not reported getting the long awaited parcel.

      I was a bit disappointed that the recent update did not give any timeline, so I guess that the production yield issues are quite stubborn. I would have liked CP to say something about the consistency and reliability of operation of the devices that have passed QC tests.

      Four or five Researchers HAVE commented here since June when the prototypes started trickling out. A couple of Developers who were at the face to face meetings have also posted here. If you look at the Researcher & Developer's Forum, about twenty guys do post there.

      The prototypes are mainly for Reseachers to help refine the Collection building software, not actually to build the initial collections, that stage will come when we get our production versions of SCiO. I did hear that at least one physical change was made to the device specification as a result of initial feedback, as well as changes to the software.

      Also, the researchers were asked not to comment on their testing experiences, but CP need not have worried as most experiences were very good.
      Now that scores of Developers have had their hands on a SCiO at the face to face meetings, the confidentiality is no longer tenable.

      A better question may be ... Are there any Researcher backers reading these comments who have NOT got their prototype? Apart from any stragglers who have not provided shipping addresses of course!

    40. Creator Gerard Euziere, Mr Gadgets ! on September 27

      You say that "All SCiO Researcher Developer Kit Prototypes delivered!"

      We only have your words for that !

      Developers could write some comments in this space but NO ONE DOES !

      Why is that ?

    41. Creator SPACE on September 27

      Oh okay. They said pro-orders so that confused me.

    42. Creator K.Hertig on September 26

      space they said priority is on the kickstarter backer shipments. and yes der are developers package as a reward. i have pledged on one of those

    43. Creator SPACE on September 24

      I don't mind that they will be fulfilling pre-orders on their website(even thought it says feb 2016). Just wanted to point out that they said it in an update.

      At least when we get them, someone will be developing apps or stuff.

      I paid the lower price, and I can wait til the product is more refine.

      I get the logic in it.

    44. Creator SPACE on September 24

      @Tarjei Knapstad, None of the rewards says SCiO Development Toolkit(Maybe educational but i don't think they meant that). you can only find that on their website for pre-order.

      "Our next step is to ship all pre-ordered SCiO Development Kits"
      Kickstarter rewards are not called pre-orders, only on their website.

    45. Creator Tarjei Knapstad on September 24

      @SPACE: I read it like they will fulfill the Dev kit pledges first, then the regular SCIO backers

    46. Creator Enrique on September 24

      Excellent news !
      Thanks !!!

    47. Creator SPACE on September 24

      Did i just read that update right? They finish shipping kickstarter research kits and now they will fulfill their pre-order through their site before the rest of the kickstarter backers?

    48. Creator Tsz Sang LEE on September 24

      It is frustrating that you don't even bother providing any timeline in your update now.

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