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Scan materials or physical objects. Get instant relevant information to your smartphone. Food, medicine, plants, and more.
Scan materials or physical objects. Get instant relevant information to your smartphone. Food, medicine, plants, and more.
12,958 backers pledged $2,762,571 to help bring this project to life.

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      elroi amar about 11 hours ago

      Marc im #282 (super erly bird) , and still havent got my scio . im from israel.

    2. Missing avatar

      Marc about 13 hours ago

      #1610 here. Not a word on shipment yet so I guess it is not in order of backer number. I am from the Netherlands

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      Alan Lau about 18 hours ago

      Sorry, my comment below was meant for another campaign. Good job in finally getting it done.

    4. Felipe EPu 1 day ago

      Great news Gian! Maybe I'll get my soon too then :)

    5. Gian Pablo Villamil 1 day ago

      Backer # 2337, I received my unit, works great. Includes an optical hood that has been added, and is separate from the small sample container.

    6. Roger Sharp 2 days ago

      Here is Hagai of Consumer Physics showing how to create mini Applets within the SCiO App.

      I have tried this, and it really works!
      Of course he should have taken a few more scans on different areas of the desk and hand, but it shows the idea.
      I don't know why CP don't announce such youtube demos here, it would give the waiting backers more confidence in the project.

    7. Missing avatar

      Alan Lau 2 days ago

      For sure, the creator is holding something back... If this project go bust, I hope Kickstarter wouldn't just sit back and do nothing!

    8. Caroline Manning 2 days ago

      Please advise me of delivery arrangements and timeframe. The delays are ridiculous.

    9. Caroline Manning 2 days ago

      Please advise me of delivery arrangements and timeframe. The delays are ridiculous.

    10. Missing avatar

      Ian O 2 days ago

      Shipping planned on January 2015 - > then June -2015 -> then December 2015 -> then february 2016 then September 2016 now. How can we believe you?

    11. Christopher Richard Smith 5 days ago

      Mirroring Roger..gleaning knowledge and experience by compiling scan models and collection libraries isn't a really fun part of developing with NIR. is fun enough. The DEV Kit is an option to create very useful SCiO applications of varying complexities. However, most users will not need the DEV Kit..and will find the Applets enough. The DEV Kit is much more involved than just creating applets. The possibilities for different safisticated applications are endless.

      The v1.0 SCiO units are not obsolete. Any model built with a v1.0 is applicable to users of v1.1, with the same level of accuracy. In other words..if you built a successful model with a SCiO 1.0 devkit, users of a SCiO 1.1 will be able to use it. The v1.0 unit is not obsolete and can continue to be used to build models which will serve the whole community of SCiO users with either version. CP said that they will continue to build-in backwards compatibility with the growing system.

    12. Tyhr Trubiak 6 days ago

      Still no delivery in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

    13. Stephen Hales 6 days ago

      Any update on status on SCIO? Thx

    14. Missing avatar

      Mohammed Alemadi 7 days ago

      when is the EARLY ADOPTER ?

    15. Anjin Meili on April 25

      Early Bird, Backer 331... Update for shipping?

    16. Missing avatar

      LH on April 24

      Felipe, early bird here..

    17. Felipe EPu on April 24

      @ LH can you do me favour and tell me your backer no.? We could then get a better shipping estimate :) are you a consumer?

    18. Missing avatar

      LH on April 24

      Just received a survey . Hopefully I would receive it soon in the next few weeks !

    19. Vinay Goyal on April 24

      When will I get the product?

    20. Missing avatar

      Ares Lee on April 23

      When will I get my SCiO?
      It is waiting too long. Please refund if no reply to me.

    21. Missing avatar

      Poz on April 21

      Thanks Roger!

    22. Roger Sharp on April 21

      @ Poz:
      The DevKit is considerably more capable and powerful.
      - It allows the creation of estimation models as well as identification ones.
      - The management of the collection members is easier
      - and offers more options for cleaning.
      - There are more signal processing and wavelength cutoff options.
      - Models can be created with filters on the collection.
      - Complete Apps can be created, rather than Applets.
      I am particularly interested in getting averages and deviations from several scans of non homogenous samples - I think it is going to hurt my brain though!

      This is not to take anything away from the Workshop Applets which appear to be a lot of fun, and will make SCiO a lot more useful to the standard user.
      As you rightly say it may be all that some backers need, as they don't need to learn how to create Applets themselves.

    23. Missing avatar

      Poz on April 20

      Yeah, I e-mailed them directly after I commented as I realized this is more of a place for public reviews, not communication with CP.
      I have not used my SCiO for a few months since there is essentially little for me to play with at the moment. So maybe they updated the dev sdk a bit more... just from the way they described the mini applet feature looked to be near identical to what I was able to do with my special dev powers that I paid an extra $200 for.
      I am not really a dev, more of an enthusiast/ early adopter. So since my early SCiO is not forward compatible and most everything will be designed for 1.1 from now on. My SCiO 1.0 is obsolete and nearly worthless to me. I will only be able to play with older content, which is non currently non existent. So... I paid $400 for what? Unless CP ships 1.1 to devs that already have 1.0. Then that will be $$ well spent!!!

    24. Omar Stradella on April 20

      @Joseph: Roger is 100% right about emailing CP about your concern, which was mine too, but your mileage may vary.

    25. Joseph Nunes on April 20

      @Roger, I have not posted on the Dev Forum and have not checked for a couple of weeks, checking just now I have seen one question re: weak signals and a possible solution.

      Of course the news about the improved device is a win, but not for those who are stuck with the older version, there were two (or possibly three) different device types in the reward structure: A prototype, early beta? and "full batch" using the various phrases CP have used. The only backers who might have expected to be stuck with an older version of SCiO would be the Early Beta Adopters, but even then I think we are talking about a beta version any SCiO apps?

    26. Roger Sharp on April 20

      @ Joseph:
      Do you post in the Developers Forum?
      Posting there or messaging CP directly may help you with the issues, I have always found them most helpful.
      Having a more capable device, with better top end performance and less sensitive to ambient light wins for me. Yes it creates an issue for CP and the Devs, on how best to manage the transition. I guess that a high proportion will never create an App anyway - as evidenced by the lack of outcry here.

    27. Joseph Nunes on April 20

      Roger I'm not sure that the 500+ developers who received the v1.0 are as happy as you seem to be about the latest update. I did not expect to receive a different version of SCiO sensor to the remaining 12000+ users. The fact that CP are expecting the developers to pay for a v1.1 sensor is not a good sign.

      In the latest SCiO Lab many of previous scans now show as having had a weak signal, just recently I tried adding a few samples and have been getting an invalid sample message, retrying a few times seems to resolve this, but I am concerned that these problems are due to the fact that I have a v1.0 sensor. Are CP really going to put enough effort to support the 7% of users with the older device?

    28. Roger Sharp on April 20

      Do you have a point Lev?
      I am an early backer of SCiO, and have received both a prototype and v1.0 model. My son backed at Developer level and also received his SCiO. We have developed some good collections, and are working towards App creation.
      I have also tested the general User App, and it works exactly as described.
      Yes, CP are crap at communicating, and both the development and fulfillment are slower than expected, but they are getting there! It is obviously hard to produce such a sophisticated instrument at speed.
      This is not a fraud or scam as you appear to suggest.
      I strongly agree with their last Update statement, better to get a good result than rushing and getting it wrong.

    29. Lev Agranovich EA on April 20

      The Federal Trade Commission works for consumers to prevent fraudulent, deceptive, and unfair business practices and to provide information to help spot, stop, and avoid them. To file a complaint in English or Spanish, visit the FTC’s online Complaint Assistant or call 1-877-FTC-HELP (1-877-382-4357). The FTC enters complaints into Consumer Sentinel, a secure, online database available to more than 2,000 civil and criminal law enforcement agencies in the U.S. and abroad. The FTC’s website provides free information on a variety of consumer topics.

    30. Lev Agranovich EA on April 20

      Because crowdfunding is built on trust, it’s ripe for fraud. People solicit money from strangers for their projects, usually through online platforms like Kickstarter, Indiegogo, or GoFundMe. In return, they usually offer rewards—a sample of their product, for example, a commemorative t-shirt, or digital downloads. But whereas in the past, a network of friends and family could vouch for their credibility before contributing cash, today’s “creators” are only as reliable as their promises. And those promises don’t always deliver.

      The Federal Trade Commission recently settled its first crowdfunding fraud case against a project creator who scammed contributors out of more than $122,000. Erik Chevalier, using the business name The Forking Path Co., asked for funding to produce a board game called The Doom of Atlantic City, which had been designed by two prominent board-game artists. Nearly 1,250 backers pledged $75 or more hoping to get a copy of the game or one of its prized figurines. Over 14 months, Chevalier provided periodic “updates” on his progress. Then he announced that he was canceling the project.

    31. Brendon Williams on April 19

      September :0
      Well, at least we have a date now :/. Thanks for the update CP.

    32. Rob on April 19


    33. Roger Sharp on April 18

      @ Poz & @ Mike
      I did ask CP some of these questions by email and can answer a bit from their reply.
      a) Compatibility
      If a collection is based on SCiO 1.0 scans, then users with v1.1 can use it. The reverse is not true. Collections based on v1.1 scans will not be compatible with a v1.0 device.
      CP created Applets will support both versions.
      b) Workshop vs Devkit (think "Kitchen" compared to "Laboratory")
      The workshop is a very simplified version of the Devkit, allowing Identity matches only (not numerical estimations like fat %). It does not have the richness of features of the Devkit (different processing algorithms, multiple fields per sample, etc, The workshop does have the sweet advantage of building it's own applet, and alreadys has the "unrecognised sample" feature that Devs have been stressing as very important for the DevKit.
      It does NOT use any CP database, it works on whatever the user cares to scan. I have already created my own mini-Applet to recognise dried herbs it works well as long as you provide samples with care (freeze dried herbs give a different scan to air dried of the same herb).
      Spectroscan is a great tool for scanning a couple of potential materials - you can see at a glance whether the spectra are very close, fairly similar or different - thus knowing how much work you might need to create an App.
      If you have harder questions I suggest that you ask CP directly, I found their answers very helpful.
      Fun Fact: The CP meat composition applet gives readings if you scan your own body, maybe not accurately but directionally correct. Compare a muscly area with a fatty bit!

    34. Mike Robinson on April 18


      I don't work for SCiO (I still haven't even received mine), but I think I can answer your questions.

      I would assume that the 1.1 software has "tweaks" for the new hardware, so while 1.0 software might work with 1.1 hardware, it's probably not recommended.

      The dev kit lets you access the hardware directly (including making your own database) and the mini applets function uses the Consumer Physics database, but is more limited in what it can do...

      As for devs with a 1.0 SCiO being provided a new 1.1 SCiO, I wouldn't count on it. As a matter of fact, it's probably better to have the older version if you are doing software development (better compatibility).

    35. Missing avatar

      Poz on April 18

      Kinda of an interesting update...
      I guess a few things need to be answered:
      Will 1.0 work with 1.1 models? Forward compatibility...
      What difference is there between the dev adk and the "Build your own mini applets" in the consumer app?
      Will devs be provided an updated 1.1 SCiO?

    36. Alexandre Pollet on April 18

      The same ... I need to update my shipping adress , take so long that i had Time to move home....

    37. Missing avatar

      Dave Hanson on April 18

      I need to update my delivery address. this has taken so long I have actually moved! how can I update the delivery address? - assuming I will actually be shipped my reward for backing...

    38. Gabe File on April 18

      Thanks for the update!

    39. Wendy Rauw on April 18

      You can ask for a refund by going to the main page (the one you used to back the product) and "ask a question" all at the bottom of the page. The email I communicated with when this process was initiated was I doubt they refund when you ask it only in this forum.

    40. Philippe Berry on April 18

      comment fait on pour se faire rembourser ?

    41. Joseph Nunes on April 17

      @Allan, be wary of any SCiOs being sold on ebay, many (if not all) developers have been supplied a v1.0 SCiO, this version cannot use models/ apps based on the new v1.1 SCiO, announced to some of us on 5 April this year. CP have not made an announcement about this in the updates as yet, and in my opinion lacking in openness.

      I would imagine that any SCiOs on sale on ebay right now will be v1.0 - steer clear.

    42. Missing avatar

      Allan Williams on April 17

      Hello, can you please explain to me why I can buy an SCIO on ebay today for the same price as my kickstarter pledge, which I have not received to date?
      Regards Allan Williams

    43. Justin Eggar on April 16

      Im requesting a refund at this point. It's a cool project, but the communication level has been poor and I've been disappointed to see Consumer Physics spending more time chasing the press and further funding than honoring their commitment to their backers.

    44. Brendon Williams on April 16

      How have we not had an update since February!? This is ridiculous. It doesn't have to be someing winded report. Just tell us what's going on!

    45. Missing avatar

      Joseph Gottlich on April 15

      Haven't received an update on quite awhile! Did you people forget your backers and your future customers? Tell us what's going on? You have been so good at keeping people updated and now it's just silence....

    46. Missing avatar

      Chris Leonard on April 15

      I would like a refund immediately!

    47. Missing avatar

      Jason Miller on April 14

      Just wanted to let everyone know, if you paid using American Express, file a chargeback.
      I did so and successfully recovered my full pledged amount.
      This was the first and very last project I backed on this scam enabling platform.

    48. Phil Marshall on April 14

      Update received as a response to my email. Don't know why they haven't told everybody this. Crucial thing is that the updated models will be shipped and hopefully not too far away :

      Thank you for supporting SCiO!

      At this time, all SCiO Researcher prototypes have been shipped, and we are currently shipping the SCiO Development Toolkits and SCiOs for Beta Testers.

      Once feedback and comments from these beta testers are gathered, we will begin shipping SCiO to backers. We expect first shipments beginning with Superstar, Early Bird, and Early Adopter kits to begin shortly, and to continue shipping to backers as the line ramps up. We currently anticipate release of Consumer kits during Q2 of this year.

      The updated versions will be shipped.

      Until then, we'll continue to keep you updated about our progress, timelines and and notify you when your SCiO is ready to ship. Once we are ready to ship, we will contact you to confirm your shipping address.

      Please let us know if you have any additional questions!

    49. Missing avatar

      Sarah G.L. on April 14

      Anyone know how/who to email for a refund? This delay is ridiculous and I see they've (offered) to refund for some people.


    50. Connie Obleman on April 13

      after all this time I want a refund. It's just not worth it to me to wait any longer.

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