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Scan materials or physical objects. Get instant relevant information to your smartphone. Food, medicine, plants, and more.
Scan materials or physical objects. Get instant relevant information to your smartphone. Food, medicine, plants, and more.
12,958 backers pledged $2,762,571 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Creator Chris Wick about 10 hours ago

      This is unacceptable guys. Plenty of people have given their hard earned money and the fact that you can't give 5 minutes to give an update is historical to say the least.

    2. Creator Roger Sharp about 18 hours ago

      @ Donnie: I will not apologise for CP's poor communications - it sucks and I have told them so.
      "How did that happen?"
      I got a prototype because it was in the Researcher Reward. I think that I was one of the first (not sure), maybe because CP know that I am a newly retired research scientist who could give them objective feedback. Never heard of Jeremy, maybe you mean James. I cannot speak for him.
      The 10k partner reward did not involve getting a prototype, please read the text, so no surprise there. If I had pledged 10k I would have been on the phone to CP every week, not writing in these comments.

      At the "hands on" meetings in USA / Paris and London, some developers brought their own samples and tested SCiO without any "tight control". I brought along some supermarket packets of chopped herbs and three of us made a working model which correctly identified them in a proving a test. (Far too few samples, but it worked). It is a shame that these developers are not active in the comments, but most were interested in SCiO for their own companies, or to sell Apps so they don't publicise.

      What we also learnt was about the enormous effort involved behind the scenes to get enough samples correctly scanned and analysed so that the initial Apps would work reliably. All physical changes to the SCiO, had to be done before these samples could be scanned.

      I have no idea why CP are so late with this update, maybe the glue has hit the fan, or maybe some milestone they want to announce is close. As I said last time, when you were generous enough to label me a CP troll, I have no insider knowledge. I just like the project.

      I have backed enough Kickstarter projects to know that Creator timeline projections are totally over-optimistic, and that new gremlins just will appear at every stage. No point getting ulcers over something that you cannot control. I will get my production model when the post-lady delivers it.

    3. Creator Donnie about 23 hours ago

      I expected mine before July, however as I have said before this is a scam. I don't think anyone on Kiskstarter will get one this year. Except for Roger and Jeremy, they have had theirs for months now. How'd that happen anyway? To get one before the 10k partner even. Has anyone seen one test of scio made outside of CP's tight control? It's obvious this project was no where near ready for kickstarter, we were sold a sleek little unit that turned into a Leggo brick that needed a temp sensor revamp and several "holders" to block ambient light and liquid reflections. This is still in R & D, not ready for production and sale. Instead of fulfilling obligations they just try and sell more of a non existent product!

    4. Creator Hemmawit Co., Ltd 1 day ago

      Yea, but did anyone actually believe they would make July I kinda don't think August will happen either.

    5. Creator Karan Varshnei 2 days ago

      Yea this is a poor show. No updates for over 5 weeks when they've (yet again) missed their own timeline?

      Nice way to treat the people without who they wouldn't exist!

    6. Creator Steve Frawley 3 days ago

      OK, delays are inevitable and I am anxious to get my unit,

      But there is no excuse for not having any updates for well over a month.
      Good news or bad, SPEAK UP GUYS!

    7. Creator Chris Wick 3 days ago

      any update on shipping? Don't understand why its so difficult to take 5 min to update the people who funded your project.

    8. Creator Mark Pruneri 3 days ago

      When is it shipping? Already been waiting long. Thanks

    9. Creator Jarle Hansen 5 days ago

      An update would sure be nice. I am pretty sure there has been some development since the last one ?

    10. Creator Jonathan Jamri 5 days ago

      I hope as well....

      Can we please have an UPDATE on delivery!!!!!!!!!!

    11. Creator LH 6 days ago

      Jonathan- that is only for preorder not applicable for us. ( I hope - crossed my fingers )

    12. Creator Jonathan Jamri 6 days ago

      Looks like expected delivery: by december 2015

      Lets hope we get ours first.

    13. Creator Hemmawit Co., Ltd on July 25

      I emailed them last week and they replied back with the same thing Donnie posted.

    14. Creator Heather on July 25

      I didn't get an email from them lately ?? I agree with what Hemmawit just said. It looks like from the email Donnie posted they have not even produced them !?!
      Their statement, from Donnie's email says: "At this time, final testing, integration and production lines are being tested, and prototypes to SCiO Kickstarter Researchers are being sent. We will begin shipping SCiOs in August and ramp up to full scale production in the months that follow. Shipping will begin with the developer SDKs, followed by our consumer products."
      That feels like they just tightened our screw a little tighter ! WTF ?! Sounds like it is going to be close to a year late !? Sure would be nice to get regular updates every couple of weeks considering they are so far behind ! We should not have to ask for updates after more than a month since the last one !
      @Hemmawit or @Donnie, what is the date of that email ? TIA

    15. Creator Hemmawit Co., Ltd on July 24

      according to emails they have sent possible August for developers then the months that follow for everyone else

    16. Creator Riel Roussopoulos on July 23

      I would love to know when these are shipping?
      According to the site, my developer kit should have shipped .. .but ... nothing on this end

    17. Creator Poz on July 23

      Thanks Roger!!!

    18. Creator Roger Sharp on July 23

      DRAT - clicked on Post by mistake. Here is part 2.
      Damian moved on to plans for User collected scans to add to the database. This will start at the end of this year, or early 2016 - most likely with medication samples where errors are less likely. Users will be invited to scan every medication they can lay their hands on, adding the classification info in a comment format. CP will then clean up bad scans and infrequent material scans before adding the good scans to the Database of Matter. That will set the scene for the future. Estimation scans will need a lot more care about data provenance and value measurement accuracy.
      Hands on: Well there is not much to say - the attendees got furnished with prototype SCiOs and iPhones if needed, and got busy creating test collections and analysis models. They all seemed to be having fun. Darn - they made us give the hardware back!
      Unfortunately we did not have any time to socialise, and the attendees rushed off to catch trains and planes. I wanted to ask why none of them ever appear here in these comments!
      We did give short video interviews at the end, and I guess they will be published soon.

      Donnie has published the latest info from CP on shipments, which came to him as an email. It matches what they told me, that August would be the big month. Bear in mind that they have 12k units to ship to us, and then a couple of thousand more for on-line sales - it will not happen in a day.

    19. Creator Roger Sharp on July 23

      Paris Developers SDK Meeting:-
      I attended one of the two sessions, here is what happened.
      About a dozen Developers attended each session. The session was divided into three parts:
      a) a walkthrough of the Scio SDK process, current and future steps: Yaron Dyclan VP Products.
      b) demo and general info: Damian Goldring CTO (co-founder)
      c) hands on session with prototypes, building test collections: Attendees

      The Talk: Yaron went through the whole process of how the SCiO the PC SDK Lab, the Mobile SDK lab, the API kit, the Cloud conversion, and the User mobile Apps fit together.
      We will get access to the API and User App shortly. The SDK software needs only final polishing. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that we can use different processing models in the same App (giving extra confidence in the answer).
      Another strong message was that the quality and quantity of samples in the reference collections must be carefully and completely done. Later in Damian's demo we covered this again. As an example: The test dairy collection for fat and protein could be built up entering the data from the packaging. This would be good enough for idea evaluation, but nowhere good enough for the production data. Consumer Physics are sending all their samples to an accredited (and tested) lab. Obviously sample identity is easier than quantification.
      The Demo: Damian showed the current User App with three demo features, Dairy estimation, Alcohol in drinks estimation, and pills identification. The App was not the final version but worked great. I am sure you have all seen these before, so let me pick the key new points.
      There was a new sampling shade, that blocks out excess ambient light, and holds the SCiO 1cm away from the target ensuring more consistent results. It was magnetic like the holder for pills and other small stuff.
      There was a new liquids sampling aid, designed to overcome surface reflection, and inadvertent wetting of the SciO. Imagine a small tube with open cage walls at the bottom to allow the liquid to cover a reflecting baseplate. Scio sits at the top, safe and dry, peeping through a protective glass window which can touch the liquid. Brilliant idea.
      These will be delivered when ready, and not be allowed to delay shipments of the SCiO to us.
      We then discussed limitations. On the good news side, some substances which have strong resonance under IR such as alcohol can be detected (and estimated I think) at less than 1%. Limitations to getting useful results are with shiny metals (already known), very dark samples that absorb all IR (careful blackness in visible light does not always mean black in IR). Powder mixtures are hard to quantify, mostly because it is impossible to get valid reference samples - the bloody grains segregate if you look at them, let alone stir them.
      We moved on to discuss how developers can cooperate together with collection creation and Apps - simply they can use a common ID in the system, but CP could look at creating a common working protocol if this is popularly desired.

    20. Creator Roger Sharp on July 23

      @ Donnie @ Hemmawit :
      The nda was for those getting the prototype, I don't think anyone expects confidentiality on email content any more.

      I was at the Paris Developer meeting yesterday, and can add a little background to your email.

      CP have made some significant improvements to the SCiO performance, partially based on early prototype feedback like mine. This means that they have to re-scan and test all the materials that form the basis for their launch applications, as well as ensuring that the hardware, firmware and software all fit sweetly together. This is a huge investment in time and resources for them, but necessary to get us a first class product.

      CP know we are all very anxious to get our fingers on the final version, but it would be a disaster to make and ship, and then find reasons to make fundamental changes. Damian told me that an Update is being written now, but not which day it would be published.

      Later today I will type a full report on what I learnt at the meeting.

    21. Creator Hemmawit Co., Ltd on July 23

      I got the same exact email from them

    22. Creator Donnie on July 22

      I don't remember agreeing to a nda when I put my money down. Just got this email from CP looks like shipping details are still vague.
      Dear Donald,

      Thank you for supporting SCiO!

      The team here at Consumer Physics is making every effort to ensure you have the best SCIO experience possible. At this time, final testing, integration and production lines are being tested, and prototypes to SCiO Kickstarter Researchers are being sent. We will begin shipping SCiOs in August and ramp up to full scale production in the months that follow. Shipping will begin with the developer SDKs, followed by our consumer products.

      Until then, we'll continue to keep you updated about our progress, timelines and and notify you when your SCiO is ready to ship. You can also keep updated by visiting our Updates page here. Or you can also keep updated by visiting our Progress Bar, here.

      Please let us know if you have any additional questions!

      Best Regards,
      The ConsumerPhysics Team

    23. Creator Mike Robinson on July 22


      I think someone mentioned in one of the update posts that those that have them now are still bound by an NDA. Which makes sense, since the company doesn't want potentially bad press coming for a product before it is even released.

      I'm guessing this is the primary reason you are not hearing that anyone has received theirs yet (as saying that they have one would break the NDA).

    24. Creator Sevan Bomaer on July 22

    25. Creator Sevan Bomaer on July 21

      Was wondering the same thing.

    26. Creator Jeanne on July 21

      Has anyone received the Scio yet? In the last update, shipping was supposed to have started for developers.

    27. Creator Alexandre Altoe Matamoros on July 21


      They should send the packages as gifts, since it is not a purchase, it is a reward for backing the company, and Kickstarter also suggest that to the Creators.
      If it was a proper purchase you would have the right to a refund, which they can do, but if they can fulfill the reward, the refund is not mandatory, and even when it would be, it does not happen every time.
      If it were a proper purchase, everyone on EU would be entitled to a 2 years warranty, what almost never happens.
      So, it is not a proper purchase, but a reward, what allows them to ship the packages as gifts, and save money for a lot of people.
      All the rewards I did receive, came marked as gift, and most without any problem, a few I had to pay taxes.

    28. Creator Gerard Euziere, Mr Gadgets ! on July 21

      @Roger Sharp

      Sorry, I thought u where part of the team.

      Anyway, still no news since june 2015 from the Consumer Physics.

      Very strange after all the infos they gave us previously....

    29. Creator Roger Sharp on July 21

      @ Gerard:

      I am not part of Consumer Physics, so have no inside knowledge.
      I'm just an enthusuastic backer trying to be helpful with simple questions.

      Hopefully CP will update us soon on how things are going.

    30. Creator Gerard Euziere, Mr Gadgets ! on July 21

      @Roger Sharp
      Sorry, previous msg erroneous.

      From your last update june 22, 2015 :
      Shipping SCiOs: We continued the ramp up of the manufacturing line. So far so good, we expect to begin shipping en-masse early July...

      And now, on July 21, 2015, where are you ?

      Please give us détails

    31. Creator Gerard Euziere, Mr Gadgets ! on July 21

      @Roger Sharp
      From your last update june 22, 2015 :
      Shipping SCiOs: We continued the ramp up of the manufacturing line. So far so good, we expect to begin shipping en-masse early July...

      And now, on July 21, 2015, where are you ?

      Please give us détails

      Where are you now

    32. Creator Hen osipov on July 21

      Hello, woudl like to know when will I get my SCIO.

    33. Creator Jonathan Jamri on July 21

      @Roger Sharp
      All done.

    34. Creator Roger Sharp on July 21

      @ Jonathan:
      You can check and change your address in the Survey here on Kickstarter.
      Look under Backed Projects, Select this project, open the Survey, and you will see that the address can still be edited.
      On a PC it is easier, just find the reward you backed, the survey link is there, or use the Smartphone method which works also.

      CP will most likely issue a reminder before they lock the address editing feature of the survey. They have also said that they will send emails for address updates shortly before shipment, but I am not sure if that is only for Developer Rewards.

    35. Creator Jonathan Jamri on July 21

      Hi again, I need to change my shipping address. How do I do that?

    36. Creator Jonathan Jamri on July 21

      Hello, woudl like to know when will I get my SCIO.

    37. Creator James McIlhargey on July 21

      @Mark: They cannot ship it as a gift because they are a business and they are shipping a product you ordered. To mark it a gift would be illegal, and best case they get banned from shipping products to where you live. That you would ask for such behavior publicly is rather . . .

    38. Creator Hemmawit Co., Ltd on July 21

      It says earlier developer kit ship in June it is July I'm an earlier developer I haven't received any information. So when is it shipping?

    39. Creator Mark Lee on July 21

      *PLEASE NOTE* Please remember to ship it as a 'gift' for INTERNATIONAL BACKERS. I'd be getting a 40% import tax if you do not do this.

    40. Creator Roger Sharp on July 20

      Yes. Android SDK Mobile Lab also out. It lags the iOS versions a bit because of the huge range of phones and OS stages. It needs much more development and checking effort.
      I also prefer Android, but the naughty manufacturers are much too fond of bloatware. All the updates just chew into your data limits, especially if you own multiple phones and tablets. I am a huge fan of Basic gApps and a custom ROM.

    41. Creator Poz on July 20

      But kickstarter does have employees that need to eat. I think the 3% is reasonable. Just patiently waiting for the lawsuit to roll in and make them understand they are responsible for ensuring people get their order or their money back.

      Thanks for the update, Roger! Do they have an Andriod SDK out already? I could not care any less about iOS, as far as I am concerned Apple has been obsolete for the last one and a half decades or so.

    42. Creator Roger Sharp on July 20

      @ Poz:
      I know that you like to be kept up to date! ... so here is today's small step forward.
      CP have just released an SDK update for iOS based on prototype user feedback.
      (I guess it is the Tweaking, mentioned in the progress bar).
      It makes building of sample collections easier, and imposes more discipline in getting wide sample ranges.
      I don't expect such a small step will result in a CP Update, but I mention it to show that they are busy, and that progress is being made.

      @ James: Thanks for your comments.
      Yes KS don't really do much for their 3% do they .
      (For Poz: 3% of $2,762,571 is $82,877.13)

    43. Creator Poz on July 20

      Your right James, but that applies to all purchases, including pre-ordered products and is not unique or specific to kickstarter. Which is the point that I am making. I have not had to pursue a refund from any project on kickstarter (although I was kicked off of one, technolust), but I think it would be possible, probably a little difficult. Most likely I would just use every out let I have possible to harass the Creator into providing a refund, but I hope to never go there.

      SCiO in my opinion needs to update more frequently (dont they all?), but other then being delayed, I think they are doing great.

      What were you talking about with the 3% skim to host a webpage for 30 days?

    44. Creator James Manley on July 20

      @POZ On the notes of failed projects, the amount of obligation and enforcement that kickstarter has on dealing with refunds, is that they politely remind the creator that a refund should be issued if the project fails. But that is all kickstarter will do, as kickstarter does nothing as far as legal action when it comes to ailed projects.

      Also amazon wont give refunds for transactions over 90 days old.

      The BBB (Better Business Bureau) send them a message, and if they don't reply get a bad letter on a report, but no action is taken.

      If you feel you have been scammed by a ickstarter project, that failed or otherwise, you essentially have to either get with the FTC (Federal Trade Commision) or file a lawsuit.

      As far as im concerned i dont think this one has failed or is a scam, i just think they are lousy at replying to backers.

      Also this is among the last things i will ever buy from a kickstarter, they took a 3% skim of the collected funds ($82,000~) for hsting a web page for 30 days, and offer no support what so ever to the backers if it fails (I've had 2 fail on me and that took me for $600 with nothing to show for it)

    45. Creator Christopher on July 20

      Yeah it's disappointing they don't seem to be replying to any comments Nahshon

    46. Creator Nahshon on July 19

      Anyone else found a solution to getting theirs. I've been patient cause of the nature of kickstarted but this was one of the first projects I backed and I have still not received it. Starting to get annoyed.

    47. Creator Roger Sharp on July 18

      Any readers attending the Paris workshop on Wednesday?

      CP have invited us to bring along any materials of special interest. How about collaborating with a range of herbs & spices? (Easy to carry, may have regional differences).

    48. Creator Poz on July 18

      There is a delivery guarantee or they refund your money, and there is a refund mechanism. If they do not deliver then kickstarter is required to enforce that the project creator refund the money. Either that or file fraud with your credit card company.
      Crowdfunding is just bulk pre-ordering and has the same legal obligations and ramifications as anything else. Money was exchanged for a premised good(s)/service.
      The risk is all on the creator, put out or go bankrupt (in which case, no or partial refunds obviously).

    49. Creator Christopher on July 18

      David Richard Hall - Have you not got yours yet?

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