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Scan materials or physical objects. Get instant relevant information to your smartphone. Food, medicine, plants, and more.
Scan materials or physical objects. Get instant relevant information to your smartphone. Food, medicine, plants, and more.
12,958 backers pledged $2,762,571 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Creator John Williams about 6 hours ago

      Well, for everyone who was following my saga, you can find my last few posts. In essence I was getting the run around from CP since about January 4th. They kept telling me my Scio would be shipped "next week" each week of January. I was finally told it shipped but there was no tracking number. I was somewhat dubious (just because it's been so long, I was assuming I would never get it), but it actually came yesterday. I haven't had much of a chance to play with it yet, but it is real and it is here. I'm amazed and quite happy!

    2. Creator Rees Maxwell about 6 hours ago

      Thank you Scio for my refund.

    3. Creator Steven Wong about 21 hours ago

      Won't give me a refund :(

    4. Creator Poz 2 days ago

      Vagelis, I am in canada and I typically get pissed if I have to pay any extra (since I already paid for shipping) and remember when I have had to. I do not recall having to pay a dime extra for SCiO and I think it was Fedex as well. A decent choice. The national post is the best though, here at least.

    5. Creator Roger Sharp 2 days ago

      Liquid Accessory.
      I just got an email response from CP confirming that the liquid accessory with come with an FDA food safety approval. A pleasant surprise, I did not expect it.

    6. Creator Roger Sharp 2 days ago

      @ Vagelis:
      My SCiO came with courier from Israel to Austria (Fedex I think).
      I paid €44 VAT - but that is exactly what I expected.

    7. Creator Vagelis Fragkos 3 days ago

      To anyone that actually received the SCIO: what was the method of shipment? I am willing to wait but not willing to pay customs again in a Kickstarter project just because there wasn't a hub-based per continent logistics strategy.

    8. Creator Poz 3 days ago

      Larry, I disagree, I have the product and it works fairly good - essentially just needs the data base and some software polish. Zano did not work at all.

    9. Creator Lev Agranovich EA 3 days ago

      Please refund my payment asap.

    10. Creator Tom 3 days ago

      With all that time they could have upgraded the design to metal

    11. Creator Larry 3 days ago

      Starting to look like another Zano...

    12. Creator Alexander Demenshin 4 days ago

      "We will soon start shipping SCiOs to the Kickstarter community with the SCiO app. "

      Well, how soon is "soon", actually? Weeks? Months? Years?

      Sorry guys, but it is really difficult to believe that you *still* have no realistic estimations - after almost two years of working on this project.

      Pre-orders shipping was silently moved to July 2016, though, if I remember correctly, previously it was February or March - so I suspect that this new "soon" may be well in 2017...

      The longer you wait, the more people will lose their faith in this project in particular and in Kickstarter in general.

    13. Creator Amir 4 days ago

      I guess you haven't heard of "FiFo" ah?
      Backer #69, aka "Super early bird" - at this rate you'll get to my kind in how many months?... Years?!? Every update is just another disappointment with SCiO
      *not that they give a #^(%

    14. Creator Roger Sharp 4 days ago

      Thanks for the Update.
      I really like the SCiO workshop feature for Regular SCiO users. It will create lots of interesting experimentation and useful leads for development.

      I was a bit worried about the time gap between users getting their SCiO with your initial Apps, and the availability of wider range of Apps created by Developers.
      Users might have got bored, but allowing them to create Applets and scan materials of their choice is a brilliant feature.
      I can see "Leather or not Leather" getting me scowled at in the shops:)

      I hope you will create a channel whereby Regular users can work in cooperation with Developers as it will widen the pool of sample scans enormously.

    15. Creator Ariel Cherny 4 days ago

      Well, eating my own words...

    16. Creator JB 4 days ago

      Dear creator, ive sent you a pm regarding a refund. Could you please have a look? Thanks!

    17. Creator Ariel Cherny 4 days ago

      @Bert I contacted them again and they said "Working on it! An update is expected shortly". Given that, we'll be lucky to get one by the end of the month. Well we've been waiting long enough, what's another month...season...year...

    18. Creator Tom 4 days ago

      Anyone else still miss the sleek metal design?

    19. Creator Bert 4 days ago

      "Just spoke to CosumerPhysics and we should be receiving an update in the next few days."
      You sure they were not talking about the next few months ?

    20. Creator Bert 4 days ago

      Update !!!!

    21. Creator massimiliano lotti 4 days ago

      feb 2016 !!! Any update about shipment ?

    22. Creator Mike Robinson 4 days ago

      Any updates? It would be great to hear something from the company at least once a month. I think that's the assumption with crowd funding. If you're late getting it out, keep people informed of progress. I know I would rather see a few short updates than one big update.

      Don't get me wrong, the bigger updates are good, but I would much rather see more frequent updates.

    23. Creator Kean 4 days ago

      @Russell Johnson
      I am in Sydney, and received my developer kit in December. I've also got a second unit (via a maker kit pledge) on its way to me now via FedEx.
      So they're definitely shipping, it just seems that production is struggling to ramp up.
      At this point the SCiO software is only really suitable for developers though, so be prepared to invest some time in it.

    24. Creator Tom Nichols 5 days ago

      I am a backer of Makers Kit II - Unaware that everyone else also experienced a delay with no communication after the shipping survey, I sent an email off on Friday 29th asking about an update. I received an response yesterday, Monday 1st February, telling me the package would ship within the week. Today, Tuesday 2nd February, I woke up to an email including tracking information.

      It looks like things are moving forward now!

    25. Creator HJ 5 days ago

      2016 !!! Any update about shipment ?

    26. Creator Eli Allen on January 29

      Arthur: I had the same experience. Paypal ended up waiving the fee, but it's a poor practice from CP. Interest free loans on a project that is later than late and you get to either eat the fees on the refund or spend your time trying to recoup the fees. Maybe they'll say something about it in their next update....

    27. Creator Artur Geivandov on January 29

      I'm tired of waiting for SCIO and recently demanded refund. To my surprise the refund sent via paypal had been not full, because Paypal detains comission around 12$. Now talking to support if they can make FULL REFUND. I do not want to sponsor company's transaction expenses.

    28. Creator Booker on January 29


    29. Creator Jordi Valls on January 28

      All of us wan t scio. I belive that is aproduct that can change the world. Take your time and give us something extraordinary.

    30. Creator Manuel Torres Labandeira on January 28

      Dear SCIO,
      I would like to know when will I get my SCIO.

    31. Creator John Williams on January 27

      Well another update in my saga. As you may remember I was contacted on January 6 by Consumer Physics to confirm my address and to tell me my Scio would ship the following week. On the 16th I contacted them to confirm shipment, I was told that it did not ship, but would the following week. I contacted them again on the 23rd and asked again and was told that it was to ship the following day, Jan 24, and I would get a tracking number sometime this week. I contacted them again today and was told it will ship next week. It's honestly just a comedy at this point. I mean the guy I'm dealing with is super nice and friendly, but he doesn't seem to remember what he told me previously, which wouldn't be such a big deal except our entire conversation wasn't quoted in every email.

      This is so frustrating.

    32. Creator Luca on January 27

      I know what impediments there were to delay so that the shipment?
      Also let me know when I get my scio, it was assured that by January would leave the expedition.

    33. Creator Rees Maxwell on January 27

      Asked for a refund a few days ago. They said they were processing it. Haven't yet received payment but I'm hopeful.

    34. Creator Ariel Cherny on January 26

      Just spoke to CosumerPhysics and we should be receiving an update in the next few days.

    35. Creator Jonathan Jamri on January 25

      Dear SCIO,
      Please give us an update.
      I would like to know when will I get my SCIO.

    36. Creator Mike Robinson on January 25

      Any idea when we will see an update?

      It's been over a month since the last update and I know that in the last update, we were told that all dev kits should be shipped by the end of January ... which is Sunday.

      It would be nice to see an update this week ... even if it's "we had another setback" ...

      Your backers are certainly more likely to be forgiving if you keep us informed.

    37. Creator Pete Basiliere on January 20

      After seeing the comments here, I decided to ask for a refund. The process was quick and SCiO's communication outstanding.

      SCiO's customer care during the refund process has been excellent. They promptly responded to my refund request, did not question why I asked for it, they did not argue - instead they promptly processed a PayPal refund once I gave them the necessary information.

      Indeed, I received a message from SCiO saying the refund was processed and to let them know if I did not receive the refund just minutes after I received the PayPal notification that the funds were in my account.

      I have been burned by several long overdue Kickstarter projects. Thankfully SCiO has the capital to make refunds to backers like myself who did not expect long delays in fulfilling (or even building) our orders.

      While I doubt that I will go back into Kickstarter - and I definitely will not to the extent that I have in the past - SCiO's customer care has restored some of my faith in crowdfunding.

    38. Creator Fabio Ghiringhelli on January 20


    39. Creator Scott Moskowitz on January 19

      Where is my SCiO? Or, where is a refund? Enough waiting.

    40. Creator Sukxk Oomo on January 19

      Just to inform you guys: I wrote them an e-mail to cancel my order because it just took too long for me and I'd rather have the money. They replied pretty quickly and it was no problem to get my money back via PayPal.

    41. Creator Alon Walter on January 19

      Meanwhile, some project "stole" the scio name (though not SCiO - so it's different case-sensitive-wise):

    42. Creator Eli Allen on January 18

      For those that are concerned that they don't monitor this page. They do, but they really don't care what you have to say. I posted the other day about backers giving them interest free loans and here is the reply I received:
      Dear Eli,

      Thank you for reaching out to us.

      As you know, we have experienced unexpected production delays and bugs that have prevented us from delivering your SCiO according to our schedule.

      While we are doing everything in our power to manufacture and deliver the best quality device possible, we do understand your frustration with the additional wait and exact delivery date uncertainty.

      We do thank you for supporting our campaign and joining our journey.


      The ConsumerPhysics Team
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      New comment — Eli Allen commented on SCiO: Your Sixth Sense. A Pocket Molecular Sensor For All !.
      Eli Allen said:

    43. Creator Russell Johnson on January 17

      Any developers in Australia received theirs yet?

    44. Creator John Williams on January 17

      Update for everyone interested: so on January 5 I received an email from Consumer Physics asking to verify my address because my Scio was ready to ship. After I confirmed my address the individual told me they would be shipping the following week (week of January 10th), and I would receive a tracking number after it shipped.

      I heard nothing last week and emailed the person who I had confirmed my address with asking whether my Scio had shipped. He replied within a few hours telling me they hadn't shipped any yet because of the "production ramp up" but would be shipping this upcoming week and my package was on the "must go" list.

      So, frustrating, but I've waited like 18 months, what's another week?

    45. Creator Eric Caginicolau on January 17

      I've just noticed that they don't read or write any comment here... We are all talking to the void ^^

    46. Creator Eric Caginicolau on January 17

      I've also lost the track of all the delays. When will you ship the scio? 2016 still on track? or will it be in 2017 ?

    47. Creator Jose Duran on January 17

      Any update on when these will ship? :(
      I'm an early bird buyer...if that makes a difference.

    48. Creator Roger Sharp on January 16

      @ Cos:
      I have tested quite a few materials, and can answer some of your questions.
      (I have had my prototype SCiO since last June, and my production SCiO for two months).

      Yes it would be possible to estimate percentage of materials in a mix (like starch and detergent (- but that pair would be weird!) It would just involve showing SCiO a range of mixture % samples, creating the model, then making the App. There are two tricky bits:-
      a) the spectra need to be different enough for the two materials (in my spices collection it is hard to differentiate between nutmeg and cinnamon, whilst ginger and cloves are easy)
      b) any powder samples will need to be well prepared, particle size and density differences cause segregation and strange results.

      Your many suggestions are all on the strongly wanted list, but some are not feasible because the SCiO lower limit is about 1% . Heavy metals, antibiotics, GMO indicators and toxins are only present at ppm or ppb levels, E-List food additives mostly at tenths of a percent.
      Fat percent in meat is definitely possible - I have started looking into that, and fat has a very different spectrum to meat. The tricky bit there is the coarsely marbled texture of meat - compared to the small illumination area of SCiO. I am thinking of trying two solutions a) grinding the samples to a paste or b) taking maybe 5 scans and averaging the answer. This would also work with sausage and salami.
      Meat origin may work, my few samples showed that pork was very different, but lamb and beef gave similar scans - needs more work to be sure, and again is complicated by the amount of fat and huge number of "cuts" from an animal.
      Spotting allergenics is very tricky, whilst it may be easy to spot if the sauce is peanut based, you could never guarantee that an odd chunk of peanut is not hiding under a slice of chicken - and that chunk could kill.
      Intolerance ingredients like gluten or lactose should be detectable if present >1%, but I have not tried detecting them myself.

    49. Creator Cos_ on January 16

      @ scio

      I was watching your update video of the diy database, and the guy that was able to identify detergent from starch....
      Now, what if he mixed detergent with starch ?????
      Could scio find the components and their percentage on the mixture?
      I am asking this because many scio uses would have to do with mixtures
      Thnx again
      I hope I will stop commenting for now

    50. Creator Cos_ on January 16

      @ scio

      Adding to my previous comment...
      - for sausages and other minced food:
      Percentage of presence of different meats, fats, and presence and quantity of dangerous chemicals: aspartame,,nitrites, "E" series like E221 etc

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