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Scan materials or physical objects. Get instant relevant information to your smartphone. Food, medicine, plants, and more.
12,958 backers pledged $2,762,571 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Creator Thomas Himel 1 day ago

      I went to the SF meeting. It was great to meet the team and play with the hardware. Looks great. I learned it is very easy (no programming needed) to make an app that measures a few quantities or identifies something by its spectrum. You only have to scan a variety of samples, inputting the quantities you want measured or the name of the item. The rest is virtually automatic. About 1000 development kits have been sold, so should be some great apps.

    2. Creator Keith Kaarup Jr. 1 day ago

      First off, great job SCiO team. I Got to attend the SCiO Experience in SF and got my hands on first trials of the SCiO prototypes, and it looks great. The packaging is awesome and the prototypes are robust and well manufactured. We built a few different testing models and everything tracks right along what Consumer Physics proposed in the Kickstarter campaign. I cannot wait to start uploading known reference data in order to see how SCiO performs on my samples. The wait has definitely been worth it.

    3. Creator Victor 2 days ago

      Anyone back from the meet to report? I gave up my spot. During the work day and an hour drive.

    4. Creator Roger Sharp 5 days ago

      Hey Glassy: If it really worked I would have won the lottery by now!

    5. Creator glassy 6 days ago

      @Roger Sharp
      Dear Roger,
      Could you please kindly glance to your crystal ball for me once as well? :)
      Best regards,

    6. Creator Roger Sharp on May 13

      @ FranSan:
      Hey - no worries - it was a very long update, and one paragraph is easy to miss!

      I always take the anticipated shipment dates as a mega-optimistic starting point. Then; for electronics add 5 months, for Android Apps add 5 months, for manufacture in China add 4 months (plus 1 month extra for New Year), for ground breaking technology add 6 months.
      mmmmm I think SCiO is actually beating expectation!
      My HDMI-Pi was delivered a full year late, and blew up when I got it - but the guy was a hero and replaced it immediately - it is still going strong.
      I have got some really cool titanium EDC via Kickstarter.
      You really have to pick the projects, and be ready to bail out before your cash is committed. After that ... well you are backing a dream, and some are only that :)

    7. Creator FranSan on May 13

      Oups... Sorry.
      I apologize, I haven't seen this message.
      All the projects I backed are 6-18 months late (I understand delays, but no one informe about shippind date estimation), so I left my senses... I think I will no more back any project in the future..

      Roger, Thank you for the information !
      SCio Team, thank you for your hard work and I'm really sorry about my message !

    8. Creator Roger Sharp on May 13

      @ Fran: You may have overlooked it.
      - they wrote :-
      "Assuming that no major issues are found, the first final assembly SCiO units should begin shipping in June!"
      Plus, we know from the Progress chart that shipping is expected to complete sometime in August.
      With 13000 to make, inspect, assemble, check, pack and post they will not all be sent at once.
      My crystal ball sees yours arriving on Tuesday 24th August, at 09:37, delivered by a postman called Gonzo :)

    9. Creator FranSan on May 13

      Do we have a shipping date estimation ?
      I know it's important to developp contacts and show it to the world. But, I really don't care if the team has fun time in San Francisco or somewhere else.
      Thank you to inform us about a shipping date estimation.

    10. Creator Poz on May 12

      Thank you for the update! I am happy about the progress! :)
      Please update us monthly from now on.

    11. Creator Ronnie Lee on May 12

      any updates on the delivery plan?

    12. Creator Khoa Bui on May 11

      Dear CP and backers,
      Can you give me the link to the most updated SCiO applications that are available out of the box?
      I'm aware of some of them mentioned in the SCiO emails but it was long long ago...

    13. Creator Johan Andersson on May 8

      Any updates on the delivery plans?
      BR J

    14. Creator James McIlhargey on May 7

      I just got my prototype has shipped email, which also included login information for the SCIO SDK. Getting excited

    15. Creator Chris Jones on May 6

      I also backed the project for the Researcher kit and have received nothing yet nor seen any emails with an expected shipping date. I'd like to go to the San Francisco meet up (I'm in Los Angeles) but I'm not sure I want to waste my time if I haven't had a chance to play with the pre-production unit before going. I understand deadlines slip but when deadlines are missed they really should let us know.

    16. Creator Roger Sharp on May 5

      @ Heather:
      I think in this case a "few" weeks has turned out to be 5 rather than 3!
      It still fits with the loose meaning in English. I have always thought of "couple" to mean 2 or 3, stretching to 4; "few" meaning 3 to 6, and "several" meaning 5 to 9, stretching to infinity!

      I am by nature an optimist, but looking at the tasks in the Progress plotter I would expect regular shipments to start in July rather than June, and that if all goes to plan.
      As James pointed out, there are over 10,000 units to make, test, assemble, retest, pack and post, that will take considerable time, and they must wait for the Researcher feedback before committing to a start.
      I hope the Researchers don't uncover any significant bugs!

    17. Creator Heather on May 5

      @Roger Sharp The update the end of March did state delivery was to be 'a few short months' I believe 'a couple' to be 2 and 'a few' to be 3 therefore the shipping should be set for the end of June which does match up with what they posted in their update #18, which is:


      The timing for the delivery plan remains unchanged from our December update.
      April 2015: Shipping of the academic and non-consumer grade SCiOs (Kickstarter Researcher reward).
      June 2015: Begin shipping of consumer and developer SCiOs."

      So shipping should be starting in just a few short weeks supposedly, if not it should be to the point where they can give us a very close estimate - I would hope, and not just an open ended graph.

    18. Creator James McIlhargey on May 5

      @Roger: I agree 100%, an update would very much be appreciated, especially regarding the distribution of the researcher SDK.

    19. Creator James McIlhargey on May 5

      Heather, as a researcher backer, no I've not gotten my prototype yet, but the tracker has been updated to state they are shipping them out now. Trust me when I say that once I get mine, I'll be sure to open about what I am trying, what I am finding out, etc.

    20. Creator Heather on May 5

      The following was in update #19 on March 23rd:

      "SCiO is on track to begin shipping to our Kickstarter backers in a few short months -- assuming the manufacturing ramp up continues as planned with no hick-ups. Backers of the researcher reward should get their first SCiO prototypes in a few short weeks."

      I am wondering if the 'Backers of the research reward' got their prototypes a few weeks ago, in the middle of April, as the update stated ???? Anyone ???

    21. Creator Poz on May 5

      I asked for an update 4 days ago.

    22. Creator Roger Sharp on May 5

      @ Jonathon:
      As spotted by James, they are now sending out the pre-production prototypes to the Researcher backers. According to the rewards table there are 101 of them, so that should keep Consumer Physics busy, answering their questions and analysing their findings.
      That said - it is about time for an update, the Progress Tracker is sweet, but does not give the level of detail that most backers seem to crave.

    23. Creator Jonathan Jamri on May 5

      Any new progress?

    24. Creator James McIlhargey on May 4

      Woot! Progress tracker moved a step, prototypes and researcher SDK coming out!

    25. Creator James McIlhargey on May 3

      @Noemi - Making things is hard. This project has over 10,000 backers who in all will be receiving over 10K Scios. That isn't even counting the website orders. Going from a prototype where you put it together yourself to a final product which is assembled and pieced together some where across the country to across the world, there are a lot of failure points.

      Items that tell me this is unlikely a scam: they've demonstrated it to the PM of Japan, are hosting meetups where you can physically play with units and see the tech first hand, and their targets for the technology are quite conservative.

      They can certainly be quite a bit more open and responsive with their updates , but I'm not too worried about this one. They still haven't gone past their estimated target delivery on their tracker:

    26. Creator Roger Sharp on May 3

      @ Noemi - they would be very crazy scammers to do demonstrations and arrange face to face meetings!
      Their project is technologically complex and challenging and delays are quite normal for new companies who tend to make initial plans whilst wearing pink tinted glasses.
      I have backed a lot of projects, and have a good feeling about SCiO.
      That said, I would like to see more frequent and proactive communication from them.

    27. Creator Noemi H on May 1

      I backed up two projects in 2014, LIX and SCio; I have a bad feeling that both projects are SCAM.
      By now, I only want my money back!

    28. Creator Poz on May 1

      Is an update coming up soon?

    29. Creator Roger Sharp on May 1

      I did not see anything contentious in the video, which just gave an easy overview of how SDK will work.
      I have sent an email to support - maybe it was set to private by accident.

    30. Creator James McIlhargey on May 1

      SDK video wasn't private when I linked it. I guess it wasn't meant to be shared yet.

    31. Creator Sevan Bomaer on May 1

      SDK Video is private does anyone have a password?

    32. Creator Roger Sharp on May 1

      @ Ronnie:
      As far as I know we only have a loose estimate. There are two sources:-
      a) The SCiO progress bar: this has an end point of August, with deliveries starting two points before that. I don't expect the points to be linearly spaced in time.
      b) The March 24th Update: which wrote that deliveries would start a in "a few short months".
      To me, these suggest start of shipping late July / August.
      Of course they have a huge number to ship, and cannot send all at once. I also expect that each unit will be quality tested first, which will be time consuming.
      As James mentioned two comments below, CP have uploaded a new YouTube video with an SDK overview.
      I have been pondering the possible meanings of "couple", "few", and "several" to get a better guess. Eagerly awaiting the next Update - which will surely be better than my speculation.

    33. Creator Ronnie on April 30

      I'm at pledge 199 early adopter

    34. Creator Ronnie on April 30

      This may have been mentioned somewhere but I'm just now trying to catch up - is there an estimated date for shipping ?

    35. Creator James McIlhargey on April 30

      In case anyone missed this video showing up this morning, overview of the Scio SDK:…

    36. Creator Mike Christmas on April 30

      When are you shipping to Canada

    37. Creator James McIlhargey on April 30

      Indeed - I've no idea when they are planning on shipping the researcher prototypes, which was mentioned as "a few short weeks" a month and a half ago. I am perfectly fine with accepting and understanding delays, so long as communication is maintained. We will see what happens

    38. Creator Roger Sharp on April 30

      @ Khoa Bui: Yes I am hoping that appears soon! I will need to have some good structuring and a search capability.
      I expect that an update is due soon. Last Technical update was 24th March, and San Francisco announcement April 2nd.

      My guess for shipments is July / August, based on the Scio Progress link, and the March "few short months" prognosis. It must depend heavily on test user feedback, and whether any reworking is required. Lets see what CP say!

    39. Creator Khoa Bui on April 30

      I'm still waiting for the forum for collecting and exchanging ideas...

    40. Creator T. Ozguner on April 30

      When can we expect the device in The Netherlands??

    41. Creator Hemmawit Co., Ltd on April 29

      I hope they are able to ship my 2 units in June as it looks like they didn't meet april shipping of the prototypes.

    42. Creator Bryan VanAlmkerk on April 29

      I think the potential is limitless. I really am interested in seeing how this can help people with diabetes and also the ability to check different medications pills etc

    43. Creator James McIlhargey on April 29

      I'd love to go to home depot after I get mine, and scan all the pigments they put into paint bases, as well as seeing if they'd let me scan the bases themselves (Wet and dry). Then I'd want to see if I could reverse engineer the pigment ratios of dried paint to determine a perfect color match.

    44. Creator Roger Sharp on April 29

      I keep thinking of new uses for the SCiO. I expect that it will be useful in detecting real goods from fake copies or spotting adulterations.
      Is that real leather? or just a plastic imitation? Real silk or polymer? Real medication or has the doctor slipped me a placebo? Genuine olive oil or mixed with palm?
      Honey may be tricky, as I guess the natural variation will be large anyway.

    45. Creator Liang Chen on April 29

      I pledgd last year may 2nd. Almost a year now. Feels unreal.

    46. Creator Bryan VanAlmkerk on April 28

      They changed the san fran date by one day just an fyi

    47. Creator Poz on April 27

      An update coming out soon?

    48. Creator Bryan VanAlmkerk on April 26

      Im going to go to the san fran event, ill be there for adtech already

    49. Creator Khoa Bui on April 26

      Anyone else accepted the invitation to SF and was put on the waiting list? I really hope that all early-bird SCiO SDK backers can attend the event and get to know each other instead of the waiting list.

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