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SCiO: Your Sixth Sense. A Pocket Molecular Sensor For All !'s video poster

Scan materials or physical objects. Get instant relevant information to your smartphone. Food, medicine, plants, and more. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on June 15, 2014.

Scan materials or physical objects. Get instant relevant information to your smartphone. Food, medicine, plants, and more.

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    1. Creator Sonia Koval 1 day ago

      I just saw this on CNN at the end of Out Front!!

    2. Creator Jon R. Dreger 3 days ago

      Will this have any similar health features to what the Scanadu has?

    3. Creator Roger Sharp on February 25

      Hey Ronnie, no worries.
      That Alumi smart water bottle was a beaut example of a Fail!
      Look at Embrace + if you want to be entertained by another.
      It is very hard to judge when to be really concerned with "First time" projects, as the entrepreneurs lack real business and manufacturing experience and usually run late, or very late. (especially when electronics are involved).
      One project I backed (HDMIPi) just delivered a year late, but the reward is actually better than first envisaged.
      I have a good feeling about SCiO. The proof will be in the product!

    4. Creator Ronnie on February 24

      @roger - I didn't see that update. Excuse me for not being perfect

    5. Creator Ronnie on February 24

      Check out ilumi smart water bottle. Matt huber stole over 35k dollars from all the backers including myself

    6. Creator Ronnie on February 24

      Hey Thomas I know disappointment lol trust but I know or hope they will deliver but this communication issue with some of these projects is just crazy they update and update and update and then it's backed and funded and a few updates and then it lowers hehe

    7. Creator James McIlhargey on February 24

      They already gave a couple updates on being past the Dec 2014 date - and the last update was just last week. The shipping date from the last update are April for Researcher prototypes and June for the bulk of the rewards.

    8. Creator Karan Checker on February 24

      We are two months over Dec 2014 delivery date. Could you kindly update on the status of this project?

    9. Creator Thomas Covington on February 21

      Ronnie.... If you want to see a disappointing project with poor communication take a look at "Lima". I backed it ages ago. They have had huge project creep and have fundamentally changed the project. All while soaking up over 2 million in funding..... This project is a dream they are doing what they said they would and are letting you know how thugs are progressing. You can't ask for more....

    10. Creator john h davis on February 20

      I am a essential oil producer. I have a vast library of essential oils produced while doing so for Roberte in france. in addition extracts were made for woods hole in Ma from sponges. we have extracted almost everything you can imagine over last 20 years and would love to start using mine to look at this library I have amassed. I also have written the leading world wide patent on oil extraction now widely used around the world, so if mine becomes available sooner, the better....

    11. Creator Roger Sharp on February 19

      @ Ronnie:
      I what way did Update 18, issued just 7 days ago, disappoint you? It gave the production status, confirmed the June shipping date, mentioned R&D on plants and cola, mentioned software testing and invited participation offers.
      The only thing I miss is the launch of the Developer and User Forum so that we can share ideas and interests.

    12. Creator Ronnie on February 18

      I'm starting to get disappointed in this project and a bit worried .... @creator please provide us with an update on how R&D is going, testing, production, shipping etc...

    13. Creator Casey on February 17

      With the SCIO would I be able to tell if food has soy in it or not? Even if it is not on the label?

    14. Creator Hemmawit Co., Ltd on February 13

      By easily I mean if you work in a forensic lab and someone happened to buy the Scio. I don't mean asking to test their samples although they may allow it under supervision so they could have a better handheld tester with them.

    15. Creator Roger Sharp on February 13

      I guess you will need some good contacts before you can say "easily". Otherwise the reception to your polite request to borrow a basketful of samples for the weekend may be frosty.

      I strongly suspect that CP are already in contact with law enforcement agencies about this opportunity - just look at these assay tests that could perhaps be replaced.

    16. Creator Hemmawit Co., Ltd on February 13

      Drug reference samples could easily be obtained from a forensics lab. Cannabis could easily be obtained by anyone, or just in Colorado haha.

    17. Creator Erebo Stirpe on February 13

      We could discuss about a cooperation in that way...

    18. Creator Roger Sharp on February 13

      @ Erebo:
      Did you read Update #18? CP mentioned that they could sometimes determine male from female when shining SCiO on skin, and thought it might be driven by haemoglobin levels. That suggests a good result for your blood question. Of course a lot of reference samples would be required to prove recognition and differences between new and old blood, human or animal, versus tomato ketchup.
      Recognition of narcotics has been discussed many times here, it should be possible.
      The difficult bit will be getting reference samples of known composition. ( especially without attracting handcuffs and difficult explanations to the boys in blue ).

    19. Creator Erebo Stirpe on February 13

      One more question. What about drug recognition?

    20. Creator Erebo Stirpe on February 12

      Hi all. It's a long list of comments and there is not a search option... I would like to know if it will be possible to recognize human blood. I'm a crime scene investigator and it would very useful to point the device to a stain and to have the confirmation that is blood. On the field, I generally use a reactive stripe commercially known as "Combur test" then I send it to the lab for confirmation. Thanx

    21. Creator Peter Mietlowski on February 12

      Do you have any plans on supporting Windows Phone at some point?

    22. Creator Victor Tam on February 12

      No images. Well ill just take your word for it.

    23. Creator Poz on February 11

      @Consumer Physics, Please provide an update as soon as possible.

    24. Creator Christopher Richard Smith on February 11

      Anyone interested in civil conversations can join the SCiO Users & Developers Groups on Facebook. I couldn't wait for an Official Forum to, I started 2 unofficial outlets.

    25. Creator Sukxk Oomo on February 11

      I am also already pretty disappointed. I would expect some real news or an update on the delivery dates. They really haven't learned from other projects that you should not displease your backers .

    26. Creator Poz on February 10

      I agree with Howard, I am looking for a quality update full of details this time.

    27. Creator Howard Levinson on February 10

      Two months without a useful update. The only thing I keep seeing is how successful you are at the CES and deals for Christmas. Nothing about updating the unit and expected shipping dates that have already gotten pushed way back several times. I guess you guys haven't learned from the last surge of unhappy backers and choose to ignore any sort of reasonable update!

    28. Creator francois giroud on February 10

      in fact , they got the ideal product, since i doubt anybody really have a need for it.
      I mean you are probably not in the need of it to run a business or do anything that is important than just beiing an "happy scanner" and show it to your friend at the pub.
      So for instance the only news we get is just how great is the product, how many investor are jumping into the boat, and prizes won, and all this bullshit we do not really care about.
      The proof will be in the pudding , and i expect many deception since the device is after all just a nice nich gadget in a small for factor.

    29. Creator Hemmawit Co., Ltd on February 10

      Yes everyone is trying to be patient and now I'm not expecting something amazing just something that is good. On another note has anyone looked at their website? It is really boring, the blog portion has barely any entries if they really wanted to communicate to their backers or clients they would show how production is going. I think they don't want to reveal how production is going because the date may be pushed back further.

    30. Creator Makis Gounaridis on February 10

      @ Costas tziampazis
      If possible contact me directly to my email :
      to exchange some opinions

    31. Creator Federico Ponta on February 10

      Hey guys I agree with the others on being patient as I rather get quality later than a halfway on time, though please give us some more regular and frequent updates! Don't let our love fade away!

    32. Creator Poz on February 9

      It has been a very long time since we heard about how the production process has been going. Please update!
      Your last update also mentioned a more detailed update, "coming soon"...

    33. Creator DUTTO Jean-Pierre on February 6

      Do you need now help in order to translate apps into French ?

    34. Creator John McAthey on February 6

      The next soundband!! DUMDUMDUMM! (j/k)

      I agree with cary... I rather a working product that does as they've described in good detail with friendly user interface, than some product rushed to production, that has many faults.

    35. Creator Cary Campbell on February 4

      Patience people I personally want perfection and am willing to wait for that and from all the media they are receiving I really don't think they are about to pack up and shop and run

    36. Creator Asaf Alfandary on February 2

      Yea can we get info what's up?

    37. Creator Chris Stieber on February 1

      Hey! Also wondering when this is going to be shipping out? I am excited!


    38. Creator Roger Sharp on January 26

      @ Vincent:
      The HDMIPi is a really good example, and I backed both projects.
      The HDMIPi deliveries are nearing completion, a year after the original estimate. However the design changes are all great improvements. I got mine in October, and a component blew in the first five minutes. They replaced it within a week and I love it.
      This is Kickstarter! We back dreams of inexperienced companies. Many bite off more than they can chew. Of these a few deliver a poor product, but others strive to get it right, taking much longer, with more design iterations.
      I think CP will come through with a good product, and being patient gives me fewer ulcers :)

    39. Creator Tyler Smith on January 26

      It's normal for the business to continue to sell pre orders through the initial beta and production phases.

      Would anyone like to play an over under game on how many more months this project will be late? I was a December backer, I'd be shocked to get this before August.

    40. Creator Vincent Goudreault on January 25

      @Marco Langley :
      c'mon, they are only 2 or 3 months late on what was initially seen as a 6 month development plan (taking the end of the funding as the start) for a very innovative product.
      What to see something really painful? Check this one out:

      Funded in November 2013, supposed to have been delivered in February 2014, and I am STILL waiting...

    41. Creator Fabio Pretis on January 23

      I have not received anything but you can buy online .
      sales or presales ? shipping times ?

    42. Creator Fabio Pretis on January 23

      I have not received anything but you can buy online . sales or advance ? shipping times ?

    43. Creator Roger Sharp on January 21

      @ Marco: It just does not happen.
      Besides how many cents on the dollar could you expect? Surely most of the funding has been spent or is irrevocably committed to finishing the job. Any funds pulled out would make final success more unlikely.
      The vast majority of complex projects with electronics and ground breaking technology over-run their expected delivery by months or even a year. The Creators,usually inexperienced businesses, always plan for first time success, and leave far too little time for redesign loops.
      I guess we are mostly optimists!

    44. Creator Casey on January 20

      Love all the awards you guys are getting. Can't wait to get mine. Speaking of which, what is the current ETA for shipping?

    45. Creator Poz on January 20

      The terms of use only apply to kickstarter and their portion of the money taken.

    46. Creator Lothar on January 20

      @Marco Langley,
      There will be no refund, didn't you read the Kickstarter Terms of Use?

    47. Creator Marco Langley on January 20

      Has anyone ever had a reply to a request for a refund on account of lateness? I haven't.

    48. Creator Phillip Johnson on January 19

      Hello, I would really like to see (if possible) an application for soil samples. Checking pH, nitrogen, etc.


    49. Creator Ronnie Lee on January 18

      Please...when can I receive and use it?

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