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The 1st case handled by Torin ban Wyvald & Danthres Tresyllione in a flashback story taking place 10 years prior to "Dragon Precinct."
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a new Dragon Precinct-related Kickstarter!

Posted by Keith R.A. DeCandido (Creator)
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I've started up another Dragon Precinct-related Kickstarter -- this time it's for a story of Gan Brightblade and his friends, a prequel to Dragon Precinct featuring the members of the heroic quest who were the victims in that novel.  

Basically, after four novels (with a fifth on the way) and ten short stories featuring the Cliff's End Castle Guard, I thought it might be fun to try a story that still takes place in Flingaria but focuses on other aspects of life there. And why not start with the first character we ever met in the world, the great hero Gan Brightblade? (Along, of course, with his friends the elven wizard Olthar lothSirhans, the dwarven soldier Ubarlig, the priest Genero of Velessa, the barbarian Bogg, and the halfling grifters Mari and Nari.) 

The story "Heroes Welcome" in Tales from Dragon Precinct mentions a battle Gan and the gang had with the wizard Mitos the Mighty in the Forest of Nimvale, and if the Kickstarter is successful, I'll write that story.  

So check it out and, if you're so inclined, please support me! For only two bucks, you get a copy of the story -- such a deal!  


---Keith R.A. DeCandido

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