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The 1st case handled by Torin ban Wyvald & Danthres Tresyllione in a flashback story taking place 10 years prior to "Dragon Precinct."
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new Kickstarter for MERMAID PRECINCT

Posted by Keith R.A. DeCandido (Creator)
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Hey folks! First of all, thank you again for backing this project waybackwhen. Second of all, apologies if you already received notice of this elsewhere, but I'm updating all my past "Precinct" series projects on Kickstarter with a note that I'm now crowd-funding the long-awaited fifth novel in the series, Mermaid Precinct.

So if you want to see the story of how Danthres and Torin try to solve the murder of the legendary Pirate Queen, hie yourself to this link: 

I hope you enjoyed "When the Magick Goes Away" enough to support this next novel set in Cliff's End. Thanks! 


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