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Castle Story is a voxel-based creative strategy game about building castles brick by brick and defending them against enemies.
Castle Story is a voxel-based creative strategy game about building castles brick by brick and defending them against enemies.
27,060 backers pledged $702,516 to help bring this project to life.

New Castle Story Update! Decorations, Doors & Winter Biome! 1.1.10

Posted by Sauropod Studio (Creator)
Howdy everyone!

Castle Story now has brand new decorative blocks for you to spruce up your castles and help your Bricktrons make their surroundings a little more homey! On top of that, we’ve added two new door variations which can handle different amounts of beatings and a brand new snow-sprinkled winter biome to make maps and play in!

Check out the video below for everything that’s new!


  • New Winter Biome – usable in the World Editor.
  • New official 1v1 Conquest map – HELIX, in the Winter Biome.
  • New Rickety door – only 3 planks to build, half the regular HP.
  • New Reinforced door – 3 planks + 3 iron ingots to build, double the regular HP.
  • Four new columns variations: fluted column, round column, square column and stone pillar.
  • New decorative block: Knight Statue
  • New decorative blocks: Window & Long Window
  • New decorative blocks: Paintings
  • New stair block: outwards corner.
  • New Grab the Gems “Extended” preset that introduces longer times between gem spawns.
  • Buffed Artificer damage by 50%.
  • Slightly increased rope bridge’s HP.
  • Drastically reduced damage dealt to natural terrain voxels by Knights and Halberdiers.
  • Halved Corruptrons’ damage dealt to doors.
  • Renamed “Rope Balot” to “Rope Coil”.
  • Swapped the default Delete Task and Delete Selected Blueprints hotkeys (Deleting task is now CTRL + DEL, deleting blueprint is now DEL)

We hope you have fun playing and the entire Sauropod Studio team wishes you very Happy Holidays!

Castle StoryHalloween Event & Dev Stream!

Posted by Sauropod Studio (Creator)

 Hey Kickstarters!

First of all - it's that time of the year again where everyone dresses up in silly costumes as an excuse to party and eat too much candy (as if we needed an excuse!)

Bricktrons are no different and have put on their spookiest attires for your entertainment! Also, you'll find that things are just a little stranger than usual in Castle Story - the moon's a pumpkin' now and Grab the Gems has turned into a deliciously Halloween themed variant; Capture the Pumpkin!

Give it a try!


Tomorrow at 3PM EST (that's Thursday the 25th) - we'll be LIVE on Twitch and Youtube (just look up SauropodStudio to find our channels!) with FIVE developers from Sauropod Studio. Four of them will duke it out in a free-for-all game of Capture the Pumpkin! The fifth will be commentating, chit-chatting with viewers and generally having a good time.

We'd love to see you there!

Enjoy and Happy Halloween! :D

Update 1.1.9 - The Blueprint Library Update!

Posted by Sauropod Studio (Creator)

Hello everyone!  

We’re really excited to release this new feature to you! The Blueprint Library is an evolution of the blueprints management tool that might change how you play Castle Story entirely.  

The Blueprint Library allows you to save blueprints you’ve designed locally onto your disk to use later on, on any map or gamemode, even in multiplayer! So that really snazzy tower you worked on for an hour is no longer exclusive to your current game – you can save it and reuse it later!  

Better yet, you can even share blueprints you’ve saved onto the Steam Workshop for others to marvel in your architectural prowess. It’s okay to toot your horn every now and then, don’t worry.  

Since other players will be sharing their blueprints too, you can subscribe to them via the Steam Workshop and use them in your own sessions! By mixing other players’ blueprints and your own, the possibilities for different builds are LITERALLY ENDLESS*. 

*I didn't do the math.  

Anyways! Here’s a little video demonstration to show off your new superpowers. Use them responsibly!


  • New Blueprint Library system allows players to save, share and subscribe to blueprints and use them any time in Castle Story.
  • Added new songs in Conquest. Those were already in the OST but not used in-game.
  • Fixed an issue where reaching wave 60 in Invasion wouldn’t display a victory screen.
  • Fixed an issue where manipulating blueprints of ramps (rotating, moving, duplicating, etc.) would place them in the wrong orientation.
  • You can no longer delete tasks while blueprints are being placed. This was necessary for the addition of the Blueprint Library system. It shouldn’t be problematic since blueprints are placed fairly quickly.
Enjoy and be sure to let us know what you think. :D

Update 1.1.8 - Conquest Rework & Bricktron Faces!

Posted by Sauropod Studio (Creator)

Hey everyone!

We’re pretty excited to put today’s update into your hands! Conquest has been one of the most played gamemodes since the recent major updates but it was designed in a way where you could end up with a tremendous amount of Corruptrons on your island, roaming around, pathfinding and eating up all of your computer-juices, causing major loss in performance, which is the top complaint we’ve received for Castle Story.  

Additionally, the gamemode had some issues with balance and difficulty – easy wasn’t always easy enough and hard was sometimes too easy for the pros.  

All in all, you should see some major improvements in performance in shorter and longer Conquest games!  

Also! A few of you expressed concerns over the Bricktrons looking a bit.. indifferent! Well, Bricktrons will now spawn with random expressions, from super-furious to suspiciously-happy. It has no relation to their current actions, so it’ll inevitably lead to some hilarious situations à la Alchemist blowing everything and everyone up with a big, beaming smile! Send funny screenshots pls.  

Today’s update aims at addressing both these issues. Gameplay and performance have both been considerably improved in the Conquest mode.  

Anyways, here’s the changelog. Note that all Corruptrons-related changes are mostly for the Conquest mode.

  • Bricktrons will now spawn with different facial expressions.  
  • Improved Conquest early-game performance by pre-loading Corruptron raids, at the cost of a slightly increased loading time.
  • When Corruptrons are spawned, they will now spawn at delayed intervals (one corruptron per half second or so). This not only looks more natural, but also resolves a frequent lag spike that occured when a large group of Corruptrons all spawned at once.
  • Corruptrons will now only spawn when they have an objective; expanding, attacking or defending. When a Bricktron approaches a corrupted shard or crystal, Corruptrons will emerge from the ground to defend it.
  • Tweaked difficulty settings for Conquest. Easy should be easier, hard should be harder and normal should feel challenging but not too difficult for semi-experienced players. Would love to hear your feedback on the difficulties! Note that hard may still be easy if you’re like, super pro. You can always make your own preset with insane settings!
  • All existing Corruptrons will occasionally attack the player’s base as a wave, forcing you to create actual defenses around your shards and crystals.
  • Plants now have real names in the world editor, instead of just being numbered.
  • Removed the "Click to queue 1" label on tooltips for crafting items.
  • Fixed an issue where Grab The Gems gamemode wouldn't start if the host wasn't blue.
We really hope you enjoy these changes and be sure to let us know what you think! 
ALSO! If you want to checkout the neat stuff we're working on for the next update, catch one of our Thursday streams on Twitch & Youtube. Every Thursday at 3PM EST under the channel name SauropodStudio.

The Catapult Update is now live! (Update 1.1.7)

Posted by Sauropod Studio (Creator)

Please note: this update was released on the 5th of July 2018 but the Kickstarter update wasn't published due to technical difficulties, so here it is. We'll be making another update shortly for the update that actually shipped today, 1.1.8!

Heeeeeello peoples!

 We’re happy to ship a small but useful update to the catapult today making its use considerably easier than it was before. Hoping this’ll encourage players to make use of it as a viable defensive (and with a bit of creativity, offensive) measure for your base.

In the past, ordering a catapult to fire didn’t immediately fire it. You had to wait for a Bricktron to make their way over there and trigger it. This could mean waiting a fairly long time or, if you had the good measure to assign a worker to the catapult, a shorter waiting time, but one none the less. A Bricktron was also needed to rotate/aim the catapult, causing the player to encounter these same delays.

As of today, Bricktrons will automatically load catapults with a barrel without any intervention, as long as you have a reachable catapult and a stockpiled barrel. Once you order your catapult to fire, though, it will immediately fire without the need of a worker being nearby. Magic. Aiming will also not require workers. This makes the catapult considerably easier to use and much more efficient as a defensive structure.

Oh, also, we removed the catapult’s randomized inaccuracy. It’s dead on where you want it to shoot now.

In addition to that, we have several bug fixes;

- Fixed an issue where selecting dynamic structures could break if you quit the game while typing a save game’s name.
- Fixed an issue where typing the name of your map in the World Editor would move the camera around when using the letters W A S and D.
- Fixed an issue where ranged units would focus their attacks on crystals instead of nearby enemy units.
- Fixed an issue where sometimes, a ghost barrel would be stuck in the catapult and caused the catapult to misfire.- Fixed the Home Crystal’s HP bar being too small. 

Enjoy! :D