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Paint supply budget for our All Elements of Hip Hop mural at Booker T Washington Center.
Paint supply budget for our All Elements of Hip Hop mural at Booker T Washington Center.
42 backers pledged $1,789 to help bring this project to life.

Recent updates


This is just an update if you haven't forwarded me your phone number, please do so. I still have a majority of these incentives that are ready to go out. If you were expecting just a t-shirt/dvd or a print/t-shirt/dvd, then I have your stuff and need a phone number to co-ordinate dropping it off. If your are not local and you had one of these incentives, it should have been shipped to you in late november. I'm still waiting on most of the hoodies and a few shirt sizes for those who donated 60.00 and up. I apologize. Our screen printer was hit with mandatory overtime at an out of town location and hasn't gotten to the order yet. So please message me your number and I will aim to meet up with you this weekend if possible. 

Elemental shot by Matt Youngblood

For some reason I thought I already posted this but here goes. Everyone should get a dvd of this as well. 

Festival Video by Jesus Diaz.

Here's another video shot from the festival. Enjoy.

Progress update.

Hey Everyone,

Just giving you all an update as you are probably wondering " Where the hell is my stuff?"

As explained earlier, we had some weather delays for getting the quality photo needed for the digital prints. As of right now, I have all of the prints done, minus three that didn't really turn out. Tomorrow I'll be meeting with Dj, who organized the event to start putting packages together to start shipping. If you live locally, we might try to co-ordinate with you to drop off your incentive, so I might be messaging some of you to get a phone # from you if that's o.k. 

It's my understanding that we are still waiting on certain sizes for t-shirts/sweatshirts from our shirt guy, who has donated his resources to help make this happen, and it is more of a schedule co-ordinating issue between all parties involved that is creating a hold up. I appreciate everyone's patience. I'm hoping to hear back from our videographer about the film as well so I can post an edited version or link to it asap. If I don't have an address from you yet, I'll send a reminder in a separate message. 

All in all, the event and mural were a success. Thank you all very much again for your support. 


Incentive status.

Hey Everyone,

Just wanted to stay in touch to keep everyone posted. We have received shipping addresses from a portion of you. If we received an address we will ship your promised incentive. We had scheduled a deadline by the end of October but had some unexpected expenses with the festival as well as weather and conflicting schedules that have prevented from getting everything together. We anticipate being able to send everything out after the first week of November. Please hold tight while we get the details worked out. Thanks again for supporting the project. I attached an very amateur photo I took. Professional video and quality shots that the prints will be based off are near completion. 



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