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MONSTER SUIT! Watch Derek as he builds, FROM SCRATCH, a full-size Horror creature suit out of professional Special Effects materials!
MONSTER SUIT! Watch Derek as he builds, FROM SCRATCH, a full-size Horror creature suit out of professional Special Effects materials!
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Sculpting the Body, Getting it in My Fiberglass Fort, and Making the Fiberglass Molds

Kickstarter's format is giving me problems, so I will break up the steps into separate updates.

I apologize the pictures are out of order.

I spent like 4 weeks sculpting the body and I recruited some friends so help get the high-volume of clay onto the lifecast. It was a ton of clay!

I built a "fiberglass fort" using and EZ up canopy. I wrapped it in plastic and taped it so it was water proof. THIS WAS THE BEST DESCISION OF THE ENTIRE PROJECT. Fiberglassing is extremely messy and dangerous. The fort enabled me to make a huge mess and quarantine the chemicals. I also worked through one of the wetest seasons in soCal so I had heaters to manage the temperature because it was pooring and was about 50 degrees! After I was done with 3 straight weeks of fiberglassing (During AP test season I might add) I spent 20 minutes cleaning up the mess that would have been irreversible had I not made the fort.

The pictures with the sheet metal explain how I make my mold walls.

The final picture is my best friend Matt and me after a night of fiberglassing. Time for a story. I spent three weeks fiberglassing, which took 8 hours a day....straight. This particular night Matt and I started at 8:30 pm and we worked for hours and hours! When we finished I guessed it was 3:00 am and Matt said was 6:00am! We had class at 7:30. We literally spent 15 minutes on the couch (my mom snapped a picture) and then were off to study for AP tests! I have the best, Best friend! Love you Matt.

This brief video gives you an idea of how it was to fiberglass. It was stuffy and moist. I was raining and the rain would gather on the roof of the canopy so about every 5 minutes we would have to punch the puddles of water off. We didnt wear beanies because we were cold (it was about 85 degrees in that tent) we wore them so liquid fiberglass plastic or resin would not drip in our hair as we bent over. Matt donated a chunk of hair the night before we figured out this beanie idea. I will not lie....the fiberglassing phase absolutley sucked.

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