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Lords of Uberdark is a 3D voxel-based mining and building game with smooth geometry and cartoon-style graphics.
Lords of Uberdark is a 3D voxel-based mining and building game with smooth geometry and cartoon-style graphics.
Lords of Uberdark is a 3D voxel-based mining and building game with smooth geometry and cartoon-style graphics.
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Recent updates

Uberdark Alpha 37 Changelog

Hey again,

Here's the changelog for Alpha 37 -- big changes this time around are the sound and music system, first round fluid simulation, and a much faster terrain generator (allowing for larger maps).  Anyway, there will certainly be bugs in all this, so please use the forum for any glitches you notice -- especially sound/music since it's only been tested on a couple systems.

Another big change is the way torches are done -- they're now part of the terrain, and that paves the way for new things in the future (try the g key -- only temped in, but looks like it'll be fun!)

Oh yeah -- view distance should now be increased dramatically too -- still some issues, but overall think it's an improvement

Changes from version 0.36...

  •   Added sun and moon
  •   Added automatic zombi spawn
  •   Added automatic day/night cycle
  •   Added code to crossfade music
  •   Added system for modelized material types (torch/spike)
  •   Added spike model
  •   Added torch model / removed firepot
  •   Added grimstone material type
  •   Added crystal rock material type (undiggable)
  •   Added music system
  •   Added ogg vorbis support
  •   Added rudimentary sound system
  •   Added directory structure
  •   Added Windows icon
  •   Added roots material type
  •   Added first-round fluid simulation
  •   Added inverse mouse option
  •   Added swimming and submersion
  •   Changed lighting system to handle lights more efficiently
  •   Changed random terrain generator to handle larger maps
  •   Changed trees to be choppable
  •   Changed fluid rendering system again (shore)
  •   Changed fluid rendering system again (depth)
  •   Changed pick so it damages zombies
  •   Improved improvement to improve distance =P
  •   Changed terrain rendering to improve distance
  •   Changed material hardness system
  •   Fixed bug with material collection
  •   Fixed zombi attack bug
  •   Fixed problem with TGA files not respecting origin

Little News First

Hey everyone,

Just wanted to say that the new alpha (37) will be out in a few hours -- want to put some more touches on it yet.  In the meantime though, here are some new concept drawings for the Goblin that Adam and I did -- nothing's final yet, so if you have thoughts, feel free to share 'em.

Also, Ian from Verbal Processing did up a new video for the 37 version...

And Thomas did a new video as well... (apologies -- lost the link)

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Music! Art!

We now officially have music!  Brennan Anderson ( has agreed to compose an original score for Lords of Uberdark -- and the first track (Overlands Day) is ready for action!  Give it a listen (audio player is below)...  The in-game music system is also underway, and should allow us to smoothly transition from one theme to another depending on the circumstances...  So when you go underground, it'll slowly switch over to the underground theme.  Same thing when Night falls -- that's the idea anyway.

In other news, Adam Laurie ( has also joined our art team, recently finishing some fantastic new concept art (only a smidgin of which is shown below) -- and Cody is still working on some other secret projects.  Anyway, hope this will tide you over until the next alpha version is ready (which will include working-ish water)...

Also, if you're logged into Facebook, please click the Like button so Adam and Brennan know you like their work!

PS -- If you're just coming here for the first time and wondering how to try the alpha version, please check out the website

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New Concept Art

Hello, hello, hello!

Just wanted to share some new Dorf concept art, and to say that the game music & sound are well under way.  Will post a link to one of the compositions soon, if you'd like a little preview...

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Alpha 36


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