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Lords of Uberdark is a 3D voxel-based mining and building game with smooth geometry and cartoon-style graphics.
Lords of Uberdark is a 3D voxel-based mining and building game with smooth geometry and cartoon-style graphics.
Lords of Uberdark is a 3D voxel-based mining and building game with smooth geometry and cartoon-style graphics.
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Recent updates

Uberdark Alpha 40


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Changelog for Alpha 40

Will post link to new version in just a second...  Looks like the Linux version is gonna be broken again -- fixed the problem from last time, but still had weird stuff going on all over.  Anyway, please let me know if you spot anything weird or if it crashes on you -- think there's at least one major crash hiding in this one...

  • Disabled music (drop the files in if you want)
  • Added pattern x replacements
  • Improved building system
  • Made able to collect dropped objects
  • Made tree drop logs
  • Got building materials working with new inventory (instead of old system)
  • Put item names and stack size in inventory
  • Improved inhand objects and animations
  • Added Block object (right click when dragging Debris)
  • Added Admiral object
  • Added Skirmisher object
  • Added Archer object
  • Added Mason object
  • Added Loom object
  • Added Chest object
  • Added Hammer object
  • Added Shield object
  • Added Saw (Blade) object
  • Added Log object
  • Added Bar object
  • Added Board object
  • Added Nugget object
  • Added alloy textures
  • Got object metal types working
  • Made torches and spikes collectable
  • Fixed Zombi and Tree and Water

Hope you like it!

Another Small Update

Here are some additional character models that the art team is finishing up.  They're all done in a piecewise manner, so you should (eventually) be able to mix and match helmets and beards and all that stuff in an expandable manner.  Also put together quite a few new item models.

Not sure what all will be included in the next alpha, but it'll be out on Monday January 30th.  Worked on the inventory system some more, and fixed some of the problems from last time.  Building system is also changed around a bit, and hopefully it'll continue to get better.

Anyway, please let us know what you think -- 'til Monday

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Artwork Update

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Hey folks,

Just wanted to show some of the things we've been working away at artwork-wise...


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Changelog for Alpha 39

Hey Everybody,

Alpha 39 is now out (see previous update) -- unfortunately I broke a few things this time around (including the Linux version), but I think there's enough new stuff to make up for it.

Changes from version 0.38...
  [ ] Broke Zombi and Tree and Water
  [-] Got debris working in inventory (partially complete)
  [*] Got inhand weapons working again
  [*] Show object stack counts
  [*] Helper function to add to inventory
  [*] Rotate objects as they're moved in inventory
  [*] Click and drag objects in player inventory
  [*] Draw objects in player inventory
  [*] Spawn each templated object into player's inventory on start
  [*] Made torches and spikes throwable
  [*] Added lord dorf object
  [*] Added sword object
  [*] Added spear object
  [*] Added knife object
  [*] Added club object
  [*] Added anvil object
  [*] Added heavy axe object
  [*] Added heavy pick object
  [*] Added player object
  [*] Added automatic object loading (all in directory)
  [*] Added TEMPLATE.TXT file to every object
  [*] Improved object collisions and stacking
  [*] Rewrote object system
  [*] Fixed problem with player-object collisions
  [*] Changed exit to shift-escape

Anyway, hope you like it!  Please let me know if there are any problems downloading or running it!