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Update #30

Uberdark Alpha 0.41


Well, the large map stuff is still having a few hiccups (randomly crashing/locking the computer), so it looks like it'll be a few more days before I can post it -- but in the mean time, I'm still posting an alphaversion with improved lighting and block placement and a few other things...  Will post 0.42 as soon as the crash is fixed

Changes from version 0.40...
  [*] Improved lighting
  [*] Improved block placement
  [*] Added Bush object
  [*] Added Shroom object
  [*] Added Female object
  [*] Added Goblin object
  [*] Added Quistador object
  [*] Added crosshairs and angle indicators
  [*] Fixed conservation of building materials
  [*] Made zombis only spawn in dark areas
  [*] Changed inventory-escape to not close game

Here are some of the new concept drawings too...

  • Image-100324-full


    1. Hitler-jesus.small

      Creator Tom Miller on March 19, 2012

      Nice art!
      Wait.. Horse? Bat with person on top? Does this mean the future brings rideable animals? =D
      Also love the hooded goblin!

    2. Bensutton.small

      Creator BenSutton on March 19, 2012

      "woman object" xD

      :D that goblin baby ^_^

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