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Update #19

New Alpha Tonight!


Hi Everybody!

Planning to post alpha 38 tonight, but in the meantime, here's a little bit of news about what's been going on.  Cody got the Sawbench and Level 1 Furnace all modeled up -- they're both in-game now, look awesome, and should get even awesomer once particle and other effects are added.  They won't actually do anything, however, until the inventory system is all flushed out.  In the meantime, Adam came up with a great design for the T-Shirts, and those are off at the printer -- while Brennan has been working on a new Underground theme.

Programming-wise, the big change is a rewrite of the object system -- which was needed going forward, but doesn't really change the gameplay much (except for breaking a few things).  From a gameplay-standpoint, the things to look forward to are better terrain collisions, cave generation, and 3D models for in-hand weapons...

And bombs... =D

Here's the Changelog for alpha 38 (again, later tonight)

  •   Broke player-object collisions
  •   Added screen shake effect
  •   Added bombs
  •   Added sawbench
  •   Added furnace
  •   Added new title logo
  •   Added cave generation
  •   Added in-hand item rendering and basic animations
  •   Added item type system
  •   Improved object handling code
  •   Improved collision detection/resolution
  •   Improved map export/import to account for fluids
  •   Fixed problem of plopping torch/spikes through walls
  •   Fixed bug that could've caused all sorts of bad behavior
  •   Fixed line rendering bug with certain models
  •   Fixed scaling of Zombi
  •   Fixed spinning tree bug
  •   Fixed blue outline bug
  •   Fixed sound bug
  • Image-73966-full
  • Image-73967-full


    1. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator Michael Zeller on November 7, 2011

      Crazy Harry would be pleased with the addition of bombs...
      8-D *~O

    2. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator Adam Eats Giraffes on November 7, 2011

      Sounds nice, keep up the good work!

    3. Missing_small

      Creator fergus lees on November 7, 2011


    4. Missing_small

      Creator iWaste on November 7, 2011

      Yes, just yes :D I am looking forward to this. I forgot about LoUd a while ago, and now I get back and see this :D

    5. Missing_small

      Creator adveres on November 7, 2011

      Looking really good!

    6. Missing_small

      Creator Gabrielle Wuollet on November 7, 2011

      Very nice, can't wait to give it a run.

    7. Bensutton.small

      Creator BenSutton on November 7, 2011

      Can't wait to check out the cave generation :D

    8. Wallpaper-557677.small

      Creator vayan on November 7, 2011

      Great thanks

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